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Nero 6 Ultra Edition lets you store and edit your digital audio and video files, quickly and effectively. Archive your song collection in MP3 format, turn home video into high-quality DVDs, or backup critical personal data. Personalize homemade DVDs - Add new content, change, subtitles - and preview in real-time Now including Nero PhotoShow Express - Organize, manage, edit, capture, make musical slideshows - and share them online

  • CD/DVD burning suite with a complete set of media tools
  • All-in-one solution to data, audio, video, photo, and backup
  • Make a photo CD, slide show, or DVD from home videos
  • Playback digital media files; archive song collection in MP3
  • Backup personal data; legally recode DVDs

Customer Reviews:

  • Solves my problems.. with a few warts...
    Like many other reviewers here, I bought Nero because of frustration. I'm not a computer neophyte, but I don't want to struggle for hours in order to do something simple (like copy files onto a DVD writer). I don't really want to learn 900 new terms. I just want to accomplish certain things that ought to be easy.

    After I installed my new DVD writer (a Plextor, which I love), I had a whole raft of software--old Roxio that only worked with one drive and a new copy that only worked with the Plextor with CD media and... well, a whole raft of software lurking on my machine and wanting to own every DVD inserted into either DVD drive. Ick.

    I tried them all and couldn't get the drive to be recognized or various conflicts between various bits of software to be resolved. Was it the media? The drive? The USB cable? What's up? Why is this so *hard*?!?

    It was really hard to select a product to fix this, since they all promise the moon, but based on reading the fine print and crossing all fingers and some toes, I purchased this product.

    The good news: it works and most of the pieces are really easy to use. It copies the DVDs made from our video camera. It saves files to disc. It can get the 4x performance my drive can deliver. It can record Video CDs of my photos for the relatives. It works!

    The bad news: there's a whole raft of software in the collection and some of it is of doubtful utility. Some of the programs are harder to use than they should be (but not crack-the-manual difficult to figure out). And the user interface is the ever-so-annoying all graphical flavor.

    Finally, and this almost certainly doesn't apply to you, I run my computer in another language (usually Japanese and sometimes French). The install CD and software complain bitterly that they don't support running in "the current language" (and then fire up in English and work perfectly) and some portions display in one or another language (I can live with that).

    Otherwise... the tasks I wasted days trying to accomplish with other software takes the appropriate number of minutes with this product. I recommend it strictly on the basis that "it works"!...more info
  • Neero
    after purchasing Nero, I could not get any back up, after many tries I stopped using the sofware and delete any advertising I recieve on my Computer....more info
  • Warning: You can't make video DVD's with this package!
    Nero 6 Ultra Edition is a software suite that alledgedly does many things. It supposedly allows you to create, edit and burn audio and video discs, make multimedia slideshows, create backups, and create labels for your discs. I bought it to transfer my VHS tapes to DVD, so I haven't tried to do every it claims to do. The things I have tried haven't worked. It either crashes or freezes. I haven't been able to capture video to my hard drive, nor have I been able to even open a video file. Nero 6 Ultra Edition is unable to do even the most elementary of video tasks.

    The first item in the software suite I tried to use was "NeroVision" to capture my video and write it to the hard drive. You cannot even open the software successfully. When you launch the program, the standard Windows dialog box pops up and says, "NeroVision.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience." I didn't get anywhere with this function.

    Next, I tried to use Nero to create a DVD using an already existing video file. This time the software opened without a snag. But when I tried to open the video file, the software froze and I had to hit ctrl+alt+delete to shut it down.

    This was not a scaled-down version of the software that came bundled with a DVD burner. This was the full software package purchased at a computer store. The update files that I downloaded from the Nero web site did not resolve any of the problems I encountered.

    Maybe the other functions work. Maybe you can make elaborate and impressive audio CD's. Maybe it's a great back-up package. Maybe it easily copies DVD's. I can't say. What I can tell you for sure is that you cannot make video DVD's using Nero 6 Ultra Edition. You can't even get past the first step of launching the software. I have never purchased software from a reputable company that worked this poorly....more info
  • So easy to use!
    After struggling with another media program I decided to try out Nero 6 Ultra Edition. Fortunately it was exactly what I was looking for. It contains everything you need to get started editing, converting, and burning video and music files. I'm a complete amateur when it comes to video editing, and I found Nero 6 Ultra Edition extremely easy and simple to use. Nothing complicated, only a few easy steps and you've converted and burned your media files! The Nero player that comes with the program also comes in very handy. It plays most types of files so you don't have to worry about finding, downloading other media players.

