The Man with One Red Shoe
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In this hilarious undercover comedy, violinist Richard Drew (Hanks) is mistaken for a spy after wearing one red shoe and triggers a game of rivalry between two feuding CIA bosses (Charles Durning, Dabney Coleman). Though Richard is mugged, shot at and chased, he remains unaware that he is an object of suspicion and even falls in love with the agent (Lori Singer) who's trailing him. Meanwhile, his friend's (Jim Belushi) love-starved wife (Carrie Fisher) has designs on him as well.

Adapted from a popular French comedy-thriller, The Man with One Red Shoe follows a concert violinist (Tom Hanks) used as a patsy in a conflict between two rival factions of the CIA. Singled out at the airport solely because he's wearing mismatched shoes, Hanks is henceforth believed to be a mole with important information; a rogue crew of agents follows him, searches his apartment, and even seduces him in order to find out what he knows. At the same time, loyal agents--who also believe he's a mole--follow and protect him from predation by the rogues. Lori Singer plays a beautiful blonde spy with a conscience and an astonishing backless dress; Dabney Coleman, Charles Durning, and Edward Herrmann are agents trying to second-guess each other; Jim Belushi plays Hanks's best friend, a jealous percussionist, and Carrie Fisher plays Belushi's wife, a flautist who's infatuated with Hanks and wants him to make some jungle love. Hanks plays it straight and is reliably pleasant. In the hands of Hitchcock, this might have generated some real suspense; as it is, it's amusing with some good twists, some weak gags, and one remarkable bicycle stunt. --Bret Fetzer

Customer Reviews:

  • Carrie Fisher really swings
    Dabney Coleman is sort of a renegade CIA inside the CIA he has to eliminate those that know. Through a series of misdirections he is convinced that Richard (Tom Hanks) is the informant that knows his secret. Naturally Tom is innocent. Now watch as Richard unknowingly brushes with death several times. Will this ever get cleared up and what happens to the different parties in this cat and mouse game.

    This is one of Tom Hanks's best. It may get lost in the total of his movies. However it is a must see. I did not see the French movie "The Tall Blond Man with One Black Shoe" this is supposed to be a remake of, yet given the cast and their enthusiasm in the movie it could only be an improvement. It was interesting that Richard (Tom Hanks) and Morris (James Belushi) used bicycles for transportation. Many parts of the film would not have worked if they were in automobiles or on foot.

    I guess the moral of this story is that you have to watch your feet.
    ...more info
  • The Man with One Red Shoe
    It was fun to see this movie again. I like it. It is pretty light and funny, good entertainment....more info
  • A great Tom Hanks classic!
    Before the dramatic actor emerged... there was Tom Hanks the comedy actor. The best known of his comedy works is, of course, BIG - and rightfully so. But The Man With One Red Shoe is probably my favorite. Tom plays an innocent and unwitting patsy set up by the bumbling CIA to be a diversion to international spies... and hilarity ensues. Sure, the plot is somewhat predictable, but it's a lighthearted comedy - and almost makes it even funnier with the anticipation of the next gag. The supporting cast is also excellent, with the likes of Dabney Coleman (it was illegal in the Eighties to make a light comedy in which he did not appear), Carrie Fisher in a small but funny role, and my favorite James Belushi, who was great in his role.

    Highly recommended for a enjoyable time!...more info
  • Somewhat engaging
    As one of Tom Hanks' earlier comedy pieces, I found it to be somewhat entertaining although not altogether believable. The performances by the supporting cast (i.e., James Belushi, Carrie Fisher, Dabney Coleman, Lori Singer, etc.) help make the movie more palpable, but not a movie that I would view over and over again....more info
  • My all time favorite comedy
    Don't know why, but I come back to this film whenever I want a genuine laugh. It has all the elements here. Mistaken identity, goofy CIA agents, paranoid friend, sexy starlets. It's just a good comedy. Tom Hanks was just getting full recognition when this one came along. Nice to look back at his quirky comedies....more info
  • Lighthearted spoof
    I have fond memories of this movie from my late adolescence. True, it is hard to keep track of which thugs work for which side, but in the end, who cares? The trouble Tom Hanks gets them into by innocently going about his own business is great! Jim Belushi has some great moments too, later on in the film. I laughed out loud for several gags, and can watch the movie more than once....more info
  • Very Funny early Tom Hanks movie (before he sold out to Hollywood)!
    Dir.: Stan Dragoti (or as some might call
    him, Mr. Cheryl Tiegs)...Starring: Tom
    Hanks, Lori Singer, Dabney Coleman, Jim
    Metzman...[he played 'Oi-ving', the door
    man in Crocodile Dundee I]. A fine remake
    of the 1970 French comedy, 'The Tall Blonde
    Man with one shoe.' Hnaks plays slighty flaky
    classical musician who gets mistaken for agent
    which invovles all sorts of chases lead by
    hyper ambitious Dabney Coleman in one of his
    best roles of the '80's! Singer and Hanks are
    very good in here. If Tom Hanks had stayed with
    comedy, he would have been maybe the best. Sigh... ...more info
  • There should STILL be a sequel to this!
    This movie is a lot better than people give it credit for. It's got a great cast and is very funny.

