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Polder Stainless Steel Window Canister Set with Lids
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Product Description

3 Cannister with Lids / One 2-Quart - One 3-Quart - One 4-Quart / Clear Polyglass openings to easily examine content and capacity

Keep flour, oats, coffee grinds, sugar, and other essential kitchen staples fresh in these attractive canisters from Polder. The three-piece set includes 2-, 3-, and 4-quart canisters with a sleek, durable, stainless steel design that complements any kitchen d¨¦cor.

Oval-shaped, acrylic windows allow cooks to identify contents and assess supply levels at a glance. Lids snap on tightly, keeping dust, liquid, germs, and household pests out while maintaining food quality. An airtight seal also keeps aromas--like the rich scent of coffee beans--contained.

The set is dishwasher-safe--though hand drying and stainless-steel polish will help eradicate water spots while preserving shine. The 2-quart canister stands 6-1/2 inches high with a 5-inch diameter, the 3-quart is 8 inches high with a 5-3/4-inch diameter, and the 4-quart reaches 9-1/4 inches high with a 6-inch diameter. --Jessica Reuling

What¡¯s in the Box
The stainless-steel set includes 1, 2-quart canister, 1, 3-quart canister, and 1, 4-quart canister.

  • 3-piece set includes 2-quart, 3-quart, and 4-quart window canisters
  • Constructed in 18/8 stainless steel; acrylic windows allow users to check contents and supply level at a glance
  • Airtight lids keep ingredients fresh and safe from pests or water
  • Dishwasher-safe; hand drying prevents water spots for enhanced beauty
  • The 2-quart, 3-quart, and 4-quart canisters measure 6-1/2 inches, 8 inches, and 9-1/4 inches high respectively

Customer Reviews:

  • Simply Perfect
    I love the polder stainless steel canister set. They are exactly what I was looking for. The window makes it easy to decifer what is in each canister, the stainless steel is very modern and sleek looking, and they are the perfect sizes. I use them for my flower and my sugar, they are also great for coffee beans, cookies, cereal....whatever. Easy to clean....more info
  • Item is not as pictured...!
    J&R have placed the wrong item picture on this listing. Please do not make the mistake of purchasing this item if you think you are getting windowed canisters with flat lids that allow the canisters to be stacked. To see what the "real" canister look like, search the internet for the part number, 3346-75, and you'll see domed lids that prohibit stakcing of the canisters on the counter... The actual canisters that look like the ones pictured can be found elsewhere.

    To their credit, J&R did send me a shipping label to return the item, and credit me the full purchase price upon return, but have yet to refund the original shipping cost so I have paid $11.47 for the privilege of being sent the wrong item... how nice. On the other hand, I returned the item over a month ago and the picture here is still wrong....more info
    I was looking for something new for our renovated kitchen and these fit the bill. Looked around several sites and fell in love with them and the price was right. They look GREAT, hold alot and don't take up much counter space. The seal on the top makes me feel they are holding in what they need to and keeping the air out. Would HIGHLY recommend them....more info
  • Serve their purpose, but not anything extraordinary
    Amazon had a significantly better price on these than BBB had them locally. When I looked at the display of canisters at BBB, these seemed to have the cleanest look to match my kitchen appliances with a respectable seal. One of them came with really strange dents like a jar when you try to loosen the lid with a butter knife. They weren't bad enough to bother with returning the set though. I might be the only one to notice.

    The canisters are pretty good sized. I have standard coffee filters in the smallest if that tells you anything.

    They have an odd smell, so plan to wash with really hot soapy water prior to use. The little windows seem to have a really good seal.

    I would definitely buy these again at Amazon's price. They look good and serve the purpose of keeping the items sealed and tidy looking.
    ...more info
  • so close and yet not quite what I had in mind
    I have been looking for a set of --4--SS canisters for years. I bought an extra med size one so I have one for flour and three sugars (white, brown and powdered). The canisters are exactly the sizes I wanted, but the plastic window is really thin. I'm buying a different set and passing these down to someone else....more info
  • Cool looking canisters
    The canisters are great looking. The 3 sizes allow for many uses. My only complaint is the lids: they have a clear plastic ring that needs constant adjusting to secure tightly....more info
  • Windows didn't seal properly
    I did quite a bit of research (or so I thought) into canisters before I chose these. I wasn't really wanting to spend $100+ on All-Clad canisters, which consistently get good reviews, and many of the flip-top types I'd seen looked a bit flimsy. So I went with these, classic looking and mid-priced. Unfortunately, when I put flour into the large canister and closed the lid, flour squirted out the canister "window". I'm not sure if I just got a bad set, but definitely sending back and won't be buying these again....more info
  • Attractive but not practical
    They look nice on a counter, but are not really airtight so you get bugs, moisture/ mold.

    may be good for other things, but they don't work well for storing food.

    and they rust around the seams...more info
  • Very nice addition to my new Kitchen
    I have a new kitchen and vowed to put nothing on the counter to clutter it. This set adds to my decore and not overpowering....more info
  • Almost a 5!
    The only reason this misses the 5th star is the "trick" to opening the canister - you have to catch the lid above the raised circle around the canister. Easy enough once you know the trick, and the canisters seem to seal nicely. They're attractive and durable (yes, mine have been dropped on the odd occasion with no issues!). I would not recommend this product for someone with arthritis, though. A very nice set overall... Polder impresses! ...more info
  • Okay...not jumping outta my chair!
    These look beautiful in my kitchen with the rest of the stainless steel items. They are hard to open. The lid seems to be impossible to pull of like it was made just a little too big for the opening. The plastic window feels cheap and cracked 2 days after I got the set. I even noticed that after about a week of keeping the sugar in the large canister, that it turned into a huge, hard clump that was difficult to use, so I had to toss it. The set is okay if you don't expect too much, but if I had it to do over, I would go with a different set. ...more info
  • What I needed for stuff
    I have been shopping for a set of canisters for many years but they were all too small. A bag of flour would never even half fit in the largest of most canisters. The largest of these (4 quart{16 cups}) will hold all but a little bit of a bag of flour. I like the look of the stainless steel and the fact of the seal around the lid. The only draw back to this product is the acrylic window in the side. I was afraid I would poke it out when I washed it by hand (it feels flimsy), but it turned out okay. They look great and the ability to see how much sugar and flour you have without opening the lid is a plus....more info