The Best Ball - 10 in.
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Product Description

Gorilla tough, safe, non-toxic polyethylene plastic balls. Virtually indestructible. Provides hours of fun. Won't tear, break or burst! Assorted bright colors. Lifetime guarantee. Not made for retrieving.

  • Hours of fun
  • Virtually indestructible
  • non-toxic
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Great for pets that like to chase

Customer Reviews:

  • Dog loved it -but hurt her paws
    My Aussie loves balls and punctures rubber balls within 30 seconds. She immediately loved this ball and chased it all over the yard. The only problem is that she hits the hard plastic with her front paws so hard that they bleed. We take the ball away only to have her go crazy barking at it on the shelf. Now we have to keep it hidden from her and can only let her use it for short periods. It's definitely durable and puncture proof and dogs love it!...more info
  • Going strong after TEN YEARS
    I bought this ball for my Rottweiler, Zoe, when the ball was bigger than she was! She loves this ball and will dig under three feet of snow to find it if she has to. She has pulled out the plug (not sure how) and has gotten enough tooth ruts in it that she can pick it up and carry it around the yard. It's quite a sight, actually, and I wouldn't dream of ever taking it away because I'm not sure if she'd play with a new one since this one is perfectly "customized". She will lay in the yard with it between her feet and lick it, too. If she has to stop playing for whatever reason, she'll rest a foot on it to make sure it doesn't get too far away. Absolutely the best thing I ever bought for her. ...more info
  • Best ball EVER!!!
    This is the funniest toy I have ever seen my dog play with! She goes NUTS! Thanks!...more info
  • Wonderful Surprise
    At first, I was a little upset with the cost of shipping on this ball because it was shipped from Petsmart, but now that I see my German Shepherd play with it, the cost and shipping was well worth it. We were buying one of those large rubber balls once a month because he would systematically break them apart. When I received this ball, I thought he would not play with it because he could not chew on it because it is hard plastic. Turns out that it is perfect for that reason.
    My parents visited at Thanksgiving and my dad taught my youngest shepherd how to "play soccer." He loves to play so much that he will push the ball up to you and bark for you to "kick" with him. He can also keep himself entertained for hours pushing it around. You never know what your pet will like, but I know that my dog loves this ball and we will have it for a long time....more info
  • For Horses NOT dogs
    Don't make the mistake of thinking your dog could play with this. It's to large. Would be great if they made it smaller for dogs...more info
  • Great Dog Toy
    My Australian Shepard loves to play soccer with balls, but he went through a basketball every couple of days. This ball was great for him as he has been chasing it for weeks. He can't puncture this but he is able to knock it around the yard until he gets tired....more info
  • Best outside toy for a Lab.
    Great product. My 2 yo chocolate lab would steal logs out of the wood shed (seriously, 20 lb logs) and run around the yard with them. Since getting this for a Christmas present, she has totally forgotten about my firewood and chases this ball all over the yard. It's big enough that she can't get her mouth around it (believe me, she tries) so she noses it, or kicks it backwards. Unfortunately, I can't always get time in the day to get her out for a walk, and this definitely fills in the gaps. She'll come in after a long session of "chase the big red ball" with her tongue hanging out. Having handled the ball and thrown it to her, it is definitely something that is going to last a LONG time. ...more info
  • Great toy
    My 90lb. American Pit Bull loves this ball! Though he's already done some good damage to the it (e.g., deep scratches), the ball still rolls perfectly. Great toy indeed!!...more info
  • Yes, it's really indestructable.
    Great ball for rough players. Really big! Best for large open spaces, as my pitbull pushes it around with her nose and rapidly picks up speed. Not so good in apartment.
    Will need to purchase smaller version for indoors....more info
  • Good, but not indestructible
    My dog LOVED this toy. However there is a notch on one part of the ball that she found within the first 5 minutes allowing her to pick it up and eventually chew a very large hole into the ball. This ball would be perfect for my dog if not for that. It would be better if it were completely round with no indentions for them to grab onto....more info
  • Broken ankles
    My boston loves this thing, perhaps too much. It is a ground-level wrecking ball made of hard, painful plastic. It will destroy garden fences. It will pulverize flower beds. It will make you hate life, but your dog may love it... In spite of bloody gums and scratched eyeballs, your dog may love it. It is like heroin for my dog. It is really bad for him, but he is addicted. Somebody needs to make a kevlar/rubber ball like the old kickballs, but puncture resistant. ...more info
  • The Best Ball - 10 in.
    The dogs love the balls. I was replacing one tht was about 20 years old. My soccer playing Bulldog had trouble rolling it after the other dogs made a hole in it. I bought two so that they would be around for 40 years, then someone else will have to buy the next ones!...more info
  • The best toy on the market for med to large breeds, hands down.
    There is a reason that they include the word "almost" in the name. My super energetic lab is on his second one, but it took him about 3-4 years to finally chew through the first one. It would last forever if your dog is not an aggressive chewer.

