Tha Carter
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  • The best rapper ever!
    He makes Nas, Tupac and Kanye West shake their heads in defeat. Lil Wayne is the real deal. The blazin' lyrics and phat booty-shakin' beats make this album a winner....more info
  • Tha Carter 1
    I like krunk music, nothing slow. This has a couple of good, get krunk tracks....more info
  • The Best Album I Have Ever Heard...Period!!!
    Tha Carter made me realize why Lil Wayne was my favorite rapper. This is my favorite album of all-time. Illmaticness at it's finest. Every track is easily one of the best songs ever. Wayne comes at you with an entirely different flow and creative style different from his previous albums. This album was worth the money, time, and wait. If you don't like Tha Carter then you don't like hip/hop in my opinion. Unlike many other albums from different artists your finger will be at rest when you play this cd. Yea, you can let this whole cd play. Shout out to Mannie Fresh too, because his beats for this album were incredible. I believe this is the best album since Tupac's All Eyez On Me. Believe Dat!!...more info
  • Lil' Wayne - Tha Carter
    See, this was my first time being introduced to Weezy. Now i know i am a little late on this review, but i figure i mide as well capatalize on Tha Carter III's release by reviewing some of his past albums. Now this was the first Weezy album i bought, and after i boutght this, i was left with a weird feeling. Weezys talent was there and evident, but it felt like he wasnt USING his talent. This album felt like it was rushed. I felt like he wasnt being exactly real. I am not saying Wayne isnt real, im just saying i felt like he was maybe making this album to fit better with the radio instead of the streets. Songs like "Go DJ" are great party tracks that will always get the party started. But it felt to poppy for Weezy. But then he has great songs like the moving "Earthquake". And Like i Said Weezy is easily one of the most talented rappers out there right now, easily. He has such an addictive flow, and his personality is also the same. But his lyrics are just mind blowing. He is the type of rapper that could describe a balloon to someone and it would be entertaining. I just personally think Tha Carter I was a bit of a miss for him thats all.

    C...more info
  • Tha Carter - 5 Star Rating for Weezy
    Weezy always top of the tha Game - also check out Smoke Sessions, Vol. 1- from his homie Devin the Dude another 5 Stars....more info
  • One of The Better Albums of 04'
    Wow. That should be all i have to say. But I will fill you guys in so that you will be able to see the light. Lil' Wayne brings a whole new style to the rap game. Actually I am not even gonna call it the rap game beccause this album is so different... in a good way. Weezy doesn't just let the beat dictate what he wants to say he flips it around and makes the beat work with him. He is one of those artists that doesn't just monotone flow he spits his rhymes with feeling. he has also matured somewhat from the money cash hoes thing even though he does have a song called hoes but its still a blazing track. If you have seen this cd and just haven't gotten it or you are searching for something with a different feel this is your album. Trust Me you wont be sorry....more info
  • For Real G's Only!
    If you don't like gangsta rap and would rather listen to some Chingy and Ying Yang twins because they're "cool," don't buy this album. Wayne blazes every track. His subject matter doesn't run deep, but if you're from New Orleans, you see where he's coming from. "I Miss my Dawgs" is one of the deepest songs to come out in 2004. The interludes allude to New Jack City's "Carter" building and they all add a cinematic element to the disc. Apparently, some reviewers don't understand allusions. Some may argue his self-proclaimed title "Best Rapper Alive," but with the rap game as weak as it is, he is definitely in the top 5. Also, check out his new mixtapes, "DJ Drama Presents: Lil Wayne "Dedication," and his Young Money Entertainment mixtape that is a free double-disc download off of Get this if you need dope beats and a heron' flow to ride to....more info
  • best rapper alive reppin da 225 (baton rouge, louisiana)
    for all you wayne haters, please stop hatin' on da boy. THE Carter is the sickest album to come out last summer. The young man is a lyrical genius. I'm not even gonna get into details about the cd cause yall' haters heard that s***, it was mind blowin' ha. remember 1 thing, you haters make the world go round. so keep hatin, haters.
    p.s. cashmoney is a army...more info
  • Lil Wayne is a Lil Wack!
    this guy is a pathetic excuse for a rapper, i dislike lil wayne alot and he cant rap and he is no good n his face is really just there for u 2 knock him out. this guy sux and i cant believe he is famous and selling records, its embarrassing and i hate him very much, his album would be just as bad as himself.

