Dallas - The Complete First and Second Seasons
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Studio: Warner Home Video Release Date: 09/12/2006 Run time: 1397 minutes Rating: Nr

Dallas: The Complete First and Second Seasons is an American equivalent to those British miniseries about historical chapters in that country's royal monarchy. Full of family in-fighting, political intrigue crossed with personal triumph or disappointment, and plenty of sensational infidelities and betrayals, Dallas is a captivating story of a wealthy oil family's power and travails. It is also uniquely fun and daringly absurd, albeit with a straight face; this hugely successful, primetime soap opera began in the late 1970s and ran 14 seasons in all, built on a handful of primary relationships that stretch credulity but never descend into self-parody.

Not unexpectedly, Dallas begins with a Romeo and Juliet tale that instantly exposes an old feud between two families and strips the civilized veneer from several major characters. Bobby Ewing (Patrick Duffy), youngest of three sons of independent oilman Jock Ewing (Jim Davis), arrives at the Ewing clan's Southfork ranch just outside Dallas, Texas, with a new wife, Pam Barnes Ewing (Victoria Principal). Pam is the daughter of Digger Barnes (David Wayne), an old business rival of Jock's and one-time suitor of the Ewing matriarch, Eleanor (or "Miss Ellie," played by Barbara Bel Geddes). Pam's also the sister of a state senator, Cliff Barnes (Ken Kercheval), whose vendetta against the Ewings is played out in the legislature, imposing costly regulations on their business and holding committee investigations into questionable practices of company president J.R. Ewing (Larry Hagman). Pam's status as the newest Ewing causes an uproar in the family (besides being a Barnes, she also dated the Ewings' genial but lonely foreman, Ray Krebbs, played by Steve Kanaly) and prompts Dallas' charming villain, J.R., to make many Iago-like attempts, over the first two seasons, to drive her from Bobby's arms. Pam has a different set of problems with the other, jealous Ewing women, including J.R.'s possibly barren and alcoholic wife, Sue Ellen (Linda Gray), and teenage Lucy (Charlene Tilton), daughter of exiled Ewing son Gary (Ted Shackleford). With new and old resentments flying and everyone deeply suspicious of everyone else's motives (even the ailing Jock doesn't trust J.R.), there's plenty of drama to chew on. Still, storylines are often larger than the sum of these parts, with lots of kidnappings, marital affairs, plane crashes, and shootings ratcheting up suspense. Dallas is pure pleasure, a little guilty, perhaps, but not a sin. --Tom Keogh

Customer Reviews:

  • Season 3 Announced
    According to TVShowsonDVD, the third season of Dallas will be released on Aug. 9th.
    ...more info
  • season 3 coming soon
    I really loved Dallas. I was just born when it started but fell in love with it even as a child. Just to let everyone know The good people at tvshowsondvd.com recently spoke with reps from Warner, and Warner has confirmed that "Dallas: The Complete Third Season" will be released "this summer."

    We heard it might be August. "Summer" sounds like it might be earlier. Probably wishful thinking on my part, but at least it's coming!

    Also, Warner is still considering whether they will release "Knots Landing" and "Falcon Crest."

    ...more info
  • I can't find the Soaptalk feature either
    I really enjoyed seeing these episodes as I didn't start watching Dallas till around 1981. It still holds up today 25 years later as a compelling drama - I love it.

    However I was really disappointed to not be able to locate the Soaptalk feature that was advertised on the cover. I note that Andy who is also from Australia where I am too couldn't find it either, so I have a horrible feeling the region 4 discs don't contain this. If they're going to make it available in Australia with the same packaging as the US advertising Soaptalk - then give us the whole lot! I feel cheated, I was really looking forward to this special feature....more info
  • Life on Southfork - Does it get any more interesting?
    These days I watch a lot of television, but that wasn't always the case. When I was growing up I watched very little television. Although Dallas premiered when I was only two years old, it ran for 13 years, well into my teenage years, but I never saw an episode of the show.

    Recently, however, I have become a fan of the primetime soap opera genre, thanks in large part to The O.C. and Dawson's Creek. I wanted to take a look at just where this genre came from and I needed to look no further than the first and second seasons of the CBS show Dallas.

    The sprawling story lines and characters that you love to hate make this show a great addition to my DVD collection.