    I attribute this ball for keeping him fit and healthy and still as active and energetic now in his 10th year as he was in his first. He pushes the ball with his nose and front legs as he runs back and forth across the yard for hours. Its exhausting just watching him go. Nothing gives him a workout like this ball. He actually has worn the hair off and has calluses on the top of his nose and front legs! ...more info
  • Can't get enough...
    ... of this toy! Our dogs prey drive goes wild when they see these balls come out. We have to monitor the use though. They each have to have their own ball and we have to take them away from the dogs before they collapse. They go really go crazy for them and would play 'soccer' for hours until they drop. The only down side is that our dogs can dig their teeth into the plastic around where the small opening is on one end. This creates gashes which we need to keep scraped down after play. Otherwise the dogs mouths, cheeks and lips become very sore and cut up as they roll the balls around the yard. (Keep in mind we have very strong dogs with high prey drive) When they have the gashes made, they can carry the ball around. Ours carry them proudly around the yard as if it is a trophy! If the balls were made of some sort of really hard rubber like a black type Kong or something it would be better, but then they would weigh too much. For the money - you just can't beat this toy!...more info
  • Keeps them busy but....
    I have to say these balls are great attention grabbers, my two chesapeake's will play for hours on end...however, if you purchase the 10in balls like I did, make sure you have a big enough play area. Not good for indoor play. Also, these balls are not entirely indestructible, though the hard plastic covering holds up very well. My two chessie's have been able to gouge at the surface and even pinch off a few loose pieces. All in all, these are the perfect balls for any big dog that loves to romp around and play hard outside. I rate them 4 stars because the surface can still be damaged by strong chompers, so just keep an eye on your dog when they are playing. My two chessie's are able to destroy anything and everything in sight, nylabone and kongs are no match for them. It actually took them a solid week to finally put a mark in these balls. Impressive by my standards, all things considered! ...more info
  • It's true.
    Our dog Luna has busted every ball until now. This is the best. ...more info
  • LOVE IT!!!!!!!!
    I have an 8 month old shepherd/retriever mix who is super hard on toys. This is truly one indestructible ball. He loves to play with it all over the house and the yard. It is everything that it claims to be. We love it!!!!...more info
  • So much fun!
    My dog, a heeler/sheltie mix, loves this ball. While living in my apartment, she would herd it around the place, but beware when it caught under a table. She'd bark at it for a while, and when it didn't come out, she'd bark at me to get it! When I took my dog to my dad's out in the country, she herded the ball all over the yard. She loved getting it going down the hills, going on each side of it to keep it in line. It's definitely one of her favorite toys....more info
  • It IS indestructible
    A fabulous toy for the dog who tears apart everything else. My pitt mix will annihilate any toy he can get in his mouth, but this has provided hours of fun, and seems to be passing the test of time.
    The ball is a little harder than we expected (hard plastic), so think twice before giving it a swift kick... ...more info
  • it's a good one!
    This ball is great for any chewer! It truly is almost indestructible, andso far the best ball we've had.My only wish was that it would bounce....and not break my toe when I kick it! LOL! My 9 month pitbull has met her match in a ball finally!...more info