    ----------- DO NOT SUPPORT LIL WAYNE ---------------...more info
  • Caught offguard
    I have never been a Cash Money fan. I can't handle the bling-bling-look-at-me-I'm-hoodrich mentality and I always thought their lyrics were wack. But when I heard "Go DJ", I had to ask my brother "Did I sleep on Lil' Wayne or did he get better?" and my brother had to admit that this man STEPPED UP in the game. Although the video version is much more impressive to me than the PA'd version, I still really liked this song. But I still had no intentions of buying his cd until my cousin also recommended it. I figured I might as well give it a try. She said every song on here was tight, but I have to disagree. Although Lil' Wayne does a better job of staying out of the bling-bling mentality, he disappoints me by going overboard with the everfamous kill-got-a-gun-b*tches-and-h*#s angry rapping. I just want to drop my head and grab my walker because rap is starting to sound like noise. And just when I'm ready to give up, he does a song like "I miss my dawgs". It's not often that a young man will leave himself open enough to tell his boys "I miss you". That's real. I loved that song. I listened to it over and over. Matter of fact, I started to sell this cd until I heard that song, but it was so phenomenal that I'm keeping the cd just for that song alone. The rest are alright, some lyrics are clever (the gynecology duck line was amusing), but it's basically a young man who has the analytical GIFT to make a GREAT HIP-HOP album but is stuck in commonality of today's RAP....more info
  • Tha Bayou's Baddest increases his legend status
    Lil Wayne solidifies himself as one of the, if not the best rapper in the south. Tha Carter is hot from beginning to end. Track after track Wayne delivers flawless lyrics that in my eyes elevates him to Hip Hop / Rap elite talents. The lyrics are calculated and savvy, and the productions are second to none (thanks to one Mannie Fresh). The hottest track on the album "Go DJ" is sure to be blazing the air waves for years to come. There is no denying the fact that the Lil' Wayne / Mannie Fresh combination is among the best in the industry. Get your shine on Wayne...... 5 Stars*****...more info
  • lil wayne sucks monkey balls
    lil wayne is a piece of trash.. you cash money lovers need to understand one thing. lil wayne sucks monkey balls.. lyrically he competes with freeway, who is a piece of trash rapper that doesnt ryhme. Honestly, I have read a bunch of reviewers claiming that he is a lyrical genuis, I am not sure if this is a joke or are you people just that ignorant. The fact that he claims he is the "hottest nigga under the sun" is understandable because he is probably on a diet of cocaine and monkey balls but for people to belive this is absolutlety absurd. Expand your horizons people and stop smoking the crack and sucking the monkey balls. Listen to shady, g unit, and diplomats.
    Take my word of advise and don't give this pathetic excuse of a rapper anymore money....more info
  • Truly Impressive
    The funny thing about this whole thing is that I didn't plan on reviewing this album, I was just looking to see what other Lil' Wayne CDs there were out there since I was so impressed by "Tha Carter"...

    Truly, even being from North Philly, I believe that this is one of the most advanced wordsmiths in the industry right now. BTW, I don't believe that T.I. is a great a wordsmith, however, T.I. is one of the greatest "realist"(not mis-spelled) flow-ers from the South--I love T.I.! ...and Lil' Weez!... These guys have breathed new life into the game; atleast a refreshing life into the game.

    Without reviewing each and every track--which I find to be overly tedious and unnecessary for someone to make a buying decision--I will concur with the other reviewers whom have remarked that it's an album that can be listened to straight through without skipping tracks.

