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Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3
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Dragonball Z: Budokai 3 takes you beyond the earlier Dragon Ball Z sagas. Experience the full force of the most powerful fighters in the universe, in a challenge like no other. Discover a new "Dragon World", wilder match-ups and amazing new missions -- and see if your martial skills will prevail against deadly new villains!

  • Flex and blast through incredible game world made from gorgeous cel-shaded graphics
  • Customize your characters and unlock features from previous Budokai games
  • The most lethal villains of DBZ are waiting to challenge you -- from Cell and Freza, to Buu in three forms
  • Even more explosive Ki energy attacks to devastate your opponents
  • Challenge your friends in brutal Multiplayer and VS. Tournament Modes

Customer Reviews:

  • Bodukai3
    Here are the list of people:
    Omega Shenron,Goku,Vegita,Kid Goku,Radits,Nappa,Kid Buu,Super Buu,Majin Buu,Uub,Goten,Kid Gohan,Teen Gohan,Gohan,Piccolo,Tien
    ,Yamcha,Saibemen,Cell,Cell jr.,Bardock,Broly,Android #17,Android #18,Andriod #16,Cooler,Freeza,Krillin,Videl,Hercule,
    Captain Ginyu,Racoome,Dabura,Dr.Gero,GT. Saiyaman,Trunks,Kid Trunks,Sapreme Kai,Kaioshin,pan, and more!

    My Favorites are Pan,Vegita,Broly,Omega Shenron,Cooler,Goku.

    Gogita ssj4 is da bomb!!!!!!!!!!!
    ...more info
  • The next DBZ game!!!!
    This is by far the best DBZ game to come out so far. However, I was a little dissapionted about the selections of character. This game doesn't have baby, pan, super 17, majuub, and the other 6 shadow dragons. It really makes know sense. Why would omega shenron be in this game but not baby. Baby came way before omega shenron so you would think they would pick baby before him. I was also diisapionted the kid goku was based on the dragon ball version of him and not the Dragon Ball GT version of him. Another thing that really suck is that story mode only goes up to the buu saga. Also, vegeta doesn't have a version of him with short hair. You also can't play as the giant apes. Sadly, this will be the last Budokai game to be released. That doesn't mean the end of dragon ball z games though. Atari will still me making DBZ games but they won't be related to Budokai. The next game they will release is called Dragon Ball Z Sagas Evolution. If you own this game then you can look in the back of your instuctions book and you will se an advertisment for it. Those will not be the real graphics of the game. If you look below the screen shots it says "All Images Subject to Change" this means the game is in early devolepment so thats not what it is going to look like. From what I can tell from the add the graphics will be like Budokai 1. I do think this will be a budokai game only with a different name. If you look in the corner of the screen shot it says Kamehameha and then it shows a button combination which says square, square, square, square, circle. That how you did the Kamehameha in budokai 1, 2, and 3. This means the controls remain the same. You can expect this game in march 2005...more info
  • dbz fan
    This latest version of dragonball z budokai is the best out of all three,but i knew that this game was pretty good because i'd rented it before i bout it.but there are some draw backs about this game there are characters on this game that aren't even on the show or the movies and i've seen probably every episode from dragon ball/dragonball z and dragonball gt but the games are better than the suspence from the shows.overall i'd recamend that if you are a dragonball fan then you should buy this game....more info
  • best game ever
    I got this game 3 weeks ago & I LOVE IT!!!!!!!! It has AWESOME graphics & sound. U can play 6 modes,
    dragon universe
    matial arts tornament
    skill editing
    U can play as over 40 characters but i'm stuck on unloking the from dbzmovies & dbgt. [...]...more info
  • Help
    I have all the characters in the game except one. The Saibemen, I know that you have to defeat Nappa in dragon arena when he breaks in but I can't get him to break in. I have played about 70 matches and he hasn't broke in once, no one has. I'm not sure how the whole break in system works. Do the break in according to your power level or who you pick or is it completly random. If you know a for sure way to get him please let me know.

    Another thing, I would like it if you all would post your passwords up for your fighters in your reviews. I ask this because I cannot get accses to he site. I will post my password below. My fighter is a level 99 goku. He doesn't have very much skill in the com section so he probably wont be a much of a fighter. He's all health, ki, attack, guard, and somewhat arts. My name is Corey just in case you want to enter that as the register name.

    yN)jNa do@S$Q M@MHjd

    X%KzSQ s#FCm( Yyzq?N

    ...more info
  • the same as the second version
    all the reviews i have read say the same things that there is so much to do but theres not, theres a few more characters and thats about it.

