SecureView Outdoor Camera & Decoder System
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Product Description

SecureView Power Line Video Outdoor Camera just made home security a little easier. It's a camera disguised as a light bulb—so simply screw the bulb into an outdoor light socket, and the camera sends images to your TV or VCR—even in total darkness! There are no wires to run, no holes to drill, and no antennas required. Good for use on one TV or VCR. Additional decoders sold separately. Includes camera/bulb; receiver/decoder, and RCA cable. Weatherproof. Imported.

  • Easy installation: Just screw it in any light socket, no cables to run or antennas to install
  • Transmits the video signal over your existing power lines
  • The camera is disguised as a light bulb
  • Plays on any TV or VCR
  • Infrared illuminators allow monitoring in complete darkness
Customer Reviews:
  • Love this security
    I bought 4 of these I thought I needed to put the bulbs in both sockets
    One did just fine and it really works great.
    What a relief, I feel so much more secure since I bought this
    and I saved a lot of money by not having Brinks put their cameras in the house and outside.
    Now I will know if anyone is around the house or messing with my car in the driveway.
    The police in my area love it too.
    ...more info
  • Did not work for me
    A simple and useful idea, but the image quality was not acceptable in our home. I tried a number of different electrical outlets and TVs, but none produced a clear enough image to be practical.
    Also remember that this camera replaces a common floodlight. So, for the camera to be operational your floodlights need to be turned "on" to get an image. For us, this means that ALL the floodlight must be on to get an image because they are all on the same switch and go "on" and "off" together....more info
  • Product Malfunction
    Upon receipt the product appeared to have internal damage as pieces were floating around inside. It did not produce acceptable images and only worked intermittently....more info
  • Secureview Camera
    I love my Secureview. It was so easy to install. I just used a regular house lamp for the lightbulb/video camera combination. I then installed the reciever into my TV. I went to the TV channel and up came the image on my TV even though the lightbulb camera was in a separate room. The image is excellent. It works with every day power in your house. There was no computer involved. It tooks me minutes to install. I can use this for outdoor use or for viewing my infant in his bedroom....more info