I Love Lucy - The Complete Second Season
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Season 2 of I Love Lucy includes two of the most famous half-hours in television history. "Job Switching," originally broadcast mid-September of 1952, is the crazy, battle-of-the-sexes episode in which husbands Ricky Ricardo (Desi Arnaz) and Fred Mertz (William Frawley) trade roles with wives Lucy (Lucille Ball) and Ethel (Vivian Vance), culminating in the men making a shambles of domestic chores while Lucy and Ethel take disastrous work at a chocolate factory. That's right: This is the show where the ladies have a Chaplinesque experience with a too-fast factory conveyor belt, forcing them to hide candies in their mouths, in their hats, and down their blouses lest a tough forewoman fire them for incompetence. A half-century later, the scene is still so fresh and funny it would grace any current sitcom. "Lucy Goes to the Hospital," which received an amazing 71.7 rating on January 19, 1953, is the historic episode featuring the birth of Little Ricky and a load of wonderful slapstick. Other television series (The Dick Van Dyke Show) and movies (Nine Months) have tried to top Lucy's time-to-go-to-the-hospital shenanigans, but there's nothing like the sight of Ricky and Fred falling all over themselves or Ricky showing up at the maternity ward (direct from a voodoo-themed show at the Tropicana) in witch doctor makeup.

The other 31 episodes included in I Love Lucy: The Compete Second Season have choice moments, too. "Lucy Becomes a Sculptress" finds the ever-ambitious redhead falling for empty flattery at an art-supply store and commencing an ill-advised career working in clay. Ricky agrees to bless this new endeavor if an art critic says she has talent, but Lucy tries to increase her chances by posing as a bust of herself--resulting in mayhem, of course. The usual running themes in I Love Lucy--Lucy's misguided desire to be a part of Ricky's musical career, and her penchant for disguising herself to investigate something--are all over The Complete Second Season. "Ricky Loses His Voice" is a delightful piece in which Ricky's laryngitis inspires Lucy, the Mertzes, and an aging chorus line to put on a Tropicana spectacle, and "Ricky Has Labor Pains" finds Lucy and Ethel going undercover as male reporters to find out what happens at a stag party. Lots to enjoy here, and the special features include bloopers, information about the guest cast, and snippets from Ball's radio show. --Tom Keogh

Studio: Paramount Home Video Release Date: 05/20/2008 Run time: 799 minutes

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  • not very happy
    Sorry about my english, I write from Paris France

    I paid taxes for the sending of this and I have to pay again now 22,15 Euros to the postal service to have my item.

    Could you explain this please?

