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RF-Link AVS-5811 5.8GHz Audio and Video Transmission System with IR Repeater
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Product Description

The average home entertainment system once consisted of a TV, stereo, and maybe a cable box. Now a modern system may also include a DVD player, satellite receiver, surround sound amplifier, digital video recorder, and an HD tuner, along with a PC designed to serve as a digital hub for certain audio/video functions. The RF Link AVS-5811 takes A/V technology to the next logical step by wirelessly transmitting audio and video signals from these components to any nearby TV, monitor, or stereo system, letting you enjoy vivid video and hi-fi stereo sound anywhere in the house. The A/V sender effectively lets you send signals to components located upstairs, several rooms away, or elsewhere without running bulky, space-consuming cables in the walls or under the floorboards. With the AVS-5811, viewers can watch simultaneous DVD or satellite programming on upstairs and downstairs TVs, or listen to their favorite tunes on stereos in three different rooms--all without wires. They can also use the sender to watch live video from a camcorder or CCD camera in a remote location, whether for security or entertainment purposes. Users who edit video or capture footage from TV programs on their computers will also find plenty to like about the device, as they can easily send the video from their Macs or PCs directly to a living room TV for viewing.

The AVS-5811 comes with a 5.8 GHz wireless transmitter and a receiver with four selectable channels. Unlike more common 2.4 GHz transmitters, the AVS-5811 doesn't share a band with Bluetooth devices, cordless phones, 801.11b wireless LAN networks, and microwave ovens, ensuring a sharp, interference-free video signal. The four channels are also a bonus, as it lets users set up multiple transmitters and receivers in the same area without cross-channel noisiness. In addition, the sender includes a built-in IR remote extender that controls components from a distance, so a user can mute the bedroom TV while relaxing on the living room sofa, for instance. The sender features an NTSC/PAL video system and transmits to distances as great as 400 feet without obstructions. It's also relatively compact at 6.5 by 4.13 by 10.5 inches (W x H x D).

What's in the Box
Transmitter, receiver, two A/V RCA cables, two AC power adapters, IR mouse (remote extender), user's manual.

The 5.8GHz wireless video/audio sender consists of one transmitter and one receiver. This device transmits wirelessly vivid video and hi-fi stereo sound from a VCR, TV set, LD, DVD, VCD, Satellite Receiver or cable set top box to any TV or monitor. It can also be used in conjunction with a camcorder or CCD camera and turns into a wireless security monitoring system. As to the transmission capability, the signal can go up to 400 feet clear light-of-sight and even penetrate wall. With the built-in IR remote extender, it allows the user to remotely control the audio/video sources in the other rooms. In addition, four user selectable channels allow multiple transmitters to multiple receivers operation in the same area. All these advanced features will make your home life with amazing convenience and joy.PRODUCT FEATURES:Avoid the interference from crowded 2.4GHz ISM band applications such as Video Sender, 802.11b Wireless LAN, Bluetooth, Cordless Phone, Microwave Oven, etc;5.8 GHz wireless transmitter and receiver with 4 selectable channels;Transmitting and receiving of crisp video and hi-fi stereo even through walls;Long transmission range up to 300 feet clear line-of-sight. NTSC/PAL video format available;Simultaneous viewing of video programs on a 2nd TV/monitor without wires;Wireless transmission of hi-fi stereo to any active speaker;Remotes monitoring of live video from a camcorder or CCD camera;Local area broadcasting of audio/video programs for multiple viewers even in different rooms.

  • Product Type - A/V Sender
  • Warranty - 1 year
  • Transmit and receive audio/video even through walls
  • - Long transmission range up to 300 feet clear line-of-sight. NTSC/PAL video format available.

Customer Reviews:

  • well worth it - my second such purchase
    Very good wireless transmission of composite video - almost as good as being hardwired. Don't expect much from the IR remote control relay feature on these - it didn't work AT ALL on the first set I bought, so I returned them. On the replacement set, it was only 'so-so' at best, so I bought a separate remote control extender. But for the basic job of what these devices do, of transmitting good solid video and stereo audio wirelessly within a residence from room to room, they do that quite well....more info
  • OK quality but not as good as direct wired TV
    Transmitter and receiver Works fine. I can control my cable DVR box from another room through the infrared link at the recieve end. Great feature because it gives me full control of my DVR, VCR, DVD, and Stereo from the bathroom, 3 rooms away!

