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Homeworld 2 (Mac)
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Product Description

Homeworld 2 is your chance to lead the Hiigarans in the epic struggles they face to ensure their survival! Amazing new multiplayer modes for six-person multiplayer through a LAN or Internet connection

  • Sequel to the groundbreaking 3-D real-time space strategy game Homeworld
  • Enhanced visuals, richer tactics and strategic gameplay
  • Fight amongst nebulas, dust clouds, drifting space hulks, asteroids, and debris
  • Build your fleet and engage in 3-D space combat
  • Online and LAN multiplayer option for up to 6 players

Customer Reviews:

  • Will not work on latest Macs
    Purchased for a Macbook Pro, 2.4GHz, and was informed by Aspyr tech support that the game will not work on the latest platforms....more info
  • Homeworld 2
    This game did not work on my macbook pro that is brand new. Nor did it work on my brand new IMac. Which are both top of the line. I loved the game on my PC, so I was hoping to play it on either of my MACs. Very disappointed. ...more info
  • Like a Sci-Fi Movie
    Basically, if you are a fan of Command and Conquer or any other big strategy games and you are a space/sci-fi geek, you're gonna love this game. Its more challenging than any other strategy game I've played. If you're using a MacBook, do yourself a favor and get a notebook mouse. You'll want it. Especially with the whole 3D attacking plane. The visuals are stunning and so is the sound. It really draws you into the game. Before you know it's 6am and you've only got 2 hours till that dreaded 8am class....more info
  • Lots o' fun!
    I found the game to be enjoyable, though the interface, particularly vertical movement seemed unnecessarily difficult. I will warn the faint of heart, the game does not allow you a lot of room for error. Be careful. Essentially this game is a computerized version of rocks-paper-scissors. You just have to try and remember which rock goes with which scissors, which go with which paper. Good game!...more info
  • WARNING: Does NOT work on Intel-based iMacs!
    I feel mislead both by Aspyr and Amazon for this purchase. I'm grossly disappointed with this software. This software will NOT work on Intel-based iMacs. No fix is available, and I've repeatedly emailed Aspyr asking for one. No response. The game looks great and presuming it worked on my brand new iMac, I'd have a much different opinion. If you're using any new Intel-based Apple computers, DO NOT ORDER THIS SOFTWARE!...more info
  • awesome
    I have played this game on pc sense 1999 and from day one I knew this game with it's 3D graphics and Quake engine, it's massive on line play was the best experience bar none. A game that won game of the year in 1999 was well deserved then and now has won many awards!!...more info
  • Amazingly good, but not perfect (Works on Intel too!)
    I must say, being a fan of Real-time strategy games, I was instantly interested in Homeworld when I found it here on Amazon. I caught myself thinking, however, what more Homeworld could offer me. Being that I had already played Age Of Empires, Star Wars: Empire at War, and dabbled in Command and Conquer and Civilization, I thought that Homeworld would not change much from the basic RTS system. However, convinced by some interesting YouTube videos featuring the gameplay, and by the fact there are very few Mac games out there, I bought the game, and I was very pleasantly surprised.
    The gameplay is immensely fun and features far more actual strategy then RTSs such as Age of Empires. I'll list everything out plain and simple:
    1. The graphics are amazingly good.
    2. There are only 2 different civilizations from which to play, however, each has ENTIRELY different units and an entirely different structure for building and advancing them.
    3. Strategy gameplay is enhanced by features such as capture ships, shielding ships, cloaking, minelaying, and especially surprise attacks Via Hyperspace jumps.
    4. It is in full 3d- ships can move vertically as well as horizontally.
    5. The ability for camera angles to follow certain units allows for stunning battle visuals.
    6. A sensor overlay allows for quick map overviews in only a click.
    7. The AI is quite good and all units act with intelligence.
    8. Homeworld actually features a storyline and tactical missions with objectives far from simply "destroy the enemy." Players must keep track of rapidly changing objectives and quick skirmishes. It is also diffucult, and will take probably take 12-15 hours to complete.
    While Homeworld is an incredibly good game, it does have it's problems. Here are a few of my complaints:
    1. The camera sometimes seems to get stuck far below or far above your units, and vertical camera movement is difficult.
    2. The controls are difficult and require some practice to master- although they allow for very unlimited movement.
    3. The maps for the multiplayer and single player v. CPU do not very much, and maps have little in terms of background details, realistic to space but not as fun.

    Overall, the gameplay of Homeworld 2 is amazing. Even better, it works flawlessly on Intel Macs, and is much better then similar games such as SWEAW. I would wholeheartedly suggest it over Empire at War. (Its cheaper too!). I cannot attest to online gameplay, but the singleplayer is absorbing enough to buy it solely for that purpose. I give HW 4 stars of 5, because of its downsides listed above, but it is an amazingly beautiful game....more info