AudioSource AMP-100 2-Channel Bridgeable Stereo Power Amplifier
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Product Description

AudioSource Amp 100 is a power amplifier that is versatile enough to be used to drive speakers with different impedance ratings in stereo mode. Ot also allows bridging the 2 separate internal amp circuits for higher power sound to one channel. Though designed for home use, the bridge-application makes this suitable for use in bars and restaurants, where stereo channeling might not be considered, but high quality output is definitely an issue. Unswitched 400 Watts Power Outlet Bridgeable Outlets Rubber Vibration-Damping Feet AudioSource 1-Year Warranty Unit Dimensions - 2.9 x 16.5 x 9.25

A favorite of audiophiles everywhere, the AudioSource Amp 100 two-channel power amplifier is built to deliver powerful music, pure and simple, with few extra controls to get in the way. Listeners can use the Amp 100 as an independent stereo amp (50 watts x 2 into 8 ohms) when used with a preamp, as a second zone amplifier in multi-room applications, or as a rear-channel amplifier in a 6.1- and 7.1-channel system. Combine the Amp 100 with an additional monoblock amp (the Amp 100 delivers 150 watts RMS of bridged power) and a preamp and listeners can independently drive two front left/right speakers or two rear speakers, further clarifying each channel to create dynamic, high-end sound. To connect additional components to the amp, use the included stereo inputs with automatic priority override (for connecting to a source such as a receiver, CD player, or preamplifier) or the auxiliary output for creating a multi-amp setup.

The amp boasts a precise frequency response of 20 Hz to 20 kHz and total harmonic distortion of 0.02 percent. Additional features include A, B, or A+B speaker selector switches, front-panel mounted volume and balance knobs, and five-way binding posts that work with both bare wire and banana plugs. Plus, at 16.5 by 2.9 by 9.25 inches (W x H x D), the device should fit comfortably in most rack mount or home entertainment setups. All AudioSource amps are backed by a two-year warranty on parts and labor.

What's in the Box
Amp 100 amplifier, user's manual.

  • 2-channel 100-watt (50 watts x 2) power amplifier (provides 150 watts RMS bridged mono power)
  • Ideal for use as a second-zone amplifier or as a rear-channel amplifier in a 6.1- and 7.1-channel system
  • Pair of stereo inputs with priority override; A/B speaker selector allows multi-room amplification
  • Signal-sensing auto-on/off switching conserves power while simplifying setup
  • Measures 16.5 by 2.9 by 9.25 inches (W x H x D); 2-year warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • Great Amp in System
    This Amp is fantastic for use as a booster in a system to power certain speakers. I use it for the center channel and for seat shakers. Auto on feature is great and the bridge function allows for use as an amp for the center channel or an unpowered subwoofer....more info
  • Better then I originally thought - Will Update When re-purchased!
    I bought this product for 1 of 2 uses.
    1. Use as a amp for a variable output from a flat panel tv to drive 2 speakers.
    2. Use as a amp for a variable output from a MAC pro to drive 2 speakers.

    It FAILED in both instances. As an amp, sure it works...when it wants to. The main feature I liked was the automatic on/off setting so that it could be used in a GREEN environment---so to speak. That part works....the only PROBLEM is when you are watching TV and a slightly silent moment on a show sound for 2-3 seconds. The AMP cuts out....plain and simple.

    Now on the MAC side - you figure its a computer, it only makes sounds when it needs to and so the amp should be ready. Well, the green light is on but no one is sound until you reset the amp.

    At this point I figured maybe the auto on/off function was to I put the amp in manual mode where if its on its on and if its off its off......simple. You would figure that sound would come out of this thing no matter what the case when it is powered on. Sure gives you sound and then it cuts out...and then it gives you sound for a minute or two...then it cuts out....then another 5-10 second wait....

    Forget the $100 and buy something that works. I am sure there are other products out there.

    Please correct me if I am doing something wrong...but I read the manual and I did it right....having some sense of this stuff I dont think I could have done it any better.

    UPDATE: 01/26/09
    I have been corrected and apparently missed the input 2 issue. Basically if you use input 2 as the main input for your sound source there is no autoswitching and thus there is no cut outs. I will be buying again shortly to test at home. Thanks to the great #1 review and the one person that left me a comment. I cannot change my star rating..but I will post an updated review in the days ahead. My apologies for posting an inaccurate review.

