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Norton PartitionMagic 8.0
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Product Description

Norton PartitionMagic 8.0 makes the partitioning process safer and easier to manage. Divide a single hard drive into two or more partitions, and allows users to copy, move, resize, split, or merge partitions. Separate your operating system, applications, documents, music, photos, games, and backup files to reduce the risk of data loss if your system crashes. You can even run multiple operating systems on the same machine! Converts partitions among FAT, FAT32, and NTFS without losing data Allows you to enlarge an NTFS partition without restarting your computer Resizes NTFS system clusters to the most effective size

  • Separate and protect data; enhance operating system performance
  • Resize, create, move, split, merge, undelete, and convert partitions
  • Move files from one partition to another regardless of partition type
  • View changes that will be made before applying them; automatic file backup
  • Safely run multiple operating systems on the same computer

Customer Reviews:

  • works great for resizing
    Running XP. I needed something to resize my partitions and this did the trick. My C: drive had been at 95%+ capacity for quite some time. I was able to re-allocate space from the D: drive to here. Problem solved. I didn't have to create a backup either (though you may want to just in case..). It did take a while, approximately 3 hours to re-allocate 15G. There may be less costly options, but when you consider you are messing with your hard drive stick to a trusted product....more info
  • Works Fine, But Be Very, Very Careful
    Since buying PartitionMagic 8.0, I've changed how my computer's XP drive is partitioned from a single partition to seven partitions. I've created, destroyed, moved, resized, copied and hidden various partitions at one time or another. On that SATA drive, I've only had one problem with PM: when I copied a partition, for some reason it moved all my other partitions around unexpectedly. I don't know why it did that, but it was probably my fault. If I had paid closer attention to the tasks PM was telling me it was going to do, I would have noticed the odd behavior and cancelled the action. That "paying attention" thing is extremely important when using this software. I've never done any permanent harm with it, but I've done several things accidently that I could have avoided if I had just put more thought into what I was telling PM to do. If you do use this program, I highly recommend you research every action you intend to do and double-check exactly what PM thinks you want it to do. It's very easy to make a serious mistake with this software. Make backups before you do anything.

    On my primary hard drive, I really have no complaint with PM. However, I'm not quite satisfied with it on my external USB drive. The interesting thing is that according to the documentation file, Partition Magic isn't even supposed to work on USB drives if it can't do all activities entirely within Windows (i.e., if it has to reboot to finish the job, it's not supposed to work). Yet, before I researched that topic, I had copied my active XP partition to the USB drive (which had to be done in "DOS" mode). The one real problem I've had with PM is when I tried to resize the single partition on that USB drive while in XP: half-way through the resizing, it gave me an "Error #11117" message and just restored everything to the way it was. I ended up moving my data off the drive, repartitioning it using XP's Disk Management console, and putting the data back. I couldn't find any information anywhere to explain that error message. Since then, I've used PM to add, delete, copy, and hide partitions on that drive without problem. So, I'm not certain what the problem was.

    If you know what you're doing with your partitions and can bear the risk of really messing yourself up, I give this program a decent rating of 3 stars out of 5. But, if you don't know what you're doing and have a tendency to just try anything without researching it, you might want to hold off on this program (or any like it) unless you're truly desperate....more info
  • Does what it says!
    I wanted to upgrade to Windows xp, but didn't want to save all my stuff and format my hard drive. This solved my problem. I now have Windows ME on drive C\:, and Windows XP on Drive F\:, and chose which I want to use on startup. It was easy, and I'm definitely no Geek....more info
  • Well it worked for me
    I'm not a techie and had no chance of getting technical assistance where I live but I did have an XP based computer with a ridiculous 10GB C drive and 160GB D drive partition so it gave the impression that there was lack of memory where it needed it most.

    Reading the reviews, they seem to split between "works well" and "scrambled my hard drive" but, with no alternative, I took the gamble.

    Anyway it worked first time and I found it easy to use. Beginner's luck maybe...more info
  • very poor product
    badly made and no warnings of totally catastrophic results from simple moves.
    Stay away from this product...more info
  • 4 to 5 star product, (when use correctly) but it is really showing it's age.
    I first hear about PQ = partition magic by Power Quest back in version 2.0. Then it cost maybe $100 ($160 inflation adjusted). I flat out did not believe it was possible. I bought ver 3.0 in ~ 1996 and was amazed!! No one else had anything like it. I never saw a windows like GUI in DOS! I have been using it ever since to version (ver) 8.0.