    Don't know much about video editing? I suggest you check out Nero 6 Ultra Edition....more info
  • The Best Yet!!!
    This has been by far the best software I have ever used....more info
  • Useless
    I bought this product & spent a $100.00 CND and it was a waste of my money. I wouldn't recommend this product to any of my friends....more info
  • Rip Off
    This product was only a means by which you had to purchase other modules in order to make use of the item. This was not the advertised $89.00 version. I was very dissatisfied with this worthless bait and switch....more info
  • Buggy buggy buggy!
    Nero used to be great. I just ask it to do the basic job of
    burning CD-Rs and DVD-Rs. Now it won't even do that consistently!

    And for some reason the data verification algorithm doesn't seem to work properly either!

    Avoid this software until it improves significantly!...more info
  • Best in Class
    Have been using Nero for over two years. Never had a problem with it. It is some of the easiest software of any type to use. Love the free and regular updates. Briefly tried Roxio. There is no comparison. Nero is well worth the money....more info
  • Overpriced and buggy
    I used to like the old Nero Burning Rom package -- Nero's strength is burning, and (sad to say) its weakness is everything else. The latest Nero 6 Ultra Edition is priced quite high, still buggy, and its functionality is surprisingly limited. Basically you get piece after piece of weakly functional software, most of it working OK but none of it very useful (except Burning ROM and Express). The GUI is very flashy, but the functionality really isn't there. In the end, the feeling is that you've cluttered your hard drive with a huge bunch of programs you'll probably never use, and that you've wasted your money.

    Nero has gone in the wrong direction, in my opinion. They should go back to what they're good at: Burning. Ditch the "kitchen sink" approach, sell the base Nero Burning ROM package and price it at half its current cost. Focus on that and they'll have a winner....more info
  • Blaze Audio is much better
    I've been a user of both Roxio Easy CD Creator and Nero 6 Ultra, and both of these products have severe limitations that make them inferior for anything but your basic burning of tracks to CDs. If you want a product that rips, edits, and burns CDs with lots of options and ease of use, then you can really do no better than get Blaze Audio. Blaze Audio is a fully functional integrated program with many professional features. For example, there are no limits in mixing. In Easy CD Creator, for example, you are limited to a maximum 30-second mix between tracks. There is no such arbitrary limitation with Blaze Audio. As a matter of fact, with Blaze Audio you can stick one track inside another by just pointing your mouse to the location in the tract you want to insert the other tract, press mix, select the other track, and voila, there it is. Nothing could be easier. Blaze Audio also has equalizing, normalizing, volume control, and all the features you could wamt in a rip and burn CD program. I no longer use Easy CD Creator or Nero. Blaze Audio is so much easier to use than the other two and I unhesitatingly recommend Blaze Audio highly over both Easy CD Creator and Nero. Yes, Nero is better than Easy CD Creator, but even Nero doesn't compare to what Blaze Audio has to offer. The people at Blaze Audio obviously know what they're doing and have designed a program that is both full-featured and intuitively easy to use....more info
  • Very, very buggy...
    This is one of the buggiest set of applications for burning DVDs I have ever used.

    Ahead software used to put out the best burning software on the market when CD-R was the big thing. Now that DVD burning is in, what has happened to Nero? I spent $50 on this? A program that hangs every single time I try to make a DVD? There is no way anyone should have to pay $1.29 for technical support for a product like this.

    Want to make menus for a home DVD? Forget it, the app will hang every time. Want to simply burn a data DVD? Forget it. Feel like getting burned out of $50, then buy this. Trust me, you will regret it.