    Plus, Carrie Fisher is really hot in it!

    I don't think it's too late for a sequel. Maybe they could call it "The Man With The OTHER Red Shoe."...more info
  • A decent comedy
    I have always liked this film.
    I saw it in the theater in 1985.

    Not perfect, did NOT do well at the box office. A forgotten film now a days.

    Tom got top billing after "Splash".
    First time Carrie & Tom worked together.

    There are 3 scenes in the film I have always enjoyed & will watch more than once.

    No extras on the DVD, of course, since the film was not a box office or critical success.

    Some scenes where stunt people were used that OBVIOUSLY you can tell it was NOT the actor in question. Carrie (Paula) going out the window of Tom (Richard's) apartment.

    Good to have the option to watch it widescreen.
    ...more info
  • funny and in some ways believable
    There is a competition of sorts between two groups of people in the CIA headed by the two bosses (Dabney Coleman and Charles Durney). One group sets the other up by claiming they have a spy/mole with some important information and that he's coming in on a certain plane. They leak the information by deliberately talking into the bugs they found planted by the other team. There is no one, but when part of their team goes to the airport, with the other team sets up with their men there to discover who the informant is, the team that has put the plan in motion, randomly picks out an unsuspecting passenger getting off a plane who just happens to be wearing one red shoe, which is Tom Hanks. They pretend to make contact and then, Tom Hanks, completely unaware of anything unusual is now under surveilence.

    Tom Hanks is a musician who travels to different countries playing with a concert. He and his friend and his friend's wife (who has the hots for him) have just returned from one of his trips.

    He is tracked and followed by both teams, one to spy on him and the other to try and protect him, his place is turned upside down, a beautiful agent is sent to get close to him, his friend's wife is hitting on him, wanting him to go to bed with him. She likes to play Tarzan in bed and makes some wild noises, which is recorded by Dabney's team and later heard by the wife's husband as they play the recording in their van and he thinks she's in it, and so on... You get the picture. Lot of things going on all the time. The whole time Tom Hanks is completely unaware of any of this and is falling for the beautiful blond. Not a whole lot of depth, but a fun little movie and actually has parts in it that are quite believable in this day and age. Enjoy!...more info

  • It's about time!
    Finaly The Man with the One Red shoe on DVD.What took so long?It's a Tom Hanks film!Well beter late then never.Tom Hanks play a musician mistaken for a spy,plus his best friend played by Jim Belushi thinks he is having an afair with his wife played by Star Wars star Carrie Fisher.Cant wait to add this movie to my DVD collection!...more info
  • Hysterical!!
    I first saw this movie right after it was released. I laughed so hard I was actually crying. Tom Hanks shines in his role, Jim Belushi, Carrie Fisher, Dabney Coleman, Lori Singer, et. al. make this movie a keeper. I lost my original copy in a move and have missed it since. I would recommend, and have recommended, "The Man With One Red Shoe" on many occasions....more info
  • Carrie Fisher really swings
    Dabney Coleman is sort of a renegade CIA inside the CIA he has to eliminate those that know. Through a series of misdirections he is convinced that Richard (Tom Hanks) is the informant that knows his secret. Naturally Tom is innocent. Now watch as Richard unknowingly brushes with death several times. Will this ever get cleared up and what happens to the different parties in this cat and mouse game.