    The little mini dish antennas dont have to be perfectly aimed to work.

    I get no interference from other devices such as telephones, WI FI, etc.

    The picture quality on my remote TV is not as good as a direct wire to the cable box would be and my TV is HD LCD. Picture is quite acceptable though so I am happy. Just don't expect a full knock you dead HD pic!
    So for a remote room TV this is a great device but I wouldnt use it for the primary 56" HD home theatre experience!

    I have had it on continously for several weeks with no problems.

    The best part is it saved having to do a major re-wire in my house to get cable into the bathroom. A re-wire would have cost more to do also so i am a happy camper. ...more info
  • Wonderful alternative when cable isn't an option
    We were not able to get cable to a room in our home and someone suggested this product. It was a very easy install and did exactly what we needed. The transmitter is in our bedroom and we put the receiver in a room about 20 feet away. The only trouble we have is that occassionally when the door is shut there is interference with the signal. Other than that we are very happy with this purchase and would recommend it to anyone with a similar problem. We opted for the more expensive system because this 5.8 GHz is not the same frequency that so many other products in our home have so we don't have the interference problem when the phone rings or the microwave is on. It was worth the extra $25. We are so excited to have cable in this room now!...more info
  • Wireless sender & reciever means no more cable & sat boxes for little used TV's
    RF-Link AVS-5811 5.8GHz Audio and Video Transmission System with IR Repeater
    Works great. With the transmitter, you can send one signal to as many receivers(I have a total of 3) as you need in the house.
    The Good: enables you to send a signal from one tv to another. Strong signal reception. Small and unobtrusive. $80 per receiver means in a year means for the 1st year it costs $7 per unit.
    The Bad: Won't transmit an HD signal. $80 per receiver means in a year means for the 1st year it costs $7 per unit.
    Bottom Line: Buy it...more info
  • I have owned 2 sets of this product
    I seldom write a negative review unless I feel there is something compellingly wrong with s product. I have owned two sets of this product as well as an extra replacement transmitter. I previously recommended this product to a friend. The major attraction was the 5.8Mhz instead of 2.4Mhz frequency utilized. My experience was as follows.

    I have had two transmitters and one receiver fail. The two transmitters each got stuck on a single channel (you can select from 4 different channels). The receiver lost audio on one side of the stereo outputs. All of these items failed after one year, but less than two years after purchase. I recently requested an RMA from RFLINK. Their response was a poorly worded email response that said the unit was out of warranty and that I should go to the RFLINK web site, select "where to buy" and buy a new unit. They absolutely offered no repair/replacement alternative. Just buy new.

    While a one year warranty is quite common. I do not believe anyone who purchases this item expects it to fail within two years.

    The friend I recommended this item to had his unit fail within one year. He did get a refurbished replacement from RFLINK.

    I recommend trying to use a competitive product even though they all seem to use the 2.4Mhz range....more info
  • Great product!
    It took me just 10 min to set it up and this product works like a charm! My source TV (1F) and receiving TV (2F) are about 50 ft apart, and the receiving TV shows very clear picture without any distortion. The remote control works just fine as well. This is one of the best products I have ever purchased!...more info
  • This is a great product, transmit video from point a to b with no wires!
    This great product. We bought it because we needed to put a TV in the kitchen upstairs, but didnt want the cable guys to come in and charge us to drill holes and run wires from downstairs to upstairs. We simply got another cable box and connected the trasmitter to it, then we connected the small tv in the kitchen to the reciever, and we were done. The downside is that it has a little bit of interference from time to time, but for the most part its a clean signal. The only negative here is that to change the channel we have to go downstairs and change it on the cable box, and then walk back up stairs :( That being said its a very cool piece of technology. BTW In addittion to this product I have wireless phones, a N-Class wireless network, and a WII and they all work well together with no interference....more info
  • It actually works pretty well.
    These kinds of devices can sometimes be questionable. I was pleasantly surprised that it actually works pretty well. Once the aiming of the antennas is complete, the picture and sound are near original source quality. Considering how much data has to be sent between the sender and receiver wirelessly, it seems pretty amazing. ...more info
  • Very good performance
    The wireless video transmitter/receiver performs as advertised. It works during microwave operation and cell phone use without any interference. The ability to change the channels of my satellite receiver remotely is extremely helpful. Highly recommended....more info
  • Customer thoughts on RF-Link AVS 5811
    I have owned this product for a few weeks now. I have no complaints other than the interferance from our home phone that operates on the same 5.8Ghz frequency. We have since replaced the home phone with the DECT 6.0 phone and no more interferance. The picture quality is great using this device. I have been watching the Discovery Channels "Planet Earth" on the TV in our bedroom using this device and it looks like your actually there....more info
  • Started off great, however performance degrades over time
    This product worked great for me right off the bat. I tried one of the 2.4 GHz systems but like everyone else, I had way too much interference. The 5.8 GHz system seemed like the perfect answer since I didn't have anything in that spectrum. The picture quality was pretty good and the only thing I noticed was a horizontal ghosting on images with high contrast. It wasn't too bad so I decided to live with it.