    Of course, after a month of listening to this album straight, you will probably begin to skip tracks (and don't get caught up on the entertainment awaiting you on "BM Jr." [Track 4]....) but it doesn't really become a problem until about the eighth/ninth week and at that point you might only be able to get to track ten...then skip to sixteen.


    If you listen to lyrics and appreciate wordplay, "Tha Carter" should entertain you for months. I mean, I've had the CD for the last ten months, and I get CDs weekly...I am still listening to the album...

    Gen ...more info
  • He murdered it.
    ok im going to review this because i am from down south and ive been listening to lil wayne since he came out. and the rest of you are just kids from the suburbs anyways he murdered this album this album i mean he freestyled the entire thing and just killed it let me give u a review a bich u.

    1.walk in- 5 stars he walks into his album getting ready to murder it

    2.go dj- hit single he MURDERS this song best single of the year.

    3.tha carter- great beat and great lyrics he murders this too talking about how now hes 21 its the carter hold on to ur teenage daughter he murders it its over.5 stars.

    4.B.M. jr - he is the birdman jr and for those of u idiots that dont know he freestyled this entire song and is talking about how hes the birdman jr. best freestyle of the year in my opinion he MURDERED it. five stars .

    5.skit 1 i dont rate skits so? i mean its a skit.

    6.I miss my dawgs- great song great lyrics for those of you who dont know what its about its about his dawgs B.g. juvenile and young turk which were the hoyboys and none of them except lil wayne are in cash money anymore and hes talking about how he misses them and there still his dawgs. 5 stars great song can listen all day to it.

    7.we dont- MURDERED five stars he is talking about how cash money doesnt give a fock there young and thuggin and rich who cares what u haters say.

    8.on my own- murdered. five stars hes talking about how hes on his own now since the hotboys are gone and i really can relate to this song i feel this song really its great five stars.

    9.tha heat- MURDERED. talks about how if u fock with him this year hes gonna shoot u so dont fock with him he murders this. money millionaires- 5 stars. he KILLED THIS SONG. he talks about how hes a cash money millionaire and hes ballen out of control and u cant stop him and hes a pimp PIMP SONG five stars stupid if u dont like this.

    11.inside- hes showing u the inside of his house and how he lives five stars

    12.bring it back. MURDERED meetball lamberghini top spaghetti? MURDERED! he talks about how these stupid up north rappers suck and hes bringing it back to the bottom of the map now on these dumbasses.

    13.Who wanna. Ok alot of u idiots dont even listen to lil wayne.lil wayne murdered this song because its entirely a Freestyle from a mixtape album he dropped before he made this album called The Drought. so this song if off of The drought. Its entirely freestyle so lets not rate it as a song? its a freestyle a FIVE STAR FREESTYLE. HE KILLED THIS FREESTYLING.

    14.on the block skit- i dont rate skits once again its a skit?

    15.get down- 5 STARS . great song great beat by mannie kinda a change up makes u feel good with his nice lyrics i really get in a good mood when im ridin and listenin to this one.

    16.snitch-5 STARS- MURDERED!! one of best songs on album but there all good but THIS HERE IS TALKING ABOUT HOW IF UR A SNITCH AND U TALK TO THE COPS AND UR A BICH U SHOULDNT LET UR MOUTH OPEN UP CUZ HES GONNA LET THE AUTOMATIC GUN OPEN UP IN UR MOUTH. i feel this way so this is a GREAT song if ur a snitch u shouldnt even rate this album go home and listen to some classical music focken snitch. snitches get no respect in the street there just fake thugs fake. great song murdered.

    17.Hoes-MURDERED OMG!! this is great song to ride too when ur with a girl i rode with girl other day with this it was great cuz we sometimes need to just talk about these little freaks.FIVE STARS

    18.only way-OK FIVE STARS MURDERED. ok this is a HOOD CLASSIC everyone in the hood seems to like this song best out of all album dunno why i guess its cuz. ONLY WAY WE GET IT ONLY WAY WE KNOW TO GET. is too sell drugs and make this money out here. great song five stars.

