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Potty Power - For Boys & Girls
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Product Description

Initiates and motivates children's interest in toilet training.
Genre: Children's Video
Rating: NR
Release Date: 25-MAY-2004
Media Type: DVD

Customer Reviews:

  • Stunningly Effective
    If your child is struggling with toilet training and English is spoken in your home, this video will help get them through it.

    Our son had been reluctant to even sit on his potty. We may have pushed him too hard at first - keeping up with neighbor kids whom I believe are either freaks of nature or were pushed too hard by their parents - and this caused him to clearly dread toilet training. To even see it in the room provoked a tantrum, to the point of sincere fear.

    We received this DVD as a holiday gift. I took one look at the box and rolled my eyes like the first US domestic TV distributors all passing on Barney and The Power Rangers. Note the success of those two.

    And after hours of marathon waiting amidst his groans and whines of not wanting to do it, I put the video on and parked his potty in front of the TV, a towel draped over his knees to keep him warm.

    His body responded. Heck, it even made me wanna go. (ha!)

    Now, he is peeing regularly after just one screening. We use this in coordination with the cold-feel phase of diapers.

    This video is not intended to be a new edition of Sesame Street, which had Children's Television Workshop veteran actors and characters performing for an assumed audience of both under-5 year olds and grown ups, and a budget that could send a man to the moon. These filmmakers spend their resources wisely and do not try to use their video to audition for Jerry Brockheimer.

    So, if parents are looking for a potty video aimed at their interests, try Dr. Phil. (It's not about us. We're already potty trained, or are well on our way.)

    This video gambles on its pre-reading age Barney the Dinosaur fan base' desperate parents need to move their toddlers out of their comfort zones in bullet-proof diapers, and into the toilet phase of childhood where real underwear awaits them. The gamble pays off.

    As many of our son's friends have had the social advantage of older siblings or pre-school peers, pushing them to imitate the toilet-users. Our son is the eldest without pre-school. And until pre-schools are cheaper than Ivy League under grad schools, we'll stick to our current game plan. The $5 video is cheaper than pre-school.

    Every single portion of this video is designed to not just teach them how to pee in a modern day toilet, but motivate them to want to by becoming a 'big kid'.

    Our son's apprehension turned to excitement before the end of the video.

    So, if you're expecting "The Great Muppet Caper", or "Veggie Tales" or the latest episode of "Law & Order: Special Potty Unit", choose between your personal grown-up infotainment, and their need to learn.

    (Sorry, previous criticism of this video annoyed me.) The video is under 30 minutes. It's not a lifetime. By the fourth viewing, our son would pee before the first song was finished, at which time I'd stop the video.

    The video is not an instructional video for parents on how to demonstrate using a toilet. (That's a different genre.) It's for the kids, period.

    And considering the headache that toilet training is, this video effectively does exactly what the title describes, minus the Happy Meal toy.

    Its producers should take a bow. (flush). :)

    For $5 or so, this video should find its own way onto Dr. Phil's show as an endorsement....more info
  • Excellent DVD -- My daughter loves this!
    I bough this DVD about a month ago and my 18 month old loves it. She watches it regularly and has even used the potty to pee a couple times. She's a little younger than a lot of children who are potty training so I am not really pushing her. I'm just letting her watch the DVD and initiate the process. ...more info
  • Excellent Motivation
    This has been the only thing that has truly motivated my daughter. Sticker charts, rewards, etc. were of no interest to her. The songs and Princess story at the end of this were what inspired my daughter. One warning...the songs are pretty annoying to adults!, but I found it worth it for the end result of having a potty-trained daughter....more info
  • Never received product
    I ordered the Potty Power dvd on April 28th. They said it would arrive no later than May 20...well by the 27th, I decided to contact them. No answer back (via email). I was refunded by Amazon. Really disappointed b/c this was a gift that never came and NO ONE contacted me about this!! ...more info
  • Potty Power Review
    My son was very interested in watching the other children on the DVD. I think that it is a good DVD to show children what going to the potty/toilet is like. My son watched the whole thing without losing interest - which is great....more info
  • A mind-boggling blend of delightful and irritating content
    We normally don't let our almost-3-year-old use screen media, but in a fit of desperation we bought the Potty Power DVD because she had regressed somewhat with potty training. She was transfixed from beginning to end and immediately wanted to "use" the potty. I use quotes here because, ever since she first saw the video, she has been "using" the potty perfectly except for the essential step: peeing or pooping. She pulls down her pants and pull-up, sits on the toilet, and 5 minutes later stands up and proclaims "I'm done!" Then she washes her hands, singing "Wash your hands, wash 'em real GOOD..." (which drives me nuts because the appropriate adverb is WELL... but whatever). The video has definitely increased her enthusiasm for using the potty. We didn't see the miracle effect that other parents reported, but I'm glad we bought it.

