Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30
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Brothers in Arms is the only first-person tactical shooter set in WWII. It takes you into the uncensored reality of military history. You become Sgt. Matt Baker, a squad leader committed to completing his mission and bringing his men home alive. Guide his squad of 101st Airborne Paratroopers as you're immersed in the historic 8-day Normandy invasion; As you play, you'll face difficult choices where you'll weigh the good of the mission against the lives your fellow soldiers - your Brothers In Arms.

  • Intuitive squad controls that mimic realistic military tactics
  • Features a cast of over 20 real soldiers, each with their unique personality, appearance, and style
  • New AI system has allies & enemies use standard operating procedures of fire and maneuver to flank and kill their foes
  • Historically accurate, detailed battlefields, events, and equipment recreated from Army Signal Corps photos, Aerial Reconnaissance Imagery, and eyewitness accounts
  • Command 3-man teams in innovative battles of wits and skill

Customer Reviews:

  • Stick With Call of Duty
    I deleted this game off my hard drive after 3 days. It just could not match Call of Duty. Stupid storylines, canned dialogue, nonresponsive squad members and hideously inaccurate M1 Garands just made this game a real mess, not to mention a pain in the keester to play. The game made a noble attempt to simulate squad-based WWII infantry combat and failed. To add insult to injury, the game "entices" you to win your missions on higher difficulty levels so you can access "secret" information about the "real" WWII. I thought: "Ah, this could be interesting,' so I doubled my kraut-killing efforts and prevailed. But having done your duty and gained access to the "secret" files, your reward is to be lectured by a 21-year-old nasally graphics-design nerd about how he went to France and sketched the house that he so accurately rendered in the game... "puhl-leeze!!"
    And where was the gore? After reading "War Is Hell" on the front cover, I figured, "Hey! This game might supply the slaughter factor I loved from back in the RTCW days, complete with gut-ruptured bodies, rolling heads, tossed limbs, etc..." But to little avail. The most carnage you see is a German with a leg off and almost no blood. Not too hellish... and certainly not on a Doom 3 scale. Not even close to "Saving Private Ryan."
    Oh, and one more thing. The multiplayer on this game is atrociously bad. You can only have four players on line at once and it's just impossible to control your guys as a squad. They wind up getting themselves killed before you can right-click enough to get them out of the way. Call of Duty just blows the doors off this game on this score. I like playing as the Germans, and I was very upset when I gave my voice cue commands and they came out in English with a stupid German accent: "Mein Gott, I am hit." I think this game is "hit," too. Somebody call a medic on this one....more info
  • Played demo bought the game.
    Played the demo liked it so I had to buy the game, even bought Earned in Blood to go with it. Don't like having to play through then start over on a different difficulty level. Overall game was great....more info
    This is not yet out, but it looks like it might give Half Life 2 a run for it's money (if HL2 is out by the time this is released).

    Cut down on those doughnuts Gabe Newell!...more info

  • Band of Brothers in Arms
    First, in correspondence with the review posing the question of being able to play on the axis side? The answer is yes, in multiplayer. As in most WWII shooters you'll be able to play as an Axis power, which is very much the same with Battlefield 1942 (considering it's a multiplayer game only.) Secondly, this game is a true story. The characters, battles and the stories around them are real. If you've seen HBO's fantastic miniseries "Band of Brothers" then you'll know what you're getting into. It's the story of a different company (Fox Company) of the 101st Airborne Division. Story aside, this game is not even close to "more of the same crap." It's the first game to take Full Spectrum Warrior's team command system and integrate it with a stylistic first person shooter. Gearbox has taken years of gathering information, recon photos, location scouting, weapons firing and study and has handled this game with care. Randy Pitchford has said that he knew that tackling a game in the already heavily populated WWII genre would be a daunting task, but with the help of retired Col. Antal and historians and a great developement team, they feel they've created a game that surpasses all other WWII games. Respected game reviewers IGN and Gamespot have already declared it to be "The Best WWII Shooter of All Time." I, personally can not wait for this game and the experiences of intense combat it's promising.