    Its the same thing as the second version only you push different buttons and have to do more actions to do a bigger attack.

    i purchased this game in hopes of a different experience then i got in the previous DBZ games. for the first half hour of gameplay i was impressed but then as i noticed it was the same thing over and over i grew annoyed that i actually bought this game. the reviews are all lies the game is repetative and thoughtless. and once you think you are good at it suddenly every single Com opponent you face in any way be it world tournament dragon arena or just a duel somehow manages to counter dodge block and not get thrown out of the ring or run out of energy. and wether you have the black memebership card or not you still get the same items in the skill shop.

    just rent it first chance i get im selling it used....more info
  • this and budokai tenkaichi3 are the best
    This game is very fun iam never going to get board of this game, and iam a very great expert in this game nobody can beat me iam a very great expert in any game i play, but this game is very fun the characters are awsome the stages are awsome everything is awsome in this game, graphic is so much better then part 1 and 2, in this game its more high expirenced with great teleportation when fighting, hypermode, great combat fighting, and great gameplay this is a fun great game....more info
  • Simple but fun game
    DBZ B3 is great because it is a ton of fun and it is simple to pick up and enjoy. The characters controls are all the same (eventhough action animations are all different) so it is very simple to pick up new characters from the huge available list and just go to town. Its just fun- strategicly speaking, certain characters have certain strengths, some have more effective attacks and resource management than others, but if you want a fighter that you are just gonna have fun with---pick it up! Not being a DBZ fan isnt that important- but it is helpful to know at least a bit about the show....more info
    this is an awesome game you get to be ss4 Goku and Vegeta and ss4 Gogeta. ss4 Gogeta is da man. GET THIS GAME NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...more info
  • Exploding out of the gates
    The DBZ Budokai franchize is on a whole new level
    -Excellent graphics
    -Supereb Gameplay
    -Good ol' voice acting
    -New level up system(Upgrade by getting EXP RPG style, AWESOME!!)
    -New battle improvments(After doing death moves you can add a kick or 2, and you can go in hypermode, and play a game of "press the button and hope the computer doesn't press the same." Nice)
    -Packing 40 characters is quite a wallop of a punch
    -Flying around in story mode is awsome!
    -Power moves are flat out awsome
    -I love fighting in tournament mode
    -Collecting Dragonballs is a bit of a adventure
    -This is the best DBZ game EVER!!
    -Unlocking takes a bit of a while(Quite a bit of people to use in story mode)
    -Looking for dragonballs is a bit frustrating(Switching between map to look where you're going, and Dragon radar to find dragonball)
    -Sometimes story mode leaves out something
    -I didn't really like Dragonball GT

    Finally a DBZ game that gets acclaim from bigtime game sites(ex gamespot, gamespy, and IGN). This is the game DBZ fans have been dreaming of. And it was a great triliogy that got better and better till the very end. This game should be owend by those who are familiar with the DBZ series, and even those unfamiliar with the DBZ franshize should give this a shot, because I have a friend who hated DBZ cause it dragged on for a while(ex goku using spirit bomb on Frieza), but he liked this game for it's fast paced RPG style tactics. This goes to show DBZ has reached a level beyond the level of a simple fighting game.