    It is now exactly one month since I bought this item and, although I have not moved the transmitter & receiver, I am having new picture quality issues such as black/white picture only for a few seconds. This could be due to my neighbors getting a new phone but this effect is shown on all 4 "channels".

    I gave three stars due to the degredation of performance and the price tag....more info
  • great product
    I'm using this to transmit from a satellite receiver in my house to a tv in my detached garage. The signal is going approximately 45 ft. through 2 exterior walls. Had picture and sound immediately, with just a little adjusting had a clear picture and a working remote. Has only been in use for 3 weeks. No problems yet. Would definitely recommend this product....more info
  • Good, Not Great, w/ Charter/Moxi DVR Set-Up
    I purchased the product to connect my main entertainment unit (TV/DVR/Home Theatre) to my office TV. Under the Charter program I am on, only my main TV gets all channels, and the DVR I am renting can only record from the main TV signal. Rooms are on the same floor - one inside wall, two outside walls separating units (L-shaped house). I connect the AVS-5811 transmittor directly to a Motorola Moxi BMC 9012 or 9022D DVR (not sure which, but they are configured the same).

    Picture is good, sound is a bit weak, have to really crank the volume on the receiver TV, but it works. This makes interference "spikes" noisy and irritating, but they are not too numerous and overall the signal satisfactory.

    Documentation is mediocre. I am fairly computer savvy and it was not overly clear to me where I should attach the cables for the transmitting unit, i.e. should I attach to TV, DVR, or Home Theatre/DVD player. I settled on the DVR since it was the only unit with the classic yellow/white/red cable outputs. The AVS-5811 comes only with these cables, and their documentation only discusses this option. There are other outputs on the DVR (S-Video, for example), but no other output options are discussed. The problem was, the red and white outputs were already in use. I disconnected those outputs, and everything worked fine, although doing this disconnected the sound from the main TV (but that's OK since I am generally watching one or the other, not both). Hooking up the receiving unit was easy, since there were clear yellow/white/red inputs on my office TV.

    Unlike other reviewers, I am having pretty good luck with the wireless remote. I suspend the IR transmitter about 6 inches from the IR detector on the DVR, which might be the key.

    I am looking at options where I can use a splitter cable on the white/red outputs so I don't have to turn the DVR unit, disconnect, etc. each time I want to hook up the AVS-5811. Also, my wife does not like the transmitting unit sitting on the entertainment unit, whereas I think it's kind of cool, but that is a girl/guy thing I suppose.

    Overall, giving it four stars. Loses a star because signal transmission is not perfect and documentation, especially regarding optional configurations, is poor. ...more info
  • Good Product
    Unit sends quality video and audio signals. some interference when soneone is between sender and receiver, but not much problems. I previously had tried a 2.4ghz unit and was unable to use it at all. HD signals are in near HD quality. ...more info
  • No cords, I love it.
    I don't know how this will work for everybody else but it's perfect for what I need. I mounted my flat screen on the brick fireplace. It already had an electrical outlet but nothing for cable. I let it go for months with a cable running down the side but it looked awful. When I came across this product I decided to give it a try. It's easy to hook up and works great. My distance between the components and the TV are only about 10 feet so I don't know anything about the range of distance. It has four "channels" to try and the 4th one does great for me. The picture is crystal clear even on my HD channels. Like I said, for me it's great....more info
  • Love it!
    Just installed this device yesterday, but...