    Then Symantec bought it to get rid of a rival product similar to partition magic called "Drive Image" it did the same thing ghost did BUT is/was licensed per user. Basically, a corp. would spend $800 per license for Drive Image but could then make unlimited copies of windows while Norton ghost requires a fee to be paid every time a windows pc is duplicated! (needless to say even the biggest pay for software zealots violated that because there is no practical way for Norton to enforce it). BTW (by the way) Ghost was it's own company that was bought by Norton -> Symantec.

    So in an anticompetitive move Symantec bought power quest about 5 years ago and since that time version 8.0 has never been updated.

    Great product yes!!!! Far ahead of its time and still the easiest interface of any drive partitioning software/copying software BUT.... it is really showing its age: won't support windows 2003 server partitions, w2k/2003 dynamic partitions etc. So I use it in combination with Partition Commander v10 and System Commander v8.20 by vcomm.

    One problem that pq8 has always had is free space. If any hard drive is more than ~ 60 to 70% full it is NOT SAFE to resize it. I normally clone the entire hard drive to an second drive using ghost THEN format partition a new blank drive then ghost /copy the data the info back down.

    Size limit: FAT32 supports 2Terabyte partitions but PQ8 will not resize a fat32 partition past 200GB however if partition commander is used it will make fat32 all the way to 750GB and larger. This is not pq's fault when version 8.0 cam out the largest hd was maybe 160GB or 120GB and Symantec won't allow the product to be updated and won't release a newer product because it competes with existing Norton products (so much for enforcement of an obvious anti-trust violation).

    Finally, partitioning software requires advanced knowledge that most user's lack - call your local "computer guy" and back up first then get professional help - doing it on the cheap and with no backup is just rolling the dice.

    Tech note: the product is not fully 48bit LBA compliant, it is good up to 300GB, and maybe 500GB?


    PaulC / MrBios
    San Diego Ca
    ...more info
  • Symantec destroyed Powerquest products...
    I remember Powerquest Partition Magic 2.0, back in the days when it was released as an OS/2 *and* MS-DOS utility you could boot and use from a set of two diskettes. I got hands-on experience with Partition Magic up to version 7, in my view their "last good" version (the best was version 3.0).

    Slowly they started dropping features over time, like HPFS file system support, for no apparent reason (hey: there are some NT4 systems still running on HPFS to this day!).

    Soon after version 8 was released, the corporation dubbed Symantec -which I like to refer to as "Engulf and Devour"- bought powerquest and while I no longer used it, soon I started hearing the complaints about the new "activation scheme" in version 8.x, which insisted on "phoning home" before allowing you to use it.

    To boot, when I went to looking for an update that I know was there before the buyout by Symantec for my Partition Magic 7 product, I was redirected to the web page. But when you click on "other versions", you're quickly told that all Powerquest products (that is, any partition magic version < 8) are "obsolete" and "unsupported". They got rid of all the updates for PQMagic versions 3 to 7. Obviously Symantec is only interested in new sales and the dollars, not supporting former Powerquest customers (Partition Magic 7.0 is even listed and in stock for sale on!).

    PQMagic and Powerquest Drive Image have been always superior to Symantec's Ghost products. Yet now Symantec bundles the inferior Norton Ghost in a bundle with Partition Magic 8.

    It's sad to see such a great company and their products destroyed by Symantec's corporate greed. Welcome to the Symantec partition resizing utility monopoly!. Symantec got rid of their main competitor and destroyed a product in the process. It's just sad. For a good partition resizer check out V-Com's Partition Commander, and for disk imaging, I now use Acronis TrueImage. Both are for sale here in Check those out before giving your money to the Symantec juggernaut....more info
  • Terrible
    Purchased and installed program and immediately received error message. If I had researched this product first I never would have purchased. Apparently this error message is a program defect that is well blogged on at several Internet sites discussing same problem without resolution. I went to product website which charges $10 per issue to attempt resolution. Ultimately, returned product (hopefully will get credit) and removed program from computer. Rated 1 star because could not go lower....more info
  • using partition magicI wanted to know how to format
    I wanted to know to format a hard drive with partition magic i was able to erease the hard drive completly load new programs format the hard driveusing all of the hard drive or partition itthis product is a very helpful product...more info
  • WARNING! It destroyed my computer!
    Warning! I resized my partition and when it restarted my computed could not boot. It destroyed my system and I had to format my whole drive.