    Peace...more info
  • Super Saiyan 4
    Yes there is SS4 for Goku, Vegeta and Gogeta for Gogeta you have to use Goku or Vegeta turn SS4 then do the fusion technique then SS4 Gogeta appears and then powers up. His attacks are Big Bang Kamehameha and his ultimate attack is 100xBig Bang Kamehameha. ...more info
  • The best dragon ball z game ever created
    Budokai 3 is by far the most funnest dbz game ever. There are so many characters to be in this game. The Basics are Goku, Kid Gohan, Krillin, Tien, Yamcha, Picollo, Vegeta, ECT. There are lots of secret characters like Broly, Cooler, Bardock, Omega Shinron (GT). Plus you can be Super Sayian4 Goku and Vegeta. Story mode is fun and challenging and tournaments are cool too. The hyper attacks are amazing and great. Dragon rush is another great feature in this game that captures the magic of the tv show. Even though if your not a fan of DBZ this game is worth the money. Buy it today or rent it. It's the greatest ever...more info
  • the best dbz game ever
    Akira Toriyama,and Atari,and Dimps have made some pretty good games such as DBZ Budokai #1,and buus fury.Now those were pretty good games.But DBZ Budokai #2 made many DBZ fans and lots of gamers lose hope because the pure and simple fun of thrashing your opponent and destroying the arena were gone.They turned it into something like a board game.But now all of that is past because now they have turned back to the pure fun of a fighting game.This time it's much better than Budokai#1 because now they have enhanced all the graphics.
    And they made the transformation to ss1,ss2,ss3,and ss4 longer and now there is like a 2 second transformation. Now you can actually see the character strugggling to transform and you can see their KI aura.The modes in this game are pretty similar to the ones in budokai 1.But this tme you can unlock a mode called Dragon Arena, where you can enter passwords from the internet and fight against somebody else's character from Dragon Universe(the story mode in the game).This game will have brand new attacks like Hyper mode and Dragon Rush.Each character will also have an Ultimate Attack that will do a lot of damage but will make your energy low.There are also new characters like Omega Shenron and others.There will also be fusions like ss4 Gogeta and ss3 Gotenks.
    The entire set of characters are,
    Majin Buu(fat,super,kid)
    Android 17
    Android 18
    Android 16
    Android 19
    and other characters but I forgot
    The fusions are,
    Vegito(super vegito)...more info
  • AWESOME DUDES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Great game, best DBZ game ever. In response to the Nov. 25 Reviewer: The reason Budokai 2 is $20 is because people dont want to buy Budokai 2 for $50 when they can get the newer, better Budokai 3 for the same price. BUY THIS GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...more info
  • Budokai 3
    Out of all the Dragonball Z Games, this one is the best. Even better than the newer ones like the Tenkaichi series 1,2 and 3, and also has some of the best graphics. Fun family game with simple enough controls to learn, but also a good game for a Hardcore Gamer with a challenging story, and also harder difficulty settings to unlock during gameplay.

    Great game recommend it for anyone

    ...more info
  • The best DBZ game yet
    This game is great, it's the best DBZ yet... I have played almost every DBZ game that has come out, including GT Final Bout, Budokai, Budokai 3, Tenkaichi, Tenkaichi 2, and Super Dragon Ball... and I came to the conclusion that Budokai 3 it's the best for several reazons: first of all the graphics are good, it may look a little squared sometimes but as it is in a "2D" format you won't notice it; second, the controls are easy, you learn them fast and allow you a large number of combos and combinations; the amount of characters avaliable is perfect, there are 40 characters and 50 transformations, which is mora than eough to give you from where to choose and not too large to overwhelm you.
    The story mode does skip some potentially good fights but it allows you to play the fights exactly as they looked in the series, not as in the Tenkaichi 2 game, where you get to read the results of the fights.
    The fact that you can customize your characters gives you a lot of freedom and a sense of pride with any character you play.
    The introduction of Dragon Rush and the rock,scissors,paper game was perfect, not allowing too experiences players to completely decimate amateurs without a fighting chance (and they look great), even though they are repetitive they won't annoy you (unless you are a pure "I play wihtout emotional crap" kind of player.
    And yes, it is possible to learn how the computer fights and acquire a strategy to win every time, but in which fighting game isn't it?, the great thing about this game is the 1p against 2p mode anyway.
    The game is great, buy it, it's a must have for any DBZ fan and even others....more info
    this is an awesome game you get to be ss4 Goku and Vegeta and ss4 Gogeta. ss4 Gogeta is da man. GET THIS GAME NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...more info
  • :)
    I didn't get this edition i got the regular
    (thanks alot)
    but i still had fun...more info
  • Awesome Game!!!!!!
    I just got the game and opened it and it is so kool, its fun free flying aroungd 2 see go 2 were you can fight your oepenents. It is so awesoem but lemme put a end 2 some of the rumours, first of you can't be people like Pan,Baby,Chi Chi Saiyagurl and etc. srry people it just can't be done. O and i put 5 stars 4 it because it teaches you self defense =). All and all this game is worth the $49.82 its cost...more info
  • great, enjoyable fighting game
    having not played a solid fighting game in quite some time and feeling like rekindling my old DBZ interest, I set off to a game store to pick this puppy up for 30 bucks. It's a great game, easily worth 50 dollars, even though I payed almost half that. The dragon universe is very nice, and i enjoyed playing through the character's sagas, and searching for the dragon balls (but by the time i got to vegetas saga the dragon ball searching was a little boring). Martial arts tournament mode was fun,as was that unlockable mode (forgot the name!), where you choose a leveled up character and fight against the computer of a certain level. and 40 characters! it has basically every character you could have hoped for, mainly from the DBZ series and movies. transformations are nicely done, and the controls aren't that hard to master (although i still have trouble with pursue). in short, a great game for DBZ fans and non fans alike. I could easily reccomend tis to anyone....more info
  • Great Game
    It is a very good game, its graphics are good and it follows the story line very well, recommended for anyone that watches the show...more info
  • A Special game!!!!!!!!!!!!
    This game is awsome I have almost every character so I felt like it would be nice if I made a list of the most intresting people with there good attacks or attack. Oh by the way 10xKamehameha and Final shine attack for Goku and Vegeta are not attacks that you obtain you have to turn SS4 with Galick Gun or Kamehameha!Remember Im not putting all of my people!!!!