    Cheers!...more info
  • more of the same crap
    I got one question to pose to the ww2 game developers of today. Can you play from the axis side? The answer is almost always, and unequivocably, NO. The only fps game that allows you to commit this apparent hubris, is battlefield 1942, which i have played to the bone. If you don't wanna play as some goodie goodie g.i., fightin' them evil krauts or japs, then you're outta luck. For once i'd like the option of playing as a mean imperial japanese marine, or a tough grizzled german paratrooper. Too much to ask? ...more info
  • What is this????
    Excluding the graphics, it looks like this game came out in 1998. I was not impressed with it at all. I got tired of it after 10 min. First of all when you shoot at the enemy, is it just me or when you hit them, they kneel down and heal. Oh yeah, those enemey locaters are anoying. It takes several rounds to kill the enemy when your at range and the aim of the gun it terrible, it moves around a lot. The whole concept of ordering the troops is nice but it could have been better. The only thig I did like was the new graphics and character textures, it looked real almost. Anyway Call of Duty sure takes the prize over this game. All I have to say to the developer is "BETTER LUCK NEXT TIME" ...more info
  • Ambitious but ultimately weak WWII shooter
    It's funny how game magazines and critics are besides themselves with joy when reviewing this game, because I was so incredibly disappointed with the execution that I sold it back within a couple of weeks. The idea is simple: take the intensely realistic, scripted action of "Call of Duty", throw in some squad based action ("Full Spectrum Soldier"; "Republic Commando"), add some Spielberg-esque attempts at narration and drama, and voila, the most over-hyped and underwhelming WWII action/shooter in history!

    The GOOD: Nice Graphics (though not up to "Far Cry", "Doom 3" or "Half-Life 2" standards or even close); the game does present some tense, gritty and realistic moments; the voice acting can be pretty good (though it can also be cheesy and bad).

    The BAD: Lather, rinse repeat. Here is the game in a nutshell: you are walking around with your squad. You spot a german machine gun nest. You order your buddies to lay suppressing fire on them. You walk around the convenient hedge/building/car to surprise the idiotic enemy and you try to pump them full of lead. The game is fun for the first few missions because its strategic element is new, but once you realize that it's pretty much all the game has to offer... Well, let's just say I went back to playing HL2.

    The aiming is another casualty of the "realism". In an attempt to make you feel like you were really in the French countryside hunting Nazis, your weapon will bob and weave (presumably to simulate "real" aiming), you have no crosshairs (though you can insert them through the options menu) and your rate of fire is slow. There seems to be two camps when it comes to this game: those who love its "realism" and accuse the haters of simply liking unrealistic shooters, and those who can see through the hype and cheesy gimmicks (and that's what this game's realism is, a gimmick) and see the flaws and tedium of this game.

    The UGLY: For all its realistic tendencies, this game magically revives your squad mate after every gunfight. How convenient! The enemy AI is mentally retarded (gee, a flanking maneuver! Never would have expected that!) and the main narrator sounds like an idiot.

    BOTTOM LINE: I'm not against realism, but this is still a game, and there are certain conventions that exist because they make games more enjoyable. Sometimes games try to do away with those conventions (save anywhere, good mouse-look aiming, etc) and they usually fail, because at the end of the day... we are still playing in front of a monitor with a mouse and keyboard. The idea isn't bad, but the repetitive nature of the gameplay really, really got to me.
    ...more info
  • Poorly developed game
    Careful with the hype surrounding this game!
    The list of flaws for BiA is extremely long but I'll try to sum it up here:

    First, it will pretty much be a miracle if you can install this game without any trouble. Because BiA was developed in a rush and on DVD, it can provoke all kinds of conflicts with your hardware, no matter how recent and up-to-date it is. It also conflicts easily with a few softwares, such as Nero. Just take a look at the Ubisoft or Gearbox forums and you'll get an idea of how bad it is, since half the questions and complaints are installation-related...