    I have a hard time believing that people had problems w/ this device. I got it because of the 5.8. I had a 2.4, but my WiFi, Bluetooth, and Microwave all created problems with lines, audio buzzes, etc. on the screen. Even my 5.8 cordless phones don't show the lines that seemed to be the minimal problem in the replies, which was not a biggie for me.
    Long story short, install took about 15 minutes. Put both units on channel #4 just cause, and voila, it worked like a champ. The instructions are minimal, but they provide all that one would need. 2 negs...but very minor:
    1) Only one IR mouse. 2 would be better to control the remote TV and the cable box. (So I have to walk 7' and turn the remote TV on. Meh, not a problem)
    2) Only RCA connections. It would have been better to have a coax option.
    Buy this thing if it's purpose serves your needs....more info
  • perfect solution
    This is the perfect solution to extend our FIOS to a kitchen TV. Simple setup and works well....more info
  • Crappy Remote
    Generally a good product EXCEPT for the cheesy remote. Started eating batteries then quit altogether. So far no luck on getting the RF-Link to work with a universal remote....more info
  • Better than nothing, not as good as I had hoped
    We are using this to connect a TV in the kitchen and another one in the sunroom. (purchased one system & one additional receiver) The kitchen TV is a straight shot, 20 feet between the transmitter and receiver without anything in between the two, and it works fairly well the majority of the time. However, it gets lots of interruptions and switching between the 4 different channels doesn't seem to help at all because there is one channel that gets decent reception and the other three are simply not good. We can not watch a complete program without several interruptions. It is nice to be able to share the cable box/DVR between three different TV's though (one connected directly and the two using this system) ... it's just not as great as I had hoped. We live in a two story house on a corner lot (no close neighbors to create potential interference) and this is the only 5.8GHz item in the house and, as I'd mentioned, we're not trying to bounce the signal from one floor to the other as they claim can be done. It gets the job done for the most part but hopefully they continue to improve on the quality and come out with something better in the future. I debated between three stars or four, I gave it four because it I am happy with the quality/appearance and it's the best option I've found for hooking up a TV in a room without running cable and it allows you to expand the use of your DVR/TIVO/Cable box. I'm happy with it, just not completely thrilled....more info
  • need better quality control
    could not get the transmitter to turn on. no red lights..finally after much playing around i found that when the switch is turned on and pressed in with finger i get the red light to come on.. so for me to get the transmitter to work i have to put a piece of tape stretched tightly over the switch to keep it pressed does seem to be working from second floor though concrete to first floor. remote extender works well also. if it wasnt for the defective on-off switch i would rate it higher.....more info
  • Very good option over running wires....
    I'm using this product to send my cable TV signal from the living room to the kitchen 19" HDTV. It was very easy to install and set-up. It works very well, except it does flicker when you walk in front of the signal - so the higher you can put them the better. It only has a composite (yellow) video connection, so it does not send HDTV signals - but with a 19" TV secondary, its not that big of a deal for us.

    Excellent option over running additional wires and paying for an additional cable box!...more info
  • This thing Rocks !
    I bought this for my Karaoke Co. - in order to send the words to various T.V's in the different places where I play. This elimated the need to run wires to all the T.V's - so it is a huge time saver! I have not found any interferance what so ever at any of the places, & the range is awsome - granted most of the T.V's are line of site, but some are way off to the side & some are behind the side that is stated "Antenna Side". I will be buying more receivers in order to have it on more T.V's at once....more info
  • Great product
    This is an amazing product, it does all it says it does. I have it installed on a Kitchen TV, transmitting A/V signals without any losses through one wall, tiles and a microwave oven.
    Only trick is the installation of the little IR remote control extender red "mouse". The manual is not very clear about it, but the secret is to install it, if possible, facing the device it will control, i,e... VCR, TV, Cable box, etc...
    I hope your experience with it is as good as the mine.
    Regards ...more info
  • Works well...
    This product is the best consumer product available for this type of A/V transmission. Using the 5.8MHz band keeps it free of the dreaded microwave oven interference, as well as interference from most cordless telephones. The picture is good, though not perfect. But it's more than adequate for all but the largest TVs (great for a kitchen-sized screen). Be sure to experiment with all four channels to find the one that works best.

    The only glitch I have found is with the power. Occasionally the A/V link would fail and I would have to restart either the sender or the receiver, depending on which one failed. Also, occasionally the channel selection would change spontaneously on one unit or the other, thus breaking the link. I solved both of these problems by installing small APC battery backups on both sender and receiver unit. I think electrical storms were at the root of both problems. Since then, I haven't had a single recurrence. I've used these units now for over two years.

