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eBags TSA Accepted Lock 4-Dial Combo (2pk)
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Product Description

The Travel Sentry system is accepted and recognized by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA. You can now securely lock your bags and still allow for TSA inspections without damage to the lock or your luggage.

  • TSA-accepted and recognized locks use the Travel Sentry system allowing customers to set their own combination for general security and TSA screener access for security checks
  • TSA screeners are issued codes and secured tools for secured access to open the locks
  • 4-digit combination for improved security - each lock can be set to its own combination
  • Combination can be reset as often as you choose
  • Available in Blue (2pk, Black (2pk, or Red (2pk

Customer Reviews:

  • Excellent locks
    Locks are great. This is my second batch of locks. They last longer then the suitcase. I was on a trip to Africa and my bags were inspected and the locks were opened and placed in my suitcase afterwards.They standup well to international travel. ...more info
  • don't bother
    Save your money and lock your luggage with cheap lock ties. Our TSA lock was cut the very first time we used it. Turns out the ENTIRE terminal has only 1 set of key so screener just don't bother /have the time to unlock this approved lock. ...more info
  • Easy to use
    Let's face it, if someone actually steals your bag they will find a way to get in, even if means destroying the bag. The TSA approval means that the security people can open the lock if they need to inspect something. I'm not saying the security check issue is a major problem but after you check your bag, and it goes through the security check, it will be sitting around waiting to be loaded or in transit from one flight to the next.

    This type of lock is to deter the casual thief from going through you bag when left unattended. I decided that a combo lock was better than a key lock (lost key) and 4 dials were better than 3. This eBags lock is designed to work for the most common bags sold these days, is easy to use and it is easy to reset the combination.

    Just remember to twirl the dials after you lock it :o).
    ...more info
  • Works every time
    I've enjoyed these locks during my travels. They have always worked for me.

    They are even nice when you want to keep things looked in your bag in the room.

    It's obvious it wouldn't take much to break them but it does not matter.

    It would not take anymore effort to break into your bag.

    ...more info