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Polder Pocket Size Digital Scale
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Product Description

1 Pound (500 Gram Capacity) / .005 Ounce and .1 gram increments / Memory / Auto Shut Off / Includes Battery / 4.5"x3"x1"

To achieve gourmet results in the kitchen, a recipe often requires precise ingredient measurements down to the very last grain of salt. In such cases, at home or on the road, Polder¡¯s pocketsize digital scale is the perfect tool.

The petite device features a removable tray that holds ingredients and doubles as a lid for compact storage or travel. The scale displays both metric and imperial systems, weighing articles up to 500 grams or 1 pound respectively, and monitors weights in 0.1-gram or .005-ounce increments. An add-and-weigh function allows chefs to combine different ingredients for one comprehensive weight--ideal for mixing spices such as cardamom and cumin to create garam masala for an Indian recipe. Powered by included, long-life lithium batteries, the scale automatically shuts off when idle for an extended time period. Polder offers a one-year warranty for defective parts or craftsmanship. The scale measures 4-1/2 by 3 by 1 inches, and weighs 1 pound when shipped. --Jessica Reuling

  • Kitchen scale from Polder; removable tray doubles travel lid
  • Weights in imperial and metric systems; measures up to 1 pound or 500 grams
  • Weights are measured in increments of .005 ounces or .1 gram
  • Equipped with an add-and-weigh function; automatic shut off; lithium batteries included
  • The scale measures 4-1/2 by 3 by 1 inch; weighs 1 pound; 1-year warranty available for defective parts or workmanship

Customer Reviews:

  • Very acccurate
    Wasn't sure what to expect for the price, but it works great! I individually portion out my snacks now, and it works perfect for that....more info
  • Great little scale for the low price and light weight
    My title says it all. It's light enought to carry in a shirt pocket. It's readable to the 1/100th of an ounce. The cover works nicely.
    The only caveats are: the capacity is limiting, the default to metric is annoying and it does not replace the need for a countertop scale....more info
  • Accurate enough, easy to use.
    This scale is great. I sometimes buy expensive ingredients in bulk and divvy them up to share with friends who are also foodies. Particularly if I have to travel for certain hard-to-come-by organic ingredients, I'll offer to get some for other people. Then comes the problem of dividing up a big sack of herbs or spices in proportion to what each person chipped in. The polder is really perfect for this kind of thing.

    The scale allows you zero it for any amount under a pound so you can quickly take into account the weight of packaging, even if you are stuck using different types of containers. I checked it against some standard weights also, and it never varied significantly, though it sometimes won't recognize small weight changes as with powders. You can solve that by picking up the sack and setting it down again to obtain an accurate total.

    Another handy feature is that you can switch between grams and ounces as measures just by pushing a button. The scale is also small and pretty durable, making it highly portable. For this price, a better scale is hard to find, even in specialty shops (many of which charge a premium for decent scales). I highly recommend it for keeping things fair and saving money....more info
  • Perfect Pocket Digi
    A nice compact digital scale for accurately weighing out herbs or whathaveyou. The tray has six tiny bumps that hold it in place while you're weighing. It easily fits into a pocket or stows away in a backpack or the center console of a vehicle. The product delivers great value for what you pay. It would be nice if the LCD was backlit, but it's plenty visible as long as you've got light....more info
  • great pocket balance
    a very convenient scale for small quantities in the photo lab. so far is everything I need for this application....more info
  • Handy gadget
    Wonderful little gadget to have around in the house for weighing anything from letters to jewelry! Very accurate. Am quite pleased with it....more info
  • Best Scale for weighing food and monitoring calories
    The Polder 932-00 Pocket Size Digital Scale is great for monitoring the calories you eat. I have purchased other scales and returned them because they are not accurate in the ounce range and are too big. The Polder is very accurate and very easy to use. It uses the units of grams and ounces. These units match all ingredient labels on food. The tare feature allows me to weigh more items at the same time. I always use the tray for weighing food since it is so easy to wash. The best part is that I can weigh my food after it is cooked. This allows me to eat more food since food shrinks on cooking. The scale's tray is also a cover for the scale. I have taken it on trips, and it works well. The only shortfall is that the scale is very efficient and turns itself off sometimes before I am done. Now that I know this, I work around it. I also purchased another one for my daughter.
    ...more info
  • Accurate and portable
    I bought it to measure more accurately how much protein powder I use in smoothies I make, but I'm sure I'll put it to use measuring other things as well. I compared it with a larger kitchen scale, and it matches the result but has a finer resolution than the kitchen scale. So it seems fairly accurate. Make sure there is no breeze, because that will throw the measurement off a little. It's a cute little gadget. Fits in the palm of your hand and has all the functionality of a larger weight scale. Very useful, and a good value....more info
  • Does the job
    My Shetland Sheepdog puts on weight unless I control his calorie intake carefully. Because most kibble manufactures specify their food by kcal/kilogram I use this scale to determine the calories per more convenient measure such as kcal/cup. This scale is perfect for that job....more info
  • Wonderful product exact measurements everytime
    I have had this as a pocket scale and it even carries the oz. or grams one tenth further then my large scales do and they are accurate. We love them and could not ask for any improvements on this product. AAAAAAAA...more info
  • Normal users will love it
    I got two Polder Digital Scale, one for my mom and one for myself. My parent loves this scale, the size is perfect for small kitchen. No negetive comment about this scale! ...more info
  • Great portable scale.
    This is a great scale for keeping in your purse when you need to measure when away from home....more info
  • When you need to weigh very small amounts (<1 lb.)
    A nice little product, well designed. You can put a container on first, reset to zero, then add content to the container and get weight only for the contents and not the container. Cool. It's attractive, too, and I think it's fairly priced.
    The only reason I didn't give it five stars is that the little moon-shaped pads, in the lid that doubles as a tray for weighing, came off immediately because they were not securely glued on. I can re-glue them so it's not a big problem and certainly doesn't interfere with the functioning of the scale, but it demotes the product by one star. 8=)...more info
  • Great little scale
    We love the scale and it works great in the kitchen or eating out. It has been used every day, several times a day for the last 8 months. I just replaced the batteries for the first time last week. ...more info
  • Great compact size digital scale
    Great compact size and very accurate reading. I use it for my bodybuilding diet, to measure with I eat and its easy to use and very accurate. Great buy

    Update: April 2007

    I've had this scale for over 1 year now and is still working great. No problems and never even replaced the batteries yet. I use this about 6 times a day measuring all my food. I highly recommend this scale.

    UPDATE: September 2007

    The scale broke. RIP...more info
  • Handy Little Product
    I really like this product! It's small size makes it very portable and the display is easy to operate. Works well with bowls, but a little tougher to use with plates unless you raise the plate slightly with some sort of stand and adjust for the additional weight. Thank heavens for the HOLD feature!...more info
  • Polder Pocket Size Digital Scale
    The scale itself is good - I've used one before, which is why I purchased it. However, the enclosed batteries were low/didn't work, on either of the two Polder scales that I purchased - not good....more info