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Ebtech Hum X Voltage Hum Filter
List Price: $90.00

Our Price: $55.00

You Save: $35.00 (39%)


Product Description

The Hum X filters out unwanted voltage and current in the ground line that cause ground loop hum while simultaneously maintaining a solid, safe ground.

  • Simply plug between the offending pieces of equipment to eliminate hum
  • Uses 1:1 isolation transformers to break loop antenna and balance audio lines
  • Also converts balanced and unbalanced signals
  • 1/4 jacks can accept any combination of mono or stereo plugs
  • Passive device No power required

Customer Reviews:

  • Eliminated Scrolling color bars
    Had alternating green and violet, horizontal bars scrolling from bottom to top on my wall mounted plasma TV. Bestbuy had me buying and switching out expensive cables and power strips. Nothing worked.
    I came across this gadget while trying to find some answers on google. Though it sounded too good to be true, I figured it cost a fraction of what I'd already spent on cables and such and I'd try one last time.
    When I received it ,I plugged it into the wall, plugged the TV into it and turned the TV on expecting to feel screwed once again. However, the TV had a beautiful, crystal clear picture and no lines for the first time since I bought it a year and a half ago. Can't say enough good things about this little widget....more info
  • It seems to work fine.
    This seems like a good product. All depends if the problem is really ground loop hum or a line hum...
    Anyway, my beef is really about the shipping. I've had to dish-out 40 some canadian dollars to UPS for the "late" delivery of a piece of equipment that cost me 54$... It would be in your interest to make sure the shipper uses USPS and NOT UPS.
    ...more info
  • Miracle cure? YES!
    Can a plug-in device stop a nasty ground hum without disrupting the ground integrity of the system? Well, short of cutting off the grounding lugs on the power cords(no!) or designing a star grounding scheme, I was at wit's end with my system... and then I found the EB Tech Hum X!

    My home theater system, while not "high-end", is fairly formidable. It centers around a Sherbourn PT-7000 pre/pro feeding a 1.4Kw, 7 channel Sherbourn 7/2100A monoblock amplifier. Speakers are Paradigm Reference Studio (5 channels) with a PW-2100 self-powered sub. The system sports multiple CD/DVD/SACD players and a set of Musical Fidelity tube buffers.

    Power comes in from three dedicated circuits, through three Price-Wheeler BrickWall surge protectors. The strangest thing about the system is probably the dual line cord setup on the 7/2100A - the seven power supplies require 2 20A line cord inputs. Each line cord has a dedicated circuit, and a dedicated BrickWall. A third, multi-outlet BrickWall drives the TV, sources, preamp and the tube buffer power supply. So, three line cords - oh, yes - plus a fourth from the Paradigm sub. Four electrical circuits, four ground paths. Yikes!

    Sounds like a lot of opportunities for hum induction, eh? We recently built-on a new garage bay, which changed the wiring in the panel servicing the A/V system. I've heard the hum come and go over time, but recently it's been fairly loud and constant. I tried everything I could think of - replacing power cables, capping open RCAs on the pre/pro, testing / replacing A/V interconnects, replacing dimmers & florescent lights - to no avail.

    A friend who is a professional musician and sound guy pointed me to EB Tech. He said: "Isolate your grounds to the three BrickWalls with three HumX devices and call me when you're done." He was _so_ correct.

    Hum is GONE. Totally, unbelievably gone. The system now has a dead silent background. And the beauty of this fix? I purchased the three HumX devices from Amazon for approx 61 USD each... how much more could I ask for? :-)

    Try HumX if you have a 60Hz hum in your A/V equipment; it's a stone simple and technically correct fix. Highly, highly recommended as a time-saver and a hum eliminator!
    ...more info
  • Ho-Hum Plug
    I had a ground loop hum in my home theater system. The projector was plugged in about 30 feet away from the rest of the home theater system, so I bought this Hum X Plug to try to break the ground loop.

    I plugged the projector into the Hum X Plug as directed and there was no difference at all. ...more info
  • Substantially Reduced Guitar Amp Hum
    I have two tube guitar amps that I run in stereo - and one had an awful hum that was incredibly irritating when playing at home. The HUM-X reduced it by about 90%. There is still a very faint hum, but nothing like before. Not sure I understand why it is $60 (thus -1 star), but it was worth it for me to get rid of the interference. ...more info
  • How do I manage without this thing?
    I ordered this late one night as I plopped into bed, fresh from playing a gig where the incessant hum (Jazzmaster and Tele guitars) and bonus shocks from the mic had driven me nuts. I picked up a guitar magazine to read myself to sleep, saw an ad, walked to the computer and ordered it. A week later, as I was heading out the door to another gig, it arrived in the mail. I'd actually forgotten about it, but was so happy when I plugged my gear in that I could've done back flips. I'll let my bass player, who's obviously been as aggravated by the buzz as I've been, provide the testimonial: "that little thing is incredible!"...more info
  • Great Product
    Works as advertised. It removed the annoying humming sound from one of my subs. The only one that had the problem....more info
  • Works Great!
    When I added a new TV to my system I was getting a hum through the speakers. I plugged my power amp into the Hum X and the hum disappeared! ...more info
  • Great Product
    Works as advertised. It removed the annoying humming sound from one of my subs. The only one that had the problem....more info
  • Hum X Ground Loop
    Bought it, tried it, the hum got worse. Did not eliminate ground loop on my sub. Sent it back. End of story. ...more info
  • Great Product - Works as Advertised
    I upgraded my amp recently and heard a nasty hum through my speakers. My a/v installer recommended using a 3-prong to 2-prong adapter and the hum was gone. However, I didn't feel comfortable with this solution, b/c I've read that this can cause equipment damage, etc., so did some research and found the Hum X. I wasn't sure at first, but the reviews swayed me. I received the Hum X two days ago, inserted it b/t my amp and power center and the speaker was dead silent, so much so that I checked my amp to make sure the power was on. Hum X works, and I feel good that I didn't have to lift the ground to get rid of the hum. This product is highly recommended!...more info
  • Ground loop problem
    I am about to buy the Ebtech HumX hoping to sovle a ground loop problem from my computer. Question is if I socket the HumX to the wall, is it possible to connect an ac distriburor to the humx then hock up all my dj equipment including my computer. Second qustion- can I use a ground loop b/w sound card and mixer simultaniously with the Humx? P/L urgent reply needed ...more info