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Vtech - V.Smile - Scooby Doo: Funland Frenzy
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Product Description

Turn game time into brain time with the V.Smile Learning System Smartridges. Each Smartridge challenges young minds to learn important school basics through fun activities. A helpful voice prompts kids to successfully maneuver through games. V.Smile Learning System sold separately.pJoin Scooby-Doo and the gang on a kooky mystery adventure. Along the way, your little sleuth will learn vocabulary, logic, matching skills, math, phonics and telling time.

Why is it that after all those cases where the ghost at the amusement park turned out to be the disgruntled security guard or other such human character, that the Scooby Doo gang never managed to figure out that they were not, in fact, being chased by a genuine other-worldly monster? Why didn¡¯t they simply yank the mask off the fake creature right at the beginning and save themselves a lot of hassle? Regardless of this logical inconsistency, Scooby Doo¡¯s popularity has never wavered and fans of the easily spooked Great Dane will enjoy this fun and educational game and activity set, built to be used with the V Smile system. Kids learn vocabulary, logic skills, numbers, math, and matching. While some of the games will be more challenging than others, depending on the child¡¯s aptitude, there is plenty of variety for everyone. --Charlie Williams

  • Solving mysteries with Scooby-Doo engages kids in exciting game play. Plus, the fun learning adventures on this V.Smile smartridge teach key skills in math, spelling, logic, matching and vocabulary.
  • Compatible with: V.Smile, V.Smile Pocket, V.Smile PC Pal, V.Smile Cyber Pocket and V.Motion gaming systems.
  • Teaches core curriculum for the earliest learners
  • Education based software helps your child learn while playing with their favorite characters.
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Customer Reviews:

  • See my review on the "Cars"
    As I said in my review for the "cars" v-tech, these are great fun. You will have to work with the child say the letters and numbers out loud. The letters & numbers as they are on the small size and can be easily missed....more info
  • great for 4-6 year olds
    My four year old and six year old love this game. It's probably their favorite. Yes, it requires spelling, but it's not difficult. Scooby's little roller coaster jumps up and collects the letters to spell out the word. But it's not like any points are docked for collecting a wrong letter. It's lots of fun....more info
  • So much fun.
    I got this game for my daughter who just turned four in spite of all the other reviews. She absolutely loves Scooby Doo and loves this game. There are a few parts that have taken her a little while to master, but not to the point that she gets frustrated. I do not think that it is too hard at all for a four year old....more info
  • Scooby Doo more fun at age 5
    The scooby doo game is fun and very educational for my 5 year old and 3 year old. Although I have to help my older son with the spelling of words & the math parts, such as even/odd numbers, repetition is the key with this game. He is memorizing many of the words and when I am in a different room he spells the word for me. My three year old is catching on to the navigation of the game but since he knows his letters already he is catching on to other areas too. Its fun but expect to sit and help your child with the words and other areas. ...more info
  • I bought VSmile for my 4 yr. old
    I bought this game for my son. He is so smart and loves to learn. It helps to show him what I have already tought him myself....more info
  • Vtech put wrong age on it
    I love the vsmile system for my four year old. This game though has the wrong age on it. It is more for 6 to 7 year olds. ...more info
  • scooby
    My son is just 4 in January. He's having a blast with this. Some areas are a little beyond his age, but that just gives him more time to learn from this. Excellent choice on our part....more info