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Technics RP-DH1200 DJ Headphones
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Product Description

You want absolute quality, style, and comfort on the decks, or at the studio? Technics has the 'phones to fit your needs. Closed-ear designs ensure that you hear every note, folding swing-arms allow for one-sided monitoring, the 24k gold plated stereo plugs make flawless contact, and every set is made to handle very high volumes.

You want absolute quality, style, and comfort on the decks, or at the studio? Technics has the 'phones to fit your needs. Closed-ear designs ensure that you hear every note, folding swing-arms allow for one-sided monitoring, the 24k gold plated stereo plugs make flawless contact, and every set is made to handle very high volumes.

Feature List

  • Locking Replaceable Cord
    An easy to replace locking cord means you never have to toss a working pair of headphones because of a broken cord again. To replace, simply twist and pull to remove the old cord, then insert a new one and twist it into the locking mechanism.
  • Reinforced Joints
    Reinforced joints help prevent breakage in folding parts.
  • Folding Swing Arms
    The RP-DH1200 can easily fold into multiple configurations for standard use, one-sided monitoring and storage.
  • More features
    • Carrying pouch included
    • Large Diameter (50mm) Driver Units
    • High 3,500mW Input Power
    • Swivel Mechanism for free-style listening
    • Padded neck band for added comfort
    • Frequency Response 5Hz-30kHz
  • Locking/unlocking cord for easy replacement without losing the entire headset
  • Reinforced joints to help prevent breakage
  • Folding swing arms for various applications
  • Large diameter driver units
  • Includes carrying pouch

Customer Reviews:

  • great sound, comfortable and real noise cancelers
    I've purchased a lot of headphones along the way, but this technics had make everything correct. I have been using this every day and not in the smooth way and the are still like new. If you want good sound and durability, buy this item!...more info
  • Excelente calidad
    Son uno de los mejores audifonos dise?ados para el trabajo de el dj profesional de hoy en da. Excelente sonido, alta fidelidad. ...more info
  • Best Headphones I've Ever Owned
    Loud, durable, long cord, great features. This is the best set of headphones I've ever owned. ...more info
  • Perfect headphones for anyone who loves music.
    These headphones are absolutely incredible. They recreate sound perfectly and I was able to hear new things in songs I had been listening to years thanks to these cans. They fit over my ears (and head) very easily and comfortably, which is one of the most important product specifications for me -- I am beginning to DJ and will be wearing these headphones in excess of 3-4 hours at a time, and they have yet to begin hurting my ears (which is a problem with most good quality headphones, they begin to hurt after too much use) but not with the DH1200....more info
  • Solid Earcandy
    I'm no audiophile, but I do love these headphones. They sound great, look awesome, and block a good bit of noise. I have a friend that owns some Pioneer HDJ1000s, and the Technics feel better and feel more durable. They also sound better in my opinion, but they weigh more than the Pioneers. I wore them so much for the first week that my head started to hurt, but that went away. I bought these because of their ability to change earphone jack chords and the 1/4 jack conversion. I can turn my sound up all the way on my ipod and they don't crackle. The only time they may sound bad is if you have a poor quality MP3. I take them all over the place, and they hold up. The chord also doesn't get in the way too much, and isn't longer than the one on my cheap sonys. Caution, your spiffy styled hair will be ruined every time you put them on, but when you're spinnin' on the decks or whatever it doesn't matter....more info
  • Good but a little bit tight
    This is good headphones. Sound is good as far as I can hear. I am not a professional expert.

    The downside is that they are big and tight. I could not wear them for long time. It is become too hot. The same feeling I have if sit at home in a winter hat.

    Probably there is no way to make some free air circulation in such type of head phones. Then the solution is to choose a smaller headphones.