    This is one of Tom Hanks's best. It may get lost in the total of his movies. However it is a must see. I did not see the French movie "The Tall Blond Man with One Black Shoe" this is supposed to be a remake of, yet given the cast and their enthusiasm in the movie it could only be an improvement. It was interesting that Richard (Tom Hanks) and Morris (James Belushi) used bicycles for transportation. Many parts of the film would not have worked if they were in automobiles or on foot.

    I guess the moral of this story is that you have to watch your feet.
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  • The real reason the French don't like us
    I had high hopes for this one when it was released; the original French movie 'The Tall Blond Man with One Black Shoe' is one of my favorite comedies, and hey, who doesn't like Tom Hanks?

    But this remake is streets apart from that - for all the mayhem in the common plot of intelligence intrigue and unwitting decoys, the remake plays it lots meaner and uglier than the original...and then is downright prudish on the sexual angles that made the original a pleasing adult comedy.

    Maybe if you never saw the original you can like or tolerate this one. As for me...Sacre bleu, it stinks....more info

  • More Fun Then A Barrel of Monkeys
    This review refers to the 20th century Fox VHS edition....

    Tom Hanks shines early in his career, as he gives us an hour and half of pure fun.Although this film was based on the French farce"The Tall Blonde Man With One Black Shoe", I saw it as a kind of Mad Magazine spoof of North by Northwest. Not the same story but a similar premise.

    Musician Richard Drew(Hanks) is minding his own business, wearing one red shoe(the other seems to have gotten lost), when unbeknownst to him he is targeted as a spy by the CIA. One of two rival CIA bosses(Charles Durning/Dabney Coleman) has set him up to put the other on a wild goose chase.The laughs are non stop as these bumbling agents turn Drew's house upside down, try seducing him with their sexiest agent(Lori Singer),and drug him. Through all this he never suspects what is going on and falls for the girl.

    On the other hand his buddy (Jim Belushi) may be headed for a little R&R as he is the one finding the bodies left behind, and his over-sexed wife(Carrie Fisher) is trying to hide her affection for Drew. Carrie does a great imitation of Tarzan's chimp.. watch(or I should say listen) for that one.

    It is Directed by Stan Dragoti and also includes Ed Hermann in this very funny cast. It is rated PG, but you might want to view it before watching with the kids, there are some moments closer to PG13.

    The VHS has a nice clear picture and it is in HI-Fi Stereo. This edition also has closed captions if neccessary.


    more fun stuff:
    Jimmy Hollywood [VHS]

    Grumpy Old Men (P&S) [VHS]

    Nadine [VHS]
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  • This is a keeper!
    I loved this movie! It's novel, fresh and outrageously funny! I want to see it released on DVD so I can enjoy it for years!...more info
  • What a mess!
    Where do I begin? There is a problem with almost every facet of this film. The first major flaw is that the plot is rather confusing. I suppose that would be alright if this were a more sophisticated comedy. However, "The Man With One Red Shoe" is purely a silly little flick and it shouldn't leave its viewers scratching their heads wondering who is doing what to whom and why.

    Other problems include characters that are ignorant beyond belief, boring "action" sequences, one-dimensional characters and flat performances. I literally laughed only one time during the entire picture. The "hair in the zipper" scene is one of those classic movie moments like the "hair gel" scene in "There's Something About Mary". If only the rest of this film was even half as inspired.'s not.

    Tom Hanks went through a dry spell for several years early in his comedic career. This movie was just one of those blunders before he got things back on track with "Big". The only other positive aspects of this dud are the cool Thomas Newman soundtrack and Lori Singer's slick sunglasses. Unfortunately, those don't pull enough weight to make this anywhere near a quality film....more info

  • The man with one red shoe
    Great movie and it was a pleasure buying it through Amazon....more info
  • Fast Delivery, Great Movie
    good, fast delivery. i've loved the movie since I was a kid and it was great to find it on dvd....more info
  • It has its moments
    Overall a nice movie ... but, not great. The story line is a bit confusing. You'll need to see the beginning 15 minutes several a couple times and read the jacket before knowing who's who and what it's all about. Belushi and Hanks both have some wonderful moments that make the film worth seeing and owning....more info
  • very funny - great music.
    Hanks is very funny in this tongue-in-cheek remake of the "Tall Blond Man With One Red Shoe". With a supporting cast of Carrie Fischer, Jim Belushi and Dabney Coleman it is hard to beat. The music by Thomas Newman is excellent and provides a dramatic mood for a relatively dark comedy....more info
  • three stooge version
    This is the second remake of the original French version from around 1970. This one is the worst of the three. The gags remind me of the Three Stooges movies. They are overdone and drawn out to pad the movie to 90 minutes. ...more info
  • Entertaining
    A cleverly written spy thriller spoof and comedy with lots of good talent. It is worth watching and entertaining, but far from a great film. Hanks plays all his characters in a believable fashion and I have yet watched a film that he is in with regret. A mild recommendation....more info
  • Not For the Anally Retentive
    Tom Hanks made this in his late teen or early 20s.

