Creative Fitness Door Gym
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Product Description

Start strengthening your upper body today! The easy way to do pull-ups. The Door Gym is easy to mount in seconds right in your doorway, making pull-ups possible. NO FASTENERS REQUIRED. This device uses the weight of your body for resistance, and requires a doorway with trim. By placing the device on the floor, the Door Gym can also enhance push-ups. Ab loops and broad reach accessories sold separately.

  • Pull-up/chin-up bar for tool-free doorway installation
  • Fits easily in 24- to 32-inch doorways (extensions available)
  • Ideal for pull-ups, push-ups, chin-ups, crunches, and more
  • Requires trim up to 3.5 inches wide around door
  • Breaks down and stores in case for easy travel

Customer Reviews:

  • Best Purchase
    I wanted to buy a pull up bar to help me train for the my school's Nordic ski team. My requirements were a bar that was not permanent (nothing that would screw into my door frame), wouldn't mar my door frame, and was sturdy. After carefully searching through all of the pull up bar reviews on amazon, I decided on this one. This has been the best purchase I have made and I couldn't be more pleased. This bar is sturdy, has not made a mark on my wall, and is extremely easy and quick to put up and take down (I have it in my room's doorway). It was constructed well, and was easy to put together after reading previous reviews on how to do it.

    As a plus, this bar works as a sit-up spotter, which is nice since I do crunches before school when no one else is up. I can also do below 90 degree pushups with the door gym, which is a nice addition to my workouts. I would definitely recommend this pull up bar. ...more info
  • Creative Fitness Door Gym - A great purchase
    Extremely easy to assemble without directions

    Very fast to put up and take down

    My husband weighs 196lbs and it holds him without worry

    Would like hand padding on outside of extended holds

    I find that having it up and seeing it there he tends to use it more and so do the kids...more info
  • Great Product!
    The creative fitness door gym did just what I was hoping it would do. You just assemble it simply out of the box with the tools and bolts provided, and then put it up in a doorway to start your pullups routine. It can be taken down easily anytime, and put back up in a matter of seconds when you need it again. The padding is comfortable on my hands and I have seen no sign of stress or damage on my doorframe from use....more info
  • Rock solid and very easy to install
    I got my door gym just a few minutes back. Assembling it was a no brainer! Just look at the two pictures in the pamphlet and you should be able to assemble it. Creative has been pretty creative in using the bar to press against the door sides when you do chin ups, thereby locking the bar in position! Nothing to unscrew when taking the bar down and use it for push ups. A 5 star product!!...more info
  • Just What I Wanted
    The door gym is worth the money. Assembly was straightforward and very easy. A small clip is included and when inserted at the top of the door frame it serves as a guide to ensure the door gym is properly fitted on the door frame. Mounting/dismounting the door gym to/from the door frame takes only a second. The door gym itself has sufficient foam padding to prevent marring or marks on the door frame. Foam padding is provided for hand grips but the positioning of the foam has one's wrists a little too close together. My suggestion would be to provide foam padding all across the horizontal bar. ...more info
  • Excellent and Simple Solution for Pullups
    I've been on the fence wanting to get a pullup bar for about 2 years now, but the door-way mounted ones seemed like a big step (to drill into a door way, making the door effectively unusable).

    I was looking at a real pullup cage for a bit, but the floor space needed for that was a non-starter for me in my house. I looked at the "Perfect Pullup" quite a bit as well, just to see that almost every reviewed cited the following problems:

    * Cheap plastic parts, especially the pieces that should have been metal
    * Cheap mounting hardware that most people replaced with their own stuff from Home Depot.

    I was really surprised how many people complained about the second one.

    I finally found this and given the price and rating I figured "what the heck, let's get it and see how it works".

    The box showed up, it was in like 4 pieces... I pushed them together, put in the 4 bolts, walked over to the door and "hung" it... and did some pullups.

    I could not believe how ridiculously easy that was given how complex some of these other door-pullup installations are. The "swing" design of this redirects all the pressure from you to that front padded bar that pushes horizontally into the door frame, so you don't have to worry about "ripping" the trim off the door.

    I weigh about 225 lbs (no, I can't do that many pullups either ;) and I didn't even hear a creek out of my door when I do pullups, it's really an awesomely simple design.

    Also when you want to use the door, just push up on the bar to get the red-bar across the back to lift away from the trim, twist, and take it out of the door frame. It's honestly like a closet hanger or something.