    Hope this helps.
    ...more info
    This amp is great (I have 2 of them, 1 for the right/left stereo signals and the other one just for my center channel) but there is one thing that you HAVE to know before you setup this device.

    If you are only plugging in 1 device, plug it in source 2.

    It makes very little sense, but I almost threw these things out the window.

    See, they are auto-sensing, so they default to source 2 and will always amplify what is on source 2, BUT if there is a signal on source 1 (not just a low level but a few db) you will hear a definite 'click' as it moves to source 1. If your music or content plugged into source 1 all of a sudden gets quiet, you will hear another 'click' as it moves back to source 2. I made the HUGE mistake of plugging my equipment into source 1 and got all worked up that my equipment was cutting out when I would watch quiet scenes in the movies.

    All I can say is: These things are awesome, IF you use them correctly....more info
  • Perfect for my application
    In my home I have speakers in the main floor of the house and out on my deck as well. While my receiver has speaker "a" and "b" selections, there is no individual volume control for each zone. This resulted in my inside speakers being deafeningly loud and the deck speakers barely audible. That's where this great little amp came into play. This unit has made it possible to enjoy a steady volume of music both inside and out. Once I tweaked the volume on the amp100 to match the inside of the house, I simply control the master volume on the receiver and both the inside and outside speakers adjust in tandem. The fact that it automatically powers on as soon as I activate the "b" speakers makes it perfect for my application. ...more info
  • What I should have bought in the first place
    A couple of years ago I was looking for a stereo amp to power 8 sets of ceiling speakers in my home. I had already installed impedance matching volume controls so I was not overly concerned about the amp getting dragged down with a 2 ohm or similar load. My choices narrowed down to an Onkyo M-282 or the Audiosource Amp 100.

    The Onkyo put out 100 watts per channel and the Audiosource did 50 watts at 8 ohms. Nod to the Onkyo

    The Onkyo had an Amplfier Protection Circuit and the Audiosource had a fuse. We will come back to this point.

    The Onkyo was $200 and the Audiosource was about $90 at the time. Nod goes to the Onkyo because it just had to be better at the price difference.

    Last week, after just over 2 years, the Onkyo rolled over and quit. After way too much time on the phone at Onkyo Customer support, it became clear to me that there was no repair route that would be less than the cost of a new Onkyo; the culprit was the "Amplifier Portection Circuit".

    Since the Onkyo was now a doorstop, I decided to try the Audiosource 100 and since they were 50 watts at 8 ohms or 160 watts bridged, I bought two from Amazon. They got here in 4 days and I took one out and inserted in into the system. It is now playing all 16 speakers at a level of sound volume and quality that is way beyond what the Onkyo did at 3X the price.

    Did I mention that I set one of the amps up in 50 watt stereo mode? There is no need to use both amps in mono mode. The sound is very impressive.

    Onkyo is dead to me and Audiosource has a new and happy customer. I only wish I had taken the chance before blowing good $$$ on the Onkyo M-282.

    ...more info
  • Quality amp
    I LOVE THIS AMPLIFIER! hosted two parties with it!

    only 50x50 watts, but its nice and loud and it also doesnt even distort at the highest of volume levels. Once i was dj'ing with it my friend's house and someone left a slice of pizza on top of the vent covering. the thing probably reached around 180 degrees, it was too hot to touch. but it pulled through. i turned it off for a minute or two so it could cool down, then kept on going.

    Pros: Easy to use, OK price, sounds great, works fine

    Funny: in order to make the Channel A and Channel B to play at the same time you have to press in both of the selector switches at once.. i found that really hilarious. I still love this amp to death to though.

    Cons: auto turn off feature is a pain, but you get used to it. you can turn it off, but its a nice feature to have....more info
  • Take a pass on this one
    We have two reference systems in the home plus digital or analog over ethernet feeds to all of the other rooms. Speakers tend to be high end, source material ranges from digital music fed to dac's or cd's. I have two AudioSource 100's, one in the kitchen driving Energy's and one that drives a set of B&W's on the porch.

    Totally devoid of musicality. This amp will kill any source signal you put in it. Compared to any amp we've had in the past 40 years, this is the worst. The sound has nothing going for it, 0 energy, no low end, sounds like it compresses music, no soundstage, no rhythm, just plain boring. ...more info
  • Pure Crap!!!!
    Oh, boy!