    (Goku,SS 1 2 3 4)(Spirit Bomb, 10xKamehameha)

    (Kid Goku,none)(Super Dragon Fist)

    (Kid Gohan,Unlock Potential)(none)

    (Teen Gohan,SS 1 2)(Father-Son Kamehameha)

    (Gohan,SS 1 2 Elder Kai Unlock)(Super Kamehameha)

    (Goten,SS 1)(none)

    (Vegeta,SS1 2 4)(Big Bang, Final Shine Attack)

    (Trunks,SS1 2)(Burning Slash)

    (Kid Trunks,SS 1)(none)


    (Cooler,1 final)(Sauzer Blade)

    (Bardock,none)(Heat Phalanx)

    (Broly,Legendary SS)(Gigantic Meteor)

    (Omega Shenron,none)(Dragon Thunder)

    There you go was'nt that helpful.The game does go to DBGT but the only thing in it is the fight against Omega Shenron.There's this place called Dragon Universe where 11 characters have story mode.And after you beat it with all 11 you get Dragon Arena where you can use anybody. You know how in world tournament you can't use fusion well if you play Dragon arena long enough you can get cell games in this there are no attack restrictions.If you read all of this you would want buy this game buy it it's worth it.

    ...more info
  • Rumors (Are the rumors true)
    Now if you heard any rumors that there are people from DBGT its a lie the only person from DBGT is Omega Shenron. Its such a bummer. The only people from movies are Cooler Bardock and Broly. So dont get all worked up over none of that stuff and go crying to yor mom oh please can I get DragonBallZ Budokai 3. But the game is worth it. Because There are some wicked attacks and people in this game I have 33 people and here is the list of them and there ultimate attack or the best attack I have for them:Goku,Spirit Bomb Kid Goku,Super Dragon Fist Kid Gohan,Masenko Teen Gohan,Father-Son Kamehameha Gohan,Super Kamehameha GT.Saiyaman,Justice Punch Goten,Super Saiyan Vegeta,Big Bang Attack Trunks,Burning Slash Kid Trunks, Final Attack Krillin, Fierce Destructo Disk Piccolo,Hellzone Grenade Tien, Neo Ki Blast Cannon Yamcha,Spirit Ball Attack Videl, Hawk Arrow Uub, Ki Cannon Radits,Saturday Crush Nappa,Break Cannon Ginyu, Strong Jersey Recoome, Recoome Kick Frieza, Death Wave #17,Energy Field #18,Destructo Disk Gero, Photon Wave Cell,Energy Field Majin Buu, Innocence Express Super Buu,Absorption Kid Buu,Vanishing Ball Dabura, Evil Blast Cooler,Sauzer Blade Bardock, Heat Phalanx Broly,Gigantic Meteor Omega Shenron,Dragon Thunder. If you want to get everything go to your search engine and type Cheat cc then go to Cheat Code Central. And if you heard that you can fly anytime in the game what it really means is that in Dragon Universe (Story Mode) you can fly where you want to go. Now here's a tip from me after you go to Cheat cc and find out how to get Omega Shenron get him and get World Tournament Advanced use him in it and before it says fight go to the edge and when your apponent attacks press forward and x at the same time and if they teleport behind you keep doing you should be able to teleport more because at the beggining of the fight Omega Shenron has full ki. (P.S get the casule called sparking that takes up all of your characters ability slots.) ...more info
  • The DBZ game we have all been waiting for
    Overall, this game has been the game I have waited for all my life as a DBZ fan. If your like me, you probably knew about Gt and all that good stuff long before it even came out, that's why I wanted a game like this to come out so that I could actually have some durablity and imagination with DBZ. Sadly enough, this will probably be the last true DBZ game out there because this game ends the story line and Gt is almost over. So have fun with this game, I know I will...more info
  • confused gamer???????????