    The running gag is the CIA mistakenly think Tom is a spy, and misinterpret everything he does as of momentous import.

    This is a baffling comedy with corpses appearing and disappearing without any explanation. The motives of the large cast of characters are a mystery. This is not a movie for the anally retentive who want all the lose ends tied up. Most of the time you are just as confused as Tom as to what the heck is going on.

    That said, it is a fun romp....more info
  • One Red Shoe
    This movie is a perfect sarcasm on the politics today & yesterday. Every country, that is. I gather everyone will laugh with this one. ...more info
  • Relaxing comedy
    This is a comedy that I like to see once in a while to relax!...more info
  • When is this coming to anamorphic DVD?
    I love this little movie. Carrie Fisher looks even hotter than she did in that bikini thing in Jabba's lair. Very funny writing and directing. The photography is excellent and the broadcast print has aged very well. It looks more like an early 90's movie, with only the blonde seeming a bit 80's. Surprisingly, this is an ensemble cast. Hanks, though at the center of all the action, is sharing time with a lot of other talent. From beginning to end I think this film works....more info
  • ...
    Man with One Red Shoe is chased after by ¨¹berbeautiful femme. I get the feeling that the French The Tall Blond Man with One Black Shoe that this is based on probably plays the absurdity much better, but as one of my favourite movies as a kid, I can't help but give The Man with One Red Shoe five stars. It's the perfect thoroughly average movie... even The Pirates of the Carribean didn't quite pull it off....more info
  • A somewhat unknown, but charming comedy...
    Only the third movie of Tom Hanks' illustrious career, The Man With One Red Shoe is a hilarious comedy about a case of mistaken identity. With a star studded cast that includes not only Hanks, but also Dabney Coleman, James Belushi, and Carrie Fisher, The Man With One Red Shoe is a decent slapstick comedy that appears on cable television from time to time. Not exactly the greatest film in history, it is a fun and entertaining movie well worth the time involved...

    When top level CIA operatives Cooper (Dabney Coleman) and Ross (Charles Durning) fight out a personal turf battle, Ross sends Cooper on a wild goose chase to find a fictional witness who can clear his name of some impending charges. Using planted information from a wire tap, Cooper stakes out the local airport in an effort to find the mysterious man...

    Meanwhile, Richard (Tom Hanks) is wearing mismatched shoes (one of them red, thus The Man With One Red Shoe) because his friend Morris (James Belushi) played a practical joke on him. But the joke takes an odd twist when a CIA agent spies Richard's odd shoe pairing and fingers him as the target of their stakeout. In an effort to find out what the man with one red shoe knows, Cooper puts a tail on Richard, sparking a strange sequence of events which leaves the bike-riding violin player questioning his sanity.

    But the snafu really turns serious when Cooper assigns top agent Maddy (Lori Singer) to the case. Maddy gets close to Richard (who easily falls in love with her). Cooper thinks he's getting closer to the information he needs when the unthinkable occurs - his top agent falls for Richard...

    Tom Hanks plays the lead role to the best of his ability, playing the part of a character type he has totally mastered - the clueless, out-of-the-loop guy. He played similar roles in Big and Forrest Gump, but irrespective of those roles, Hanks is generally outstanding in any role which he's assigned. The Man With One Red Shoe is no exception. Hanks comes across as a genuine and likeable character, totally oblivious to the events which transpire around him.

    Based solely on a case of mistaken identity, The Man With One Red Shoe is an interesting concept for a film. Despite stretching the limits of reality, the film nevertheless manages to remains within the boundaries of the sane and normal. The movie isn't over the top or utterly ridiculous like so many comedies of today. Instead, the lead characters remain serious while the circumstances of their situation provide the humor. A light-hearted and fun film, providing an early glimpse of Tom Hanks' much heralded career, makes The Man With One Red Shoe a definite must-see movie...

    The DVD Report...more info