    As far as the game itself, I was also disappointed, at least when I finally managed to install it (which took a while since it messed up my whole system). Even with a very good config, the game does not look that great, especially because of this useless blooming effect. I might be wrong, but I don't think soldiers had some type of halo surrounding them 60 years ago...
    The environments are poorly detailed and you'll be left wondering how to pass a 3-foot-tall wall or invisible barrier.

    The gameplay is where the difference should be made, and it's first. It's probably much more realistic than other WWII shooters, but it gets annoying very fast. The flanking stategy is fun at the beginning, and relying on your buddies and giving them orders is cool too, but when it's the same thing over and over and over again, it kinda takes the interest and the fun out of it pretty quick.
    Also, don't worry about your guys in case they might die, they'll be resurrected in the next mission. And be prepared to shoot 15 bullets at an ememy who's right in front of you, because ze germans were apparently made of steel...

    Anyway, this game was a huge disappointment to me, and it didn't take long for me to get rid of it. Of course it's nice to have a game that's not a Rambo-like rampage like most of the other WWII FPS out there, and the fact that it's based on a true story with true characters, existing environments, and genuine military strategy is certainly a great idea. But what's the point if you're not even having fun playing it, right?
    I suggest you wait for Call of Duty 2 (or play the previous one) instead of wasting your money on this game......more info
  • Try the Red Ochastra Mod.
    Relating to the question from that guy asking why he couldn't play the game from the axis side and the guy in his responce to the question...................try Red Orchastra (A mod for Unreal Tournament 2004) it pits you playing either as a Nazi or Russian soldier during the war Hitler unleashed against the Soviet Union in the second WW.

    I always play from the Nazi side because they have superior weapons and equipment and really they had superior everything over everybody even the Americans such as ourselves in real life during most of WWII. If you think about it, it took all of us banning together (U.S., Russia, Britain, etc...) to defeat the Germans? That's scary!

    Not to say I am for the Nazi's and not the Allies but in a game it should not matter to much really, it only counts in real life.

    I always wanted to play as the Germans in Call of Duty. I know you can do this in multiplayer but it would be cool to set up the same single player game from the German side also. I think that would be cool but I would hate to kill Americans because it might have been my grandfather I was shooting at........he was over there somewhere?

    I can't wait to get this game and will write a full review on it after I finnish it unlike some that jump-the-gun before it comes out even. Until then take my advise and try the Red Orchastra mod. It's cool!

    ...more info
  • Dumb Reviewers
    First off, Kyle, a GeForce 4 MX420 is not "a very common video card." In fact, it's an outdated one that can't even handle the best games that are out there today.

    Secondly, I don't know what your source of bugs/crashes are, but for the other people reading this, you should go to and search for BiA. Read those reviews too as well as user reviews. Heck, go to any forum and they'll sure be talking about this. I prefer reading forums at (there is an official thread about this). So far, it's a mixed review with some people liking it and others hating. It's hit or miss with this game.

    The graphics are a little old- it's based on the OLD Unreal engine. That sucks. Gee, in hindsight, I should have given this game a three star rating for mediocre. Gameplay gets repetitive after a while, though it's nice to have something a little bit more realistic (in terms of team tactics, layout of battlefield, etc.)....more info
  • Your Country Needs Your Trigger Finger!

