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Guild Wars Game of the Year
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Product Description

Guild Wars is a new kind of MMORPG experience. It eliminates the less exciting aspects of world-map play by using a mission-based design, while still keeping the features that make massive online role-players great. Make new allies in towns or outposts, form a party, and then go tackle a quest together. Your party always has its own unique copy of the quest map, so camping, kill-stealing, and long lines to complete quests are all things of the past. As you play out your quest, you have an unprecedented level of freedom: Your magic can build bridges and open up new pathways, or it can burn down forests and villages. Best of all, you'll never meet new players only to discover that you can't play with them or compete against them because their characters are on a different server than yours -- in Guild Wars, all characters live in one seamless world.

  • After learning the game and building up your first character, you can jump right in to head-to-head competition or guild warfare
  • Choose from a wide range of professions - Master nature as an Elementalist, serve divine spirits as a Monk, subvert with charisma as a Mesmer - along with more traditional classes like Necomancer, Ranger and Warrior
  • The game includes integrated support for guilds, with guild banners and halls, chat rooms and forums -- guilds can challenge other guilds to battle, compete for control of key parts of the world, and be ranked on a worldwide ladder
  • Unique streaming technology means no more patches -- new content is always being streamed to you directly, for new challenges and a continually changing world

Customer Reviews:

  • A Fun and Addictive Game!!
    Let me preface this review by saying that this is the first MMORPG I have ever played. I have nothing else to compare it to, so this review is based entirely on my opinion.

    I'm not a big gamer (obviously!) but my husband is. He has played EQ and NWN, though not as much recently. He got GW for Christmas from my sister and got immediately hooked. After I teased him for weeks about his incessant gameplaying he went out and bought me a copy, downloaded it on my computer and had me create a character.

    Well, I was forced to eat my words as I became the one playing till 3 am! The graphics are stunning, the cut-scenes fun as you get to see your own character in them (even your pet and/or mini pet is in the scene!). The game starts in Pre-Searing Ascalon, where the landscapes are lush and green, with forests, streams and waterfalls. As your character progresses and levels up, the storyline progresses and you enter Post-Searing Ascalon, where the landscapes are barren and burnt, the lakes and streams turned to tar. As you explore more of the map you will find sparkling beaches, murky swamps, snowy mountains, jungles, vast deserts and the volcano area of the Ring of Fire. The lava flow is spectacular and will remind you of Hawaii.

    I have completed the game with one character, and am now playing 2 other characters. I like the option of creating a party with other players or henchmen. Granted, the henchmen are not brilliant, but when lack of time or lack of other players forces you to use them, you can still complete missions and quests with them. Also, the henchies don't yell at you and call you a noob! ;-) The skill quests are a fun way to get new skills, but you have the option of 'buying' the skills through a skill trainer. The downside of that is you have to spend skill points to buy skills.

    I haven't played the PvP option very much, so my review is on the PvE only.

    GW is a fun game, made better by the lack of a monthly fee (very enticing to a new gamer like me). I have found it to be very re-playable as you work on discovering how to play the different classes and in trying new builds on my level 20 Elementalist. The fact that the characters have a second class, and the fact that when you get far enough into the game you have the option of changing your second class, gives you endless combos and build options.

