Proctor Silex 31117 4-Slice Toaster Oven/Broiler, Black
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Product Description

Extra-large interior easily fits 4 slices, a 9 inch cake pan or 2 personal pizzas 15 minute timer with automatic shutoff and ready bell Handy broiler for cooking versatility Convenient features include a handy broiler for cooking versatility and a removable crumb tray for easy cleanup

  • Convenient 4-slice toaster oven toasts, bakes, and broils
  • Large enough for a 9-inch cake pan or 2 personal pizzas
  • 15-minute timer with end-of-cycle signal; automatic shut-off
  • Removable crumb tray provides easy cleanup; broil grid and bake pan included
  • Measures approximately 18 by 14-1/3 by 9-1/2 inches; 2-year limited warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • Good buy
    Not fancy. But it does the basic jobs well. Minor concern - better at baking than toasting. Toasting takes a little too long and is not totally uniform. But for the price this machine can't be beat. ...more info
  • Is it Supposed to Double as a Smoke Machine??
    Twice I tried to turn this thing on and run it before actually putting food in it. Both times had smoke pouring out the sides vents and it smelled like it was about to catch fire. I understand manufactured products can produce a "burning" smell for a bit when turned on for the first time. But that's not what this was. There was literally smoke pouring out the sides....more info
  • why buy a toaster?
    Good toaster oven for the money. Why buy something that can only heat one kind of food? I use this to heat all sorts of delicious things....more info
  • Broken Already
    Bought this on Dec. 3 and the heating element is broken. One-third of it doesn't heat up. ...more info
  • Decent Toaster/Oven
    You really can go wrong with this item - it's very affordable and designed decently for it's price range. The only issues I have with it are:

    1. Once the rotary timer is set, you can't stop it - however, you could simply set heat = 0 and wait for the timer to end.

    2. The food tray is apparently "wrapped" around another thin metal layer, which is a potential bacteria trap, since it's nearly impossible to clean without damaging the don't go naked...just use aluminum foil around the tray.

    Would recommend for studio apartments / college students and would buy again.

    Owned for 3 weeks at the time of this writing....more info
  • 4 stars item for a 2 stars price
    We have been using our toast ovens everyday for the last 20 yrs or so. We had expensive ovens, we had not so expensive ovens. They all died after several years of services no matter what. So why bother to spend 100 dollars for a machine that just makes a little bit difference? For a $32 machine, this is really a good buy. No complaints so far....more info
    What a great value for the money. Cooks evenly, user friendly. I looked at lots of ovens with fancy features, but if you just want to heat frozen pizza, toast bagels, etc.. this is the best for the buck....more info
  • Proctor Silex Toaster Oven
    It does the job and the price was right. It puts off a bit more heat from the front and through the door than it should.......more info
  • very happy
    I bought this toaster oven a few months ago, and I am very happy with it.
    It was a bit difficult getting used to the way the timer is compared to a push down knob for toasting. This is a great toaster though. I can bake a small pizza in it, without heating up the entire kitchen turning on the big oven. It toasts well (once you get used to the settings). Hopefully it will last as long as my last toaster oven did!...more info
  • decent toaster oven for the price
    We've used this toaster oven several times now for toasting multiple slices of bread/english muffins and chicken nuggets (came out nice & crispy) & we're pretty happy with the purchase. Easy clean up, for the most part. Only minor complaint is the pointer on temperature dial needs to stand out more - the first time I used it to toast, I thought I turned it to 'toast' & actually turned it to a temperature setting & wondered why my toast wasn't toasting! But after that initial education lesson, everything has been smooth since....more info
  • Decent toaster oven
    I bought this toaster oven based on the price and because it came in black to match my other new appliances. It looks nice and works fine. It's slow to toast and broil but the bread comes out perfectly toasted so it's worth the wait. I have also baked chicken nuggets in the oven and they came out good. Good toaster for the price....more info
  • birdog
    Small for the price even the Amazon price. Seen it cheaper after I purchased it. Can't say to much on performance haven't had it long enough. Up to now works OK....more info
  • So far so good
    Have used this product a few times and it gets the job done even when using high temperatures like 420 at 15 min. It's also easy to clean. Will have to wait and see long term how this product will last....more info
  • Toaster Oven a Delight
    The whole family has enjoyed this product. It was shipped and received in quick order without any damage or defects. It is a delight to cook without using a microwave....more info
  • New review. It quit on me after 13 months
    I had a review in here praising this product for quite a while under Rob of Austin. The product did work great for as long as it worked. However after 13 months of heavy usage the bottom burner went out. I can no longer recommend this item....more info
  • Toaster Oven
    The price is right. Works as expected, the only problem is that the unit does not come with a grate for the broiler pan, how can they expect the customer to broil without a grate. Luckly I kept the grate from the prior toaster oven that I use. Controls are easy to understand and use...more info
  • Decent Toaster Oven!
    I'm happy with it. For the money, it can't be beat. I liked that it
    comes from a trusted manufacturer. Meets our needs well....more info
  • The toaster oven I purchased is great...
    The toaster oven is a great size, nice looking and works great. I am happy with my purchase and would buy another!!!...more info
  • not so good
    I guess it works,one problem the rack is on a slant one side is higher than the other. Watch what you are toasting or cooking. I would have sent it back if I noticed it sooner...more info
  • Can't Beat it for the Price
    For the money this is an awesome toaster oven. If you just put in the food and leave it it will not cook evenly, but if you flip and/or rotate it once in a while it comes out just fine, especially if you use a low heat setting for a longer time. The bake and broil options work great for heating up frozen food and one of my roommates has actually cooked chicken breast with the broil setting. I highly recommend wrapping the bottom tray in foil to speed clean up. In short, with some patience this thing is perfect for anyone with limited space and a limited budget. ...more info