Canon BCI-6 Black/Color Ink Tank 8-Pack Set
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Our Price: $64.95

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Product Description

Canon has poured all the Know How of its extraordinary history of developing innovative office machines into each of its copiers, printers, and networked office systems. The same superiority of design and manufacture goes into all of the Canon-branded consumable imaging supplies and parts for this equipment. Naturally, no one makes better parts and supplies for Canon products than Canon. Using genuine Canon parts and supplies is your best insurance against equipment damage, and possibly voiding your equipment warranty.

Need ink for your Canon i9900 photo printer? This eight-pack of individual ink tanks offers all the colors you'll need. It includes one each of the following:

  • BCI-6Bk Black Ink Tank
  • BCI-6C Cyan Ink Tank
  • BCI-6G Green Ink Tank
  • BCI-6M Magenta Ink Tank
  • BCI-6PC Photo Cyan Ink Tank
  • BCI-6PM Photo Magenta Ink Tank
  • BCI-6R Red Ink Tank
  • BCI-6Y Yellow Ink Tank
  • Compatible with Canon i9900 photo printer
  • 8 individual color ink tanks support Canon's 8-color print system
  • Black, cyan, photo cyan, green, magenta, photo magenta, red, and yellow ink tanks
  • Easy-to-install design
  • Quality results from genuine Canon ink

Customer Reviews:

  • Great, but Pricing is HIGH
    I'll keep this short. The inks are great but not worth the price - unless you are soley printing pictures. Stick with the generics. They last longer and cost less. ...more info
  • Best deal
    Most people who own Canon printers will want to use ink that is also made by Canon. If you have paid the price for an Canon I9900 Photo Printer with 8-color Ink System or any other printer that uses these 8 inks, it is especially unlikely that you would spend so much money only to buy cheap generic ink that will seriously degrade the quality of your prints. When buying the individual ink cartridges, you typically get either a very small discount or none at all. This package, on the other hand, comes at a substantial discount that makes buying it a virtual "no-brainer." The one qualifier I would add is that it may not be worth the money if you aren't doing much printing and are only low on one or two cartridges. Eventually, you might use these up but in the meantime you may not wish to tie up the money if the other cartridges won't be needed for months at a time. ...more info
  • Genuine canon ink is the way to go
    After my original set was used up on my 9900, I tried a non-Canon brand set. It worked fine, so I tried another - gradually my 9900 started to have all kinds of different issues with getting colors correct on photo prints. I tried head cleaning, deep head cleaning, etc. I tried a fresh set of off brand inks, same issues. I was worried maybe there was something wrong with my 9900! So, I bit the bullet an bought real Canon inks (this set) and viola! everything works fine again.

    My recommendation - stick to the real thing!
    ...more info
  • Probably the best deal around, if your printer needs an 8-pack
    Those of us who've used a i950 don't need to be told that they drink ink like... I don't know... like how a thirsty something drinks water. In my case, this has been a good incentive to think twice before I go to print anything. Now, this set is a true price break from what I was used to. I don't really need an 8-pack but I did get one once, by mistake and I had no problem with the i950, I just ended up with 2 extra cartridges.

    It's low price, free shipping... if this was a grocery item, I'd probably set it up as an Amazon subscription. If anyone is aware of a better deal anywhere - it's got to be genuine Canon ink - please leave a comment to this review and I will be more than grateful....more info
  • Canon BCI-6 Black and Color Ink Tanks
    Everything as described, the price was excellent and shipped quickly. Amazon came through again, never disappointed me yet....more info
  • Good color, runs out fast
    I love my Cannon i9900 printer, but it's amazing how quickly the ink runs out. These ink tanks don't seem empty when the printer says they are unusable, but continuing to use them supposedly damages the printer. It's frustrating to throw away a used tank when it still looks 1/4 full....more info
  • canonbci6 8 pack
    The product was very good. I knew what I was ordering, had used it several times before....more info
  • great product! love this ink!
    these inks are the best around, they are the real deal, no fakes~ i love them!...more info
  • Genuine Canon Ink
    I've purchased discount inks before for my Canon i9900 but these caused the printer heads to clog. Very worried I ruined the printer. Have went back to using real Canon inks and have never had a problem since. The real inks are more expensive but the good news is that the price has dropped over the past couple of years and the inks usually qualify for free shipping at Amazon which is a plus....more info
  • Just Great!
    Even though my Cannon i9900 drinks this stuff, it's the only product you should buy if you want high quality pictures and no hassles with the imitations or refills......more info
  • canon ink
    have had trouble with generics before, now stick to the real thing.
    this set comes at a good price...more info
  • Fast delivery and Canon product
    I ordered several packs for a project. The order arrived in about 1 week well packaged and genuine Canon products. As many of you have stated, there is nothing better than the original Canon products for serious printing of which I would have to agree. I would use Amazon again for their quick and discounted prices....more info
  • 8 pack = money saved
    The 8 pack saves you money!

