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Thundercats - Season One, Volume Two
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Led by their young leader Lion-O the Thundercats forge a new home on Third Earth. But as they rebuild their lives the vile Mumm-Ra and the Mutants at Castle Plundarr plot to annihilate the Thundercats' fledgling civilization. Mystical mind games mechanical monsters and outright evil plans - these are the daily battles our feline-inspired heroes endure. And as the Thundercats war with their vicious enemies Lion-O must pass five trials to prove his birthright as ruler and the rightful owner of the powerful Sword of Omens. Hear his battle cry in these 32 episodes totaling more than 11 hours of classic cartoon adventures across six Season One/Vol. Two discs!Running Time: 736 min.Format: DVD MOVIE Genre: ANIMATION/ADULT SWIM UPC: 012569705210 Manufacturer No: 70521

Did Thundercats producers Rankin/Bass ever consider that their '80s animated adventure series would become such a pop-culture touchstone decades later, with hip-hop artists dropping references to the show in the songs and comedians using Lion-O as a punchline? Probably not, but it certainly accounts for this massive second volume of episodes culled from the series' first season. Where volume 1's episodes focused on the Thundercats' escape from home planet Thundera, arrival on Third Earth, and struggle against Mumm-Ra and his mutant army with the help of the Sword of Omens, volume 2's 32 episodes focus on a series of challenges Lion-O must face in order to become the Lord of the Thundercats. Said trials pit the leader-in-training against his own compatriots: Lion-O must best Panthro in a strength challenge ("Trial of Strength"), outrace Cheetara ("The Trial of Speed"), make his way through a maze devised by WilyKit and WilyKat ("Trial of Cunning"), outwit Tygra in a battle of illusions ("The Trial of Mind Power"), and, finally, take on his deadliest foe, Mumm-Ra ("The Trial of Evil"). Of course, there are plenty of other colorful villains on hand to give Lion-O and his companions pause throughout the season, including appearances by hunter Safari Joe ("Fond Memories"), mutant robot the Driller ("Mechanical Plague"), and newcomers the Ice King ("Secret of the Ice King"), and the tiny terrors the Micrits ("The Micrits"), among numerous others. The episodes are spread over six discs, and are rounded out by a featurette on Thundercats' long-lasting appeal, which includes an interview with executive producer Arthur Rankin Jr. --Paul Gaita

Customer Reviews:

  • What Needs To Be Said....Seriously!!!
    This cartoon is just amazing. It immediately took off when it first appeared on tv in 1985. I was 12 so a bit older but still very impressionable and was amazed with the series.

    I don't know much about the technicalities of cartoon animation cause I still love scooby doo even though they go past the same spot about ten times as they run away.

    But I do know, Thundercats stories have great morals. Very good topics and lessons for all to learn. I am a Christian and would let my children watch this cartoon. I plan on getting the whole series to own.

    Simply an amazing show. I think it's great!

    If you like this you may also be interested in the ORIGINAL He-man cartoon animation series. He will defend himself from evil. Never aggresively harm another person and helps out his enemy's that are in danger. Very good morals in this cartoon as well. And again with a valuable lesson to learn for all who watch....more info
  • Thundercats DVDs
    Excellent! Received the DVDs as described and in excellent condition. I purchased the video for my 6 year old grandson because my son enjoyed watching the Thundercats so much when he was that age. ...more info
  • Defects!
    I was not happy with this product. I got three sets of the copies of the Thundercats DVD season 1 Volume 1 and 2. All three of the sets were defected ( no sounds.) This even was a gift and an embarrasment for me! Last time I will ever your Amazon again. Do not purchase product from this vendor!...more info
  • Thundercats
    The delivery was really quick to me in Australia and the quality of the DVD is great. I am very happy with the service and product....more info
  • Great trip down memory lane!
    I was a huge fan of the Thundercats when I was a kid. When the series was released on dvd, I knew that I would purchase every episode. I was not disappointed. One look and I was transported to 7 a.m. before school when my favorite cartoons--Thundercats and HeMan came on before the bus came. Don't miss this childhood favorite; it's as good as you remember....more info
  • Thundercats hoooooooooooo
    Its a tv classic! Got the first and second vol of season one as a gift for my wife and she was so happy to have that part of her childhood back. What eles is there to say about this 80's classic besides if you remember the Thundercats you will love this box set. Kind of wish full season can in on box set instead of 2 but oh well....more info
  • Thundercats

    A work of art. Better than most of the cartoons out today.

    Buy this boxed set, it is worth every dollar....more info