    Thank you!...more info
  • I Love Lucy is the best!
    I'm sixteen but I absolutly love I love Lucy. I started watching them when the DVD's for the first season came out. I am so excited to be getting the next season all at once and at half the price of season one. Season Two has some of my favorite episodes like Job Switching, Lucy is Enceinte, and Lucy Goes to the Hospital...more info
  • I Love Lucy!
    This set is the entire second season. These sets are the best way to get all of the Lucy episodes you like in one place. This is better than buying one DVD for $9.99 at Wal-Mart and only getting 3 -4 episodes....more info
  • I Love Lucy - The Complete Second Season
    I purchased the "I Love Lucy-The Complete Second Season" as a gift for myself.
    The second season includes some of the funniest episodes, such as the unforgettable "Job Switching" episode in which Lucy & Ethel get a job in a chocolate factory, and "Never Do Business With Friends", where the Ricardo's and the Mertzes squabble over a broken washing machine. I love season two because these episodes cover the birth of Little Ricky, from "Lucy is Enciente", the wonderful touching episode in which Lucy tells Ricky that she is "expecting"., to "Lucy Goes To The Hospital, the hilarious episode that concludes with the birth of Little Ricky. The DVD's also contain great behind-the-scenes clips, original openings, flubs, lost scenes,etc. Five full episodes of Lucy's pre-Lucy radio show, "My Favorite Husband" are included as well. This is a must for fans of "I
    Love Lucy". I highly recommend it.
    ...more info
  • Lucy Season 2
    I LOVE LUCY is classic comedy and Season Two is just a reinforcement of the popularity that the show gained in its first season. It is unlikely that there will ever be a comedy foursome to match the talents of Lucy, Ricky, Fred and Ethel. A look back at the fifties through their antics is good for the soul....more info
  • Classic Comedy
    Purchased for my mother as a Christmas present, as we would always watch it together back when it came on Nick at Nite. She loved it and I had a great time remembering the episodes too. They look very well restored and sharp....more info
  • I LOVE LUCY!!!! literally!
    How could you not love the first lady of comedy!?! Lucille Ball was basically the first comedian ever on the big black and white tv! She's classic and is my idol! This second season should be just as awesome as the first one but half the price! I love lucy is the best and I'm totally obsessed with it even though I'm only 14! It's a lot better than some of the other crappy shows on tv that are totally boring! I have calenders, pictures, all of season one and now season two! I'm so happy it all came out at once and for a good price! If you don't love lucy too theres something wrong with you and you have to get this DVD set! She will always be known by everyone and will always shine as one of the brightest stars!!! This is an awesome DVD set and is something to cherish for a long time to come!...more info
  • Funny Girl
    You can't go wrong in buying this boxset. Any I love Lucy show is worth the $!...more info
  • Classic Comedy.
    Ive been an advent "I Love Lucy" fan since I was a very little girl - I would watch this black-and-white comedy instead of the mirage of cartoons that many girls and boys my age instinctively turned to. Now at age 20, "I Love Lucy" continues to be my all-time favorite TV show. I love the clean humor, I adore the characters and the relationships between them, I admire Lucille Ball's natural talent to bring a hearty laugh to my lips, I just love everything about this show. I esp love the first two seasons, though the 3rd-6th seasons are no less enjoyable.

    I own the complete set, Seasons 1-9, and would definitely recommend this to anyone!!

    *I just realized my very first purchase at Amazon.com (way back in 2006) was The Complete Second Season of I Love Lucy. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it and I love MYSELF for buying it for me. =D ...more info
  • Great, original, classic comedy
    Believe it or not, this is the Xmas 2007 gift "hint" of a couple sisters, age 19 and 21. They love it....more info
  • Great shows!
    My eleven year old loves I Love Lucy and absolutely fell in love with these episodes! Seeing little Ricky come into the series was a great experience for her. Finally, a series she can laugh hysterically at without me worrying about what she's watching!...more info
  • The Second Time Around
    This is a fantastic season of "I Love Lucy", featuring the television-history-making pregnancy arc and a number of other hilarious episodes. I also own Season 1 (I'm buying them in order!) and the two sets are very similar. The best thing is that the radio shows from "My Favorite Husband" (at least the ones that inspired episodes of "I Love Lucy") are still included.

    As a matter of fact, they're a little TOO similar. In the first season set, there are some scenes included that played during the second season. When Lucille Ball got pregnant in real life during the second season, they re-ran some episodes from the first season so that she could have a maternity leave, and each rerun was introduced by a short scripted clip from the cast. (It's a shame they don't do that for reruns these days!!) These same clips are included in this package, and I feel that they could have used the space for some original material instead.

    The only other complaints I have about this fantastic set are minor. For one thing, in the first season package, when you selected the "play all" option, a bit would play that consisted of colorized clips from different episodes playing while Ricky sang the "I Love Lucy" theme song. It would have been nice to have something like that play on this set, but with different clips. Alas, no dice. Also, there are no English subtitles, which I find baffling. After all, aren't most of the people who love this show bound to be old enough that their hearing is starting to go?