    If you have a Canon i9900 like I do it's the best way to stock up on ink. Sure you have to by individual tanks sometimes but for the most part the 8 pack is the way to go. With free shipping and bulk pricing you can't get genuine canon ink for much less.

    I know buying online is cheaper than driving around and trying to find the right ink at the store.
    ...more info
  • Canon BCI-6 Inks
    I have been using Canon inks ever since I've had my i9900. They have worked flawlessly. The price and service with Amazon remains the best ever....more info
  • canon ink
    Canon ink for my Canon i9900 printer I bought here in Amazon for the cheapest price on the internet...more info
  • The correct ink
    The Canon Pixma pro i9000 gets thursty after a few 13X19's and this is just the right beverage at a reasonable cost. A++++...more info
  • Original Canon color cartridges
    This item was exactly as described on the web site. I would definitly recommend these ink cartridges as replacements for the Canon i9900 printer....more info
  • Best price I've found on Geniune Canon Inks
    The price on this combo pack beats anything I have found anywhere - by a long margin - period. Buying individual inks typically is $11-13 a pop. Here you get 8 for less than $70. No-brainer.

    If you have a printer which takes this type of ink you are probably serious about your photos and aren't interested in trusting them to third party ink manufacturers.

    Do yourself a favor and pick up this package now. You'll save a lot quickly if you do any kind of volume or large format printing. ...more info
  • Excellent Value
    I have a Canon i9900 printer, which I love, and always use this ink. It is SO much cheaper to buy the set than the individual tanks. It always arrives quickly and is super easy to install in my printer. I would highly recommend this ink set.
    ...more info
  • Economical if you can use most colors
    The multi-pack represents an economical way to purchase one of each ink color if you can use them fairly quickly (within a few months) after breaking the outside seal. Unfortunately printing photos uses little of some colors, like green, while going through numerous cartridges of other colors, like photo cyan. I wish Canon offered multi-packs of the colors we use quickly, and at a similar savings....more info
  • Great price!
    I used to order the tanks from another supplier but Amazon has the cheapest price for it!...more info
  • Results
    I have never tried anything except this product. The results are far superior to any other brand, that I have seen. Friends and neighbors, have a variety of different brand name, photo printers, and my prints are consistantly more vibrant. I even won a ribbon at the County Fair, using my canon i9900 printer with canon inks, competing against mostly photo's, printed by proffessional printers. ...more info
  • Canon Ink
    Amason is the only place where I can find the 8 pack of the BCI-6 ink, this is great and you don't have to hunt down the other two colors when the stores only offer the 6 pack. ...more info
  • Most economical way to buy Canon inks
    I haven't found a cheaper way to buy Canon ink carts for my i9900 printer. I just won't use 3rd party inks for my prints, some of which I use to create cards which I sell. I have printed hundreds of prints with the i9900/BCI-6 and have NEVER had any plugging or printer problems due to inks. I just hope that this package deal will continue for those of us committed to this particular printer/cartridge technology....more info
  • right ink for the right price
    for a re-ink good product,although it is not oem,good product for the price,now about re-cycling???????...more info
  • Printer Manufacturer's Inks
    I know it costs more to buy ink from the actual printer manufacturers. I get email offers all the time to buy third party inks, and I've tried them in the past. It is more convenient and reassuring to know my printer is running on the ink that it was designed to run with....more info
  • Couldn't ask for a better deal!
    I usually purchase this set at least once or twice a year. It is such a good deal. You are getting genuine Canon ink. With my previous printer, I had bought cartridges with the "compatible" ink....and ruined the printer. Now I stick to the genuine stuff. These cartridges are anywhere from $10.99 to $12.99 in my local community, so to get these for less than $10 per cartridge is quite the deal.