    I also have a pair of BOSE earphones. It has its own issues but they are smaller and more comfy. ...more info
  • great headphones
    the headphones are awesome. im an ipod listener, not a dj. i found these to be the best sounding headphones ive ever heard.there a little big for lifting weights, but they work for running, so not bad. and using them on my laptop is an incredible experience. sounds just like the movie theaters!! and to top it off they take the abuse of my 2 yr old very durable. no complaints here!!...more info
  • Good set
    Good set of Headphones works as described, I bought for home listening and they suit my needs, I'm sure better exist out there but at the price i don't think these are bad at all and seem quite durable to me, even though I wont be using them professionally. My only complaint as addressed by others is their weight which im sue i will get used to but now they just seem a tad much. Another thing is since I wear these in public it would be nice if the cord didn't stick out so much, as I wear them with the band on the back of my head not ontop. All in all a good buy at a reasonable price ...more info
  • Technics delivers for a great investment
    After doing a great deal of research on DJ Headphones, I came across the Technics RP-DH 1200's. As an avid listener of the trance, electronica, house, techno, and progressive genres, I was looking for a pair of headphones that would give me the best quality sound (yet not break the bank). After a few of the white Apple earbuds on my iPod shorted out in a matter of 4 months, I got sick of dropping [...] bucks on a pair about every quarter. On the same note, I didn't want to drop [...]+ on a pair of nice DJ Headphones that would make my diet consist of Ramen Noodles for eternity. When I found a good bargain at under [...]for these babies, I decided to buy them and actually see if they would be a worthwhile investment. In these past 3 days, I've discovered that the DH-1200's gave me a completely new listening experience, whether it be listening on my iPod or iTunes library. The bass and sound quality are simply amazing on the mid to high range with no distortions. I've seen big name DJ's here in Columbus like Armin van Buuren use these "cans", and I've been told by a few local DJ's that I found an amazing bargain on these. The leather headband and earcups are ridiculously comfortable, and the earcup swivel design are really nice features you don't see in many other pairs of expensive headphones. Personally, I do not do any production work in the studio, but am starting to get into the DJ scene to see if I can make some money on the side at some parties/gigs. Trust me guys, I'm a poor college undergrad that is always looking for great deals. Simply put, the DH-1200's are an amazing buy at under [...], comfortable, and hard to put down once you get them! ...more info
  • I Love These
    Not only are these great for dj'ing, they are confortable and heavy duty for everyday use. They are durable, and affordable, and has excelent bass response. I highly reccomend these headphones for anyone looking for quality durable confortable dj phones!...more info
  • Best cans ever!!!
    Well the first time I put these on I was simply blown away! The highs and lows are beautiful. There is deep bass. They are high quality so all my lower bitrate files sound like crap now because they are that good. I will record it all at 256 in the future because you can hear the quality. They are kinda heavy and hurt your ears at first but now after wearing them now for about a month I don't even notice when I am wearing them. I walk around campus all day with these on so I get some looks. The chrome like ear cups give a nice touch as well. Also, the fact that you can disconnect the cord from the actual set is a nice feature as well. That will extend the life of the cans for sure as in the past a cord breaking was what caused my headphones to stop working. Now I have to ask myself, why didn't I get these sooner!? Buy these now. You will not be disappointed....more info
  • Great headphones for the price
    These cans are great for the price you can get them at. The bass is deep and thumping but the mids and the highs are still clear. They are quite heavy though, so be prepared to get used to the weight. ...more info
  • not a complete audiophile, but these are amazing.
    I bought these recently to go with my Pioneer dj-ing equipment.

    These are pretty heavy, to start off. But with mass comes also durability and the feeling that your headphones aren't going to crack in half after dropping them or accidentally stepping on them (hope it never happens though)

    I have a wider head, and these fit very well and allows me to wear them for an extended period of time.
    The sound is crystal clear with the lows very tight and strong, even at a low volume, which is nicely complimented by very full and crisp mids and highs

    like i said, i'm not an audiophile, but i can only give these headphones the highest marks.
    kudos to technics....more info
  • Great Product!!!!!!
    These work great, and shipped quicker than I would have imagined. Great seller and great purchase!...more info
  • Well worth the price
    I bought these headphones for two purposes - to listen to music, and to try and block out what my coworkers are listening to. They definitely deliver.

    All sound ranges are great and the response is fast. From the lowest lows to high range, nothing is out of balance IMO. The size of the headphones is also big enough to block out some of the surrounding noise from coworkers (works great to block out my cubemate's Vanilla Ice and Spice Girls albums) without having to crank up the sound too loud.

    But one of the greatest aspects of these headphones is the fact that the cord is detachable, and a standard size in case it gets damaged. It ships with a heavy cord, so that shouldn't happen for years to come anyway. I expect to get a good number of years out of these headphones. Trance and progressive have never sounded better!...more info
  • Amazing Clarity and Comfort
    These headphones are perfect for DJ's. While the music is blasting the speakers, you're clearly listening to the next song in your headphones with no distortion whatsoever. Had them on for about 5 hours and couldn't feel more comfortable. Great product once again. Thanks you Technics. ...more info
  • dj headphone review
    These headphones are great. If you dj, you should seriously consider buying these headphones...more info