    The first two seasons consist of 29 episodes. The first season was five episodes, originally run as a miniseries, and then a full complement of 24 episodes in season two. In those 29 episodes, you get all of the manipulating, back stabbing, drinking, cheating and shady business deals that you could possible need.

    The success of this show, in my mind, was built around the character of John Ross (JR) Ewing Jr., played to perfection by Larry Hagman. JR is the original character that everyone loves to hate. His sleaziness and strong-armed business tactics make him a dispicable person, but it is that quality that makes him a great television character.

    At the other end of the spectrum is Bobby Ewing, played by Patrick Duffy. He is JR's younger brother and tends to run the more honest side of the fence. He often has to go back and fix JR's problems and more than once serves as family mediator between JR and other members of the family. Of course, Bobby isn't without problems, as he marries Pamela Barnes, the daughter of his father's arch enemy, Digger Barnes. Played by Victoria Principal, Pamela is torn between her love for her husband and the committment to her family, namely her brother Cliff (Ken Kercheval) who is out to destroy the Ewing oil empire.

    The Ewing patriarch, John Ross (Jock) Ewing Sr. is played by Jim Davis. Formerly the head of Ewing Oil, he now spends his time running the family's ranch, Southfork. He is still involved in the business, but only when he thinks that his sons need straightening out. His wife Ellie (Barbara Bel Geddes) serves as the calming force in much of the show, keeping the family men on the sane side of the tracks (if that is possible). When Miss Ellie speaks, everyone listens.

    JR's wife Sue Ellen, played by Linda Gray, is a former Miss Texas who becomes pregnant during the second season with Cliff Barnes' baby, although JR still believes the child is his for most of the season. Sue Ellen's drinking leads her down a dangerous road and JR eventually makes a tough decision in the final few episodes of the season.

    Young Lucy Ewing (Charlene Tilton) is the beautiful daughter of the middle Ewing son, Gary, who no longer lives on Southfork. She finds trouble of her own throughout the seasons, as she becomes addicted to drugs, gets engaged to a gay man and even runs away at one point during the season. At the start of the show, she is in a "relationship" with the ranch foreman at Southfork, Ray Krebbs, played by Steve Kanaly.

    This show certainly has some over the top story lines, that are pretty unbelievable, but that is what often makes a soap opera what it is. This set is a great look at where the primetime soap opera really got its start. The dysfunctional family, questionabe business dealings and other myriad of problems are still prevalent in the genre to this day....more info
  • Dallas Junkie, the start of all night time drama to come!!!!
    I was so exctied when I received this. I quickly put it in my DVD player and watched the whole entire season 1 back to back. It brought back alot of memories. Some of the episodes I have not seen since they originally aired. I forgot how good the show was and the wrighting was way before it's time. It was funny to see how far technology has come. Like how no one on the show had a cell phone. I can't wait until season 3. Season 3-6 are probally some of the best. I hope they release Knots Landing soon on DVD. Dallas is a must for all great TV buffs the show changed the expectations of night time drama!!...more info
  • Are Some of the Episodes Edited?
    I just recently purchased the boxed set, and I have found that some of the episodes appear to be edited. I thought they were all supposed to be uncut? You know how it shows the highlights of the episode before it starts playing? Well, I have found that it will show some scenes in the highlights, but then later, as I'm watching the episode itself, the scene will not be included. Has anyone else noticed? If so, please write and let me know if there is any way that you can watch the entire episode with nothing left out. ...more info
  • Pure fun...Ewing style
    This DVD box set was an utter delight. I had not seen those old episodes in so many years. It was so fun to see the origins of all the memorable characters. It's all there for your viewing pleasure: The gruff Jock Ewing and dowdy Miss Ellie, the hilariously evil and womanizing J.R., the pathetic drunken Sue Ellen, the wonderful love story of martyr Pam and her dashing heroic Bobby, and the warped [and incestuous] coupling of randy Ray Krebbs and underaged Lucy. I had not remembered that Cliff Barnes started out as a normal and noble ambitious guy. The original Digger Barnes should have won an emmy for his comedic portrayal. I loved it all! I can't wait for the subsequent seasons! [Hopefully they'll add some commentary by Patrick Duffy, Victoria Principal, and Linda Gray to future installments.]...more info
  • It's About Time! Warner Brother's - Release them all soon!!
    I'm so glad this series is FINALLY out on DVD.