    Briefly, this item is just not worth your time or effort. It certainly isn't worth your money.

    I bought this for only one reason: to take the audio from my computer and power my bookshelf speakers. I've been using an old (~25-year old!) unit and it finally died, leaving me looking for a replacement. This amp seemed to fill the bill, but I was completely wrong.

    The sound is harsh and artificial (you may disagree--it's subjective), but my main complaint is that this unit has a "feature" that allows it to sense audio input automatically and to switch on (and off!) based on that input. According to the manual (just a pamphlet, actually) it's possible to deactivate the auto switching by placing a slide switch in the Manual position. Nope, not on my unit. That just doesn't work.

    So, the result is that every time the audio drops below an arbitrary and unadjustable threshold, a relay drops out and the unit is silenced. You can only imagine the irritation at listening to this and having it drop out and pick back up countless times in low-level passages or spoken audio! Click, click, click. And no sound at every other click. . .

    I repeat: the Manual selection does not work (at least on my system). This is a horrible design!

    After placing a complaint to customer support (and waiting an entire week with no response), I'm warning you before you choose this item: don't! If they just ignore your inquiries, why even bother?

    My intention is to simply open the unit and bypass the offending relay. If you don't know which end of a soldering iron to hold, however, you may find a solution like this a bit intimidating. No matter what, it's certainly frustrating either way.

    Consider yourself warned.

    --George Andrews
    San Diego...more info
  • Excellent amplifier at a good price
    The Amp-100 is a very good amplifier for the price. It is very easy to setup and use. It has good sound quality also. We connected four Dayton Audio 2-way speakers to the amplifier behind a Behringer mixer. The sound quality was excellent!...more info
  • Good amp for people who will read a manual and think things through.
    I've owned one of these amps now for about six months. All the complaints I've read in the reviews have come from people who obviously can't be bothered to read, pay attention, or think things through. I'm specifically referring to Auto Input Switching/Power, lack of features, and output power.

    First, this is NOT an integrated amp. Nor is it designed to be used primarily as a standalone system. It is intended to be used as a node on a distributed music system. The feature set for this unit has this use in mind.

    It can function as a standalone unit but if you are going to use it as such you need to use it with a pre-amp or with an input source that provides adequate line in, input selection and the tone/equalization control you want.

    Second, the auto input switching. The manual isn't clear on this and the feature can't be switched off, which is why I docked it a star. But some reading and thought will provide the solution. The auto input feature is only on input 1. If you run your primary input to input 2 you will have no problem with auto switching cutting off your music during quiet passages or after the track has started. If you need to use multiple sources without the auto switch cutting the input then you need to use external input switching (see pre-amp above) and make sure the switch/pre-amp is fed to input 2 on the amp.

    Auto-power on issues: This feature can be turned on or off by way of a selector switch on the rear panel of the amp. Default is on. This is in the manual.

    "It doesn't have a sub out": No, but it does have a line out/pass-through for input 2 which can be used for a sub out.

    "It isn't loud enough": One of two things is happening here; 1. The line in isn't sufficient to properly drive the amp. 2. The speakers aren't efficient enough. If you are running speakers with less than 90db sensitivity you won't get decent performance from this or any other "low power" amp. I'm using Athena AS-B1.2's and I'm getting more than adequate volume and bass response. I recommend these (under $100 if you shop around) or the Athena AS-B2.2. Klipsch, Infinity, JBL, and Yamaha all make some nice bookshelf units with 90db sensitivity or better that would work nicely with this unit. Just because this is an inexpensive amp doesn't mean you can get away with cheap speakers.

    "There isn't enough bass": 1. Make sure the source is providing enough bass input. If the source doesn't have a tone control for bass you may need to use a pre-amp. 2. Use better speakers. When I first got my amp the speakers I had ordered for it were delayed, so I used some old early 80's bookshelf speakers to test the amp out.

    Those speakers had no bass at all, or treble, or much midrange. Basically it sounded like an AM pocket radio. When the Athenas came in and were properly broken in the sound improved greatly. It also helps to have the speakers placed properly. If your speakers are rear vented they don't need to be in an enclosed space or pushed up against a wall (I see this all the time, even on store displays).