    Just be aware of the fact that the game is addicting, and you may find yourself spending hours playing and end up wondering where the time went!...more info
  • BE CAREFUL when u buy used u need a access key card
    Well i purchased this game used and i got a access key card with this game. It doesnt work so now I cannot play the game. Please be careful everyone. I have no idea if u can buy this type of key card online??...more info
  • An MMORPG new-B's review.
    I got this game for several reasons, playable on a 56kbs dial-up connection, no fee playing, optional solo/party playability, and I've been dying to play an MMORPG for years.
    The graphics are stunning! The variety of monsters and scenery is huge! Finding party members, people to trade/talk with can be easy, if you're so inclined.
    I gave the game a 4-star rating for fun, because, for the most part, it's a blast! My only gripe in that department is the lack of any detailed descriptions of anything. Not of the character classes, their skills, how to use the interface, etcetera. It's a case of "It's fun to learn on your own," which is far from my idea of fun. The manual has to be downloaded, but it's not really worth it, there's a lot of better info available on several Guild Wars related sites.
    I gave the game an overall rating of 3-stars because of a problem us new-B's on a budget, running a dial-up connection aren't told of, anywhere. And I doubt many of the old-timers to Guild Wars are even aware of.
    Guild Wars updates the game constantly. Small updates are downloaded as they're released, and while the player transitions from area-to-area. In and of itself, that's not a bad thing.
    HOWEVER! If you buy the 2005 Guild Wars in 2008, or later, you've got 3 years+ of updates to catch up on, that aren't on the CD's!
    When I put the CD in the drive, a splash screen said I wasn't connected to the internet, and it closed. So I connected, and reinserted the CD. Clicked on install, and it downloaded something for 20 minutes. THEN, it copied files from the 2 CD's to my hdd. It then connected to the Guild Wars site where it stated it had to download 4,896 files. About 9 hours, and 86mb later, I was able to enter my activation key, set up a new account, and create my first character. Upon completion, it notified me that it had to download 12,772 files. Twelve hours, and 111.8mb later, the opening cinematic played, and I've been having a blast ever since!
    I presume that many of the files I downloaded are included in the later chapters, and most likely, in "The Eye of the North" expansion. (All of which, I can't afford.)...more info
  • Simply Perfection
    Overall, if you like mmorpg's where you grind for levels, enjoy grief playing, and only play to PK, then you will hate GW. This game is for a more mature player who instead of seeking greater levels to turn the tide of battle, use their own strategies on a balanced play field. Also, you don't have to worry about other players ruining the game for you because you can only interact with them during guild battles or in towns. So there will be no kill stealing, or ambushes to ruin your game. ...more info
  • Review from a non-gamer...
    My college niece and nephew kindly hooked my husband on this game. Of course, he wanted someone to play the game with at home when they aren't online (despite how rare that is). So, he bought me a copy for Christmas; wasn't that kind? Since he also provided a new laptop, I couldn't complain. Surprisingly, this game is a lot of fun for die-hard RPG fans AND casual fans like me. I'm not a big gamer. I play everything on easy. We have an Xbox and a 360, and when I do play, RPGs are definitely my favorite. And, Guild Wars is one of the highest quality RPGs I have ever played.

    The graphics are outstanding. The images are clear, realistic and variable. Colors are vibrant and the scenery and characters very detailed. However, they are best viewed on a larger screen. My husband has a 12" laptop, I have a 17" and it's definitely better on the big one. It is also a lot easier to control with a standard mouse, than a laptop mouse pad. We plug one into the laptop just to play GW.

    This game comes with four character slots. Being a girly girl, I like being able to select the hair color, facial structure, and armor color during creation. And being able to have a pet (the kinds that fights too, or the kind that just hang around as decoration). There are classes like Necromancer, Ranger, etc. My only gripe with the character creation is that while you can change the armor color during the game (with dye), they don't let you change the hair color. You start as a beginner and fight enemies to get gold and items from them - just like Gauntlet or Baldur's gate. Use gold to buy better armor, cool things, etc. There are quests to earn skills and items. Missions earn the same, but also expand the storyline. This is great for cooperative play. Since it is online, I can play with anyone online regardless of where they are located. Need a team to complete a mission? GW allows you to speak locally by typing. So, just invite someone to join. You can play with close friends or complete strangers. Software programs like Ventrilo allow players to talk to each other in real time if they want. Just press a couple keys. No head set needed.