    The *one* suggestion I might make though, is that the default instructions on how to put the bar together has you mount the long cross-bar (that you grab to do pullups AND that rests against the door frame) *under* (on the bottom side of) the "J" shaped pieces. This means that as you do pullups, the bolts themselves are what are holding you up off the ground.

    I noticed another reviewer mentioned this, so I tried it... here is my tip to you:

    1. Look at the picture on Amazon of this pullup bar
    2. See that long bar that runs across the bottom? See how it's mounted under the "J" shaped bars?
    3. Unbolt the bolts and put the long bar *ontop* of the "J" shaped bars instead, and re-bolt them.

    That way when you are doing pullups, the pressure is distributed across the J bars and not exclusively held up by the bolts.

    I would totally recommend this to anyone else wanting to get into pullups. This also doubles as a push-up bar sort of like the "Perfect Pushup" devices in that it keeps you elevated off the ground so you can get a deeper push up... I actually have the Perfect Pushups so I don't use that feature, but it's a nice touch.

    Overall just a really smartly designed and simple piece of equipment....more info
  • Works As Advertised
    Took about 10 minutes to set up (there's minimal screwing involved). It holds my weight with no problem (180 lbs) and does no damage to the doorsills. Just make sure you have the right size doorways per the requirements and it'll be fine. I'm subtracting 1 star for the price because I believe they could sell this for less - it's solid but there's not a whole lot to it. And nothing gets a "perfect" score in my book, anyway. Other than that, I'm very pleased....more info
  • Awesome, simple, easy to use
    This works just as advertised. No need to screw any thing into the wall. I was worried that this may be unstable during use. Not so. Once it's in position- it's rock solid. Very easy to put into position and remove once your done. I have'nt tried using it as a push up or sit up aid like the pictures on the package advertise, but as a pull up bar this works beautifully. Also it doesn't scuff or damage the frame of the door. I'm 100% satisfied...more info
  • Great set up!
    Easy set up and very sturdy. My boyfriend is also able to use it with no probs. Love being able to move it around. ...more info
  • Door Gym Didn't Work For Me
    Before ordering the Door Gym I confirmed the measurements of my doorway and trim met the requirements, which it did. The Door Gym construction was good, felt fairly sturdy, and the assembly was quick and simple. Although the Door Gym fit my doorway it would not stay in place and would keep sliding down the trim. The Door Gym needs some rubber pads on each side of the support bar to press against the trim when the user's weight is applied to prevent downward slippage. The included chinsey "safety hook" is more of a joke then a safety feature. It would most certainly rip out overhead doorway trim when the bar slips downward. I am a solid 190 lbs which is well in the support range for the Door Gym. My door trim is hard maple and I noticed a slight crunching sound while pressure was being gradually applied to the Door Gym during my attempt to hang from the bar. That was enough to convince me to stop using the Door Gym because I did not want to crack my trim or my dry wall. I returned the Door Gym and found an insane deal on the Proform Fusion 1.5 Power Tower
    for 135.99 (total) which is an absolutely awesome product. The Proform Tower is construction of SUPER STURDY steel, doesn't flex and small enough to fit in a corner. I figured if I'm going to be serious about pull-ups I may as well buy good equipment.
    ...more info
  • You HAVE to do Pull-Ups if you want to be strong, sexy, and stable
    Pull-Ups are a MUST to a strong, sexy, and stable body. They are the best exercises for your upper body strength, especially your back, lats, and biceps.

    There are so many variations of pull-ups you can do, from chin ups to pull-ups, from narrow grip to wide grip, and from middle to side.

    If you live near a park, just use those natural hanging surfaces to do your pull-ups. If you don't have access to anything sturdy that you can hang onto, then invest in a pull-up bar.

    Go to a fitness store and test out the different brands of pull-ups. See which one works for you, and buy that one.

    If you don't feel the burn after 10 repetitions, you are doing the exercise wrong. In all exercises, it is the eccentric portion of the exercise that builds muscle. Do the exercise in a smooth, controlled fashion with a 3 concentric and 6 eccentric count. Squeeze at the peak of the motion to get that extra pump.

