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Omega Paw Paw-Cleaning Litter Mat, Tan
List Price: $9.99

Our Price: $6.60

You Save: $3.39 (34%)


Product Description

The Paw Cleaning Litter Mat by Omega Paw Inc. is truly innovative. The unique design is not only attractive, but also is effective in trapping and hiding litter from view. Simply put, this product reduces the amount of litter tracking on the floor. It is soft to the touch and has a non skid surface. What a Great Product!!! Comes in assorted colors.

  • Litter mat provides clean, attractive solution to cat-litter mess
  • Resembles shape of a cat's paw; removes litter lodged in paws
  • Angled louvres help capture and hide litter from view
  • Soft, flexible material reduces slipping on floors; easy to clean
  • Measures 13 by 16 by 2/7 inches

Customer Reviews:

  • Okay but not the greatest thing ever
    The mat is functional but there is still a ton of kitty litter that gets on the floor. You could probably find a $5 mat at WalMart that would work just as well. ...more info
  • do not buy
    this thing is the biggest waste of money i have ever seen....more info
  • I Like My Paw Mat
    I have had many different paw mats in the past and found this one to work the best. For one it is not ment for human feet, it and is not ment to feel good either on your feet since it is plastic. It is there to help REDUCE cat litter from getting all over the floor. I have also found that if you place the mat about two maybe three inches from the cat box that my cats will use it when they are done and not try to leap over it like some views have mentioned. It does also help when you are cleaning the cat box to clean out the mat of litter to otherwise it will not work effectively, just a couple shakes in the garbage bag will do the trick. I have had mine now for a couple of years now and it is the only mat that I find that works best for my two cats. ...more info
  • Good chance this won't perform as promised for the price.
    We love the Omega Paw litter boxes to death, but when we got our first two we ordered these so we could have cute little matching sets and looking back we really should have spent that money to get a third box.

    Our cats don't like the paw cleaning side, they refused to walk on it. So we turned them over to at least collect some of the cat litter, but it still got everywhere so we ended up putting newspapers under the opening for each box and that keeps most of it off the floor. We leave the mats we have in place for cute value and because sometimes you can get away with just emptying those, but our new boxes are doing fine without them. The cats even seem to like to pee on the mat once in a while out of spite and then the cat litter melts and cements into the little groves. You might have better luck if you have less cats who are tidier and have less sensitive paws, but don't buy more than one until you know for sure they can tolerate it....more info
  • hurts my feet!
    I thought this mat would be good for catching the litter my cat flings out of the box but really it just ended up catching some of the litter and looking like an ugly eye-sore. It also hurts to walk on with bare feet. Having wood floors, I hate sweeping 3-4 times daily because my cats get a little too over zealous trying to cover up their waste in the litter box, so I thought I'd give it a try. Helped some, but overall I'd say not worth the money....more info
  • Too Small
    Product is a great idea, clean the kitties paws on the way out the door, but it is simply too small. My cats quickly decided to step around it on their exit and began tracking litter throughout the house. Right now this mat acts as a 'weight' to hold my rug in place. The rug doesn't work as well as this mat would. Too bad....more info
  • Didn't work for us
    Is very cute, washes well, and catches some litter...unfortunately it didn't work for us. Perhaps if you have a timid kitty you can get it to walk on the mat but ours would jump over it or have so much litter in their paws that they would shake it off around the small mat as well. It may work for someone else, but in a household of 3 cats, it didn't work for us....more info
  • Better than nothing . . .
    If I had to do it over again I would try a different mat (something larger made of soft foam rather than hard plastic)

    1. reduces tracking somewhat
    2. more attractive than other litter mats
    3. doesn't take up too much space

    1. my cat doesn't like it--most of the time she races out of her domed box just to avoid stepping on it and ends up flinging litter and other stuff that really should stay in the box onto the carpet
    2. it's too small...more info
  • Kitty Litter Mat
    Very disappointed, I loved the mat but it showed it in silver and I received tan. I would not have ordered it had I known it would be in tan. I wanted it in Silver. Didn't receive a full refund and was upset....more info
  • Didn't work, not recommended
    This is a cute-looking mat, shaped like a cat's paw with a little cartoon kitty in the middle. Well, my cats hate it. They won't step on it and instead jump over it, as it's not very big. So, it was no help at all in regards to litter scatter.

    Those plastic bumps on which the cats are supposed to wipe their feet are so hard, it must hurt their pads. Maybe this product would be better used as a "scat mat" to keep them off surfaces where they're not allowed....more info
  • Doesn't Work
    My friend has this... it just doesn't work that well. I put an old "rag rug" in front of my kitties' litter box and that does a way better job....more info
  • collects all pieces
    Eesy to use, clean by vacuum cleaner. Less trush in the bathroom. I have no regrets about this purchase....more info
  • Works Great
    I have used other kitty litter mats but this is the first on that eliminates that dreaded kitty litter spread....more info
  • Helps keep litter off the floor!
    The reason I bought this mat was for exactly that! Helping to keep litter from the general area of the litter pan. I think it must be far more comfortable for my cats then standing on scattered litter. However, you know felines! One of my cats is Afraid to step on it but steps Over it. It is comfortable on their pads. I actually use one outside my apartment door with a bed for strays on top. It's just the right size and the bed never gets wet or dirty this way. Glad I got two....more info
  • Seems to do it's job fairly well
    My cat tends to jump right over it instead of "wiping" her feet on it, but it does keep most of the litter contained. Better than being all over your floor or carpet. ...more info
  • Omega Paw Paw -Cleaning Litter Mat
    This is a wonderful product our cat Spiral loves the mat. We enjoy the mat which is very effiecient, durable, and easy to keep her area of our home clean....more info