    My main complaint about GW is there is no pausing. If you need to run to the bathroom, better get to a city first! But, that is a minor criticism. This is reasonably priced for endless hours of play. There are some features thrown in just for fun, like titles. I'm the type who opens every chest, looks in every crate, etc. So, I'm working my way toward the "Treasure Hunter" title. My husband is working on the "Drunkard" title. Yes, you can buy and drink spirits in the game. And when you do, the screen goes blurry and shaky just as if you're really tipsy. If you're waiting around for someone to join in, you can instruct your character to "emote." Like dance. Your character dances. No reason for it other than it's fun. GW is filled with little nuances like this that enrich the playing. Advanced players and beginners can both enjoy GW.

    Overall, I highly recommend this game. Though it can be annoying to have to buy expansion packs to get new realms to explore and extend the story, it's a small price to pay for a an online community that is free. And a lot of people, like me, take so long to play that the expansion packs aren't really needed....more info
  • Good Game
    I like this game because its a lot shorter than those other mmorpgs out there, plus ITS FREE. Not only to mention that my college internet doesn't block it like the other online games. You should give it a try if you don't feel like devoting your life to something like WoW....more info
  • Game for team players only
    Guildwars is a game designed with a very restrictive vision. The game is made for one thing and one thing only. Team play. If you do not want to play as a team this game is not for you. The quest become progressively harder and harder to play as one. More and more monsters are throw at you every new quest with no chance to pick them off one by one. If you attack one three others will appear from nowhere. Newer and more powerful weapons are very rare if not nonexistent. Does not matter any way because you most likely would have no money to buy them as every item is very expensive and you are given very little money. When you play with NPC team mates you have to split money between them, this is the only game I have played that has done this. Another gimmick to keep you from getting powerful enough to do missions by yourself. This game is not for me as I do not like team play. I made a mistake, don't you make it too....more info
    THIS GAME IS PWNFUL. Period. Do not be surprised if you spend hours at this game. The storyline takes well over 50 hours to complete, and even after that, there are hundreds of ways to spend your time. The game lets you have 4 character slots, meaning you can have 4 characters that could be four different professions at 4 different spots in the game. If you are just starting, make a warrior, as they are the most pwnful. This game is better than the other two, so get this one. [...]...more info
  • Best game ever
    I finished this game a few weeks after I got it, and it's probably the most addicting thing I've played. Sometimes it can be difficult and I've found myself trying to do quests and missions multiple times. I find that this game is fairly n00b friendly, since no one can really judge how well you play(which is good for me, since I think it's very strategic). It is very team based though, so you can either get the henchies(makes things harder), or you can get real people(sometimes a huge hassle because no one wants to invite you to their party). Obviously it's a good game (Game of the Year!) and a must have. Just don't get it when you have important stuff to do(like school work or something) because it's a lot of fun. It's a good place to start out on Guild Wars....more info
    I have been playing World of Warcraft for a year now, and to tell you the truth...I'm tired of pay for play. I finally sat back and look at my time. Majority of my time is spent at work or doing some other necessary or family activity so $15/month really is getting wasted for nothing. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy playing WOW (65th Level Warrior), but for the time and price (sucky economy...)I needed a less expensive or free MMORPG. So I looked at the downloadable ones online. Some were pretty great ie. Perfect World and Shaiya. But Guild Wars, while having to pay for it initially but free forever, has them beat. The game is just as epic as World of Warcraft but with better graphics and designed like my favorite game, Diablo II. Trust me this game rocks!!! Soon as you begin you're in the story and it takes off from there. I have PVP'd yet (7th level warrior) but I'm already in a guild. Just my 2 cents but why pay for something for a month when the majority of your time isn't even playing the GAME??? That's just wasting $! Guild Wars is three different games set in the same world plus an expansion, and a sequel on the way. Buy it, play it. When you turn the game off, coins and cash stay were they should be, in YOUR POCKET!...more info
  • A great game
    Guild Wars is a great game for people who like all out fighting and roleplaying. And if you like games with swords and shields this game has more like magic and much more. Another thing is you get to make a guild or join one and do guild battles. [...]...more info
  • Not very well thought out
    Guild Wars is a truly unique game indeed, a mixture of genius and stupidity. I won't make my review long by repeating what others have pointed out; I will talk about factors I haven't read others mention yet.