    19.earthquake-THIS IS MURDERED FIVE STARS- i love this song cuz hes so fly in this song its just layed back pimp song great song i really feel this one.five stars.

    20.ain't that a bi**h- MURDERED FREESTYLE- for those of u giving this 2 stars ur idiots u must be from suburbs this is a REAL SONG i really FEEL THIS hes talking about how everyone snitched on u and is fake and noones loyal and BTW u idiots this is also OFF THE DROUGHT his freestyle cd he released before he made Tha Carter so this song is ALL FREESTYLE? who can freestyle a song like this? noone i know. best rapper alive can so he MURDERED IT. FIVE STARS.

    21.walk out- he murders this at the end never seen someone murder his outro like this its amazing his lyrics really are hes best ever no competition.five stars hes talking about him walking out now after murdering this entire album FIVE STARS.

    ok theres my review from a real person not a fake person from the suburbs hating on lil wayne go get some money before u hate instead congradulate lil wayne . as u notice he was 21 when he made this 21 songs hes full grown the carter with a great cd. MURDERED.
    ...more info
  • Lil Wayne: Tha Carter
    If I could I would give this album a 4.5. Lil Wayne is in no way the best but this is a huge comeback for him because his previous albums were big let downs. I don't feel like typing a big review so I'm just going to do simple reviews for each song.

    1. Walk In 4/5 - Nice intro, just him rappin for 3 minutes.
    2. Go DJ 5/5 - Great song, nice beat by Mannie and good lyrics
    3. This Is the Carter 5/5 - Nice beat, lyrics and catchy chorus
    4. BM J.R. 3/5 - Decent song but it doesn't stick out
    5. On the Block #1 (Skit)
    6. I Miss My Dawgs 5/5 - I was really feelin this song, nice concept, it's nice to get away from the usual topics
    7. We Don't 4/5 - I love this song but again it doesn't stick out
    8. On My Own 4/5 - Nice lyrics and chorus
    9. Tha Heat 5/5 - Good beat, lyrics, and chorus
    10. Cash Money Millionaires 3/5 - The usual CMM's song
    11. Inside 4/5 - Good song overall
    12. Bring It Back 5/5 - The single, very good lyrics and chrorus and good beat by Mannie Fresh
    13. Who Wanna 4/5 - Decent overall song
    14. On the Block #2 (Skit)
    15. Get Down 5/5 - Really good lyrics
    16. Snitch 3/5 - Not really feelin this one
    17. Hoes 3/5 - These songs get old, you always hear them
    18. Only Way 4/5 - Nice lyrics and chorus
    19. Earthquake 4/5 - Overall a nice song
    20. Ain't That a Bi**h 2/5 - Worst song on the album, it's boring
    21. Walk Out 4/5 - Nice outro, just him rapping for about a minute

    One thing that kept this album from receiving a 5 is that his voice is really annoying sometimes. His flow is on and the beats are bumping but he repeats himself a lot. If you like rap that talks about hoes, money, drugs, and guns then this album is for you.
    ...more info
  • an HONEST review
    Something is definitely wrong between editorial reviews and customer reviews. The editors say that this is an average album at best. They dont give Wayne any credit that he deserves for making this superb cd. I was never a wayne fan, but withthe lack of good music lately i bought his cd to try it out. I cant stop listening to it, since day 1. This is a sick album. Lil Wayne's lyrics and delivery are truly authentic and original. He says some sick lines and has innovative delivery techniques. Honestly, lil Wayne is already a personal favorite.
    He doesnt tell stories or talk about politics, but he does day a lot without saying much. I can tell that he is beginning to master the lyrics cuz he has so many sick lines on this cd. I really dont think the editors and writers took the time to listen to the cd. It doesnt have 10 bangers but is almost there, whch is quite impressive in this day and age where classic cd's are more than rare. Lil Wayne's the Carter is a great cd, with Mannie Fresh working it as well. The duo is DOPE. I cant wait til his next cd. Gonna cop it for shizzle.
    PEace...more info
  • Great Album, One of the best of 2004 IMO
    First id like to say to those who gave this album low ratings because he isnt "mature" or whatever, if you dont like this genre of music then you shoudlnt purchase the album. Bringing downt he rating of an album becuase a song is called Hoes is basically the same as me rating a hardcore death metal album, im not into that type of music so i naturally wouldnt like it...From a guy who wasnt waynes biggest fan to begin with i admit This is a great album from Wayne, from top to bottom there is no song i want to skip, nice beats, lyrics are nice, great to drive to, One of the hottest albums of '04 ...more info
  • 3.5 Stars
    Lil Wayne is the BEST rapper to come out of Cash Money hands down, HELL he's the best rapper in the mainstream from New Orleans hands down. This album impressed me, he has the talent to be one of the best rappers alive, although he likes to think that he is (NOT!!!). Tha Carter is a MUST HAVE....more info
  • He has potential.
    Seriously out of everyone in Cash Money, Lil Wayne is the best one. Yet hes not all that great but he has the tools to become great. He just needs to use them. Did he leave Cash Money for Def Jam? If so, hes going the right path.

