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Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (Mac)
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Product Description

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic takes you into the distant past of the Star Wars universe -- over 4,000 years before Episode I, when battles raged between the Jedi and the Sith!

  • Immersive, action-packed Star Wars role-playing experience
  • Lead a band of freedom fighters in an epic struggle to save the galaxy
  • Master the awesome power of the Force or fall to the lure of the dark side
  • Customizable and evolving playable characters; 9 customizable characters
  • Journey spans 7 different worlds; fast paced mini-games

Customer Reviews:

  • Don't waste your money if you have an Intel-based Mac!!
    I purchased KOTOR as the first game to go along with my new Intel-based iMac. However, neither the product packaging, the Aspyr website, or any other site selling this game mentioned that it is functionally incompatible with an Intel-based processor. As a result, it will lock up, suffer major graphics and gameplay issues, and be completely unplayable. When contacted, Aspyr (the game maker) said that they were aware of the problem but would not provide any support, despite the fact that their own website has no mention of this incompatibility.

    It's too bad. It looked like a great game. Unfortunately, it's a complete waste of money for anyone with a new Mac....more info
  • Best game ever...
    I have never played a RPG style game before, so was a bit skeptical about buying this. Well after Jedi Outcast and Jedi Academy, I just needed more Star Wars gaming. The game spans worlds, with smaller plots throughout, making it great to play more than twice. There are optional side games of every sort, plus the plot line and cut scenes make for a story comparable to any of the movies. The game plays great on my system 512mb/1.25ghz. And the scenery is beatiful. Now I only hope Aspyr doesn't drag it's feet on KOTOR 2.

    And I really like Carth... no matter what anyone says....more info
  • Great SW Game
    This is a great game. You get to choose genders and type of class, like Scout Soldier or Scoundrel. The best part is the plot. You get to have different endings and your conversations can effect what happens to your party members. This is a must have game....more info
  • Best game of all time has misleading system requirements.
    I had been waiting for over a year to get this game for my G4 Mac and the day it finally arrived I was eccstatic. I knew my computer met the requirements (or so I thought) so I figured I'd have no problem. The requirements on the box said 256 MB RAM required (512MB RAM recommended). Well I had 256MB but I didn't mind the thought of playing the greatest game of all time on lower video/sound settings. So I popped in the CD and immediately in the first "scene" of the game the video was choppy and characters were stuttering to get their words out. Just a tap on one of the movement buttons either froze the character or sent him "teleporting" to the other side of the room. Now I suppose this is playable if you wish to spend months alone navigating the first level with incomprehensible controls. I had no other applications running at the time and all of the game settings were set AS LOW AS POSSIBLE. The box really needs to say 512MB RAM required to play. I am very disappointed. This entire situation is very similiar to when MacPlay released the much awaited Alien Vs. Predator 2. I am most disappointed....more info
  • Game of the year?? says who?
    To me this game was a major disapointment! The game play is rediculously slow. It took me 5 minutes just to figure out how to make my character put on his clothes and open a door. Doing the simplest thing, like opening a door, or changing weapons is such a pain! In the "battles" you click on an icon to make your character fight ( or another icon telling him not to fight). You can't control his actions in the battle! That is soooo lame! Personally I like games with action, that you can actually take part in, such as unreal tournament, or jedi knight. this game bummed me out so much I had to write a review in hopes of stopping someone else from making the same mistake I did. ...more info
  • Did not work on my Intel Mac
    Although I remember this being a great game when I played it on my original xbox a couple of years ago, the game would not stop crashing on my perfectly fine computer. There was supposedly a patch released so that the game would run on intel-based macs, but this did not prevent the game from crashing.

    Worth buying only if you have a non-intel mac :-(...more info
  • Fantastic
    "Knights of the Old Republic" is a well crafted, and highly addictive, RPG, not just a great Star Wars game. I found that once I got on Dantooine, I couldn't stop playing. Everything about this game sucked me in, the gameplay, the characters, and best of all, the story.