    Picture quality: Excellent (a few artifacts but the series is more than 25 years old! vut them some slack.)

    Sound: Excellent (as opposed to another reviewer, I had NO problems with having to adjust the volume between the index list and the episodes.)
    Extra's: I enjoyed listening to the commentary from David Jacobs, Larry Hagman and Charlene Tilton. It seems like they did have fun making the series and being together. (Most of the cast see each other regularly to this day, according to Larry Hagman).

    I did, though, long for commentary from Patrick Duffy which was absent from this DVD. Hopefully he will provide some in next installment season. (Patrick...please!!!) :-)

    The Soap Net interview extra was nice but the sound quality was odd. I had to turn up the volume to hear the actors and hosts (They were barely audible), but when I turned up the volume to hear them, the audience applause was deafening! It's like the shows sound people had the 20 microphones in the audience and none on stage with the actors/hosts!!!

    If anyone at Warner Brother's reads these: Please!!!!!-Release all 13 seasons along with the reunions "JR Returns" and "War of the Ewings" and the latest CBS reunion special (2004). I'll be one of the first in line to buy them all! And there are an army of fans who want them. Thnak you!...more info
  • Good Show!
    Unfortunately, I got seasons 3 & 4 in the mail before 1 & 2, so I started watching season 3 and now I'm completely hooked. All I can say is Dallas is more exciting to me now (being in my early 30s) than it was to me 25 yrs+ ago when it was actually on TV.
    My mom has just ordered seasons 5-7 for my birthday for me and told me to order season 8 when it comes out as well.
    The only downside to my watching Dallas is that my husband is a 49ers fan & he actually grew up watching Dallas and hates the theme song...lol.
    It's a good show, and I really like it....more info
  • All In The Family
    First of all just a few things to say about this:
    1. I was never a big fan of Dallas as a nighttime soap opera. I missed the first several seasons and like the rest of the world became familiar just before the "Who Shot JR?" episode.

    2. When this was on in primetime I always thought that the stories were dragged out to infinity. I would often miss 2-3 weeks of Dallas in a row and came back to find that nothing had changed.

    3. When I moved away from home for several years I had no TV of my own and didn't really keep up with the show past 1985. This is about the time that Sue Ellen finds Dusty and JR finds Mandy. I remember finding this kind of stupid that after all of their marital problems apparently they had chose to have an open marriage, in which they each were free to fool around as openly as they liked. I remember the Ewing Rodeo which portrayed Sue Ellen and JR, despite being married each bringing separate dates. See Jump The Shark if you don't understand my point.

    4. After being away from home, I finally got my first TV and found out that Dallas had been canceled by this time. No big deal to me just was curious as to how it had ended.

    5. Later on I was finally able to afford cable. This was about the time that Dallas was shown twice a day on TNN. The daily showings only emphasized what I thought in the first place. The endless continued episodes and then many story lines are resolved ridiculously. I began watching on TNN sometime shortly before they introduced us to Jamie Ewing.

    6. When TNN got to the end of the episodes, of course they began the whole series. I can't tell you what a relief it was to see storylines that actually made sense and could be resolved in 60 minutes as compared to the endless episodes with Jamie Ewing, Jack Ewing, Jeremy Wendell, Casey Denault, James Beaumont, Michelle Stevens, April Stevens, Wes Parmalee, Jenna Wade, Naldo, Carter McKay and family, and the queen bitch of them all Susan Lucci.

    7. The last season was amongst the dumbest story lines ever put on the air, so that when the series started all over at the beginning it like a breath of fresh air.

    8. A bit of irony is that the special feature segment has Hagman, Duffy, Linda Gray and Charlene Tilton as guests on a talk show where they are being welcomed to Soapnet. I watched the series on Soapnet and had yet another similar experience beginning my viewing shortly before the Dusty enters or something and ending up thanking God that the last season was over and we could start over again. After showing the first 2 seasons or so on Soapnet beginning July 2008. It was cancelled because of contractual BS or something.

    9. This is my favorite season of Dallas, before any body shot anybody, before cliffhangers, and storylines that moved as slow as molasses and seemed incoherent enough to have been written by a fifth grader.