    Anyone that says Lil Wayne is the best of the south is simple. Scarface is the king of the south. And T.I. is better than young weezy.

    Btw Juanita, stop being retarded and stop spamming the reviews with 5 star to bring up the rating....more info
  • Juanita Loves Lil Wayne 4 Ever
    I rated this C.D a 5 star cause Lil Wayne is MY man and the man of all my dreams. I love every track on the CD from number 1 to number 21. My friends say I'm crazy but only about Dwayne Carter!! I call myself Young Weezy F Baby.All the females that love him need to beware cause im his 2nd little princess besides his daughter. But if u dont get this album u better look out for me cause im coming for u. Rep my husband to the end, ride his cd til the wheels fall off. The greatest rapper alive is in front of u so show him so love, ladies not to much. You alreay know this is coming from his number one wifey Young Weezy F Baby.Im 16 and i know i shouldn't be on him like that but look at his face , who can turn down somebody like that!!! All i can see is the flow now lets go!!!!!...more info
  • The milestone of lil wayne's career
    When lil wayne first came out with the block is hot, most of the south was feeling him including me. Lil wayne been in the game for a while now. He just gotten better with time and is now one of the best rapper's in the south. Ain't taking nothing away from TI though. He was serious with this cd, even though the entire CD is freestyled. He still came hard with the punchlines and the metaphors. Some tight cuts on this cd include the intro; which is probably one of the hardest intro's ive heard anyone spit, go dj; good single, this is the carter, bm jr; the hardest song on this cd, i miss my dawgs; a song telling us how he feel about the former hot boys, only way, bring it back, ain't that a __, earthquake; which uses a good sample, and cash money millionaires. If you want some straight louisiana music, then cop this cd. Lilweezyana, that's the new planet. Peace!!!!!!...more info
    Lil Wayne's lyrical skills are not what I thought they would be. Being from the south, particularly New Orleans, Louisiana, I thought he wouldn't be any better than Birdman or Soulja Slim...but he is! In fact, he's better.

    This album has few flaws, and is definitely worth purchasing. There are 3 hit singles off the album including "Go D.J.", produced by Mannie Fresh. In fact, basically the whole album is produced by Mannie Fresh but on the cover it says it's executively produced by Birdman and his brother, I think (they both have the same last name).