    As in all exercises, make sure to keep your wrists straight and check your posture with these seven vital points: feet hips-width apart and pointed straight ahead; knees slightly bent; pelvis at perfect middle, as if you are sitting at a bar stool; stomach tight, but not flexed; chest straight and aligned on top of ribs; shoulders parallel to ribs; and neck straight on top of body.
    ...more info
  • Door Gym
    Make sure the door frame you use the gym on is structurally sound and the trim is property installed with the correct depth needed to secure the gym and safely use it; the Door Gym is otherwise an excellent tool. Creative Fitness Door Gym...more info
  • Door gym review
    The product arrived in less than a week. Pretty amazing considering I live in Germany. Works great. Would recommend to anyone. Thanks....more info
  • Surprisingly good!
    Despite the pretty good reviews, I was quite skeptical of this product. It looks like a gimmick, and many of the product's claims seem rather sensational... a strong, stable chin up bar with no screws and a 5 second installation? "No way" I thought. I ordered it anyways, figuring that I could always return it. Besides, my friend had bought my some ab straps, so I needed to get something to do chin ups and reverse crunches on.

    The instructions were poor, but since it was only 4 bolts, it was self evident how to assemble it. It took my less than 5 minutes to assemble and make sure that everything was nice and tight. As advertised, it took less than 5 seconds to get it in my door frame. And it worked great! This thing is stable and secure, and as it claims, does not leave any marks on the door frame, which is important because I am a renter. While they sell matching ab strabs, I'm using third party ab straps just fine. I highly recommend the Creative Fitness Door Gym Broad Reach Attachment, since most back-strengthing excersizes require a wider grip.

    The broad reach attachment also looks scary since nothing actually attaches to the chin up bar, but the friction fit is amazingly secure. After getting comfortable with these items, I crank out 5 sets of reverse crunches and 3 sets of chin ups twice a week with no fear of falling or injury. If you are looking for a good way to add lat and lower ab exercises into your routine, this is a great way to do it....more info
  • great product
    Love it so much this 2nd round is a gift.

    However,shipping from Amazon was horrendous. Both packages came barely intact and beat-up....more info
  • Not for thick doors
    Not a bad item for the price. It isn't thick enough to fit flush on any door frame in my house. I live in an older home and my doorways are about seven inches thick from one side to the other. It works, but it is at a bit of an angle. If the curved arm was adjustable it would be better.

    For the price you can't go wrong. The assembly directions aren't the best, but if you can't figure it out, there might be something wrong with you.

    It holds my weight (about 180 lbs) with no problem.

    I would recommend for a cost effective solution for a pull up bar.

    Would recommend. ...more info
  • Very Good--Just be care careful pads are positioned on door frame
    In use for a month. Easy assembly. Astonishingly easy to put up or take down.
    Be sure to position pads on your door frame, or metal will press against the door frame and dent/chip the frame....more info
  • Works well!
    Works just as advertised and doesn't harm my door at all. I deducted one star because it fit only one of the several doors I tried it on (the others were too deep) and because it'd be nice to have another pair of foam pads in a wider position....more info
  • Fantastic
    Excellent product. Easy install, nothing to it. My only suggestion for improvement is to add soft padding in the middle of the bar to make it easier on the fingers to do close grip pull-ups and chin-ups. So I wrap a towel around the middle section. And get the extension bar, it is worth it. ...more info
  • Creative Fitness Pull up/ Chin up bar_OK
    It's an OK product; I will keep it, although I had some issues (below). I also think it should be less expensive for what you get (at this writing, $47), although, I honestly could not find a cheaper one with really good reviews. If anything were to happen to this, I would not buy it again, I would consider buying a professional version w/ more grip locations, yet still similar/portable to fit the door-way. They usually run $90+.

    Regarding the Instructions/ an issue most are complaining about:
    There's a previous 4 star review by (R.Cheney), that's very helpful describing which washers go with which bolts. Such as: silver washers go with the 2 longer bolts (hex) and the black washers with the shorter 2 (round)- which connects to the top plastic bar.
    - The owner's manual is at least OK with showing the orientation, vertically inserting the bolts versus horizontally.

    More info on the washers:
    If you're still confused about (in what order) to add the washers (this is what I did):
    Top section: I placed the bolt through the curved bar 1st, then added the washer, then finished inserting the bolt through connecting plastic top piece (w/ the red color)
    Bottom section: the same order = bolt, then curved bar, then washer, then continue through 2nd straight metal bar
    --Depending on the device, some instructions tell you to 1st place the washer on the bolt/screw and then screw it in. If you do that here, you'll see that the bolt will be too short to enter the second connection/ bar. Washers are used for different reasons, so knowing where to properly place them is important- they should tell us!