    Read all the reviews from this program carefully. I read them but did not believe them....more info
  • Finally - more space on my C drive
    I am so happy I bought this - and I have to admit that I read the reviews on Amazon before buying it. I bought a SONY PC about 8 months ago with a 120 gig hard drive. The C drive was only 30 gigs by default with everything else on the D drive. I have Windows XP HOME, which means I don't have dynamic drives to be able to move the partition - I have NTFS. So I bought this and VOILA - it worked. I was able to successfully move the partition to make the C drive a bit larger (not all the way). Tip - read the user manual, backup critical stuff, create the rescue disks during install...etc. I recommend this software to those in a similar situation. I don't think Windows XP Professional folks have the same issue since the C drive is dynamic (vs NTFS)....more info
  • PM 8.0.5 failed to run from floppy
    I upgraded to 8.0.5, needing to do some maintenence on my boot drive, so I tried to boot from the PM floppies, but PM wouldn't run from floppy with an error 91. Going to the web site, I find that Symantec charges $30 for a tech support phone call!...more info
  • Another great product neglected by Symantec
    I've used PM since version 3 over twelve years ago. It has been a reliable product but its features have not kept up with Windows (dynamic disk, etc.) For version 8 they seem to have added one feature (ext3 support) - big Whoop. I've installed and used version 7 on WinXP SP2 and static disk partitions without problems so far.

    Despite what its product page says, it does NOT support external (USB, Firewire, eSATA (?) drives except from a Windows installation. This exposes its biggest limitation - it does NOT give you an easy way to create a fully functional, standalone bootable CD. You can cobble one together using the DOS mode floppy disk (hey, still have one of those?) and a burning program such as Nero. However, DOS support of external drives is very problematic and is not included.

    WARNING TO NON-TECHIES: Partitioning a hard drive is inherently risky. It is strongly suggested that you read up on how the boot process works.

    Of course, BACK UP YOUR CRITICAL DATA FIRST!! DO NOT be too hard on Acronis or even Symantec for not working well with UNDOCUMENTED, PROPRIETARY uses of hidden partitions and boot records by computer vendors *cough*HP*cough*Dell*.

    Run the partition utility from the boot CD, NOT from within Windows. Files in use on a partition PREVENT the utility from changing the partition. Computer geeks would say, DUH.

    If you need a modern repartitioning utility, look at Linux based Acronis Disk Director or the free System Rescue CD (now at version 1.0.1)....more info
  • No problem with installation
    I was concerned as some reviews were negative, indicating installation and operation problems. If you know what you are doing there are no problems and the software performs as intended....more info
  • Good Product with Good Support
    My C drive was too small and I kept getting messages and having problems. I bought this program and took some from D and gave it to C and my problems are gone, except for that guy at work that drives me crazy! Norton was no help with him. (: It was a little tricky at first so I used the chat help and the gentleman who helped me was great. He walked us right throught the process and I was able to get my system back to normal. Thanks Norton!...more info
  • Partition Magic 8.0
    Works as described, though not for the novice or faint of heart. Good knowledge of partition types is required (eg logical vs primary). Powerful program that in the wrong hands can destroy data in a snap; or in the right hands, resize/reshape your hard drive....more info
  • XP @ sp2 Partition Magic will not even install
    Symantec Support is a joke. Symantec site is no help, but at least they are consistant, so your level of expectation is 360 below zero before you dial the phone. I service a lot of computers for customers and for years now, one of the first things I do is remove any application(s) written by a company starting with the letters syman...........more info
  • Intentionally Crippled Product
    I got this product because I like the graphical user interface, and find that it works quite well. I have been a customer ever since version 3.0 (back in the days of OS/2, multiple DOS operating systems, UnixWare, NeXTSTEP). With this one, I notice some minor glitches, because I had some removable media drives (7-in-1 USB card reader), I got errors. After rebooting, everything was fine. However, what annoys is that the product refuses to function once you install some Windows server type of OS.