    But anyway, Lil Wayne is definitely not what I expected...his lyrical skills parallel those of Ludacris! He is definitely not the best rapper alive, but sure is the best in New Orleans. That I think....more info
  • His best album next to Lights Out
    Standout tracks:THIS IS THE CARTER, B.M.JR(the hardest song on here), I MISS MY DAWGS(dope even though you and I know that he is full of s***), ON MY OWN, BRING IT BACK, WHO WANNA, SNITCH, EARTHQUAKE, AINT THAT A B***H, WE DONT etc. Filler: Go dj(crappy beat sleep inducing lyrics), Cash money millionaires, Get down(SNORE!), Hoes(Screams filler) and Only way. Bottom Line: Lil wayne's fourth album stands out as his best album next to his second solid work Light Out. What makes this album better than The carter2 is that the production is (for most of the songs) is not bad and he doesnt sound like an up north emcee clone. He is just being himself on this one. ...more info
  • LiL Wayne has been my baby since the Hot Boys!
    This cd is hot I have always been down with lil wayne and because of me my boyfriend is all on his D**K and took over my cd's. The intro and the outro are outstanding I don't think I ever heard lil wayne like this but I'm liking this a little more than my boyfriend lil wayne if I ever meet you in person it's on and poppin. But I know that will never happen! On the real cop this one it's not a disappointment but don't forget the carter....more info
  • Lil Wayne - Tha Carter
    After releasing his last album, "Lights Out" in 2002, Lil Wayne took a year off the solo scene by releasing another Hot Boys album, "Let Em Burn." Even though most of the album was recorded in the past years, that album sadly will probably be the last the group will ever release. Anyway Lil Wayne comes back on the scene in 2004 with his 4th solo album, "Tha Carter."

    1. Walk In - 4.5/5

    2. Go DJ - 4.5/5

    3. This is the Carter (Featuring Mannie Fresh) - 5/5

    4. BM J.R. - 4/5

    5. On the Block (Skit) #1 - No Rating

    6. I Miss My Dawgs (Featuring Reel) - 5/5

    7. We Don't (Featuring Baby) - 5/5

    8. On My Own (Featuring Reel) - 4.5/5

    9. Tha Heat - 5/5

    10. Cash Money Millionaires - 4.5/5

    11. Inside - Too Short, No Rating

    12. Bring It Back (Featuring Mannie Fresh) - 5/5

    13. Who Wanna - 5/5

    14. On the Block (Skit) #2 - No Rating

    15. Get Down (Featuring Baby) - 5/5

    16. Snitch - 4.5/5

    17. H*** (Featuring Mannie Fresh) - 4.5/5

    18. Only Way (Featuring Baby) - 4/5

    19. Earthquake - 4.5/5

    20. Ain't that a B**** - 4.5/5

    21. Walk Out - Too Short, No Rating



    5 Stars

    Lil Wayne FIRES back so hard with this album. After his 3 previous records, this one is definitely the best so far! I don't know what he changed in his style but he definitely evolved into an amazing talent with this release. DEFINITELY check this out, it's an incredible album!...more info
  • good
    the album is very good hes better than alot of the other rappers around,his new album shud b even better...more info
  • President Carter states tha facts!
    This album is exceptional! Every track is hot ya heard me! Wayne has really grown since his Hot Boy days. He's grown into his own. This album really display's Wayne's talent as one of the best lyricist's in da game. With every track straight off da dome, he's layin it down better than some mc's that write their rhymes. From "BM J.R" to "Cash Money Millionaires", every track is fire! Don't sleep on Wayne! Check out Wayne's Gangsta Grillz mixtape "Dedication" and "Da Drought". Keep ya eye's peeled for Da Carter 2, Stay focused! Weezy F. Baby is definately in tha buildin ya heard me! (New Orleans keep ya head up, for ya'll in Atlanta, welcome to da A!) ...more info
  • off the chain.
    Ok there are 300+ reviews for this cd already, but I have to add my opinion of course because my opinion is always the best :) and... i'm bumpin this CD right now.. and guess what.. it's off the chain. this is the best lil weezy cd so far, as you can tell by the average rating for it, if anyone is saying bad things about this, they obviously just don't really like rap. This is probably the best CD out of the south that didn't come from Scarface or Three 6 Mafia. Pick it up, now....more info
  • Magnificunt
    Lil Wayne came back around. Not the "best" of his work, but definately worth cutting a few tracks and bringing them to the DJ at your club.