    Now for a few words about the video itself. The female narrator is adorable in a Disneyesque sort of way, and the first 80% of the video is populated by equal numbers of girls and boys (who all look like they're between the ages of 3.5 and 4), making the video gender-neutral. (However, parents of boys who are trying to teach them to stand while peeing or to point their wee-wees DOWN while sitting won't get any demonstration in the video.) The final section of the video features a story about a princess, but since girls are constantly expected to shape-shift their experiences and interests to accommodate stories about boys, I don't think it's unreasonable to expect boys to occasionally do the same with stories about girls. My main complaint with the video is that it covers every component of using the potty except elimination itself. There's no mention of the feeling or sound of pee or poop leaving the body and hitting the water or the bottom of the potty chair. Some people might find this gross, but I think such overt, concrete demonstrations are essential for preschoolers. Otherwise all they hear is that the proper protocol is to sit down, amuse yourself for a while, then stand up and wipe. So as far as my daughter is concerned, she's doing everything absolutely correctly.

    Another warning for parents: the neurotic jester character in the final story may inspire homocidal fantasies. He reminds me of Robin Williams pre-rehab. My spouse looked up the actor's webpage and found that he does video clips for the farce newspaper The Onion, which redeemed him in our eyes, but only somewhat. We still find him unbearable to watch. There's a scene where he's alone with the princess, and my spouse and I looked at each other and said simultaneously, "I'd never leave my kid alone with that guy!" My daughter thinks he's a hoot, though, so it's cool from her perspective. Also, the editing at the very beginning and end, in which video panels of different potty scenes of kids fly in and out from the top and sides of the screen, made both of us a little queasy.

    In spite of these problems, my overall impression of the video is positive. It definitely increased my daughter's enthusiasm for using the potty, and she really enjoys the songs, as do I inspite of the grammatical errors (grrrr)....more info
  • A good motivator
    My daughter really likes this DVD. She will sing the songs as she's putting her teddy bear on the potty and makes me play it over and over again. She still won't actually use the potty but I think it has helped her want to try more and she'll at least sit there for a while. Better than nothing I guess!...more info
  • Good but definitely for older kids
    This is a well done production, however it's geared toward three-year olds. For example, it talks about being a big kid who does not sleep in a crib any more. My young two-year old is ready for training but still sleeps in a crib and I don't think she understood all the dialogue in this DVD. The songs are cute and the images of real boys and girls using the potty are appropriate. The narrator is "perky" but not obnoxious....more info
  • Trumps Elmo every time!
    This is my 2-year-old daughter's favorite video. She picks it over Elmo and Barney, even the non-potty themed videos. I do have several other potty training videos (Sesame Street - Elmo's Potty Time, Go Potty Go!: Potty Training For Tiny Toddlers, Once Upon a Potty For Her, I Can Go Potty! Potty Training for Boys and Girls) and this seems to be the one that is the best made. It captures her attention and she always is motivated to try using the potty after watching this video....more info
  • Used the potty WITHOUT our training, only this DVD!
    I'm not saying that this DVD replaces parenting, but you have to read my daughter's story!