    There are colors which are used up much faster than others, such as the PC and PM and black. I end up going down to a local store and shelling out the bigger bucks.

    Wish they would also sell multi packs of the individual colors at these prices! ...more info
  • It's alive!
    I spent a couple of years using CarrotInk substitute inks(cause it's much cheaper) and had constant printing problems. Printed fine on plain paper, but in goes photo paper and the print comes out discolored and all around horrible. I was blaming my printer! Finally, I decided to see what would happen if I just shell out the dough and get the Canon inks.

    In they go. Out go beautiful, sharp, color-rich prints. I wanted to slap myself for not doing this a long time ago!

    This ink was worth every penny....more info
  • Excellent cartridges for an excellen printer!!
    When I bought my Canon i9900 I expected great quality, and I wasn't dissapointed. However, I did not think I could get such a great deal with the ink cartridges. The 8-pack is well priced and arrives in a flash if you buy it from Amazon Prime. Also the ink cartridges are the longer lasting one I've ever seen, except for the yellow and black, which deplete first. Anyway I am impressed because I am a Graphic Design student and I print A LOT, and I was going broke with my previous HP photo printer. Get the i9900 and this ink pack and you'll not be dissapointed!!...more info
  • Great ink at a horrible price
    Thank God I could find this stuff for 2/3 the price on Amazon. Even then, it breaks the bank. Cartridges (especially PC and PM) disappear quickly. AND.. they charge more for the PC and PM cartridges!
    Oh well, business as usual I guess.
    It's good ink....more info
  • Wouldn't use anything else in my Canon i9900 printer
    I create images for resale in an art gallery, so I am very focused on the quality of my prints. I have been using Canon inks, paper and printers exclusively for four years and the BCI-6 (8-pack) with my i9900 since Jan/06. The quality of the colors is exceptional and the images are indistinguishable from high-quality photographs created in a wet lab. I would never use any other ink with my Canon printers....more info
  • Canon BCI .....INKS.
    I've been buying these canon inks for many years......the color is,(with the correct settings on your desktop monitor and printer)outstanding!

    Look for 6 or 8 pkt. for best will get through the CYAN, MAGENTA, YELLOW and BLACK inks faster than the others, so if you see a pkt. of these on sale grab them as well. My only complaint.....when the ink tank runs still looks like it has a lot of ink left in the 'felt' part of the tank.....wish I could squeeze that out and use it too!!

    Don't buy the fake tanks that claim to be as good as Canon....I've tried them....and they're NOT!!

    HAPPY PRINTING!!...more info
  • Canon 8-pack
    I like being able to buy all 8 colors in one package and getting a discount. However, I would like to be able to buy an 8 pack with just photo magenta and photo cyan. Those two get used up at about 2-3 as fast as black, yellow, cyan and magenta and about 6-8 times as fast as red and green....more info
  • Always use Canon Ink
    I work in computer repair, and it is always best to use the company ink. Frequent use of refills or offbrands can cause print head damage. And if you switch back and forth from Original ink to offbrands/refills, you can see a drop in color quality. I have seen a few printers come in where the ink heads were blocked because people were using inferior inks. They may be cheaper, but in the long run usually means having to get a new printer faster. Not so bad if you are buying a $60 dollar printer, but costly if your printer is $400....more info
  • Excellent Product, Excellent Price
    All Canon Ink products have performed great in my two Canon printers. The 8-pack is a very economical way to purchase the full set and I supplement it with individual ink tanks as needed, as some have higher usage than others.

    I have been very pleased with Canon inks, especially their anti-clogging properties when my printers are not used for months at a time. ...more info