    As others have stated repeatedly, Guild Wars requires no monthly payment to play. This premise could lead one to think that they'd have less money to pay good developers, and hence, might be a lesser game with mediocre graphics and cheesy content to make a quick buck. Surprisingly, not at all! I have played Everquest 2 for several years, and I have to say that Guild Wars' graphics in terms of characters and environments are THE BEST compared to any other online game I've ever played (which are Ultima Online, World of Warcraft, Star Wars Galaxies, and Everquest 2). Their nature environments were created with excruciating detail, and with stunning beauty I've seen only in single-player RPG games. This for me was a stunning positive surprise, and their 3D terrain, in my humble opinion, is a work of artistic genius.

    But there is one thing Guild Wars has done very poorly -- their 3D camera angle management. This is the only game I've ever played that makes humongous *automatic* vertical angle adjustments on your view at the slightest move of a mouse! When you encounter an enemy mob, you'd want to adjust your vertical view so your target is in plain clear view, but depending on your environment (i.e. if there are walls, big rocks, etc.) the game could swing your vertical view almost 90 degrees up or down at the slightest move of your mouse! This has led to situations where I got killed because I could no longer see the enemy AND could *not* move the camera angle to bring the enemy back in view!! I have been in battles where it was such a major struggle just to stablize my view of the enemy mob, and this factor has caused me an inordinate amount of exasperation, especially when it led to the death of my entire group. You see, once you beat the primary game scenario, you will have the option to explore the areas in Hard Mode where all mobs are pumped up in level and in number. With this automatic vertical camera angle the game does to me, I have died all the more frequently. I've stopped playing Hard Mode altogether.

    You may also have read from the other reviews that this game is all instanced except in towns. This simply means you only get to see other people in towns, or if you invite them into your group and adventure within an instance. Community-wise, this game is simply inferior to all the other online games I've ever played. In fact, I will go so far as to say that I have felt 95% of the time that I was playing a single-player game. Now I'm not the kind of player who likes to socialize that much in online games, but even I started feeling lonely.

    Overall, it is just too bad. Guild Wars is a very well-planned game in many ways, with the most beautiful environments I have ever seen to date, but this laudible accomplishment is tainted by the difficulty of maneuvering within the game due to automatic camera angle adjustments. I think the developers didn't play this game; if they did, then they should kick themselves for allowing this to happen because for this player, it really killed my fun.

    Lastly, Guild Wars 2 is underway, and they've announced that your characters in the current Guild Wars are not migratable. I don't know how wise this is, but maybe they should've allowed a minor migration. For example, maybe they could've decided to give a slight credit to all the accomplishments of a character in Guild Wars 1, perhaps in the form of some in-game object, something that won't give former players too much of an advantage over new players, and yet make them feel that the playing time they did in Guild Wars 1 has not been all wasted.

    Guild Wars is unique in their business model (i.e., no monthly payments), and clearly demonstrates talent amongst their art designers, game designers, and developers. It astounds me to see such enormous talent making glaring oversights, which when rectified, could easily establish Guild Wars as the top MMORPG game in the industry.
    ...more info
  • Nice Visual Environment, Fun Playability, Bad People.
    Guild Wars is a well-written, intellectually interesting, visually appealing, beautiful game that really comes together to create a nice interactive environment that's fun to explore. It's a lot like running around in a Thomas Kinkade scene... Killing things that disturb its serenity. The programming runs very well, with few snags. And you've already paid to play. So for game construction & playability, 5 Stars would be easy to give.

