Taylor Digital Stick On Refrigererator Thermometer
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Product Description

This digital refrigerator/freezer thermometer has an unique see-through display. A suction cup allows the thermometer to be easily mounted inside the refrigerator or freezer.
Range of -4 - 158F/-20 - 60C.
Includes a long-life lithium battery.
One year warranty.

  • Large LCD readout
  • Stylish and practical

Customer Reviews:

  • Acurate and Precise
    I purchased one to monitor my refrigererator's temperature almost a year ago and have been so pleased with this product, that I'm buying another to keep my freezer temperature on mark.

    I have not experienced any problems with the suction cup, and can't think of any complaints I have with this thermometer!

    Excellent product....more info
  • BUY
    Excellent product. Works fine. A little olive and/or peanut oil helps it stick to the refrigerator wall. Hard to read from an angle though - but what isn't. Buy....more info
  • Large screen, Strong Suction
    This works great. The suction cup is strong and the display large, so you can put it on the back wall of your refrigerator, expect it to stick there, and still read it. I bought it after our power went out and didn't know how warm our refrigerator became before the power came back on. Next time, I'll know just how hot things got....more info
  • Good Product
    I purchased this to use in my wine cooler. It's compact and out of the way and gives me an acurate reading....more info
  • refrigerator thermometer
    A really neat refrigerator thermometer, but I had trouble getting it to stick to the inside of the refrigerator. I finally lightly wiped the suction cup with some peanut oil and it worked fine. The freezer is a different story - the suction cup loses it's flexibility, but I left it on a shelf and it works fine....more info
  • Accurate, Compact...great product
    This is a great little thermometer. Nice compact and easy to read no matter where you attach in the fridge/freezer. It attaches with a suction cup which seems to hold quite well if you clean the area first....more info
  • Good meter if it accurate.
    At room termperature, the reading was about 7 degrees higher than a measurment that I took using a Fluke DMM w/temperature probe attached.
    It was also about 5 degrees higher then the meter on my room termperature control. So I am be bit concerned the accuracy. I've only just received it today but may echange it if it proves to be inaccurate. The thermometer is made in China....more info
  • Excellent Visibility, Great Accuracy, But Doesn't Stick
    I ordered three Taylor Digital Stick Thermometers (have two freezers & one refrig). First thing I did was to place them all in one freezer in very close proximity to each other. I was very impressed with the accuracy. While all three did not display the exact same readings, all three we within less than one degree of each other. In my opinion (from past experiences with freezer/refrig thermometers), that's pretty darn good! Ease of reading the displayed temp is excellent. My only beef (reason for the 4-star), is the suction cup would not stick in either freezer, although it worked fine in the refrig. Actually, I would have rated it a 4.5-star if that were possible....more info
  • Digital thermometer is great
    We had a compressor die on our refrigerator but wasn't sure as there were no thermometers for it.
    After it was fixed, I found these and ordered one got one for each side of our side by side.
    For this price how can you go wrong.
    ...more info
  • Tape a piece of white paper behind the display...
    This thermometer does exactly what I intended it to do.. measure the temperature of a room.

    If you are having trouble reading the display, I suggest you tape a piece of white paper behind the display, it really makes a HUGE difference, as the thermometer is virtually unreadable against a dark background....more info
  • Works Great
    I'm using this to monitor the temperature of our apartment. The apartment has the old fashion electric thermostats that don't have a temperature setting. The thermometer works great and the numbers are easy to read. I picked this because it was the smallest digital thermometer I can find--it sits up on top of the little electric thermostat perfectly. I don't use the suction cup, so I can't comment on that....more info
  • good little thermometer
    Works so good I ordered more. The only suggestion I have is to have the suction cup mount on the opposite side so you can read the temp without having to open the door....more info
  • No problems!
    Bought this for use in a kegerator. Simply wet the suction cup and it will stick like glue. Easy to read, highly recommended!...more info
  • Amazon is the worst store
    I never thought Amazon is such a worst company. Worst customer support, never buy either this item or other items from Amazon....more info
  • Shortcomings noted
    The suction cup doesn't hold reliably, even on a smooth painted surface.

    The display frosts up and is difficult to read if used in a freezer.

    The display seems to quit at low temperatures; this happened at zero F.

