Q-See QSVOSB Security Observation System Monitor & 2 Cameras (Black & White)
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Product Description

Complete Audio/Video Monitoring at an Unbelievably Low Cost! That's what Q-See Security B&W Monitor & Camera Observation System provides for you. "For a limited time in certain markets, the QSVOSB package includes a bonus camera and cable". With two cameras and two cables of 60 Ft. length each, QSVOSB is an ideal system for any type audio and video monitoring. Whether it is watching the front and back of a house, or the reception and warehouse at a business or watching the newborn baby day and night - the list of applications is varied and long. Store owners can install this simple observation system to monitor those areas that they cannot see from the cashier's desk. The auto-switch feature on the monitor allows you to switch between the two cameras at an adjustable speed. You can even connect the monitor to a VCR using the convenient A/V-Out ports on the monitor and record while monitoring. Backed with the quality and warranty of Q-See, the leader in digital video imaging technology, QSVOSB is a simple yet powerful means to feel safe and secure. Convenient Audio/Video Solutions - that's Q-See!

  • 5.5" Black & White 2 Channel Monitor
  • 2 B&W Cameras w/ Night Vision
  • Camera Lens: 3.6mm
  • Camera Resolution: 380 TVL
  • Monitor Resolution: 420 TVL
Customer Reviews:
  • Cameras work well, monitor is just OK.
    I have two of these, along with $4,000 worth of high-end surveillance equipment. The cameras work great in well lit areas and have microphones. The monitors have poor picture quality and go bad quickly. I just use them as extra cameras and they hook into my Security DVR, so I use other monitors for viewing output. Good price too....more info
  • Another use for the B&W Security System
    We are using 2 of these systems on a club model railroad layout. We have an under the layout storage area that is attached to both ends of the visual portion of the club model railroad layout. We have each system projecting the entrance and exit for a model railroad staging yard that is covered by scenery and hard to see into to control the trains as they enter or exit. These inexpensive systems, provide good visuals of the trains as they run in the hidden part of the layout and allow operators to control the trains visually and withour guesswork. The systems work well in natural low light conditions, but work great with some additional rope lighting that we have installed under the layout....more info
  • Q-see security system
    Overall we are pleased with this product. We are using this product as child monitors. The system comes with two (2) sixty foot cables. This helped as due to system being hardwired, I had to go under the house to wire the cameras to the monitor. picture very clear. we tried several wireless monitors but they all had interference issues. this is a nice buy to get two cameras and monitor for $60. Only problem we have is the "nightvision" is not good at all passed about 2 or 3 feet. we are trying different nightlights in our kids rooms to improve this. If the night vision were better, even at 6 feet, we would rate this at a perfect 5. For the money, i do not feel you can beat this product. ...more info
  • Great Security Kit
    Have one pointing in one direction and one the other way covering the driveway in both direction. ...more info
  • Hind Sight
    I bought this monitor to install in my nursery and my toddler's room. I wanted the ability to keep and eye on both rooms as my children slept. The monitor had all the features I wanted and was cheaper than any alternative. Unfortunately, the monitor needed to be hard-wired. This would not be accomplished easily nor could it be hidden. This camera is NOT intended for the purpose I had in mind. ...more info
  • Cheaply made and the one I recieved was defective
    You get what you pay for but I guess it does its job as long as it is not defective. The hardware is clumsy and light but if stapled down correctly into a permanant spot I could see that it would work ok. Do not expect much but it does its' job and is expected to be what you paid for it. If you are low on cash and need a security camera system this is the one for you. Otherwise spend a few more bucks for better quality....more info
  • Great Stuff
    I have only had this item for 2 days so far, but it seems to work great. It is very easy to install and works great with a vcr. The cameras aren't real big and bulky either because my wife didn't want anything bulky. So far so good especially for the price....more info