    But the real downer for this game--is the people. There are some very good, friendly, knowledgeable, experienced players--but the great majority of the people logged in constitute a kind of "what's underneath the bottom of the barrel" social atmosphere, worse than Yahoo chat rooms. It really is that bad, & at times, it makes me wonder why I paid $30 to be treated like absolute trash or less in the interactive online atmosphere. NC Soft indicates in their TOS that profanity & abuse will not be tolerated & are grounds for getting your account deleted, but apparently they could care less, because no one monitors any of the town chats, whatsoever. If I had kids, I don't think I would want them in there, at all. No way. The social aspect of the game, I give .5 Stars... It really is just absolutely disgusting. If you're at all familiar with what characterizes the "lower astral plane", this needs no further explanation... It's just like that. And the consistency of this social atmosphere really presents a corrosive effect that becomes serious buzz kill for the entire game. Consequently, many decent people may leave the game--leaving the lowest common denominators behind in their wake, for whom like attracts like.

    My recommendation to people considering buying Guild Wars is to round up the people you know who would like to play, form your own Guild primarily comprised of your personal & online friends, family, & colleagues, be selective about the Guilds & players you will & won't interact with, & go do your own thing together in this game. Decide what you want out of the game, & go after it together to make your own happiness. Because if you have any measure of maturity, integrity, intelligence, sophistication, or class--you will not be too pleased with what you'll have to pick from within the general Guild Wars milieu.

    ...more info
  • Guild wars: The new WoW
    Guild wars is a lot of fun to play, and even look at! The graphics are top notch and the gameplay is smooth and fun. The system requirements for this game are VERY low. You should hardly need to upgrade anything (i noticed a bit of a RAM problem, but i was running vista with 512 MB so 1 GB more did the trick) and you'll probably get more out of the game then it cost you. It updates often, and, best of all, it's not a "World Of Warcraft". They "Axed" the subscription fees, so you can play... and play... and play... and keep playing. The game is very great and I recommend it for anybody into fantasy MMO's....more info
  • Yippee For No Monthly Fees
    This is a really nicely done game for the money. The character creation is better than WOW but not as good as City Of Heroes.

    I like that I can travel to one of the main cities by pushing the M button and clicking on the city. No cool down times needed. No specific city that you can only travel to. Just click and go.

    I also like that it will give you hints on where to go for your quests. Just look at your mini map.

    Overall it is a great product. I am sorry I let others talk me out of buying this because real people pay monthly fees. Well Smart people do not pay monthly fees. ...more info
  • Guild Wars
    I moved from Diablo 2 to this game and this game is better. Controls and terrain take getting used to but auto targeting make up for it. You can only play online. You do not need to partner up with other players if you don't want to, but the game is designed for multiplayer. Some (minor) quests require another player on your team. Very addictive....more info
  • Fun, addictive and fair gameplay
    Things I love most about Guild Wars is:

    1) Free online gaming (wow, what a concept).
    2) competitive but fair gameplay--the "loot" is equally split among the party so no one will feel bad about not having what they want; or argue over items.
    3) players are quite friendly and eager to help "newbies"; unlike some OTHER online games.
    4) easy to use in game controls (mostly)
    5) combat, quests become tougher as you get higher in levels.
    6) you can play at your own leisure, solo (with henchmen or heroes) or with friends.
    7) though complex, the one can pick up the game quick.
    (for instance, there's a lot of in-game things not explained in manuals liek crafting, salaving parts. You either experiment, or ask other players for help).
    8) there's always something new to do/discover even at level 20.
    9) the professions seem equal in strength and weaknesses (through observation mostly, I have yet to advance the other characters)/
    10) it's a richly developed world where cooperative play is fun.

    things I don't like about it? minor, very minor.

    sometimes the camera angles get on my nerves.
    the music/sound quality isn't so good. I often have my computer playing other music while I play.
    gameplay does get somewhat recycled, though the replay factor is high. It's not boring, like others. It does become more challenging.
    sometimes the map doesn't show the correct area on which the final destination of reward is.
    Missions don't always tell players where they need to go--very frustrating. One can spend an idiotic amount of time just running in circles. [though, that's probably just me]
    okay, someone else brought this up...the henchmen could be a little stupid. They don't use their skills as often as I like (for example, the healer monk doesn't heal often enough).
    Though this game is built on how you use your skills, good items help tremendously. The monsters seem to have better skills...(sometimes). I looked it up, Life Syphon doesn't seem to be a skill/spell players can capture or use. (though, I have yet to discover this).

    minor quibbles for a terrific game.

    other than that? It's a fantastic game to which I will buy the add-ons.