    Large cup Band of Brothers
    Pinch of Command and Conquer
    Generous slices of history
    Garnish with authenticty

    Second World War games are no stranger to the PC - indeed, the First-Person shooter market is positively swamped with them. Medal of Honor, still a fine game after all these years, gave us a crisp, detailed and immersive slice of being a part of the greatest war in history. Battlefield 1942 let us play around with planes, tanks and great big ships in an online sandbox. Recently, Call of Duty assaulted our senses with a vision of war at it's most visceral and crucially, developed the idea that you the player were far from alone on the battlefield. Computer controlled squad-mates charged into the fray along side you, a gratifying and certainly more authentic experience. Now, Brothers in Arms from UbiSoft takes it to the next level with it's implementation of full infantry combat where YOU call the shots. Played principally from a first-person perspective, Brothers in Arms clearly draws from the same graphical pool as it's forebears - gritty, lifelike animation, sound effects that will rattle your speakers and plenty of neat touches - dust, explosions, sun glare and weapon flashes all look and sound great, and WW2 buffs will be able to salivate over a wide range of accurately modeled weaponry. As in other games, Brothers allows the player to commandeer enemy weaponry and gun emplacements in order to give 'Fritz a taste of his own medicine. The player can also duck behind cover or lie prone, which in this mostly-realistic world of bullet damage can make all the difference between a live paratrooper and a letter home to mom. So far, so Call of Duty.

    The ace-up-the-sleeve for this game comes in the form of your GI comrades. The player is typically accompanied by 2 computer controlled fire teams. In combat you can give orders and instructions to your troops using a simple, context-sensitive command system. Placing the command cursor, similar to aiming crosshairs, over the terrain instructs your troops to move to that position - once there, they are smart enough to find appropriate cover and begin to scout for enemy positions. Under attack, they automatically return fire, cover each other while reloading, and stay hidden and defended if the going gets really rough. The AI is leaps ahead of previous games, and it's a tremendously satisfying sight to watch your troops take care of themselves without you having to hold their hands. The 2 fire teams are split between a rifle squad, who are able to lay down supressing and covering fire with their M1 Garands and BAR, and an assault element, who, with grenades and machine guns are used to flank and destroy the enemy - a classic infantry tactic that the developers have researched in order to get it spot on. A typical engagement sees you the player supporting one of these 2 teams, which really allows you to play in your own style - budding commandos will enjoy rushing right down the enemy's throat, Thompson Sub blazing, while thinky types will relish the more strategic side of planning the attack.

    In order to simulate the intense pre-mission preparation that paratroopers underwent, Ubi has implimented a unique command-map that can be opened during play. The area around the player can be viewed from an aerial vantage point, and partial zoom and rotation allows the player to plot their next move. The map terrain for each mission has been modelled from historical photographs, and the development team actually visited the battlefield to get a feel for how it must have looked. Best of all, each member of your team is based on a real soldier who fought in the campaign. It's at once rewarding and curiously spiritual to know that you are leading representations of real young men into the jaws of death, and when one of your guys goes down in the field, you better believe it tugs at your heart in a way very few games can achieve.

    Like most modern games, Brothers in Arms requires a decent computer, with a gig or so of hard-drive space, a quality graphics card and plenty of free ram. However, you don't need a supercomputer to have a great time - my machine is a P4, 1.4, 9600 pro and 512meg of RAM, and this game remains smooth even when the fight gets close and personal. I highly recommend this game to anyone after a fresh take on an exciting genre; one that takes risks, pushes the envelope and offers a powerful, moving, and above all fun experience....more info
  • Fight the Germans with the Screaming Eagles as it happened in WWII
    I was rather uncertain about purchasing this game due to the poor reviews. I went ahead and got it because it was dirt cheap. I did have problems with crashes causing the computer to restart. These ended up being caused by an out of date video card driver. I did not have any problems with security software, but I have a DVD ROM drive. The game does work for ATI and Nvidia video cards. Make sure you download the latest patch.

    The designers made a concerted effort to recreate actual WWII combat movements of the 101st Airborne starting with their parachute drop in Normandy. The buildings and other terrain shown in the game are based on WWII aerial reconnaissance and pictures. The missions are based on combat action reports recorded by the actual soldiers who fought in WWII. As you play the game, extras are enabled to be viewed which show various things about the actual WWII missions, pictures from Normandy during WWII and now, and lots of other interesting material.

