Iris Airtight 30-Quart Pet-Food Storage Container
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Product Description

Clear Food Storage Container W/Airtight Lid 30Qt (7.5Gal)

  • Airtight lid buckles tight to seal in freshness
  • Stores easily under sink or in pantry
  • Wide top opening for easy access
  • Casters for easy mobility

Customer Reviews:

    I needed something to house my 25 lb bag of rice to keep bugs out (yes, we eat a lotta rice!). After trying out a pet food container at our local pet store that didn't work out (too low & bulky in pantry, too much time in unscrewing cap), I did much research on airtight containers online. This one holds my 25 lb bag & smaller bags of other grains and yet rolls with ease, even when full. It has kept those small "flour" bugs out, yet has a small footprint in our pantry where space is prime. The seller shipped immediately and properly packaged the container. This was a PERFECT buy (& I can't say that often about my online purchases)....more info
  • love it
    i love these thingas i got 3 and they are great.
    just the right size for what i need and roll nicely and the air tight lids keep my cat food fresh...more info
  • Wonderful!
    I bought this item to hold bulk bags (25 lbs.) of flour and sugar for baking. They are air tight and also have wheels so they can be stored and rolled out when needed. This is a very nice item, that I have purchased earlier to hold dog and cat food also....more info
  • Gets the Job Done
    The container holds a 17.5lb bag of Science Diet Indoor Cat Chow with about 3-4 inches to spare. The label says it hold 25lbs of cat chow but I do not see how that is possible. The wheels are nice and the seal is tight....more info
  • Storage is Great
    This storage container works great. It has a rubber-ish seal around the lid that helps keep my kitten's food fresh. The reason I only have it 4 stars is the wheels are junk. If you lift the container at all the wheels fall off. After a couple times of the wheels coming off, we just took the wheels off for good. Fits a large bag of cat food with a bit of room to spare....more info
  • Does just what it says it will
    I was looking for a container to hold dry dog food, and this one is just right. It holds a 20 lb. bag of the "mini-bite" size kibble with a little room to spare, and the lid is air tight. I like that I can hold the bowl in one hand and open the lid with the other--some of the food bins I looked at require two hands to open. I also like that it is clear so that I can see at a glance how much food is left, and I like the wheels to roll it into a cupboard easily. It also cost much less than the pet food bins I saw in the pet store, so all around this was a very good choice....more info
  • Dog Kibble Storage
    Just ordered our second storage conainer. They are great for keeping dog kibble fresh. The casters are a plus. ...more info
  • Wheels come off from time to time, otherwise perfect
    I bought this for kitten food and as my cat has grown it's gotten more and more reasonable. It easily holds a 14-pound bag (the largest I can buy) of kitten food and will easily hold larger bags as I start buying cat food. It keeps it fresh, which the bag alone does not, which is great and in the long run really does save money.

    My only complaint is that the wheels fall off. I may need to empty it out, turn it over, and whack the wheels with a hammer (or glue them in) to get them to stick more thoroughly. It's almost impossible to re-seat a loose wheel with the bin full of food....more info
  • Great Container
    This is a very attractive container and looks nice in my kitchen. I just received it yesterday and already have put it to work. It holds my cat food nicely and I like that it is clear so I can easily monitor when it's time to buy more. The wheels are a great feature. Can't wait for my 60 quart one to arrive for the dog food. The only thing I would like to suggest is more color options for the lid. I would have preferred ordering it in either red or black....more info
  • Iris Airtight 30-quart pet food containers are great
    These containers have been a godsend. They hold a full jumbo bag of cat food, really do have an airtight seal, don't take up much space, and are affordable. I know the seal is airtight because we no longer have an ant problem. ...more info
  • Perfect Pet Food Storage
    This container is what I have been looking for to store dog food. It is easy to pop open and close with one hand. It holds an 18 pound bag of dog food perfectly. Highly recommend this product. ...more info
  • Just what I was looking for!
    This is perfect for storing pet food. A 20lb bag fit perfectly! It closes and opens very easy, with an airtight seal to keep the food fresh. No more ripped bags all over the floor (due to the kids trying to feed the dogs). I am very happy with my purchase and have considered buying a smaller one for the cat food....more info
  • Iris air tight 30qt container
    This container is fabulous!! It was exactly what I was looking for, for my pet and bird food. I am using it to store my dog, cat, and wild bird seed and because the container has wheels it is working out great. It is air tight so the product doesn't get "other" things feeding on it besides the pet it was designed for....more info
    This is my first and last pet storage bin.
    Very easy to attach wheels and the price was awesome!...more info
  • Perfect container for dog food
    I bought this item to store dog food. It holds a full bag a food, it's easy to open and close, and being on wheels makes it easy to move around in the laundry room. It is air tight and closes securely. I love it....more info
  • Just what I needed
    I got two (2) of these. 1 for cat food and 1 for cat litter. I also got 2 metal ice scoops ( 1 for each container ). Was a little concerned about the weight of the cat litter but this product handles the weight with ease. The see thru container lets you see just how much you have left and the air-tight seal keeps everything fresh and odor free....more info
  • Very handy for a small space
    We got this because our cats' food would just sit in the bag on top of the radiator in the kitchen...not an ideal situation. We have a tiny kitchen and a tiny apartment, so we needed something compact that could still fit a full bag of food. This fits a large bag of cat food easily. The cats can't get into it, which is good because the baby is a brat and chews through any food container he can manage. It's a little bit smaller than our kitchen trash can, so we wheel it in next to it. It's a great help in efficient use of small spaces....more info
  • Perfect for my kitchen storage / baking needs.
    I am thrilled with this storage container. I bought two 30 qt. containers. The wheels just push into place and that is it.... pull off the outside stickers (which came off easily with a little patience and there was no residue).

    I have large amounts of baking goods in each one of these. 10 lb sack of flour, 5 lb sugar, several large bags of dried fruits, coconut, things like that. I am very impressed with how much fits comfortably into each container.

    I originally ordered these for dog supplies (lol) but now am back to order another for that purpose.....

    These roll very easily, the wheels turn in any direction, and I can push these around with my single finger, fully loaded, if needed. They turn on a dime and in my case fit under neath the kitchen table on the side no one sees (we have a very small place).

    I purchased mine through Amazon as the seller and got free shipping so the total for each was just under $16.00. A very good value, in my opinion.

    Highly recommend. Very satisfied. ...more info
  • Great product
    I just purchased the 30 qt & 60 qt containers for dog & cat food. The best thing I have purchased in a long time. The 30 qt. holds 20-25 lbs. of cat food with no problem. The 60 qt is for the dog food. Very good price & Amazon is super on shipping...more info
  • Holds a 20 lb bag with ease
    I bought this to hold dry dog food. The bag I normally buy comes in a 15lb size. It holds this much and more. I think it could hold 25lbs of the brand I use. The wheels appear to be optional. They come in a bag for you to install them. I left them off since I have no need to move the container much. The seal seems like it will last and keep the food fresh.
    It has a small latch to secure it. I have small dogs so this allows me to buy a large bag and maintain it's freshness. It should pay for itself with the savings....more info