    ...more info
  • My experience with Guild Wars
    The game starts out a lot of fun. Once you discover the play mechanics and get past the first few tutorial quest you quickly get hooked in. Wow players will probably enjoy the balance here, Guild Wars is designed to not suck your life away and is missing some of the elements that make Wow players feel the need to always be on.

    The graphics here are beautiful as well and the story very nice, I would say excellent. Yes, my first month with Guild War was one of the best gaming experiences I have ever had. I joined a guild, made a few friends and greatly enjoyed the casual gaming experience, leveling up at leisure. If no one from the guild is on-line to team up with you, then you simply go into town and recruit henchmen (NPC's or computer controlled characters) to join your party and help you complete quest.

    Then I made it about 1/4 way through the game (so I was told by other players, the area I notice a change in is called the Silverpeaks, I'll state that here for reference to others who have played). I quickly found my character in a position where I was always twice as strong has the available NPC henchmen and when I ventured outside of town it was a quick death even with six NPC's in my party. So I found myself in a position where I had to have real players in my party, all the time. On top of that, I found my quest log empty and no near by travel points. Dependant upon level 20 characters to help "run me through", and getting advice from multiple people to buy quest items from other players in town (using in game currency) the unbalanced nature of the game revealed itself, the game became a bit of a bore.

    Eventually I resolved to always doing a party search. Making good use of my friends list and finally changing guilds. But I also found another solution. Yes, in this game (Prophecies) the henchmen seem underpowered when you need them the most, but you can "bridge" a character from this game into Nightfall or Factions. If you purchase Nightfall once you get through the Shiver Peaks to Lions Arch (this is about 1/3 of the way through the game) you can complete a quest and bring your character over to Nightfall and you will be granted 4-5 "Hero" characters which start at level 15. You can use them instead of Henchmen with complete control of their actions and you can level them up. This seems to be a gift NCSoft gives you for making the Nightfall purchase a long with the original Guild Wars, you are also going to get a pretty easy 9000 points once you land in Nightfall off of fairly easy quest given only to characters coming from other campange. So if you're really into the game by time your reach Lion's Arch, I highly recommend buying Nightfall and Factions when you get to that point. Take your char to Night Fall to get the four level 15 heroes and then go (with your new heros) to Factions from Lions Arch and you will be able to go from level 13 (or whatever low number you are) to level 20 within a 8 hours or so). It takes so long to level up characters in this GW game that many find this strategy the only way to make the game toleriable, otherwise the chase for level 20 will take you forever. On that note: there becomes a lot of pressure to "power level" and being involved in a guild you will quickly feel inadaquit and will face a lack of respect from others with characters below level 20. But the game does cap at level 20. This is created because of the design of the game and players need to depend on level 20's to help with things that should be accomplish able on their own or with henchmen. I realize that's part of what "Massive On-line Multiplayer Gaming" is all about, but my real problem with Guild Wars is this sudden transition around 1/4 into the game where if you have being playing mostly single player or with one or two friends, you are forced to change your playing style and team up with strangers. This results in a lot of time in chat and less time questing, which again might not be so bad if it were that way from the start, but the fact that the designers force this change upon you can really destroy the fun of the game.

    Considering that Guild Wars is free to play on-line, I feel the game is still an excellent value and I feel I got my money's worth for the bit of time I played it, I just feel very let down with the change.

    To circumvent this problem, the developer (ArenaNet) only would have had to provide stronger NPC henchmen and more quest, instead they manage to up the difficulty and force a change of play dynamic the result for me was a huge loss of entertanment value. If you're not being entertained then it's time to stop playing.

    I also have Guild Wars: Nightfall and it does seem more balanced overall. It introduces heros early and you don't have to wait forever to get to level 20 with a Player vs Environment character.