    My experiences with this Amp: I ordered this amp with a pair of Athena AS-B1.2 bookshelf speakers for use in my home office. Inputs are from my PC (by USB DAC) and an iPod dock. Both inputs run through an audio switch to input 2 on the amp. The files played through it are a mix of OGG, FLAC, AAC, ALAC, WAV, and MP3. Mostly FLAC.

    I was impressed by the fit and finish of the unit out of the box. I've seen many allegedly high end products that don't have this level of finish (Cameras, turntables, TV, PC Cases, Cars, etc.). The weight is substantial. As near as I can tell by looking through the vent slots the transformer takes up at least half the case. The power lines in my house aren't very clean and I have hum issues with most A/V equipment I own, but I have yet to hear any hum (in normal conditions) from this amp when turned all the way up, even when it's been plugged into outlets that give other equipment fits. The only way to get hum is to touch an input with a finger. In normal use the background is dead silent. Good power supply.

    The design is minimalist and clean. The only panel controls are power, speakers, volume and balance. It is low profile and unobtrusive and gives off very little heat, even when left on (with the volume turned down). Mine doubles as a monitor stand, LCDs only.

    There are two inputs but they are auto switched. The first input is the auto switch input, as stated above. This means that if an input is detected it will switch to input 1 over input 2. It is fairly sensitive and will switch back and forth during pauses or quieter passages in the music. If you listen to a lot of Jazz, classical, or chamber music with pauses and quiet bits you will definitely want to use input 2 to prevent it from dropping out during those passages.

    There is an autopower feature as well. If left on it will cause the same problems with the amp cutting out during quiet passages as the autoinput switching. However it can be disabled by a selector switch on the back of the unit. This is clearly explained in the manual. The intent is to allow the unit to be powered on remotely when used with a distributed music system. If you want a standalone system disable this feature and turn it on and off manually.

    The sound is deep and rich with excellent separation, depth, and imaging. There's plenty of bass for most of what I listen too (Jazz, folk, and classic rock), and outstanding midrange. Treble does seem to roll off a bit, but that may be the speakers. Volume is more than enough to shake the walls and floor of my office and the music can be heard clearly throughout the second floor of the house. Personally I think it's more than loud enough to use as a primary system if you have a smallish living room (but with larger speakers). I haven't heard any distortion at loud volumes, but excessive line in might change that. More importantly to me the sound doesn't get muddy at low volume levels. It remains clear and detailed. I have no problem listening to most of my collection for hours on end with this amp while I work, or kicking back on the office sofa with some whiskey.

    Most of my music files on the PC are lossless, but I do have a few dogs among the MP3 and WAV files. It's no great feat for an amp to sound good with a lossless file so I ran a few of the nastier files through it to see how it did. For the most part it took the edginess off most of the rougher files and made them almost pleasant to listen to. There are a few bad tracks that are best left to regular PC speakers, and a few FLAC files ripped from CD where bad mastering shows up more clearly now. Win some, loose some.

    Nitpicks: My amp pops when turned on and off, which has the potential to damage speakers. It's not loud, but I turn the volume down before I hit the switch. I would prefer a manual input switch. Price has changed by as much as $30 on Amazon over a relatively short time.

    Before buying this I listened to a friend's office setup with a Super T-Amp and a pair of Infinity Bookshelf speakers. To my ears the Amp100 sounds just as nice at lower volumes plus it can pack more of a punch when called for. It's not as compact as the Super-T or as stylish, but it fills my needs.