    We don't use the IR link because we have a different one (made by RCA) that works well and serves other devices not connected by the AVS-5811....more info
  • RF Link
    I am totally impressed with this piece of equipment. Picture and sound quality are superb, as is its range and the absence of interference in the operation....more info
  • A terrific upgrade over my old 2.4 Radio Shack System
    With all the mixed reviews for this system, I had to share my positive experience. After purchasing a new 22" Envision HD TV for patio use, I hooked it up to my old 2.4 unit and the audio was fine however the picture was terrible with ghosting images, it was worse than the 15 year old tv I had been using. At first I thought the TV was defective until I hooked it up with component cables and the picture was beautiful. I ordered the RF-Link 5.8 unit and received it today. The ghosting is gone and the picture is near HD. The patio TV is approximately 40' away from the Comcast cable box with 2 walls in between. The remote sender also worked right away with the attenae set vertically and with both units set to "D" no adjustments were necessary for a clear beautiful picture. I also tested my 5.8 cordless telephone next to the receiver with no interference. If you are struggling with an outdated 2.4 unit, you really should try this. It is well worth the extra cost over a 2.4....more info
  • RF-Link AVS-5811 5.8GHz Audio and Video Transmission System
    Works as advertized. I bought it principally to transmit audio across a large meeting room--a couple hundred feet. Works crystal clear. I have subsequently set it up to transmit both video and audio from my cable box to a TV on the second floor. Although the distance is not very great, it is through two walls. All comes through sharp and clear. There is an occasional brief vertical roll--but most of the time the image is very stable. I have had some difficulty using the IR repeater--appears to work intermittantly. I suspect the batteries in the remote are weakened but it works fine in direct use with the cable box so it should also work through the repeater. Sometimes it does--sometimes not....more info
  • rf link 5811
    Good product, watch for conflicts with 5.8 ghz phones etc., had to buy a new set of phones or unplug them to watch tv. Video and sound is very clear.
    ...more info
  • Didn't work for me
    Video is OK but sound is bad 10 ft away in direct line of sight. Either a faulty unit or interference, the unit is producing a constant rhythmic crackling sound. Sound persists if transmitter turned off or if I turn off all lights. appliances, phone and Wifi.

    Will loose close to $20 on shipping (including return), this was an expensive experience.
    ...more info
  • I wish I had bought this a long time ago
    I had been using a 2.4Ghz sender for the past two years and I had lots of problems with interference. This product is fantastic, image is clear with no interference problems, WI-Fi and Microwave is not a problem anymore.
    I give it only 4 stars because the range of the IR receiver seem to be shorter or less strong than my previous sender, so from time to time changing channels is a problem, however the image and sound quality of the transmission makes it up for that minor problem....more info
  • Works Great, but doesn't last very long
    I bought a set of these to avoid running coax cable around the house. They work well with a direct line of sight and through frame walls, but not brick walls. Unfortunately they only last about a year. My first set lasted six months and were replaced under warranty. The second set lasted about a eighteen months, by turning them off when not in use....more info
  • The product works as stated, but not for what I had in mind
    Although I ended up returning the item (I'll explain later), the product works exactly as it should. I had a bit of a problem hooking it up since I don't have a cable box. My cable line goes into my VCR, then out to the TV. Hook up depends on where your direct cable line is. I called tech support and the man I spoke with (who BTW was very nice) walked me through the entire thing. Someone stated in an earlier review that it doesn't work with a Panasonic VCR. Untrue! Mine is a Panasonic. After hooking up the cables correctly, I had to put the sending TV on the TV channel for the VCR (mine is channel 3). The receiving TV however, must be put on the Aux mode or more specifically, AV 1,2, or 3. I tried this product throughout my entire house, through floors, closets, etc. It worked without a hitch. Everything came through crystal clear. My problem was I wanted to use it to send the signal to our metal pole barn which is 50 feet from the house. When I called back tech support, I was told it couldn't penetrate through metal. Therefore after much thought, I returned it. But I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to hook up cable within their house without running a lot of wires. I gave it five stars because it's an amazing product even though I couldn't use it for what I had in mind and also because the tech support was above averageRF-Link AVS-5811 5.8 GHz Wireless PAL A/V Sender AVS5811PAL CAMCORDERS CONS-Wireless Video Equipmen....more info