    "I did it! I'm a big girl, and I didn't need anyone's help. I didn't even need a potty! Mommy wanted to wait until I was two years old to teach me how to use a potty. Claiming it would be "easier" then. Lazy Mommy!

    On my 21-month birthday, when no one was looking, I took off my pants and my diaper, and went poo poo in my art desk! I didn't need any training other than the Potty Power DVD my aunt sent me!

    ("The Write Desk" has a bench seat that opens for storage)

    Mommy and Daddy were really surprised and bothered when they saw me without my pants or diaper on. I was scared, but I brought them to my room to show them what I did. I was very embarrassed and thought I was going to get into trouble. But when they saw what it was that was making the whole house stink, they were so happy! They sung songs and hugged me! (but not too close) I was still really embarrassed, and really confused by their happiness, but I'm glad they like looking at my poop so much.

    I don't know why they were so surprised. Last night Mommy watched as I put each one of my stuffed toys on the bench one at a time, said "poo poo". I had them say bye bye to the poo poo, just like Daddy likes to, and I closed the bench.

    Mommy brought out a little white round thing out of storage, and called it a "potty", but it looks strange to me. I think my desk is the perfect poop place, and everyone should try it.

    I've got POTTY POWER!...more info
  • Potty training made easier
    I was having trouble potty training my 29 month old son. I was so frustrated and looked online for a book or dvd to help since he loves movies. Potty Power is very simple with catchy songs and real kids that he could relate to. I put on the movie on a portable dvd player sitting on top of the tank of the toilet and let it play while he sat and tried to go potty (he sits facing the tank). Althought i do recommend that first time parents when potty training is that its best to start first thing in the morning. As soon as your child wakes take him/her to the potty start the movie and let them use potty. If they refuse to do so again before nap time, let them go as soon as they get up from a nap. they will get the just of things once they see when they have to go potty and how it feels to know when to go potty. Back to the did help in potty traing. I would definately recommend this dvd to aide in your child's potty training....more info
  • Surprisingly excellent
    I ordered this video hoping for help with potty training my reluctant 2.5 yr old. She's refused to go potty before, and so this was a new way to get her on the right track. It's been 1.5 weeks, and she's not had an accident in 2 days! She loves the video - we watch it once or twice daily - and sings the songs. I couldn't be happier with this video. It's really cute - our entire family enjoys it. I think this was key to the whole process....more info
  • A great potty training tool
    Very cute and upbeat. Grabs little ones attention. Even my 5 month old watches along with my 21 month old. Great for boys and girls and the songs are too cute....more info
  • Great training video
    Potty Power is cute and designed to speak right to my child. At fist glance you think it is a little silly to watch a roll of toilet paper and a woman sing to your child about going potty, think again my daughter loves it. Very clear instructions that are fun and easy to remember. My daughter was singing all the songs after the first day.
    Thank you
    ...more info
  • great for a stubborn 2 year old
    My son is very stubborn and refused to even go near his potty. So I bought this in hopes of him making the connection between the potty and actually using it. He started warming up to his potty and I believe this video helped.

    I recommend it to any parent who is about to start potty-training their child. ...more info
  • Excellent!!! Buy it today!!!
    Okay, I'll admit he had to watch it about twenty times, but my 3 year-old learned how to potty because of this video. I had tried so hard on my own to get him to go and he just would not, so I looked for a DVD to do the job. I found the best one!!! The songs and visuals are fantastic. I think the first part, which contrasts visually between babies and big kids, is the best part of all. They have got to see what makes them different from babies. Buy it- today!!!...more info
  • Very Impressive. It is a must have DVD
    This is a wonderful DVD. When we potty train we usually have to remind our toddlers that they need to go potty. Usually kids start to get annoyed with their mom reminding them of it all the time. This DVD did the reminding for me. any time I wanted to remind my 2 year old girl to go potty I would just play the DVD. They had great songs, they were catchy and they were not annoying at all. They really did a great job with getting the message to the little ones.
    Of course it doesn't do the work for you, but it is a great helper.

    Good luck. ...more info