    ...more info
  • Spartan Ipod-based Audiophile stereo system
    Thought I would share my new, very minimalist, Ipod-based stereo setup with the Amp 100 since it was inexpensive and sounds surprisingly good. I recently purchased a pair of new B&W 685 bookshelf speakers - which really are wonderful speakers with a very clean sound, full soundstage, and terrific midrange. To my mind, these speakers offer entry-level audiophile quality sound for a great price, so represent a good test of what the AMP 100 is capable of. They are rated at 8 OHMs (the minimum impedance for the Amp 100) and can handle 30-100 watts, so the Amp 100 comes in nicely at 50 watts x2 with my setup.
    I purchased 50 feet of inexpensive, but high quality copper speaker cable (with + and - strands) and cut that into four 12.5 foot pieces. The B&W's allow for standard or dual wiring (i.e. one + and - for High Frequency and one + and - for Low Frequency), so I took advantage of the latter, hooking up two cables per speaker and running all four cables back to the Amp 100's "A" speaker posts (so two wires per post). Both speakers and amp required no spades or banana plugs, just bare wire (simplicity itself - little effort and money).
    I then hooked up my Ipod to the Amp 100's Input 2 via a stereo Mini Male to RCA Y Cable such as HOSA CMR206 Stereo Mini Male to RCA Y-Cable - 6 Feet. A nice feature in this regard is the Amp 100's separate volume control, since I tend to keep my Ipod at full volume for car use (to appreciate this, all you need to do is forget just once that it's at full volume and hook it up to an amp with no volume control. Ouch.)
    I set each speaker on two stacked 16-inch concrete blocks (around $2.50 each) for a perfect 32 inch listening height and then placed the amp between them - also on two side-by-side concrete blocks for an industrial look. And that's it -- I can control the Ipod volume from the couch and I am hard-pressed to want to push the AMP 100's volume beyond half-way even though I running the system in a large, empty room. And the sound is impressive, with a great soundstage! I am happy with not having bass and treble, simply because the zero levels I'm getting are so good (the fewer the components, the better the signal!), but this setup is about as stripped down as it gets. By the way, you should also be able to hook a computer with digital audio out to the mini-male I'm using for my Ipod if that's your preference. ...more info
  • A good amplifier
    A quality product at a good price. I wish the A/B switch would turn on both sets of speakers instead of either/or--if so, I would have given it five stars....more info
  • Crapped out
    I have read all the reviews, before, and again after, since my unit crapped out...It lasted 6 months, light use. The signal went out via a audio mixer with 3 pairs of ceiling speakers, never used all at once, maybe two pair, and it just crapped out after 6 months. The fuse wasn't blown, the lights still came on, it just stopped working. I had my doubts on a $100 unit before hand and ummm and my doubts came true. I am looking at other brands now.
    ...more info
  • Good solid amp
    Nice, good solid amp. I use it as an inexpensive monitor amp for some parts express br1 monitor kit i built. I do some audio recording on an inexpensive computer I put together with linux. Fun, cheap, solid components and inexpensive software that will let ya get started recording on the cheap! ...more info
  • Does the job, but speaker buttons are sticky
    I needed something to allow me to use speakers both outdoors and in another room, and this little unit filled the bill perfectly. It's simple, direct, and does the job. My only complaint is the speaker selection buttons on the front. They're really sticky. They seem to be set up so that when one set of remote speakers is turned on, the other automatically turns off (i.e., when you push the A button, the B button automatically pops back out turning the B speakers off, and vice versa). Nice, but what if you want both sets of remote speakers on at the same time? Well, both remote speakers can be on at the same time when both buttons are pushed in simultaneously, but then you have to jiggle them all over the place to get the buttons to pop back out and turn the speakers off again. Probably a picky point, but it's annoying. If not for this, I'd give it 5 stars instead of 4....more info
  • Stereo Amp
    Amplifier works well for a single audio source. This unit has an auto on feature that responds to the presence of an audio signal at the input. ...more info
  • delightful sound (with one hook-up caveat)
    I've been using this amp for a nearly a month now (for an audio-only system), and I'm more than thoroughly delighted. The sound is not just crystal clear and clean, but it has a warmth reminiscent of the old days of tube amps. (I realize that I'm dating myself there.) It almost succeeds in making CDs sound like well-recorded and well-pressed vinyl. It's a real delight to the ears. There is one caveat about how to hook it up (and I thank previous reviewers for alerting me to this). If you use it primarily for audio, be sure to use input 2. Input 1 is signal-activated, and that can cause problems with audio-only uses. With that one caveat in mind, though, this is a wonderful, quiet, rich-sounding amp. If you're building a pure component system, build it around this amp. It's a gem....more info
  • Quality Product
    Seems to be very well made. the auto turn on is a great feature....more info
  • It's okay.......
    It's not a bad amp, but its input to output ratio is pretty low. I have it hooked up to my surround sound to feed my outdoor patio speakers. It works well enough but if I turn down the surround sound inside, and turn up the amp. Well the amp output isn't that great. It works, but I'm sure theres better out there....more info
  • Good Value
    We just needed an amp for a second zone and this amp is performing that job very well. ...more info
  • Consider your application
    I found this Amp to be a great value for my purposes, namely to power pre-amped outputs from either my computer, tape deck, or sythesizer-work station. As noted in previous reviews, you should know that the amp is basically designed as a booster amp for a distributed whole house system, not really intended as a primary amp. The signal is clean and adequately strong for good speakers. No tone controls or equalizer, basic raw signal from source. Some amplification and tonal control may be managed in the source equipment. I have a powered subwoofer feeding off the line out from input 2 (always on straight through no gain control from the AudioSource amp) therefore I have to adjust volume for the sub at either the source or at the subwoofer's amplifier.