    Buyer beware - once you open it, no store will allow you to return it. I'm actually going to call my credit card company and see if they can help. You should be ashamed Ahead software....more info
  • NERO 6.6 has hijacked my computer!
    I bought an external SONY DVD Drive (VRD-MC1) that only works with NERO (provided in a CD). I proceeded to install NERO 6.6 which required that I uninstall any competing software like ROXIO. I proceeded accordingly and completed the installation of NERO. I started to have problems with several programs and data files for no apparent reason. I have been struggling with the problem for months. Finally, I discover that NERO has changed the file "type" of many programs totally unrelated to NERO. Therefore, several programs do not work, like PALM 5.1, where ALL the data files have a new extension type: "NeroMediaPlayer media files".
    I will appreciate anyone's help. ...more info
  • Great Product - Truly all in one media package
    I have used this product for about a week and thrilled by this. I had sonic MyDVD which came along with the DVD drive and failed to burn any DVD. This one right out of the box, worked like magic. great layout in the smartStart screens. It has so many features that I am still trying figure out what all I can do with this. The utility tools they have added to see the properties of the DVD drive, media and the system is just great and a lot helpful....more info
  • It's ok, but it won't do Vista.
    Nero 6 was ok for me, but i had to upgrade to Nero 7 for to use it on Vista. It's good software, & u can find lots of uses 4 it....more info
  • Nero6
    I was disappointed in this purchase. the visual made me believe I was receiving a product in the original box. But I only received the CD in an envelope....more info
  • don't believe the hype
    Try MyDVD instead. Fork out for a professional editing suite. Take up golf. But don't bother with this mish mash. Everything is promised; NOTHING is delivered. I've spent months with this and burned nothing to disk yet. I have spent more on wasted media getting nowhere with this software, way more than the software cost. Tech support is a joke. Slow beyond belief. You email them, they email you the next day. Unless of course you emailed after tea or on the weekend or some other time that might actually suit YOU. Their solutions (usually amounting to no more than uninstall/reinstall) don't work. You email them again. If you're lucky, they email you back. Can you imagine how many steps there could be to arriving at a solution? Now double or triple that figure. And that's how many days it could take to get this thing going. I still haven't and I've been at it for a month. I wonder if anyone gets it working? Only reason I gave it 1 star is because there's no way to give it a big fat zero....more info
    I run a older version of Nero software. It is still upgradeable (according to them). I bought one of their plugin pkgs (downloaded). I installed it and it promptly broke my Nero version to the point I had to uninstall both the new pkg and my Nero version and then completely reinstall the previous Nero pkg.

    I got NO help from their customer support.

    I GOT A REFUSAL to refund my money.

    So, BEWARE, you might get screwed too....more info
  • NERO Isn't
    I thought that, as a classically trained musician and computer systems engineer, it was time to take my music collection to the next level and go digital. Based on everything that I had heard, I thought I would try Nero. It turns out that everything I heard isn't. It isn't simple, reliable or easy to use. And All-In-One is blatant false advertising unless you're prepared to fork out even more money to get all of the features turned on.

    Don't believe the hype (which seems to have made it's way all the way down into the "user" reviews). Nero is a jumble of poorly defined programs with overlapping functionality (or lack there of) and useless documentation to help wade through the mess. It lacks a lot of useful and user friendly features found in freeware. The more advanced features either don't work (DVD) or are expensive add-ons (MP3).

    Use Windows Media Player, ITunes or a free version of Roxio and save yourself $83....more info
  • Nero 6 ! - FOUND THE SECRET to burning ALL CD's...!
    I am a software tech- After trying "several" CD burning software programs with BAD results!- I finally figured I was doing something wrong. I was!
    It took me hours of browsing and testing to finally get the solution! I will share my secrets with you for only $29.95 (just funning you!)!
    If new to this, you should print this "advanced" procedure (File/Print...)!
    I really LOVE Nero 6 ultra OEM NOW! InCD allows you to use CDRW, just like a hard drive!-
    1. Nero "MUST" be installed with anti-virus & anti-spyware... disabled! For that matter it is best to disable ALL programs for ALL installs! This is called a "clean install".-
    a. To disable all...- Start/Run/msconfig (in box)/Selective Startup (dot)/Remove check from "Load Startup Group Items" only, Apply/Close/Restart. (When done with installs...- reverse procedure & put dot in "Normal Startup"... (no anti-virus..., don't browse!) (You may have to go to the msconfig Startup folder, and put a check next to your "add on" firewall...))
    2. Install the Nero suite.../ restart.
    3. Install InCD/ restart. Install any others, with a restart after EVERY install (do this "IMMEDIATELY", with ALL program installs/uninstalls, not just Nero (XP "loves" restarts!))!
    4. Go to the /Downloads/Updates... NERO website, and download the LARGE updates (84.9mb total). I only needed 1,2,3 & 5 (CD only)). (You can do this prior to Nero install, and save them to a folder..., or Run..., after installs).
    a. Install updates one at a time, "top down", with a Restart after each!
    5. When all done- Go back to 1a, reverse msconfig procedure, and do a "Normal Startup"... DONE with Nero installation!

    NOW! for the trick when burning/reading... ALL CDS's/DVD's...!-
    When you THINK you are done (long wait...)your system probably has not finalized! Only one way to be sure!-
    1. STOP "MANUALLY" ejecting your CD's...!, for EVERYTHING (reads... too!)...!!!
    a. Go to My Computer/Explorer..., and "RIGHT" click on the CD drive... icon.
    a. Now LEFT click on Eject. If it is done, the system will open the tray & Eject it. If not, you will get a warning msg!
    2. When burning... with NERO, ALWAYS put a check in "Verify", and choose a slower write speed (I use 36x). For InCD- RIGHT click on INCD icon (next to the clock, only place you will find it)- select "Advanced format options", and "Open format dialog")...
    ENJOY!...more info