    I use a variety of OSes for software development and web development. I may be using Linux one moment, Windows XP another moment, or Windows 2003. However, I found that the product REFUSES to work at all with Windows 2003 installed on any partition. The software checks for it, and then refuses to install or operate. I think this artificial limitation is wholly unethical, as they want you to buy another more expensive product called ServerMagic.

    Because of this programmed limitation, I will look into alternatives....more info
  • Partition magic
    This worked great. The only thing was I had to skip the part using the 3.5 floppy but that did not matter I did what I wanted it to. When I got my computer I made the drive too small and this let me make the drive bigger without loosing data.

    Thanks...more info
  • Norton PartitionMagic 8.0
    Great product! This piece of software helped me correct something that I had been ignoring for several years. It was easy to understand and use and pricing wasn't too bad. The only question I have is: Why hasn't Microsoft included something similar in its Windows products?...more info
  • Great Product, Lousy Packaging
    I've been using Partition Magic since ver 3.0. It's always lived up to it's expectations and has been a great product. Version 8.0 performed for me just as well. I had my new Dell's 160GB drive split into 3 partitions in under 15 minutes after installing the software. All in all, good stuff. I read all the reviews before buying, and I'll admit that I was worried after reading all the stuff about Symantec doing the hostile takeover gig. That being said, the only thing I have trouble with about this software is the total lack of printed documentation. I realize that this is the way things are done nowadays, but the lack thereof still sucks. ...more info
  • The title MAGIC is warranted...
    After deciding to upgrade my laptop's harddrive, I wasn't sure how I was going to move the image from the old to the new without totally reinstalling everything. With a desktop it's just plug the new drive temporarily in to the drive controller, setting it up as a secondary, then use the software that comes with the drive to copy an image from old to new, but that won't work in a laptop. Partition Magic makes this easy to do if you have an external USB drive handy. Just plug the drive in, fire up Partition Magic, remove any existing partion from the external drive, then copy the entire partition on your laptop to the external. Close down the laptop, and put the new drive in it. Boot the laptop from the Partition Magic CD-ROM, it has it's own operating system to run the utility from the CD drive. Copy the partition from the USB external drive to your new laptop drive, and reboot from the new drive. The last step is to either expand the partition on the new drive to use all of the new drive space, or create other partitions. You can even use Partition Magic to help you create machines with multiple operating systems. As I said, this product earns it's is MAGIC!...more info
  • Excellent Software but NOT for Windows Novices!!
    The previous user does NOT know what they're doing especially with WINXP since I've had the same problem before and all that's needed is to restore the "Boot Path" using a "Windows Boot Disk" which can be found on Microsoft's Site.
    This usually doesn't happen unless you do something wrong and if you really know what you're doing EVERY problem can be rectified using Partiton Magic. I've used 2 Versions now for about 6 years and run "Multiple Bootable Primaries of XP" and change partitions constantly and have NEVER had a problem I couldn't fix but I'm also pretty good at what I do.
    It comes with a book (PM7) so when in doubt read it!!
    It's the most used and most reliable software I own but don't start doing things you don't know about since support is pathetic these days. Also 8.0 upgrades at Symantic to 8.2 but this will NOT support Windows Vista since MS has screwed up the File System on purpose to force Vendors & us to buy all new products. These guys are really wearing out their welcome (Microsoft)!...more info
  • Partition Nightmare

    *Will not expand partition on prepartition hard drive on Sony Vaio
    *Cannot undo process after the product stops at step 3 of 3, with various error codes. (They should do the checks first, then start the process, don't complete steps 1 and 2 of 3, only to stop at step 3 of 3 and leave your hard drive in "partial-complete" state.
    *Will cost you 50% of your refund with Amazon (Amazon's return policy on opened software)
    *Don't use Amazon's prepaid return label. They will charge you $4.98 to return item to them; you'll save 50% by returning it with own postage.

    There are 2 reasons why I would not recommend this product: first the product itself:

    Do not buy this product if you own a prepartition hard drive, usually from vendors like Sony, HP, Compaq etc. I owned a Sony Vaio desktop computer with 120gb hard drive purchased about 5 years ago. They prepartitioned the drive to allocate 15gb to the C: drive and the rest to the D: drive. Needless to say, over time the C: drive had only about 350 meg of space left even after deleting several seldom used programs and "cleaning" temp files. I was hoping to expand the C drive, rather than buy a new computer.