    The feature of input 1 turning itself on and off in response to finding signal present is annoying to me as noted by several others. Also the subwoofer doesn't respond to input 1 only input 2. I will have to add a pre-amp mixer/equalizer to overcome most of these objections.

    Overall, though, I am very pleased with the quality for the money. Good clean big sound (for smaller spaces) for smaller audiophile budgets. Choose carefully and wisely.

    Like many such products these days, it appears to have been carefully designed and specified in the USA but actually built in PRC. Good quality overall, nevertheless....more info
  • Does the Job for me
    Great amp. Small,so it fits into a tight location with plenty of power to drive my two bookshelf speakers. Read all those reviews about the power being late to come on but I haven't had that problem. As far as I'm concerned this is a great feature. It saves power and I never have to turn the amp on and off - it does that itself. It comes on before the picture on my 40 inch Sony Bravia HDTV so I don't miss a thing. If you're looking for a small amplifier for a good price, I don't think you can beat this little jewel....more info
  • Simple, unobtrusive, does the job.
    A great little amp. I use it to power the center channel speaker for my seven plus one home theater sound system. Once you set your profile preferences, leave it alone; no knob twiddling. Unfortunately, I bought the last one the store had of this particular model and had to go up to the next power level for my other speaker pairs. This model amp would have been fine for my other speaker pairs which are Cerwin Vega 2way bookshelf enclosures with six and one half inch woofers; only if they had been available....more info
  • Great Value!
    This amp powers the sound system in the aerobic workout room at the Community Center. It has clear sound and runs 18 hours a day without flaw. For the price, you can't beat it! Amazon had the lowest price on the internet. Thanks Amazon!...more info
  • BBB stop entering on our market such lemons!
    This product is a waste of money,everything meaning quality is ZERO in this AudioSource product!I dispensed it!...more info
  • Plain and Simple and Works Well
    I am using this amp to control a set of speakers in a different room from my receiver. It synchs well with my Harmony remote and so far I have not had any problems or unpleasant surprises. It's a plain vanilla component with few bells and whistles and so far does what it does well.
    I noticied the Amazon price has fluctuated over time so be mindful of that. ...more info
  • dual input amplifier
    This is a useful product for my university classroom where we show DVDs and YouTube clips during seminars because it has dual inputs and simple volume and balance controls. I also bought external speakers for the LCD TV and the system works great. The first unit I received had a bad left channel, but the manufacturer replaced it within a week with a new unit. When I told them I bought it on the Internet, the technician hesitated until I said that I purchased it through Amazon, which is one of their partners. I am very happy with the unit and the service. ...more info
  • AudioSource AMP-100 Stereo Power Amplifier
    The AudioSource AMP-100 Stereo Power Amplifier does its job as advertised. Set-up is easy and the unit keeps a low profile on the upper shelf of a bookcase in our family room. We're using the AMP-100 to feed two Bose bookshelf speakers and a Dayton Audio 8" sub-woofer. The input is coming from a 37" Samsung LCD TV and a Motorola HDTV Cable/DVR box.

    If you use the Line 2 amplifier connection, you should have no problems at all with audio cutting in and out. The AMP-100 has more than enough power to provide clean, floor-thumping audio for our family room, which measures about 22' x 12.' If you're looking for a no-frills amplifier that gets the job done without unnecessary bells and whistles, the AudioSource AMP-100 should perform nicely for you....more info
  • just right
    We are using this to power an aux set of speakers to the main Onkyo 7.1 system in the home theatre. It's just the right box, enough power and integrated just fine....more info
  • Great Product
    I'm not an expert on audio, but I've been very happy with this product. I bought it to separately power my backyard speakers. The speaker cable distance is about 75 feet and it has plenty of power. It can power the speakers loud enough to have my neighbors want to throw me in jail :-) -- exactly what we all want in an amplifiier....more info