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CH Products Throttle Quadrant USB (300-133)
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Product Description

CH Products is the innovative leader in precision control devices for industrial and commercial applications. CH Products has developed a wide range of controllers for a variety of applications. Its precision joysticks and trackballs have been integrated in a host of uses, including kiosk, motion control, heavy equipment, biotech devices and security cameras.PRODUCT FEATURES:6 Axis 24 Buttons;6 Physical Detents;Control Manager software enables 350 button positions.

A true veteran of the PC gaming industry, CH Products has manufactured joysticks and game control devices -- with a particular emphasis on state-of-the-art flight control gear -- for a quarter decade. One of the latest products to emerge from the CH lab is the CH Throttle Quadrant USB, a highly specialized unit designed to appeal to serious flight simulation buffs who demand authentic, fingertip control of all of their airborne activities.

Bearing a striking physical resemblance to the control panel found in a real life aircraft and perfectly complementing navigational devices such as joysticks or flight yokes (for example, the CH Products Flight Sim Yoke USB), the CH Throttle Quadrant USB effectively banishes the counterintuitive computer keyboard from the flying environment and allows hardcore pilots to quickly make in-flight adjustments via its straightforward 6-axis, 12-button setup. Completely user customizable with the enclosed CH Control Manager software and offering no less than a whopping 350 button positions if so configured, the system is ideal for precise control of multiple engines, flaps, fuel mixture, lights, and much, much more.

The CH Throttle Quadrant USB is built in the USA to the same durable specifications as other CH Products control devices and is compatible with all Windows-based games and most recent operating systems (including Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP and MacOS 8.6 to 10.02). The unit carries a limited two-year warranty.

  • 6 Axis 24 Buttons 6 Physical Detents
  • Fully Programmable with CH Control Manager software (included)
  • Control Manager software enables 350 button positions
  • Compatible with Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows 2000 and Windows XP and all Windows-based games
  • Built with the same rugged construction you've come to rely on with CH Products

Customer Reviews:

  • Multi Engine Love
    Title says it all! Multi Engine Love!! This CH product allows me to fly My Favorite Airliner,the "MD-11", with precision. It also is great at making U FEEL like U are really flying. On a side note, this Quadrant works great with "Virtual Sailor". Makes U feel like U are really controlling a sub....more info
  • Functional Interface
    This item lives up to the description indicated. It's very easy to use and adequately simulates real aircraft control. ...more info
  • CH Products Throttle Quadrant
    I've had this product for a few weeks, and I absolutely love it. It performs exactly as advertized, and it makes any flight simulator so much more realistic than using the "throttle" on a joystick (I have pilot's licenses for both fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft, as well as multi-engine fixed wing planes, and I'm instrument rated as well). The throttle quadrant is easy to program (so much so that it takes under one minute to reconfigure it for a different aircraft), and has the feel of a throttle quadrant one would find in an actual small to medium sized aircraft. And it makes taxiing those very old style multi-engine aircraft so much easier, as many of them do not respond well to their rudders at taxi speeds, and many of them don't have brakes, either. I am completely satisfied with this device, and I would gladly recommend it to anyone who wants a more realistic simulated flying experience. The only drawback it has, in my opinion, is that it must be clamped to a table edge, but that is such a minor drawback that I am still willing to recommend it without any reservations whatsoever....more info
  • This throttle works great!
    We originally ordered the "I-Pro" Throttle from Amazon for my son's Christmas gift. He's a big flight sim nut, and he was happy with the throttle, but he really wanted this one instead. It had more capabilities and had a more realistic feel. When we made the exchange, he said this was exactly right for him and he's been happily flying ever since! I would definitely recommend this product!...more info
  • Great for the above average simmer
    If you want to take flight simming to the next level this is a greaet add-on. Simulate single or dual prop situations, or swap out the knobs and go for a multi-engine jetliner.

    Works great and is complementary to the other CH Products....more info
  • Works Just Fine
    This throttle works just fine. You can program the levers and buttons to do different aircraft functions as you desire. The USB setup is automatic. You'll have to do a manual setup in the Flight Sim Program to reprogram the buttons to do different functions which was not too difficult. The way it has to be mounted could be more versatile, like having the suction-cups on the bottom. The table edge clamps do not fit well with all table and desks....more info
  • An excellent throttle for both FSX and IL-2:1946
    I bought this quadrant mainly for use as trim levers in IL-2, and it performs that task very well. I have three of the levers being used for trim, one for prop pitch, another for flaps, and the last for power. Setting up the levers for trim was surprisingly simple since IL-2 recognized that there was a center and they could be moved either toward 0% power or 100% from center to simulate positive or negative elevator trim, for instance.

    The ability to control prop pitch and flaps on an analog lever is absolutely invaluable for dogfighting. The bi-directional switches are also a plus because it allows you to make other settings like mixture or supercharger stages easily accessible.

    The only downside to the throttle is that IL-2 doesn't see its full range of motion for some unknown reason. However, that is easily fixed by setting the max sensitivity above 100% (which is best done in a program like il-2 joycontrol)....more info
  • Doesn't work for Microsoft Flightsim & XP
    works good on mac but just not working (erratic inputs) on Microsoft Flight Sim and XP ... and that's where I wanted this device to work. CH Service & drivers are unusable, wasted a lot of time....more info
  • Good product
    This is a good product, well made, and easily mountable to a table. It is easily configurable in Windows XP, doesn't need additional software for most apps. It works with MS Flight Sim 2004, but all of the axes (the 6 levers) fail to read from 0-100%, reads from about 20% to 80%. The point - it can never get full/cut throttle, full rich/lean mix, or full/cut prop speed. However, it works fine (0-100%) with X-plane 8.6 (and later I guess). All knobs are removable, custom configurable, comes with 4 black, 2 red, and 2 blue knobs. Haven't tried it with MS FSX....more info
  • configuration troubles
    Not such a good adquisition, i own the ch pro pedals and the ch flight yoke and both are great, the thing is that since i bought the quadrant my flight sim has gone mad, it never saves the settings for trims, buttons or axes, no response has been received from the ch tech support department and the ch configuration manager software only got my troubles worst....more info
  • My son likes this unit.,
    My son is a avid Flight Simulator user - likes this unit but wished it worked with all versions of the actual software....more info
  • a fun enhancement for cyber-flying
    First, the negative, like a lot of products of this type it comes with poor documentation. I figured it out with an advanced knowledge of FS and some logic. However, once you're hooked up it's a fun enhancement to FS. It is probably more useful for twin engines with pitch and mixture control. It allows you to control these facets with your hand and not by having to mouse onto the screen and hope up subscreens. With one hand on stick or yoke and the other over the quadrant you can control your aircraft during the busy times, takeoff and landing, without having to reach for a mouse. The quadrant buttons allow you to set up common switch functions which eliminates keyboard strokes or mouse clicks. ...more info