    I will note that the gameplay of KOTOR felt a little foreign the first time I played it. It's a turn based system, with hits and damage calculated by the various levels of strength and defense of the combatants. At first, this was a little tedious (expecially the terminology, like "Adds +4 to Fortitude") but after a while, I got into it. I found myself liking the fact that combat acts are performed by the computer without a lot of button-mashing. I hate games that make me input combos at rapid-fire speeds in order to perform really cool moves. With this game, it can all be done with one command.

    Aside from that, the best thing that KOTOR has going for it is its attention to the story aspect of the game. The plot is great, possibly even good enough for a mini-series or a comic book. But what compliments the plot elements are the characters. I love the fact that these characters have histories and they are revealed slowly as time goes on. That makes the player feel like they're really getting to know these people. Carth and Bastella are probably the best-constructed characters in the game, but Jhuani comes in at a close 3rd. Also, Darth Malak is one bad assed villain. If a writer can create an engaging villain, he'll usually have my attention. Everything about Malak works, from the costume to the voice and dialogue. In essance, he's a Vader knockoff, but he carries his half of the story very well.

    Now, for the flaws. The only things wrong here are technical, and that could be a Mac issue. I'm running KOTOR on a 12 inch Powerbook G4 with 786 RAM. I didn't alter any of the System Preferences for Graphics and I found that at times, such as in most of the Cantinas, the graphics become rather choppy. There were times where my character would freeze, I'd press "Forward," then a few seconds later, he's off and runnning across the screen like a bad cut-out cartoon, moving and frozen at the same time. But I was able to look past that in order to get to the rest of the game.

    This is a must for Star Wars fans; it won't let you down. It might have a harder time pleasing someone whose not familiar with the mythology because it's so heavy in alien languages and myths about the Force and the Light/Dark relationship, but I recommend it for any RPG fan.

    Now, about KOTOR II: Sith Lords for Mac......more info
  • A great game, but technical issues on intel macs ruin the fun
    Knights of the Old Republic, more commonly known as KOTOR is an excellent game. I recently purchased it more mac and it has a lot of technical issues on Intel base macs. I was able to play through the entire game (twice actually) on my Macbook 10.5.5. The technical issues ruin parts of the game because of constant crashing that make it almost unplayable. Most bothersome were the undercity on Taris, all of Kashyyk, the dune sea on
    Tatooine, and the leviathan. Aside from that the crashes weren't too much of a problem. For anyone who wants to try and bear through the frustrating parts of this game I've included how to got past each planet.

    Taris- Some random crashes on the whole planet, so just save often. When you go to the undercity however, the game will often continueally crash and you will not be able to get past it. To fix it turn your Anisotropic Graphic filtering in the settings to 16x and make sure the shadows and grass are turned off. If the game randomly crashed in the undercity you won't be able to load a normal game. You will have to go into the saved game folder and move all the files into a different saves folder. Try and load the other save folder(even though it will claim it is a different file then the one you are actually trying to load) and it should work

    Dantooine- Make sure you have shadows and grass off, save often. Not too many problems for me here.

    Tatooine- you have to move the save folders around to load in dune sea just like with undercity.

    Kashyyk- Save often especially when on the forest floor and summoning the giant beast thing.

    Mannann- Save often, I had major crashing problems underwater.

    Leviathan- Save a lot. When changing into environmental suits my game crashed 7 times in a row. I kept on loading and trying again and it eventually worked.

    Korriban- Not too many problems, save a lot.

    End game content- didn't have many problems

    If you have an Intel Mac you can patch it and play, but you'll be in for a rough experience.

    ...more info

    The 2nd greatest game of all time (Betrayal at Krondor being the best) comes to the ultimate platform...Macintosh!!! I'm really excited about this release except for the fact that I'm shelling out $50 for it... :(

    And the fact that it took Aspyr so long to finish it. Seriously, this game should be like $30....more info
  • best game ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    this is the best game to be made on the xbox and the pc. graphics 10/10
    sound 10/10
    gameplay 10/10
    storyline 10/10
    longetivity 10/10
    overall 100!!!!!!!!!/10...more info
  • Review for the Alaska Apple Users Group
    Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic is one of the most advertised and well-reviewed video games of all time. Among it's myriad other achievements, it garnered 2003 Game of the Year from Computer Gaming World, PC Gamer,, and others (...).