    However, it is great for use as a room thermometer and easy to read in that use....more info
  • accurate and easy to read
    great product to continually check the tempurature of the freezeer or fridge. easy to read the digital numbers and very accurate....more info
  • Great Refrigerator/Freezer Thermometer
    Recently purchased a side-by-side refrigerator/freezer and was curious
    as to the temperature in each compartment. Moistened the suction cup
    per instructions and affixed it to the freezer door's interior, set at
    the recommended mid-range temperature. Checked the temp the next morning and it registered 17 degrees fahrenheit. Had to take a plastic knife to
    pry the suction cup off of interior freezer door. I next placed this
    thermometer inside the refrigerator door, about chest level above the one-
    gallon storage shelf for easy viewing. Again with refrigerator temp set at the recommended mid-range temperature, I returned to check on the temp the following morning and it registered from 38.7 to 41.5 degrees fahrenheit depending on late night door openings. Periodically repeated this phase of refrigerator testing for a month to confirm the absence of
    sporadic readings. No problem with the suction cup dislodging from the
    interior refrigerated surfaces. Great buy for the low cost ..... all is
    needed is to replace the button cell lithium battery and you can regularly monitor the cooling capability of your refrigerator/freezer and additionally give you an early warning sign of when you need to purchase a newer, more reliable appliance.
    ...more info
  • good ref digital thermometer
    pretty good, easy to read, u have to find the right fridge surface for the suction pad to stick but then it sticks for good...more info
  • Beautiful Apple Store level design, great price, neglected by Taylor
    This thermometer is beautiful...the transparent LCD is something I'd expect to see at an Apple Store. Compare it to the relatively drab Sunbeam 91647. I bought two of them in mid 2006 for the design alone. It really seems to be neglected by Taylor though...little things like the erroneous lower temperature limit of minus 4 deg F (it's been corrected as of Feb 2008 to minus 40 deg F on the Taylor website but I still see "minus 4" on Amazon). I've confirmed it measures down to at least minus 24 degrees F, troubleshooting a freezer that was getting too cold, with a regular analog thermometer for comparison.

    The bigger limitation, as mentioned by others here, is the severely limited fastening mechanism...a suction cup mounted directly on the back. No up/down angle adjust possible, crucial with LCDs. In freezers, with metal wire shelves, there's essentially no way to mount it readably except laying on a shelf, where it is guaranteed to get knocked over. Much better would be a lever or universal joint setup, attached to a clamp or the existing suction cup. It could then be mounted to the underside of a glass shelf in a refrigerator, while being able to orient it left to right and up and down so it's at a readable angle. It would also be more easily mounted near the front of the refrig/freezer, where it's less likely to be knocked over or obstructed by refrigerator contents. Front locations can also give a "free" backlit LCD effect, from the refrigerator light shining through the clear LCD. A universal joint-based mounting mechanism also would address the viewing angle problem...the LCD is more readable (darker) if you tilt the top edge forward.

    Another improvement would be decreasing its height to the bare minimum over the height of the LCD... the less its height, the lower the chance of getting knocked over by shelf contents.

    Also, one of the best reasons for getting an electronic refrigerator themometer is the ease of adding a max/min temperature function. Extremely useful--while away for a long weekend or vacation you could have a power outage that let the refrigerator reach 60-70 degress and never know. It's almost criminal to not include this, as it costs essentially nothing extra...some more firmware code in the existing processor, and an extra button. Taylor could one-up the Sunbeam 91647 by making the max/min resettable without removing the battery...for example holding the max/min button in for say 5 seconds, then displaying a "R-E-S-E-T" sequence on the display, then resuming temperature readout.

    I would probably buy one of these for each of the nine units in the apartment building I manage if it had a better mounting mechanism. As is, one tenant unwittingly knocked it over, and it was sitting at the back of the refrigerator shelf hidden by food for months, unused and forlorn! Yes the LCD does fog up in the freezer if it's relatively humid and/or you open the door a lot...just like any other thermometer. Target used to carry these...i'll bet they were discontinued due to these issues.

    C'mon, Taylor, you got the hard part down...the great design...now just work on the mounting and marketing! If Sharper Image sold these, they'd be the "Amazing Super Chic Refrigerator/Freezer Monitor, with Universal Miracle Mount, Max/Min Food Guardian, and Backlit Display that Leverages your Existing Refrigerator Light!...Only $49.99!"...more info
  • taylor digital stick on thermometer
    I bought several of these and put them in the fridge, freezer and in rooms around the house (to check the temperature there). I find that they do not stick on the walls of the fridge and freezer. I have to lay them down or put them on something. If this bothers you, don't get them....more info