SecureView Power Line Video Indoor Camera - SVS 2
List Price: $119.99

Our Price: $89.95

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Product Description

Security just got easier! SecureView is a camera in a light bulb that screws into your indoor light fixtures and sends a video signal to your television or to a VCR. This R-30 indoor camera is disguised as a light bulb and comes with our exclusive companion decoder. There are no wires to run, no holes to drill, and no antennas required. SecureView keeps your video secure by transmitting over the power lines in your home or business, not throught the air like RF wireless. RF wireless may be intercepted by anyone driving by with a scanner in their vehicle. Package contains camera in a bulb, decoder, and RCA cable. All you need is a TV or VCR and a light socket.

  • Easy installation: Just screw it in any light socket, no cables to run or antennas to install
  • The camera is disguised as a light bulb
  • Plays on any TV or VCR
  • Infrared illuminators allow monitoring in complete darkness