    **See: The Prefix & Da Drought 2 for underground Wayne freestyles**...more info
  • Overall the album is Ok, but....
    It aint no classic material, let alone southern classic material. The production is not that original but Lil Waynes flow was on point. The lyrics is redundant tho. 3/5 in my book is a good cuz I never give an album 5 cuz there aint no perfect album out there. So 3/5 is pretty good. I think this album is SLIGHTLY to overrated. Its good tho. Better than his other stuff. I say definitely buy it tho. Its a hot album. It just aint as good as people say.

    Heres how I feel

    1. Walk In 5/10 (WEAK, Self Explanatory)
    2. Go DJ 7/10 (Like the rhymes but the beat sounds dumber everytime I hear it)
    3. This is the Carter 7.5/10 (Like because it something fresh to my ears)
    4. BM J.R. 7.5/10
    6. I Miss My Dawgs 8/10
    7. We Dont 6.5/10
    8. On My Own 4/10(TERRIBLE)
    9. Tha Heat 5.5/10 (Boring Production, lyrics aiight)
    10. Cash Money Millionaries 5/10 (Unoriginal, beats weak, and hes just yapping BS through the whole song)
    11. Inside 5/10 (Boring)
    12. Bring it Back 6.5/10 (Decent, beat is same old same old)
    13. Who Wanna 7.5/10 (I like the beat and the song flows nice, lyrics is aiight)
    15. Get Down 7.5/10 (The beat is aiight, Lil Wayne comes nice)
    16. Snitch 6/10 (OK)
    17. Hoes 7.5/10 ( I like the beat dont like his verse)
    18. Only Way 5/10 (WEAK)
    19. Earthquake 6/10
    20. Aint that a Bitch 6.5/10
    21. Walk Out 6/10

    Overall- 6.2/10 To me a 6 is a solid album. SO yea its a good album....more info
  • I love Lil Wayne
    I think Lil Wayne is one of the best rappers alive.I haven't been a big fan of Lil Wayne until I heard him with Young Money now I love everything about him.All of his albums are the bomb including this one.Anyone who doesn't love his flow and his style is a hater.Lil Wayne keep doin it big don't let these haters slow u down....more info
  • It's actually...Alright! (3 and a HALF stars)
    I've never checked for Lil' Wayne before (the Cash Money clique isn't exactly a household name here in the UK...), preferring my Hip Hop to usually come in a NYC-esque packet...But I finally grabbed it after reading all this hype, and I must admit that it's a true guilty pleasure.

    The only reason why I can't give the joint a higher rating (I would've liked it to make 4*) is because it tails off somewhat towards the end. The curse of topping 20 tracks on your album...But the first half at least is fire, 'Go DJ', 'This is the Carter' and the umm, intro, whatever it's called are head nodders, with Lil' Wayne impressing in 2 categories, a) teaming up with the don Mannie Fresh and b) stepping up his lyrical game, with witty lines like "life's a b***h and death's her husband/You'll meet him some day if you keep on f*****g her".

    'I miss my Dawgs' is a nice smootly laced obligatory emotional block joint, which is undoubtedly my favourite track on the album. Shouting out Turk and Juve, Wayne makes this one worthy of rewinding to catch that vibe once more.

    All in all, not quite a classic, but definitely recommended if you have the spare , regardless of your usual Hip-Hop tastes. Try it, you might just be surprised! I've only had the album a few weeks (gimme a late pass...), and I can only see my rating of it growing more solid with time.

    ...more info
  • Lil Wayne has Matured...somewhat
    Listening to this album has showed me that Lil wayne can hang with the best. Whoever said that he sucked monkey balls must have an obsession with monkey balls (you know who you are) since every thing they said had the immature saying of that phrase in every sentence. Lil wayne isnt the top of the list of my favorite lyricst, but listening to this album has indeed showed me that his lyrical content has matured, but not his state of mind when It came to women. Other than that I give this album 4 out of five, the other star would of been there if he would showed his maturity on all levels including women....more info
  • lil weazy iz the sh*t!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    F*** yall hatin on lil wayne. this is the tightest cd of 2004. look out for that fast money album...more info
  • i smell some HATERS!