    CONS /Wall thickness & Cushioning:
    - The Bar lacks cushioning on the "wider" grip area. The same cushioning provided on the narrow grip (seen in the image)should have simply been added to the space between the ends and the center- Don't understand why it was not provided.
    - My "wall thickness" at the Top of the doorway,(really "trim to trim" thickness as defined by Creative fitness =i.e., inside the room molding -TO- outside the hallway molding) is 6 1/4" the maximum listed AND it barely fit. I have to use the provided "not so strong" safety clip to provide a little more room & security. This may be the case for the rest you, w/ homes/Apts built before mid 1900's! The company SHOULD say the max thickness of your wall/trim-to-trim to be 5 3/4"- 6", re-design the red-lined plastic Top-bar to be thicker or some other fix!
    ...more info
  • Ripcord
    The product came on time, I am very happy with the purchase, and I look forward to getting a lot of use from it....more info
  • Good product
    My 11 year old loves this. It's fun. She does it when she passes by. She couldn't do one in the beginning, but enjoyed building up slowly....more info
  • Great product
    Good: Sturdy. Easy to install. Easy storage.

    Bad: Bad instructions. Can damage the trim. Expensive....more info
  • Excellent
    I don't usually work out in my house, but its really convenient to have a simple pull-up bar around for impromptu workouts. The item is sturdy and goes up and down very easily. Its a must have if you like to work out. I'm very glad I finally bought it....more info
  • Excellent product
    We use this product as a pull-up bar. We haven't tried it for push ups and the other things it was advertised for. This product is so easy to store, and even easier to put on the door. It takes me about 2 seconds to put it up. My husband is the reason we bought this product and now he and I fight over it!!!! We are going to have to invest in another!...more info
  • Very Pleased
    I was little skeptical of this product when I read the description of how it worked but I purchased it based on the abundance of positive reviews. I must say I am very happy with it. I am doing the P90X video series and this helps me do pull ups and chin ups quickly and easily in my doorway. I am 6' and I weigh 220lbs but this product holds me with ease and it feels sturdy and secure. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a safe easy way to work out at home....more info
  • Read why I didnt give it 5 stars
    I was skeptical before purchasing it and figured I dont have much to lose if the product does turn out to be bad. I made my decision after reading other's reviews. I must tell you how happy I am with this product. It is light weight, sturdy and easy to mount and unmount (literally in 2 secs). It is an excellent excellent pull up bar. It does everything a gym pull up bar does while you are in the comfort of your home. I like how you can use it with 4 different grips.

    I wanted to give it 5 stars but did not becuase the box had wrong size nuts and bolts. I had to spend extra $3 (plus gas and time) and purchase the right size from local hardware store....more info
  • Good quality exercise accessory
    It is based on a very simple concept and easily transforms most of the doorways in your home into a pull-up/sit-up support structure. The product is good quality and assembly was a piece of cake. I think more attention needs to be paid on the doorframe and the impact of your weight on the frame, rather than the product itself. I consider the quality of construction in my house to be more than average and yet I can hear a creak at times when pulling up my own weight (just 130 pounds). The bar allows up to 300 pounds, so take necessary precaution to make sure your doorframes can support that load. Another reviewer said that the padding on the product left dark marks on the door frame. It has not happened to me, but is very much possible, so you may want to "glove" that portion with a cloth or tape if necessary. I highly recommend this product, particularly if you love doing pull/sit-ups in the comfort of your own home!...more info
  • Someone else said it best, this product is a scam
    The odds of this product fitting your molding and jamb size are slim, yet they don't tell you this before you buy it. Once you get the product and waste your time assembling it (btw, the screws are too short and the instructions are worthless), you realize that the width of the door jamb and the molding has to be almost exact or else the product does not work and is dangerous. THEN, you are faced with putting this odd shaped thing back in the back which is difficult and paying the $20 to ship it back! Or, if you are like me and probably many others, you just say forget it and through it out....more info
  • Very stable pull up bar
    I'm amazed by how stable the whole bar is once its up. There is no movement at all when doing pull ups, but the bar is still really easy to put up and take down.

    I bought the gym with the wide reach bar and door extensions, and the whole package works great. Highly recommended!

