Homeland Security REM 2.4GHZ Wireless Weatherproof Camera w/6" Monitor (Black & White)
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Product Description


  • Built-in PIR motion sensor
  • 9 infrared LEDs for low light operation
  • Monitor has built-in TV function
  • Audio/Video capability
  • Camera has built-in microphone
Customer Reviews:
  • Very Disappointed
    I purchased this for daughter in Virgina to monitor her daughter. She reported that the picture was so bad she couldn't make out anything clearly. She said the sound was good. It no longer works at all and this is only having it hooked up for a month. I know it wan't very expensive, but I expected more out of Homeland Security....more info
  • It can't record
    It can't record. The picture is ok, the TV functions (barely) and its cute for seeing my son in his crib, but it can't record, which was the purpose for which it was purchased! If you need a $90 baby monitor, get it, otherwise, don't waste your money....more info
  • really bad product
    we bought this on sun set it up mon and by thur it already broke! the moniter is a piece of crap we bought it to catch a neighbor who was leaving us threatening letters and the pic is so bad on the moniter now that when we just caught them u couldn't identify them by the image! what a waste of money and then i tried to call costumer service and i got one of those all reps are busy leave a message messages then it said the mailbox was full i hate that don't buy this it's the worst mistake i've ever made...more info