    Set an even longer time ago, none of the traditional Star Wars characters appear in this title. Starting this fresh new adventure is easy thanks to drag-and-drop installation from the now-standard Aspyr installation window. It's going to take time though - KotOR is Huge! It comes on a DVD instead of a regular compact disc and maxes that out at 4.27GB. So be sure to check your system against the requirements.

    When you first start the game you'll have to wade through character creation before you see anything but a glimpse of the antagonist. But don't worry; once your character is created and you begin the epic, you'll be welcomed by the traditional Star Wars fanfare, though an original score will accompany the adventure. The game features new characters and places, but like the music, it is recognizably a part of the Lucas universe most of the time.

    The game is, simply put, the first full-fledged Star Wars role-playing game for PCs and consoles. It is based on the newest Dungeons & Dragons rules - for better and worse. On the one hand, the rules of the most popular RPG ever are robust and well rounded. On the other hand, they show through the interface and are not a perfect marriage to the Star Wars universe.

    The rules have been well adapted and fit skills such as repair and persuasion, feats such as blaster marksmanship and melee combat, and even force powers. By choosing from the limited character types you will find that most aspects of the Star Wars universe can be experienced through this game. Your decisions in the game even affect whether you lean toward the light or dark side of the force, eventually leading to a decision to work for good or evil. Along the way you can customize your abilities, skills, and even force powers.

    But that is also where the complexities of the engine start to show through. Initial character creation and subsequent upgrades can take a lot of time for a gamer looking for a simpler RPG experience. To their credit, the developers do include a button that will automatically select recommended upgrades for your character to minimize the labor for such players.

    Of course Star Wars is an action-filled franchise and so combat is one of the most important parts of the game. It is not handled as elegantly as some RPGs I have seen, but there are a lot of attack options. Each time you encounter an enemy the game will pause automatically and pop-ups will allow you to select a target and attack for your main character. When you resume, your attack will be carried out along with any other tasks you assign (such as using a medpack to recover health after a hit or a force power to disable your opponent).

    Along with combat and several mini-games you will spend a lot of time with D&D staples. Exploring, trading, and conversing with non-player characters are all very important in this game. Unfortunately, your view of the beautiful sights is hindered because you cannot look up or down.

    Interaction with other characters is handled better. Most of the dialog is actually recorded so you get to hear conversations instead of just reading them - that does a lot for the cinematic feel the game takes on when the rules aren't showing through. The choices you make in your conversations have an effect on the game too. That's important in an RPG and too rare in computer games.

    I won't give away any of the plot, but it is worthy of it's inspiration. The game is beautiful and sounds great too, but it performs poorly on some systems. On my 1.2GHz iBook, I often found video jerky and movement controls intolerably erratic despite exceeding the requirements.

    Despite such technicalities, Knights of the Old Republic is an awesome science-fantasy role-playing experience. If you are a Star Wars fan who enjoys the basic RPG dynamic, this game is going to be great for you! If you prefer fast-paced action and less administration in your game, buy Jedi Academy, also from Aspyr, instead....more info
  • A long LONG time ago?
    This is definitely a fun game, but don't play it unless you have a lot of time on your hands because you can easily get engrossed and play for a good 10 hours (I'm guilty of that).

    I do have a slight problem with the game though, (it come's from being a nerd who gets into the details of everything I watch/play) and that is how it ties into the Star Wars universe. I feel like this game isn't quite in the same universe, it kinda straddles Star Wars and some unnamed other universe. For instance, yes, it has Jedi, yes there are lightsabers, yes, there's a ship that's alot like the Millenium Falcon. But, lots of the technology seems like it has no place in Star Wars. The environments go from looking dead on (Taris) to looking like something out of Star Trek (Manaan), and that's not an insult because I love Star Trek too.

    The story is incredibly interesting and there are alot, verging on too many, options of customizing your character, though I suppose that's typical for this genre.

    The graphics are amazing and run very well, even on a system that just barely meets the requirements. But I don't like tweeking the graphics for each environment, and it seems like there are times when my computer just doesn't want to render quickly so it starts being jumpy, but that's rare.

