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10ft Hi Resolution monitor cable (Male to Male)
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Product Description

Designed especially for Hi-resolution Monitors, long cable runs, high-speed data transfer and high noise areas. Comprised of three mini coaxial cables and eight other connections of 26 AWG wire.

  • Connector Type: HDD 15-Pin Male to HDD 15-Pin Male
  • Signal Type Analog
  • Connector Finish: Gold
  • Gauge: 24AWG
  • VGA connections are also commonly referred to as HD15, DB15 (a misnomer), PC in/out, RGB and RGBHV.

Customer Reviews:

  • Cable stopped working w/in 10 days
    First they accidentally shipped me a different cable. Then after I made them aware of their mistake they sent me the correct cable, only to find that it lasted about 10 days before it stopped working. The wires seem extremely cheap. I understand that for the price I paid I should expect this, except [...] has cheaper cables and I've NEVER had an issue with them.

    Will not buy from again....more info
  • 10ft Hi Resolution monitor cable (Male to Male)
    This 10ft. Monitor Cable is exactly as the add indicated, the cable and the connectors appear to be of higher quality than the cable that came with my flat screen monitor. It's been in use 24/7 for about a month, works fine and gives me the flexability to move my monitor I didn't have with a 6 foot cable. The delivery was prompt, and even including the charge for shipping the cost was less than 1/2 the price of a similar cable in local stores....more info
  • Better than expected
    I was greatly pleased with the quality, price, and shipping of the 10 foot Hi Res monitor cable. It was better than expected. ...more info
  • Horrible quality image
    I don't ask much from my cables, i just ask that they take the output from my computer and put the image on my screen without lines missing. I am sorry to say that this cable could not even live up to my hopes. I have missing lines that constantly flicker on my screen. Its almost like 90% of the lines are being refreshed each time and the rest are left blank and its dizzying to look at. It is not my computer as i plug it in to other monitors and even my tv and everything is fine, and its not my monitor because whatever i plug the cable into it into exhibits the annoying line problem. Beware of bad QC....more info
  • Works great
    I'm using the cable to connect my PC to my 32" HDTV. They were easy to connect and fit perfectly. The picture was very clear. I wish I bought the ones with audio, though. I had to use my computer speakers....more info
  • 10ft Hi Resolution monitor cable (Male to Male)
    I got this product so I could attach my computer to my 32" LCD HDTV and it worked like a charm.. Good product for a good price. Also the transaction went smooth and it arrived quickly..

    Thank You,...more info
  • Great Product!
    This was completely Awesome! Exact product description and the most important - Fastest Delivery i have seen on Amazon yet!! ...more info