    So I decided to purchase Symantic's Partition Magic, thru advise of sales person at local office product store, to increase the C: drive partition. After loading the product it asked a few questions on what I would like to do; in my case, expand the C: drive by allocating space from the D: drive; sounds easy enough, right?....wrong!!

    Partition Magic starts the process; (in this case a 3 step process). It takes about 3 hours to run the first 2 steps; then an error message comes up on step 3, "too many errors on drive" or "code # ---"; when i reboot, the drive is in partially changed state, Partition Magic created an unallocated drive, so now I have 3 drives on my origial disk. I try to "undo" this, but PM wouldn't do it. I tried to run PM several times after that using different setting, NONE of them work, nor would restore my computer back.

    The second reason I would not recommend this product is the return policy.

    While Amazon clearly states that any "opened" software product will be returned with 50% "restock fee"; i think this is outrageous given this product doesn't work (for my computer). Worse, it couldn't even return my computer to its original state. So I spend many hours trying to get the product to work, and I end up "spending" about $30 dollars for my time and efforts. (the original cost of PM, less 50% restock and $4.98 postage)

    Get this product if you want to be totally ripped off!

    Norton PartitionMagic 8.0 - Create, Resize, Copy Partitions...more info
  • Partiton Magic 8.0
    The recent purchase of this program was terribly disappointing. My husband and I have used PartitionMagic since it was owned by Power Quest and it worked miracles and kept us from having to reformat disks and reinstalling software. The company was bought out by Symantec/Norton in 2003 and from online blogs, it seems that Symantec isn't maintaining it. Too bad, because this was nifty patented technology. It appears that it works for Windows XP SP2 and before, because it was installed on my husband's computer before SP3 came out last year and it still works. It won't install on my new computer with WIN XP SP3, locking up and giving arcane error messages. For anyone considering buying this program, it also won't work with Vista (the box doesn't list Vista as an compatible OS, so this isn't surprising). So, the question is, how many of us using WIN XP haven't updated it with SP3 considering that this SP had security enhancements? Another good program bites the dust after being bought out by a larger company who doesn't "get" it... ...more info
  • PartitionTragic
    This is the absolute worst piece of software I have ever bought.
    I wanted to merge 2 partitions on the same drive, so I bought this software. After installing it, I ran the utility, and when my computer rebooted I got "Error 1520: External attribute header mismatch (EA3905F0)" It tells me that I need to run chkdsk /f on the D: drive, except that the D: Drive has now dissappeared, along with all the data on the drive. So I call Symantec, but hang up after 90 minutes on hold. I try again the next day, get someone in India who repeatedly tells me that I need to run chkdsk on drive D:. I tell him it's not possible as the drive letter is gone, so he finally tells me he'll send me an email with instructions to contact Level 2 support. I get the email the next day, but all is says is to run chkdsk again. So I call Customer Support again, go through the same stuff again, and then the guy tells me he will discuss it with his supervisor. I wait for 50 minutes before finally hanging up.
    I will NEVER buy anything from Symantec again. This definitely has been my worst and most frustrating computer experience ever.
    And I still haven't recovered my partition......more info
  • Resized Partitions on Sony Vaio PCV-RS510 (XP Home SP2)
    Had typical problem with Sony Vaio desktop PC with C partition being too small as Windows XP updates and applications consumed free space over time. A friend recommended Partition Magic, but I was very concerned based on some of the negative reviews on Amazon. Decided to take a chance and purchased through Amazon (lower price than buying from Symantec). Partition Magic worked as advertised. Installation was straight forward and the menu was intuitive and easy to use. Was able to reduce the size of the D partion and expand the C partition. Menu showed how much of each partition was used initially to help in deciding the desired size of each partition. The actual execution is performed after a reboot, which took about 15-20 minutes. When completed (after another reboot), Windows XP came up normally with the partitions re-sized. Was very nervous during the entire procedure, but everything worked as advertised. Partition Magic has extended the lifetime of my Sony Vaio....more info
  • Total Disastor
    True, we have all been aware for years about the hazards of using Norton Products. They will suck the life out of your system. Well, after reading the reviews I decided to try it. Major DISASTOR. It promtly crashed my "D" drvie. Fortunatley I back-up to two external hard drives so I didn't lose any data. Use "Partition Magic at Your Own Risk."
    ...more info
  • Worked fantasic
    I had read there might be some issues getting it to work with a Sony Vaio which comes with a small C drive, mine which had filled up. It installed easily and after I ran backup disks,opened the program ,highlighted the D drive,selected the minimum amount that could be partitioned (13 gigs in my case),and it asked me if I wanted to use it to increase my C drive.Yeah baby! Took about 45 minutes to perform the exchange, I couldn't be happier.Wish I had this program years ago....more info
  • Norton PartitionMagic8
    Product arrived OK. However, would not even begin to run on Windows XP. So was worthless to me. After much research on line, got hold of open source utility that did work for me....more info
  • Didn't help me
    I've had trouble with Symantec products before, so I was hesitant to take the plunge with the Symantec version of Partition Magic. But I needed to do some surgery on my laptop's hard drive and I figured PM would do it. I was wrong; the money I spent on this product was wasted.