    ...more info
  • Great, Simple Home Gym
    This is a great simple home gym that is easy to install and small enough to tuck under the bed. ...more info
  • Good Value
    Found this very easy to assemble and works very well in every doorway. It is also easy to store....more info
  • The difference between this and the Iron Gym
    I first ordered the Creative Fitness Door Gym, then decided that the Iron Gym looked the same and was $10 less, so I tried to cancel the Door Gym and ordered the Iron Gym. Turns out you often can't cancel after ordering, so I ended up getting them both. I had intended to keep the Iron Gym and send this one back, but after looking at the two, I changed my mind and did the reverse.

    The two products are essentially the same, but there is one difference that to me makes the Door Gym worth the additional cost: the crossbar is a single piece. On the Iron Gym, the crossbar comes in two pieces that slip together. While both products are supposed to hold 300 lb, if you're at all mechanically inclined, you know that setups like this eventually always weaken or loosen at the joint. If I'm hanging on it, I don't want to take a chance with that....more info
  • Great Product
    This is a great option for people who want to work on doing chin ups or pull ups. It's better than a regular chin up bar because you can put it in your room and crank a few out every time you walk under it. The only caution I advise is that you make sure your top door trim is not more than three inches high. My house is a custom made log home so we did six inch trim around all the doors. Because it's rustic I just cut my trim in half and it works great. Just be aware that you will need standard trim for this to work right. Overall it is a wonderful product and works great. Very nice comfortable grip pads make it comfortable on you hands. I highly recommend this product. ...more info
  • Good Item
    I am using the door gym daily since I got it. It is very convenient. Just make sure you measure the door well. If the size is not correct it might bruise the door a bit. What I didn't like about it is that the wide grip and door extensions are overpriced. I didn't buy them because of that. All in all it is a good tool. For the installation, make sure you follow the enclosed leaflet....more info
  • Does what it promises
    I ordered this product about a week ago after thinking about it for months and months. I had put off purchasing it for two reasons: 1). the price was more than I was hoping to pay for a pull-up bar, and 2). some of the reviews had made me think that putting it together might be tricky.

    I'll discuss the assembly issue first. Some commenters had complained about the length of the bolts being barely adequate for the product. I didn't find this to be a problem at all, though I will concur that the assembly instructions included with the product were almost non-existent. The trick is to use the slightly shorter bolts to connect the handles to the stabilizing bar, and the longer bolts to connect them to the pull-up bar. It took me only about five minutes to get the bar put together.

    As far as the price issue, it still irks me that I had to pay $45 for a pull-up bar. But the competitor products I was aware of weren't good options. One product which looks similar got terrible reviews from users, so I didn't consider it very seriously. And the bars that fit into braces screwed into the door frame weren't an option for me. Although I had looked at this and various alternatives for months, only after I ordered it did I notice a look-alike product called the Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar which has also gotten excellent reviews. That bar sells for $10 less. The cost of this one, therefore, is the reason for my four stars. Aside from that, I'm quite satisfied with the product and have been enjoying using it....more info
  • Excellent and sturdy product!
    A friend of mine recommended this pull-up bar, and I'm so glad that we decided to purchase it. The bar installs in a matter of minutes, and works on a variety of door frames. (Check the product description carefully to make sure that it will work with your door.) Because you don't need to drill it into the wall, you can switch doors easily and also do not have to worry about leaving drill marks on your door frames. It is also very sturdy; my husband and I both use it, and he weighs about 190.

    We also bought the optional wide bar, which I would recommend if you want to do wide-grip pullups. I'm doing P90X for the first time, and it's nice to have the variety of options that P90X calls for.

    Highly recommended! ...more info
  • Simple and Effective
    The door gym is sturdy, easy to put together, easy to put on your door frame, and doesn't move around. My only complaint and reason for 4 stars and not 5 is that you cannot adjust the position of the grips. Basically, you can't comfortably do all different kinds of pull-ups. It's a small gripe though, and a worthwhile product....more info
  • Quality item / average design
    The bar works as described and is a quality item.

    The problem comes when I want to vary my grip width, to do wide grip pullups. The bar does not have foam grips in that location (between the protruding handles and the end). I have to use weight lifting gloves to get any kind of grip in that location....more info
  • Pleased with the door gym
    My husband and I started the P90x work out and needed to get this in a hurry. It fits into a standard door way perfectly and is very stable. Different hand placements allow for diversified workouts. My only gripe is you can't go very wide (just b/c of the way it sits in the door). But, has not disappointed us since we've started using it....more info