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Pure Komachi by Kai 6 1/2 Inch Stainless-Steel Vegetable Santoku Knife
List Price: $25.00

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Product Description

It may have a cute, color-coded exterior, but this new knife boasts some serious technology. Packed with personality and performance, this allover green Santoku is best suited for preparing fruits and vegetables. The high-carbon stainless steel blade provides a razor sharp edge, while a fluorinated resin coating keeps food from sticking during preparation and helps resist bacteria for super-hygienic cooking. Limited lifetime warranty.

Measuring 6-1/2 inches in length, the straight-edged blade of Komachi¡¯s santoku knife comfortably chops, dices, and slices produce of any variety. Slice fresh pineapple and melons, shred cabbage, or julienne carrots for your favorite stir fry. The knife hides a whimsical, fish-shaped cutout beneath its handle.

This unique collection--by renowned blade manufacturer KAI in Seki City, Japan--offers practical kitchen cutlery in cheerful colors. Durable, high-carbon, stainless-steel blades featuring a fluorinated-resin coating offer hygienic food handling. The lightweight knife does not have a bolster but feels balanced thanks to the full tang. Clear, Ionomer-resin handles in coordinating hues are ergonomically designed and fit comfortably in hand. Made in Japan and measuring 11-1/4 by 2 by 3/4 inches overall, this vegetable knife is dishwasher-safe but hand washing is recommended. -- Amy Arnold

  • Japanese Santoku knife; chops, dices, and slices; ideal for fruits and vegetables
  • Constructed of high-carbon stainless steel; fluorinated-resin coating; full tang
  • Ergonomically designed handle; made of high-tech Ionomer resin
  • Colorful blade; unique see-through handle with fun-shaped cutouts
  • Measures 11-1/4 by 2 by 3/4 inches; made in Japan

Customer Reviews:

  • Quality Cutlery At A Decent Price
    If you want or need a name-brand kitchen knife, spend the bucks. My Henkels 9-inch chef's knife can't be beat for its ability to hold an edge. But honestly, you'll find yourself preferring the $20 Komachi line every day for the many mundane chopping, cutting, slicing, carving, etc. tasks you find yourself doing.

    Hack that grilled cheese! In color, yet. Kudos Komachi....more info
  • Excellent light, sharp knife for cutting vegetables
    My roommate had this knife, and at first I was skeptical- maybe the bright turquoise color threw me off? Before he moved out, however, I made sure that I found one of these knives for myself.

    I only cut vegetables with it, and it has stayed wonderfully sharp. I'm on the shorter/smaller side, so with other knives I had trouble finding a good balance, and often times my forearm would get too tired because of a knife's weight. This knife is incredibly light, so I can chop without tiring. Excellent!

    Overall, the Pure Komachi is a wonderful value, and great for chopping veggies. The serrated knife (the yellow one) is great for cutting bread, too....more info
  • I guess at $20 I cant be disappointed.
    It's sharp, cleans up easily and looks cute.
    Thin blade allows for much more precise/thin cuts than a traditional chef's knife due to its tapering. It makes easy work of thinly slicing a shallot without the blade getting in the way.

    Not as sharp as Saladin's sword as I thought it could be from the reviews.
    Way too light for serious chopping, speed not really a strong suit here since you don't feel in control.
    Handle feels pretty slippery with resin coating.
    I think the handle is small even for my small man hands hence a feeling of insecurity. I like to choke up on the bolster on a normal knife use to get a great feeling of control.

    I am not a professional chef but often can cut like a machine with a good knife and a sharp blade. I often have complaints with my set of Henckles 5-star knives. But a $20 knife is not a $100 knife, and I would have to disagree with an earlier poster that it is worth the extra money if you can dominate your tool. The more expensive knives have greater weight and more precise balancing which improves performance and relieves effort.

    Overall this is a good knife for $20, and when I can afford a Shun santoku, I will give this to my daughter. It is a good value for those who take slicing more deliberately. It is sharp, and can get a good thin slice where you want it; however if you are deft enough with a knife to command it with speed, I would reconsider and wait for the scarole to buy a Shun or MAC....more info
  • WOW
    I have this knife plus three others--they are fantastic but you can get cut just looking at them--way sharp!!! Do not drink and chop!!! ...more info
  • Wish it wasn't peeling
    I love this knife. It is sharp, lightweight, and fun. By far the best knife I own. However, after only three days of use on fruits & vegetables (greens, onions, tomatoes, squash, melon), it the green on the blade has begun to pit & peel. What a disappointed. I am returning this item to Amazon, and I'll continue my search for set of an affordable, quality knives. ...more info
  • Great Knife
    This is a wonderful lightweight knife. It makes chopping and slicing vegetables fun. You can buy all of the knives since the price is just right!...more info
  • It looks bizarre, but boy is it sharp...
    This is a great knife for the money. I have an $80 Santoku knife, and yes, it is better, but not 4 times better. In fact, only marginally better. I bought this knife as a back up and use it nearly as much.

    The knife looks bizarre, all green from stem to stern. Its appearance made me think it was very cheaply made.

    But as I have used it, I have come to appreciate how effective, sharp and easy to clean it is. It is truly a great product, but I can't give it five stars, I will reserve that for the $80 knife. :-)...more info
  • Strong tastes linger on blade
    My major complaint is that unlike a metal blade, the coating on this knife retains the smell and flavor of strong foods like onion and garlic. Several days after I used the knife to cut garlic, and washed it carefully, I could still taste the garlic on fruit that I cut with the knife. I could also smell the garlic on the blade. This quality makes the blade much less versatile and useful than a regular knife. ...more info
  • Great price Knife
    I have waited to review this knife to see if the protective colored surface lasts repeated use, dishwashing, and sharpening. I am glad to say that though it shows a little sign of wear it is still fully intact after about 6 months of use. This knife is easily as good as a German knife of twice the price, and is a fine instrument for cutting both soft and hard vegetables. This is the best knife I have found in this price range.
    I should add that this knife is quite light weight, it is perfectly strong and solidly built, but the lack of heft might not appeal to everyone.
    Still going strong after 4 years. The protective colored surface now has more than a few scratches, but I'm not sure how many of those were from poor sharpening technique and careless dishwasher placement. For a knife you just use and don't fuss over this is still great....more info
  • The best knife ever
    I have a whole collection of these Komachi knives. They are the best, easy to clean, so sharp and great in use. No regrets of spending money for them. Once you try them in use, other knives you have will "rest in peace":) Just don't throw away a plastic package they come from, you can use it as a storage, this way knives will stay unscratched....more info