    I have just ordered this game today and i have read all of the reviews on it so far and it sounds pretty good,but some kids are saying different things about the characters and how far the game will go (saga wise)some people are saying that it will only go to baby and will only have Omega Shenron out of the Shenrons.But others are saying that it will go to the end of the series and will have all of the Shenrons. i am confused if someone could write in the reviews where the game ends and a list of all of the characters(someone who has the game and knows for sure)THANK YOU P:S I AM NOT A KID....more info
  • The Best One of the DBZ Budokai Video Game Series
    I have several DBZ video games, including the ones for the Japanese SNES, Sega, and Playstation; I also have all three DBZ Budokai video games for the PS2, and by far, DBZ Budokai 3 is the best DBZ game ever made. The excellent 3-D cell-shaded graphics make it seem as if you are taking control of the anime series, and the well-balanced gameplay mechanics have finally been perfected in this last DBZ Budokai video game by Atari....more info
  • Clearing it up
    I have this game and I have unlocked all characters, all tournement modes and all capsules so I will set some rumors straight. The only shadow dragon in this game is Omega Shenron. You can't play as baby, the only new people that this game has is Omega Shenron, Broly, Cell Jr., Saibemen, Gogeta, Cooler, uub, kid goku (dragon ball version), kid gohan ( returning from the 1st one), bardock.

    Some people that ARE NOT in the game are baby, garlic jr., spice boys, king vegeta, teen goten, teen trunks, teen gotenks, jeice, burtur, guldo, dodoria, zarbon, the final 6 of the shadow dragons, pan, bulma, chichi, that all that I can think of that was said to be in the game but wans't.

    There will be no turning into giant apes in this game

    There is beam struggles when to people do there energy attacks at the same time were both players must spend the toggle.

    Story mode will stick to the show depending on how you play it. Example: When you are in the Frieza saga you can chose to fight Frieza or to fight Cooler depending on how you play. So sometimes it doesn't stick with the show.

    The story mode only goes up to the end of the buu saga. I know you are probably wondering how you fight the shadow dragons and broly then. Like I said before, depending on how you play the story you can fight different people, instead of fighting kid buu you can chose to fight broly or omega shenron of you play it right. But sadly there will be know GT sagas in story mode.

    SS4 doesn't count as a different character, the only time it does in Gogeta or SS4 Gogeta. Those are two different characters.

    The fusions from the previous games return as well as some new.

    This is alll of the characters in the game. What you se here is what you get.

    Kid Goku
    Kid Gohan(unlock potential)
    Teen Gohan(SS1,SS2)
    Adult Gohan(SS1,SS2,Elder Kia Unlock Ability)
    Young Trunks(SS1)
    Adult Trunks(SS1,SS2)
    Brolly(Legendary Super Sayin)
    Gt. Sayiman
    Andriod 16
    Andriod 17
    Andriod 18
    Dr. Gero
    Cell(All forms)
    Frieza(All forms)
    Captian Ginyu
    Dabura(Demotic Will)
    Majin Buu
    Super Buu
    Kidd Buu
    Supreme Kai
    Omega Shenron
    Cell Jr.
    Krillen(unlock potential)
    Hercule(High Tension)
    Piccolo(Sync whith Nail,Fuse with Kami)
    Cooler(Final Form)
    KabitoKai(Supreme Kai)
    SS4 Gogeta(Goku,Vegeta)

    Those are all of th characters you can play as in this game.

    [...]Hope this was helpful
    ...more info