    I like the squad based commands. This is a great merger of combat strategy and first person shooter (FPS) games. The commands are very simple to use, but they are limited to line of site. Contrary to some of the reviews, you can hit target even that have cover, but basically you have aim using zoom feature in the gun and range has a major influence. Cover provides significantly more protection than most other shooter games, but I think this adds to the strategy of the game. The game uses a suppression system that is really cool, but the indicator in the game detracts from the realism (this can be turned off). The situational awareness feature allows you to pause the game and see the position of your team members. This is useful to be able to move your squad efficiently and plan attacks. I think is a little overdone. It allows you to zoom in on enemy positions. I think it should be more limited to line of sight of the team members. My only real complaint is that the computer AI does not try to use the same squad based tactics that the player uses. The Germans mostly only fight defensively and their counterattacks are not coordinated and do not react to your placement.

    I gave the game four stars because of good use of squad based commands and authenticity of the terrain and missions. It's something different than the typical WWII FPS games....more info
  • This crap is getting old
    I'm getting really tired of this stuff. At first it was fun, with Medal of Honor and Call of Duty. Then, just like when you chew a bubble gum too much, it starts to lose the taste. Still, I enjoyed Battlefield 1942 a lot.

    However, I had enough of this. The 3 games I mentioned above have covered almost every major battle of WWII, from Berlin, to Normandy, to Stalingrad, Tobruk and El Alamein. There's nothing else games can do about WWII. We've seeing it all- except as games where you can play the Axis. (But EA and others care more about marketing and politically correctness, that we'll never see that happen.)

    To sum it up, I've blow up way too many Anti-Air guns, rescued too many British prisioners, and stolen too many secret documents. The mentioned games had taken me trough D-Day a couple hundred times. I've had enough of it. It's not fun anymore.

    You don't believe me? Then remember my review when you're parachuting into Normandy for the 85457th time, and ask yourself, "Am I playing this because I want to see how it ends and I enjoy it, or am I playing this to justify the money I spent on this and don't really care about what happens?"

    For the game developers: Any new ideas?...more info
  • They should rename it "Brothers in Hype".
    I cannot believe how much this game was hyped! It sure paid off, the hype machine keeps rolling with the fanboys on this one. I found Brothers in Arms-PC VERY poor...

    They should rename Brothers in Arms to "Brothers in Hype", because thats all this game has, hype, and totally lacks substance and polish. Well its definately a straight console port (A big no-no for PCs). Heres my thoughts so far on Brothers in Arms.

    1) The text on the menus is MASSIVE, cartoony, probably because it wasn't converted when ported from console.
    2) The controls are very "Console Like".
    3) No keys are re-mappable to extra mouse buttons! (ACK)
    4) Music is overdone, and voice acting is somewhat average.
    5) Overhead RTS mode is quite poorly implemented.
    6) Graphics are substandard, 8-bit textures, no shaders, very very dated and blocky.
    7) No EAX support that I can find.
    8.) Big red dots overtop of enemy destroys immersion.
    9) Game is seriously on rails, it even stops you from walking at random times, so it can turn on story elements. (lame)
    10) AI is extremely questionable, and sometimes, downright lame.

    It might have some good points, but the flaws are so glarring I don't even think I can start to overlook them. This one might have been good on the console, but for a PC its just average - at best. But the hype machine is rolling strong on this one.

    I do not recommend this title. Save your money....more info
  • Fails in all the ways that matter
    AI programming perhaps the worst in any game. Solders duck in front of cover, stop cover fire for no reason, will not cover player while moving on flank, has to be directed who to shoot at and from were, will not react during fire fight without direct orders from you, and when taking direct fire from the flank has to be told to protect themselves. All the hype about super smart AI is just that, hype.

    Game balance is tipped hopelessly in Germans favor. The German bots, who all are uber solders to the extreme, not only are they able to pick off your men while crouched behind cover or while running with a bolt action gun, they'er also psychic and can track you from behind walls. They also have spiffy tanks that can out maneuver you on foot. Leaving the game winnable but frustrating in lower difficulty setting, and a serious drag in difficult. Not features most people look for in a game.