    Similar to another reviewer, I had a dual-boot machine, with Win XP and Mandrake Linux. I suspect that the Mandrake partition tool created some problems in the partition table, but I thought the whole point of a tool like Partition Magic was to fix these. I was already resigned to wiping my disk and reinstalling the OS, but all Partition Magic would do was to report an error. Tech support at Symantec told me to "boot DOS and run FDISK." Why can't PM, whose sole purpose is to manage partitions, recreate a partition table for me?

    If your system is up and running, then this tool may help you manage your partitions. But if you are starting from scratch, then PM does nothing....more info
  • Incompatible with Vista
    This was a fantastic product before Symantec bought it from PowerQuest a few years ago. It allowed you to partition drives, resize partitions, and shift partitions up or down to make room for adjacent partitions that need more space. It still does all this on Windows XP but...

    ... It is not compatible with Vista. And as of today, there is no update for it on the Symantec website. I was more than a little disappointed to discover this. I would have thought that a company like Symantec would have had its act together and not still be selling software that is incompatible with the latest Microsoft operating system, which comes on all the new consumer-level computers.

    There are at least two other third-party partitioning products that are Vista compatible now (try searching for "Paragon" or "Acronis"). Your other option is to use the built-in partitioning functionality in Vista (click on the Start Menu; right click "Computer"; choose "Manage"; then choose "Storage" and "Disk Management"). However it's not as user friendly and has only limited resizing options....more info
  • Crash helmet needed
    I had used PartitionMagic 6.0 with no problem, now I needed 8.0 to be able to work with Linux ext3 partitions. So I reduced my XP partition, made some Linux partitions, installed Fedora Core 1, and rebooted. Now there is a Fedora bug, where XP won't boot, and sure enough I have the Fedora bug. So now I try and check my partition table. This is not what you should do, by the way! Fedora sets the number of heads incorrectly in the partition table, and apparently standard tools can't fix this. Which turned out to be the case! PartitionMagic said "There's a problem, should I fix it?" Yes, I said. Now the recovery partition crashes when I try and boot it. Run PartitionMagic again, now the whole partition table is corrupted, I can't see any partitions at all! My disk is now called "ERRxxx." I can't delete partitions, create, nothing works. So I start over completely, wipe out my whole disk, reinstall Windows and Linux, fine, now I want to make some more partitions, but I can't! PartitionMagic says there's free space, but it gets an error making new partitions, no matter what I select. So I make the new partitions with Linux, and Partition Magic says its still free space! It's not, I used all the free space for the new partitions.

    Sigh. I think more work needs to be done on this product, *especially* put in a way to make an undo disk, or a way to undo the last set of changes, after my first change to the partition table, I wanted to go back, but this was impossible.

    I also booted the recovery disks, and there was just the same options as if I booted the CD, why make recovery disks? There is no restore option on them that I could find, either.

    Partition programs should be reliable, and they should be able to work with partitions they created, and they should understand the partition table if Linux does, and they should be able to fix the table, if it's messed up. And I should be able to undo any changes!...more info
  • Just a warning to those who want to install 2 OSs on 1 drive
    I have 2 PCs, one with Windows ME and one with XP. I wanted to have both OSs on these machines. The addition of Windows XP to the ME machine worked well. But adding Windows ME to the XP machine crashed my system unrecoverably. Make sure you backup your hard drive before attempting what I did using Partition Magic....more info
  • Outdated and troublesome program
    Partition magic came out around 2000 as PowerQuest Partition Magic 6.0.
    In 2002 it was updated by PowerQuest to Version 8 but has not been updated since. It still looks and acts like the original version which means that it works sometimes, for certain drives. There is an update to version 8.01 that came about 4 years ago but it fails with Error '1628, Failed to complete Installation'. I have not found any info on how to get past that error.