    ...more info
  • Guild Wars Game of the Year
    The game looks great but there is a problem with it. The access code on the case gets me a code 103. which is that the code is still active on another computer or user name. This may end up being remidied some time soon. I hope. I would love to try this game....more info
  • The world of Tyria is a land with many quests to do, monsters to kill, and land to explore
    Guild Wars is probably the best game out there, online or offline.
    But what makes Guild Wars so great? That is what I shall be explaining throughout my review.
    Before you get to the adventures and battles, you must create you own character. Although that may not sound very interesting, creating a character in Guild Wars is actually quite fun, and is consisted of five easy steps.
    Step one: choose which kind of character you want, and by this I do not mean a profession. I mean whether you want a role-playing character or a pvp only character. If you choose a role-playing character then you play though the whole game, starting at level one and with poor equipment. If you choose a pvp only character then you can only fight other players.
    Step two: choose a profession. The professions that you may choose are these.
    Warrior: A Warrior relies on strength and melee weapons. A Warrior may wield a sword, an axe, or a hammer with equal skill. If the Warrior wields a sword or an axe, then they may also equip a shield for increased defense. If the Warrior wields a hammer, then they may do more damage but not carry a shield.
    Ranger: The Ranger is a very skilled archer and survivor. They may lay traps and are extremely deadly at a distance. They also have the ability to charm animals, who will then follow them and fight to the death to protect them.
    Monk: The Monk has the ability to call upon the favor of the gods to protect and heal allies, as well as smite enemies.
    Necromancer: The Necromancer uses dark magic to drain their opponent's life and take it for their own, as well as deal a significant amount damage to one or more targets. They may also use corpses to their advantage by gaining health from them or raising undead minions.
    Elementalist: The Elementalist uses the power of fire, water, earth and air to destroy their foes. Fire deals a large amount of damage to enemies and usually has an area of effect, so it is especially effective against large groups of foes. Water slows down enemies and blurs their vision. Earth is very good for defense, and Air concentrates its power on a single target.
    Mesmer: The Mesmer specializes in draining their opponent's health and energy as well as dealing damage back to the dealer.
    After making this very important decision, you will move on to step three.
    Step three: choose what gender you want your character to be. This choice will have no bearing on the actual game and merely a matter of preference.
    Step four: choose how you want your character to look. You may choose a hair style, a hair color, a face and a skin color. Each profession looks different and like step three will have no bearing on the actual game and is a matter of preference.
    Step five: choose your character's name, this name must consist of at least two words and may only be used with English letters. You may not choose a name if it is already being used by someone else. Once you have made all of your choices, don't worry too much about making your character perfect as you can always start over and change whatever you want. When you are sure that you are happy with your decision, click the play button.
    First, you will see a short cut scene of the city of Ascalon and about how the beastly Charr, which are a large and aggressive species, are becoming a threat and how Adlebern, the king of Ascalon, is in need of heroes.
    Afterwards, you appear in that very same city of Ascalon. You are level one and possess very poor equipment. Go talk to the man directly in front of you with the large, green exclamation point above his head. Once you have done this, your training has begun.
    In order to began your adventure and become a hero, you must choose a secondary profession. Once you choose your secondary profession however, you may not change your mind! So be sure that you like your secondary profession before you make the ultimate commitment.
    After doing a few quests in Ascalon, you will level up! You will then acquire attribute points. As an example of attribute points, let's say that you are a Ranger. One of your attributes is Marksmanship, which increases the amount of damage you do with your attacks and will affect the effectiveness of Marksmanship skills.
    Skills are even better. For instance, a Ranger could have skills such as Read the Wind, which makes your arrows move twice as fast and will deal an amount of extra damage depending on how many points you put into Marksmanship.
    Once you feel that you are ready, and after you have gotten your second profession, go talk to Sir Tydus and say that you are ready to go.
    So stop playing Runescape and enter the world of Tyria.
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