    Even with countless gamers screaming about the need for a patch on message boards all over the web, Gearbox is very slow in delivering. Since Gearbox's official stance is that the game is "good enough" and all the glitches are in the players heads, it is very unlikely that in game SP problems will be fixed even with the patch.

    But hey, it does look pretty, so if swaying grass effects and well drawn character eyes is very important to you then by all means get the game.
    ...more info
  • This game started a great series of games.
    (I am reusing this from my BIA: Earned in Blood review. It fits this one also.)

    This is actually the second copy of this game I have purchased. I bought it for my son who bought the third installment (BIA: Hells Highway) on this series and I told him that he needed to play the first two to understand the whole story line. He has now played the first one and is halfway thru the second one and loves them. In his words, "these are the best WWII games ever made. Better than the COD series and MOH series."

    I would recommend these games to anyone. Especially since the price is great now....more info
  • Technology Issues
    This game has severe technology issues, especially pertaining to video cards. It does not run on certain very common video cards such as the GeForce4 MX 420. I wasted my money on this game that I now cannot play unless I buy and install a brand new video card. I have heard of other problems such as constant crashing, as well. My advice to you would be to research your system specs and make sure you can run the game. Unless you're a tech geek with a ton of customized specs or someone with a very new computer, it probably will give you trouble....more info
  • It is an OK game
    Intertaining but in comparison to Call of Duty Series, lacks the life like movements of the AI's.

    If I didn't know anything about COD 4 and the whole series, I more than likely would feel differently. However, for the time period that it was released, its good....more info
  • Great FPS, but not the best tactical war simulation
    Overview: Excellent twist on the old FPS genre. Good use of a simple team based structure, but still fundamentally the same genre, and not the more advanced real time infantry based skirmishing simulation that many were hoping for.

    Disclaimers: As of this review, I have played about half the game (patched to 1.02). I havent played it in multiplayer, which may make a big difference.

    Like many others, I have become bored of the run of the mill first person shooter. The only thing that changes is the resolution of the 3D models and textures, and theme of the things you shoot.

    Something a little more is needed. A bit more thought and a little more to do except play a fairground duck-shoot that is made a little more interesting by the wonders of 3D hardware.

    The hype with Brothers in Arms (BIA) was that it modelled real infantry tactics. The general rules of engagement against an enemy can be summarized as 'find him, fix him, flank him, finish him'. BIA models these tactics by allowing you to fix (ie suppress) an enemy by force of fire so that they cannot or dare not shoot back. This allows your team to flank the enemy positions and finish him.

    So, I was looking forward to a tactical battle, with both the enemy and my side using real tactics, trying to beat the other not just by having the best guns and highest health, but by real tactical fighting.

    Unfortunately, BIA is an old style FPs rather than a real time first person tactical simulation.

    The first issue is that the enemy do not use tactics at all - they are your standard dumb and scripted enemy of every other FPS. Only YOU can use real tactics. This means that levels play out the same every time, despite the promises from gearbox that the AI was so good that it would respond to different tactics in different ways. Well, yeah, they might shoot in different directions if you approach from a different direction, but they do not move to meet new threats, and generally dont do anything clever. Put simply, they just feel like standard FPS enemies, each glued to their own part of a heavily scripted and limited map.

    The second problem is that the levels are the old 'room based map' affairs, rather than the wide expanses of terrain in something like Far Cry or Operation Flashpoint. Its one of those games where you can see large expanses of fields in either direction, but there is usually a fence or something that magically seems able to stop the strongest tank from getting to the other side. Because of the small map sizes, there isn't really that much in the way of tactical options, and the best flanking route is usally the only flanking option... usually you have to find it and then use it. Flanking is more a puzzle to be solved than a real tactical decision.