    However, the second season is just as funny as the first. In fact, funnier. There were a few boring episodes in the first season that I've only watched once, but there are very few like that presented here. The cast really found its groove and they only got better from here. I can't wait to continue my collection with season three!...more info
  • Could Not Stop Watching ...
    I absolutely loved watching Season Two. I was on the edge of my seat the whole time ... I believe I was just as excited then as the audience back in the 1950's to see Little Ricky born. Wouldn't ya know that Lucy really went into labor wiht Desi Arnaz, jr., that very same day?? ...more info
    With all the garbage on tv today, like reality shows, dull sitcoms, ridiculous teenage programing, MTV, just crap, crap, crap, thank GOD for Lucille Ball and the gang on DVD! I never get tired of "I Love Lucy", it's the funniest show ever....more info
  • masterpiece
    anything "lucy and ricky" were in were SMASH hits. I own every season of i love lucy and ill enjoy these disks for the rest of my life...more info
  • A Lovely Trip Down Memory Lane
    As an "I Love Lucy" fan, it's a joy to be able to have my own collection to watch whenever I need a fix. There's nothing like Lucy to cheer up your day and give you a good chuckle!...more info
  • Way to go!
    Have the Columbia House DVD's and I love them.This season contains one of the best episodes from the series "Job Switching" Also this is the season when Lucy has a baby,and they name him Little Ricky.I will not be getting this set as I already have all of season 2 from Columbia House.Columbia House is Already up to April of season 3.I always loved I Love Lucy.I was born in the 70's so I was watching I Love Lucy with my mother in the 80's in reruns.I always wanted to have the whole series on Video,I tryed tapeing off of TV a few times but the tape quality was so so.But now to get I Love Lucy on DVD in Digital clearity is a dream come true.And it get's deliverd right to my mail box once a month.I should be getting another DVD any day now.Cant wait....more info
  • And Lucy loves me!
    I Love Lucy - The Complete Second Season is hilarious thanks in part to the star Lucille Ball. She was a comic genius, her physical comedy is legendary and forever imitated by today's Hollywood stars. My favorite episodes from season two are: Job Switching, Vacation from Marriage, Ricky and Fred are T.V. Fans, Never Do Business with Friends, The Black Eye, and The Inferiority Complex. Don't wait, don't hesitate, buy this classic treasure today! ...more info
  • I Love Lucy - The Complete... (DVD) ~ Lucille Ball
    If you love Lucy the way I Love Lucy, you will not hesitate to purchase this one. This series is the greatest! Not only do you get the shows, but also lots of extras!!! I plan to buy the entire series. It is well worth it, this is a MUST HAVE collection!...more info
  • Lucy Ricky Fred & Ethel They Were The Best Ever.
    I Have been watching Lucy for 42 years now. At least once a day. If she is on it doesn't matter what else is on WE watch Lucy! Some could say it's a cult. I say it is a time that I would like to have seen more of being born in 1960, I just missed the real deal. I cannot wait for the Second and All the other seasons. Does that sound good. I love Desi & Lucy JRS. too. They made me cry in their 50th anniversary special.
    Anyway Enjoy The Show...... Rickrocksem...more info
  • I LOVE the I Love Lucy show
    I have been very satisfied buying products from this seller. I know what I want and I just buy it. The pricing is Excellent! The I Love Lucy show is very, very, funny without the smutty stuff that you have these days. This show proves you can be funny and decent at the same time....more info
  • Better format, better price, same dvd quality
    Season 1 episodes on dvd have picture and sound quality that are unbeatable. The packaging, unfortunately, was done in a way to jack the price way up. Now we have season 2 in a more concise format, half the price, and most likely the same superior restoration and fun extras. This is the season with the chocolate factory episode, the baby episodes, and a lot of other hidden gems. Let's hope this one sells so well that we don't have too long for the rest of the seasons on dvd!...more info
  • Keep Lucy Coming!!

    If you enjoyed I Love Lucy (I surely did), I wanted to make you aware that Lucy's other shows are coming out too!!! Please check them out and hopefully you've already submitted your orders!!

    The Lucy Show: Official First Season

    Here's Lucy: Season One

    The Lucille Ball Specials:

    Now we just have to keep our fingers crossed for Life With Lucy!!...more info
  • I Love Lucy 2nd season
    I have always liked Lucille Ball, because she has always brought laughter into our lives. This season has one of the funniest stories-The chocolate factory job!!! We have laughed until we have tears in our eyes....more info
  • My mistake
    I orded the wrong season of the I love lucy as a gift and it was sent out so fast that I could not cancel It. I quickly ordered the correct one.
    When I sent back my mistake it was so easy. I was sent an email letting me know they had recieved it and credited my card. No hassle what so ever. VERY SATISFIED!!!...more info