    I have built and repaired computers for many years and have used this product for 4 years, and version 6 since 2000.
    Sometimes it works fine if your partition is in perfect condition. But quite often, it will not work and it just stops with one of a thousand possible errors. This includes drives and partitions that work perfectly and exhibit no symptoms of any kind. You try to copy the drive and the program errors out and stops. Usually there is no solution.

    Look up "Partition Magic" error on Google,. there are about 1,200,000 results showing all the problems such as error number:

    301 The file could not be opened
    302 The file could not be closed
    311 Unable to set the file attributes
    1123 Too many references in table
    1526 Directory entry too long
    1532 Too few clusters
    1533 Too many clusters
    1534 Cluster not allocated
    1535 External attribute list wrong length
    1536 Nonresident attribute too short
    1537 File number greater than 4 billion
    1538 Can't find contiguous space to move
    1619 Bad pointer in security descriptor
    1652 Bad entry in external attribute list
    1685 Multiple long names or links
    2021 Data in the disk is not aligned as expected
    2023 Data on the partition is preventing the operation

    There are thousands more and often when it says it finished ok, you still end up with a drive that won't boot with no explanation why. I have certainly spent considerable time trying to get this product to work and I'd say it does work about 60% of the time.

    Runnng Chkdsk /f several times will solve some errors. I backup partitions almost every week including FAT16, FAT32, and NTFS partition both old and new that are all running fine with no bad sectors and chkdsk says they are fine. But, at least 40% of the time Partition Magic (and it's partner Drive Image) just can't do it.

    There are some excellent, free, Linux boot CD based utilities such as GPartedLive boot CD that work fine for most tasks including working on Windows drives. On the contrary, Partition Magic has limited support for Linux and seems unable to do even the most tasks on Unix or Linux.
    It also appears to do some non-standard operations on Windows disks that you will find out about when you try to run other disk utilities.

    By the way, be sure to never add a DDO (Dynamic Drive Overlay) to your disk unless you absolutely have to. That's how drive manufacturers tried to get older mainboards to recognize large disks by adding a boot sector program or overlay. Once that's installed your repair and recovery options are very limited. Nothing else can access the disk if it can't boot up by itself. That's bad. So don't use the disks that come with a new hard drive unless you read all the options carefully. Mainly don't load an overlay program, you don't need it and it will do non-standard things to your drive without much warning. Use the standard Windows/etc tools to setup your drive.

    Partition Magic 8 has some good points.
    It has a clear graphical interface and is easy to use.
    It starts fast and gives a warning before committing changes to your drive.
    It handles FAT16, FAT32 and NTFS partitions from NT, 2000 and XP (each has a different NTFS version).
    And it includes the ability to make bootable floppies so you can access the main program that way.

    If your partition has any hidden issues, or seemingly none at all, the program will fail and you will have to find another program to copy the drive. Their "solution" is to backup all your data, repartition and format your drive, re-install Windows and all your programs and then try their program again. Nice solution. 5 years ago, Partition Magic was updated regularly when it was maintained by the developer, PowerQuest. Then Symantec bought it and they appear to have no interest in supporting or updating products they acquire through business transactions. The bottom line is if you can get this really cheap after rebate then give it a try, it will work for most cases. But it's too outdated and fussy for regular use when you have a job to do.

    There are much better products out there including those with far more features that can backup drives in realtime as you are using them, they can make a compressed image of a drive or partition for later recovery including small incremental backups, and they can backup a drive over the network or to CD/DVD, etc. Even some free programs can do that but Partition Magic can't do any of that.
    ...more info
  • Don't Buy Norton (Symantec)
    I have used Norton antivirus and got a virus.
    I used Partition Magic and it ruined my hard drive.
    I will not buy their junk again....more info
  • Lifesaver
    I was so not looking forward to wiping everything off my computer in order to repartition. My C drive was way too small. But a friend recommended the Norton Partition Magic and it worked wonderfully. It took three times as long to make the back ups as it did to use the product. I would recommend it to anyone that needs to make a partition larger or smaller without having to backup everything and try to restore it. ...more info