    10. Despite numerous complaints about the quality of the transfer I see absolutely nothing wrong with it.

    11. Petty criticism may be but I could've lived without at least 2 characters. The "Garnet McGee" story seemed pointless firstly because whoever played the character can't sing and during the segments where she is trying to sing, she actually sounds like she is trying not to break out laughing. I have seen better talent in a karaoke bar and we have to listen to an hour of the Ewings singing her praises when she is clearly not worthy. The "Guzzler" character is such an obvious freeloading crook that Ray Charles could have seen it and we have to take the time feel sorry and pointlessly so for this loser.

    12. This is before it became popular and before anybody shot JR or Bobby and is hugely entertaining as $21.95 for 29 episodes of TV viewing is still pretty good bang for the buck and since you don't have the continued stories except for a couple, you can watch them and skip over the episodes you don't like such as the ones I just named. This ends at about the time John Ross is born after Sue Ellen has a car wreck after running away from the sanitarium
    ...more info
  • Great DVD for the Dallas fan
    I received this DVD set for my birthday and love it. I was so
    excited that the first two seasons were released. If you know a Dallas fan, this would be an excellent gift. I'm looking forward to future releases. I'll buy them all....more info
  • Trash TV at its very best!
    I wasn't even born yet when these episodes originally aired, but I used to watch the later seasons on Friday nights as a kid. So when the first and second seasons came out on DVD, I figured I'd give them a try.
    This is such great bad TV. There is nothing on TV like this anymore, what with a million reality shows and lame sitcoms. "Dallas" has a great Montague/Capulet-style family feud between the rich Ewings and the poor Barneses. When Bobby Ewing (TV's Patrick Duffy) and Pamela Barnes (Victoria Principal) get married, all hell breaks loose. Larry Hagman as the evil genius brother J.R. is probably the best "bad guy" on television, and Linda Gray as the alcoholic former beauty queen keeps getting more and more depraved as the episodes roll on. Jim Davis is appropriately gruff and grizzled as the patriarch of the clan.
    The editing, music, fashion and dialogue on this show is seriously priceless, partly because of the twenty-odd years that has passed, but also because of the pure shamelessness of it all. This is completely entertaining and engrossing--I can't wait for season three and the whole "Who Shot J.R.?" saga to begin!
    Even if you've never watched "Dallas", there's nothing airing today that remotely compares to this quintessential example of trash TV--highly recommended!...more info
  • Dallas DVD 1 & 2nd Season
    This was ordered as a christmas gift and I was very pleased to have received it in plenty time. The dvd's were received as described; excellent condition (new). Will check this seller when the 8th season becomes available....more info
  • Jam Packed Set
    Wow! 29 episodes, all uncut, PLUS the Soap Talk thing - If only the Star Trek sets had this much on them and were priced this good!! Sure pays to be a Dallas fan, I gotta say.

    This is the perfect set to give someone if they (like myself) love to have DVD marathons in their living room. Bring on seasons three & four so I can get my fix of the "Who Shot JR?" story!

    Okay, the commentary was kind of a snooze if you ask me, but better than nothing and I didn't know that the guy who created this wanted Knots Landing to be the first show CBS bought. David Jacobs also talked about working for a show in the 70s called Family - haven't seen that one in years!

    Hey, Warner Brothers, if you release Family and Knots Landing on disc, I WILL BUY THEM TOO!

    Love it! Want more! NOW!!!...more info
  • Why, oh why, don't they make 'em like this anymore?
    I went back and forth about buying this for days---fifty bucks!---but finally plunked down the dough and as soon as that famous "Dallas" music started rolling in on the first episode I was glad I did. In fact I was thrilled. I'd forgotten how good this show was! "Dallas" has been gone for years, and what pops into your head when you think about it now is the bad stuff, the shower/dream episode, all the cast changes, the mess that "Dallas" became in the late 1980's. Well, most TV shows that last a long time (14 seasons) don't end anywhere near their best, and "Dallas" is no exception. But the nice thing about releasing shows like this on DVD is that you can choose to remember it in its brilliant early form by only buying those years.