    I think if I could buy this over again, I'd buy it on the Xbox, since that's what I did for it's sequel, and will continue to do for every game that I really want that's on both systems....more info
  • W - O - W
    This game is absolutely incredible. I'm a HUGE Neverwinter Nights fan, and this game is almost better than NWN (almost). The graphics are amazing, but even better than the graphics is the storyline, which, in my roommate's words, 'rocks my socks'. There are choppiness issues with the visuals, but it's easy to look past them. The game really lets you make your character into a huge presence in the Star Wars universe and lets you lose yourself in the characters and worlds. 1 word: AMAZING....more info
  • 10.4.2 warning!
    This game will not work with 10.4.2, unless you use the Aspyr-provided workaround. Here's what they had to say:

    There are currently some issues with the video card drivers in OS 10.4. A future operating system update should correct this, but there is a workaround that you can use in the meantime.

    In the Finder, go to your home folder, open the Library/Preferences/Knights of the Old Republic folder.??
    Double click the 'swkotor.ini' file to edit it in TextEdit
    Scroll down to the section [Graphics Options], and add the line "Disable Vertex Buffer Objects=1" (without quotes)
    Save the swkotor.ini file and close it....more info
  • Wicked fun
    Knights of the Old Republic (KotOR) is by far one of the best Star Wars games I have ever played. Biowared knocked it out of the park once again by delivering on a fun turn-based system, compelling storyline, and the best plot twist since Darth Vader revealed to Luke that he was his father. I'm normally not big on buying games for the Mac since they tend to be less expensive on the consoles or PC, but KotOR is well worth its price. This is truly a must have for any Star Wars fan. ...more info
  • great game bad machine
    Now I write this review without the expierence of smooth gameplay besides the fact my system meets and surpases most of the minimum requirements. Even with my low end 1.25 ghz eMac (with might I add a gig of ram and a brand new 120 gb hardrive) I expected it to at least run smoothly with the graphics turned down, I was wrong. I opened up the game and started a new game and immeditley it was choppy, I turned everything down, graphics, resolution, texture, everything and it was still a little choppy. I managed to get about 1/3 into the game when I finally cracked...HOW CAN I RUN WORLD OF WARCRAFT WITHOUT ANY CHOPPYNESS BUT NOT THIS GAME?!?!? Well the answer is WoW is better and unless u have a G5 stay away from KOTOR....more info
  • Trouble on Intel Mac
    Although there was a patch released to supposedly get this game working on Intel macs, the game repeatedly crashed on my computer. I remember playing the game on xbox, and it is definitely worth playing if you have an older mac, but not if you have an intel based computer....more info
  • Overated I prefer Star War Galaxies
    I was dissapointed with this game. This game follows the same traditional format. The game takes you by the hand and basically leads you sequentially through a series of events. You get a series of dialog boxes to choose what to say, I hate this it is so old couldn't they do away with all the boring dialog boxes. I do not like the controls or the way combat is done in this game.

    Star War Galaxies is 200 times better in my opinion. Despite all the terrible reviews and complaints about players no other game comes close to the total star wars experience than Star War Galaxies. As much as people complain about the Jedi system and how terrible the Jedi look in SWG, it is way better than the Jedi system in this game.

    Nothing origonal in this game same old cookie cutter format, same old taking player by the hand and guiding them through every step without much freedom of thought on his own. This game is like an old game made 10 years ago with an updated graphic engine. Even the graphics in this game are poor compared to games with similar system requirements.

    Finally my last complaint. Why did I decide to buy this game for the Mac instead of the PC? I don't know I thought since It was on the Mac it would be more stable and more enjoyable to play. What a joke! Right after I installed the game it crashes on startup. I search the internet and find out this a common problem with OS X Tiger, and I need to patch the game with an update in order for the game to work. The performance of this game is horrible! My mac mini meets all the system requirements and this game runs painfully slow in higher resolutions and higher detail settings. The mac version is over double about 2.5 times the cost of the PC version and it doesn't perform nearly as well as the PC version! What a rip off, how come they can't write better code for the mac version? how come they can't better utilize Altivec? ...more info