    Finally, there is a problem with storyline vs gameplay. Gearbox have gone for gameplay (despite the promises of missions based on research of actual skirmishes, and 3D detail scanned from actual footage, the game still feels more fps than deep simulation... the real South of France didn't have tree stopping you moving more than 200 yeards from the start point for a start!.
    Much of the cammaraderie of the conflict is lost by sticking to FPS conventions, although the game does try hard to lose some of the old cliches - there is no health packs, etc. But those conventions that are kept tend to kill all that painstaking research and pull you back into FPS-land... fallen soldiers miraciously recovering for the next level is possibly the biggest reality killer for storyline, because you have no emotional link to any of your team - they are just another cog in the puzzle solving that underpins progress. Perhaps not a big deal to some gamers, but for me the title of this game seemed to imply a more thoughtful and real to life interpretation.

    But I've still given this game 5 stars, because as a FPS (which is what it really is) it is one of the better efforts out there. Its fun, it makes you think a little more than the average FPS, and the graphics are cool. The team mechanic is simpler than hoped, but it still works, particularly because you cannot complete all but the earliest levels without using your full team. Also, the game plays well out of the box, which gives it mega kudos over certain other games (HL2, I'm talking about you!)

    For those that are happy with a good FPS with a bit of simplistic team work thrown in, buy it. Its one of the better games of the genre, and will certainly not look out of place if your game collection has other good FPS games in it (Halo, Half Life 2, Far Cry, and the other WW2 FPS offerings such as MOHH and Call Of Duty).

    For those that were hoping for true tactical combat, where the enemy AI feels like a real, directed team, you need to stick with the aging Operation Flashpoint for a little longer.
    OFPs graphics may be an aquired taste, and OFP2 may be years off, but theres nothing here that comes anywhere near it for enemy infantry based AI.

    Works well on my hardware, consisting of Radeon 9800 Pro (overclocked by 10%), standard XP2800 and 1Gig memory (on most modern games, 512Mb can create glitching - 1Gig seems to be the minimum these days). Smooth, playable frame rates at 1280x1024 with all the options on high, so its not a difficult game to play on reasonable hardware.

    *** UPDATE 24 March 2005 ***
    Having now completed the game, It is obvious that this is a well designed game and a great concept and attention to historic detail. Unfortunately, they picked a rather odd choice in game engine... they use the old Unreal engine (albeit heavily modifed to create better graphics). This makes the reason for all the shortcomings in my main review obvious - technology.

    Still, I thoroughly enjoyed the game, its just that I was rather hoping for a slightly different, more tactical and freeroaming game with a less scripted enemy (that doesnt stick to predefined positions), larger levels (to allow a more freeform game rather than the room based one we have), and bigger firefights (the game seems limited in the maximum number of soldiers it can support, and big setpiece battles seem a little cut down from the historic descriptions I have seen in the game and on the web.

    ...more info
  • Dull and repetitive
    The good news is this game only cost about 5 dollars. Other than that, not much good to say. On the good side, the graphics are very well done, with attractive rendering and details, and nice iron sites on the weapons.

    The bad:
    The enemy doesn't move too much, except when they are scripted to do so. You can sit forever in one position and keep shooting or just hide - they will never come look for you.

    So far (I have gotten about half way through the game) you don't get to drive vehicles, fly planes, etc. Compared to BF and Medal of Honor, this is a disappointment.

    As other reviews said, you basically just shoot and move. This gets rather repetitive very quickly, especially since the computer seems to just sit around (though perhaps that's my difficulty level).

    The missions are basically get from point A to B, by flanking.

    For 5 dollars this game is fine, but I wouldn't spend much money or time on it overall....more info
  • Don't buy if you have a 6600GT PCIExpress
    I can't even install this game as it fails on install claiming that I don't have a video card. Maybe they forgot that not everyone is still using AGP cards (or maybe it is my 64 bit AMD proc)? Either way, tech support has been slow in getting back to me. If you are using newer hardware, you are rolling the dice on $50....more info