    Seasons one (a 5-episode mini-series, actually) and two (24 regular episodes) are EXCELLENT! The characters were fully developed from the first moment: J.R. was a gleeful schemer with no morals whatsoever to slow him down, Sue Ellen was Lady MacBeth lite, Jock was a tough straight-talker, Bobby was a slightly naive but increasingly savvy man with a conscience, Pam was...the most gorgeous human being on television, frankly, but also an interesting character in her own right, a middle-class girl with an alcoholic father (David Wayne of "Adam's Rib" fame) who made the big time and has to constantly defend herself against accusations of social climbing. The show was a one-hour blast of great melodrama, entertaining and fun, its multiple storylines taking off in crazy directions that carried on for weeks at a time, setting the stage for the likes of "Dynasty", "ER" and even "Seinfeld".

    Plunk down the 50 bucks. You won't be disappointed....more info
    Over & over & over. Let Linda Grays portrayal, of the drunken, pathetic, vulnerable character, Sue Ellen Ewing, be reason ALONE to get this boxed set. Watch her get into arguments with pretty Pamela over and over. Watch her get slapped by J.R. Watch her get thrown into a sanitarium, where she clobbers a statue over a nurses head to escape, buy more booze, crash her car, and give birth to hers and J.R'S? baby, ALL in season one! ...more info
  • The Best TV Show Ever!
    I was very pleased with my purchase of Dallas Seasons 1-2. I love all the episodes. I didn't like the fourth episode of Season 1, "Winds of Vengeance." I never have liked any episode of any series when my favorite characters are in trouble and made to something against their will. I didn't like in Winds of Vengeance when Sue Ellen was made to sing in front of the family in a bathing suit while the bad man held a gun on her. I never did like that scene. Sue Ellen didn't deserve that. In Season 2, my favorite episode was when Sue Ellen took it upon herself and escaped from the prison JR put her in, the sanitarium. But it was sad when Sue Ellen was drinking, pregnant and crashed into the pole. All in all, I would recommend this DVD set to anyone who loves Dallas....more info
  • Yay DALLAS!!!
    I absolutely love DALLAS!!!!!! This was the first time I had ever seen it but my parents used to watch it before I was born. I cannot wait for the next seasons to come out even though we still have a few more episodes to go in this set. This is the best show I have ever seen!!! It is better than anything that is on TV. I still like Gilmore Girls but it does not compare to DALLAS!!!!! I really hope they release the next seasons soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)...more info
  • J.R. Ewing for president...!
    The most intriguing prime time television show in history, Dallas burst onto the scene in the late 1970's - becoming a mainstay of CBS Friday night programming for over thirteen years. But it took a few episodes for America to become entranced with J.R. Ewing (Larry Hagman), the television villain everyone loves, and the season one DVD box set delivers every one of them.

    Dallas follows the exploits of the powerful Ewing family and their fascination with power, oil, and day-to-day luxury. Dallas is one television show that is a "must see" for any prime time soap opera aficionado. The complete first and second seasons cover 29 episodes of oil leases, Texas ranching, love affairs, and the inner-workings of the elite social circles of late 1970's Dallas, including the first several episodes (when the show was supposed to center around the life of Pam Barnes and her entry into the Ewing family as an outsider) - needless to say, the show was later dominated by the personality of J.R. Ewing...

    Episode 1 (Digger's Daughter)
    Episode 2 (Lessons)
    Episode 3 (Spy in the House)
    Episode 4 (Winds of Vengeance)
    Episode 5 (Barbecue)
    Episode 6 (Reunion Part One)
    Episode 7 (Reunion Part Two)
    Episode 8 (Old Acquaintance)
    Episode 9 (Bypass)
    Episode 10 (Black Market Baby)
    Episode 11 (Double Wedding)
    Episode 12 (Runaway)
    Episode 13 (Election)
    Episode 14 (Survival)
    Episode 15 (Act of Love)
    Episode 16 (Triangle)
    Episode 17 (Fallen Idol)
    Episode 18 (Kidnapped)
    Episode 19 (Home Again)
    Episode 20 (For Love or Money)
    Episode 21 (Julie's Return)
    Episode 22 (The Red File Part One)
    Episode 23 (The Red File Part Two)
    Episode 24 (Sue Ellen's Sister)
    Episode 25 (Call Girl)
    Episode 26 (Royal Marriage)
    Episode 27 (The Outsiders)
    Episode 28 (John Ewing III Part One)
    Episode 29 (John Ewing III Part Two)

    The DVD Report...more info