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Pioneer HDJ-1000 Dj Headphones
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Product Description

In keeping with their legacy of bringing high-end quality products to market, Pioneer has done it again with another release - new HDJ-1000 headphones. While primarily targeted towards the Professional DJ, these stunning headphones will appeal to all serious music consumers. Whether you are a DJ, Studio Musician, Sound Engineer or just an avid listener of music, the HDJ-1000 is the answer to all your headphone needs.

  • Whether a DJ, studio musician, sound engineer or just an avid music listener, the HDJ-1000 is the answer to all of your headphone needs.
  • Large diameter speaker units.
  • Folding housing with universal joints.
  • Stereo/Mono selector switch allows mix of left and right channel signals for single ear monitoring.
  • Removable 1/4" jack reveals mini plug for flexible connections, includes carrying case.

Customer Reviews:

  • Perfect for DJ
    This are my favorite Headphones for DJ, I have numarks, technics, stanton, but this are the best....

    the only problem is that you cant use it as a regular headphone for more than one hour, because your ear will be Red, and hurt... but thats because they have to be tie, to avoid the loud sound of the Dance club......more info
  • Great sound quality but they do break.
    I got two years out of them before a section of the coiled cord degraded internally and shorted out. I cut out the faulty section and that fixed the sound but now there's also a bad connection somewhere in the earcup. More surgery I guess......more info
  • Great sound, until they broke.
    If you are a bedroom dj, or simply a fan of music that likes high quality sound, then these are the headphones for you. The sound isolation is ideal for mixing, and they are very comfortable. However, they do not hold up to the wear and tear of regular dj'ing. There is a lot of manipulation of headphones when it comes to mixing, and these headphones just couldn't handle it. I would constantly have to adjust in the middle of a set because the slider on the right was wearing out. Today I went to put them on, and the right earpiece broke off. I don't think it's simply a matter of taking care of them, or handling them properly. I'm looking at getting the HDJ-2000 to replace these, hopefully the magnesium alloy reinforcements will prevent the problems I've had with the HDJ-1000....more info
  • Faults of this head phone
    i am a dj and i always baby my equipment. I have had 3 pairs of these head phones and I think I will finally stop buying this head phone because it isnt really sturdy. All 3 times the head phone seemed to break at the swivel joint after a couple of months of use. Dont get me wrong the quality of the head phones is superior in my opinion just the cheap plastic parts that seem to break at the same spots is what bothers me. So far ive invested about 450 dollars in 3 headphones and that is why i am going to look for another headphone
    ...more info
  • Conterfeit!!!
    Buyer beware. These were advertised at an "Open Box" for $59.00 and they ended up being fake. I had them authenticated or deemed conterfeit by Pioneer themselves. Eveidently, any HDJ1000 under $130 will likely be fake. I got taken since I thought it would be possible as an open box. Vendor no longer exsists, but I suspect they are still around Amazon under a different name selling them for $70.00. Look for smaller earcup, black hinges and a thinner headband than you see in the picture....more info
  • They haven't broken on me....
    These headphones, the HDJ 1000s, sound outstanding. I ask my friends to listen to them and i get the same response every time--awe and amazement.

    I bought mine around June of 2006 and they're still in GREAT condition. They have not broken on me yet, so i don't understand how the other reviewers seem to have this problem.

    Bottom line: If you want headphones with superb sound quality, i recommend these. I'm a bedroom dj and totally love them AND they're still 100% intact and as functional as ever. ...more info
  • if it sounds too good to be true
    knock off merchandise..the company was very professional, although the product was not..once again best buy gamer zone was very helpful and professional, just a shame that what was advertized was not delivered...more info