Sanus Systems EF-SATB Euro Foundations Adjustable Satellite Speaker Stands, Black (Pair)
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adjustable height (28" to 42") * adjustable floor spikes and screw-in rubber feet for added stability * includes 2-1/2" x 3-1/4" top plate, 5" x 5" top plate, and "L" bracket for mounting versatility * speaker cable management system conceals wire path * black, silver, or white satin powder-coated finish on tubular uprights * solid metal tri-corner base (for black and silver models, base is black; for white models, base is white) * each stand supports a maximum of 10 lbs. * base dimensions: 12-3/16"W x 10-5/8"D * warranty: 5 years

Give your satellite speakers a sleek, contemporary foundation while also improving their audio performance with these Sanus adjustable speaker stands. Boasting a European-style profile and a durable powder-coated black finish, the stands suspend your home theater speakers at the ideal listening height--from 28 to 42 inches depending on the height of your chairs or couch--letting you sit back and enjoy the full splendor of your surround sound system. Each stand also features a cast-iron base engineered for solid support, along with your choice of premium adjustable floor spikes or custom screw-in rubber feet to provide stability and minimum resonance on any floor surface. Meanwhile, the steel top plate includes custom speaker isolation pads to further enhance the sound quality. A further bonus stems from the stands' concealed wire path, which hides your speaker cable from view to improve the room's overall aesthetics.

The stands fit most satellite speakers weighing 10 pounds or less. Some assembly is required, though it takes just a few minutes using a Phillips screwdriver. The stands are also backed by a five-year warranty.

What's in the Box
Two high-mass base plates, two adjustable-height pillars, two medium top plates, two small top plates, two L-shaped speaker brackets, two Klipsch Quintent brackets, two Klipsch RS brackets, two threaded stud mounts, six pad feet and six carpet spikes, eight speaker isolation pads, assembly hardware, user's manual.

  • Pair of sleek speaker stands for satellite speakers weighing 10 pounds or less
  • Slim European-style profile and durable powder-coated black finish
  • Height adjusts from 28 to 42 inches to suspend speakers at ideal listening level
  • Sturdy cast-iron base with choice of adjustable floor spikes or screw-in rubber feet
  • Concealed wire path hides speaker cable; some assembly required

Customer Reviews:

  • Simple, strong, inexpensive
    I'm super happy with these. I've had them for a few months now and love them. I'd definitely buy them again. ...more info
  • Bang For Your Bucks
    Way cheaper than the big box stores. Arived in a timely manner and assembly was a breeze. ITS ALL GOOD!...more info
  • fits Onkyo HT6100 speakers well
    The adjustable carpet spikes and ~heavy base mount my onkyo speakers just fine using the provided 2 hole bracket's center hole and the speakers center mounting point and provided washers. Ordering another set now that I know they fit. Contains many many mounting options. I read about many other stands including other Sanus offerings and am very glad i went with the Euro style. Recommended....more info
  • bracket extension
    The speakers from my Panasonic SC-BT100 were to tall and didn't fit the brackets that were included. I had to by a metal strap with holes in it (strap)and use that as an extension. My speakers weigh 9lbs each and are VERY sturdy on the stand. If the stand is this sturdy using an extension for my speakers, I know they'd do a great job on smaller ones and I'm sure would be able to use the brackets that are included....more info
  • Easy set up......not for taller rear speakers
    I bought these stands for my rear speakers from the Yamaha YHT 590 package. The universal bracket was not tall enough to screw into the back of the speaker. I had to flatten another universal bracket that the stands came with, and bolt it to the other bracket to make it tall enough. It worked fine but I think Sanus should include taller brackets for taller speakers....more info
  • Nice product
    Works great with my Boston Acoustics MCS130 rear surround speakers. Easy to assemble. Very sturdy....more info
  • sanus systems speaker stands
    i purchased these stand for a yamaha surround system and there just what i needed. you can mount just about anything with the different brackets
    they give you. it took less than ten minutes to assemble them. they blend in great without standing out ...more info
  • Great quality, do not fit Polk RM10 speakers
    These are nice and look great but I had to make a custom bracket for my Polk RM10 speakers. The basic problem is the L shape bracket (shown in the picture of this product), was not tall enough to reach the mounting hole in the speaker and I did not want to put new holes in my speakers. ...more info
  • Nice, sturdy stands
    Exactly what I expected. Perfect for my small speakers, but I imagine they could hold much larger ones as well. Overall very pleased....more info
  • Great for the money
    Just a great and good looking stand for the money. I'm using Polk Monitor 30's which are heavy compared to your typical surround speaker but it's holding up perfectly. The only thing I couldn't do was hand tighten the height adjustment screw without having it collapse under the weight of the speakers. I slowly tightened them with a pair of pliers which worked great. I was a little worried about snapping the plastic heads off but it held up just fine. But even if it did snap I'd just use a black metal tapping peanut screw or hex head to secure it, and still might regardless....more info
  • Satisfied.
    I looked around at a number of stands in the price range I was shooting for, and after reading the reviews on these puppies, I hit the buy button. Delivery from the dealer was fast, so no problem there. The stands were packaged nicely, so no problem with the finish on the parts being scruffed, etc., which happens a lot based on past experiences with other stuff like this. Also, all the parts were there and that's always a nice thing. The directions were clear and correct. But, as with anything that comes with directions, a little common sense is required at times. After assembly, I found the stands to be sturdy, stable, and they looked really great, too. I felt like I'd made a good choice and gotten my money's worth. I would have given them 5 stars, but here are the two reasons I didn't. 1 - Even though my front Polk speakers are small, I had to use the flat plate and the sticky tape to mount them with. The preferred method would have been the L shaped bracket, but it was a half inch too short to allow use of the threaded hole of the speaker. It turned out ok, but I would have preferred using the L bracket. 2 - My floor is hardwood, so I had to use the rubber feet (not adjustable, and tend to fall out if you pick up the stand), instead of the metal carpet spikes (adjustable). No problem really, but since my floor is not level where the left stand needed to go, I had to improvise. A trip to my local hardware store provided me with threaded metal feet that have a 1" nylon bottom. Take one of the spikes that comes with the stands to the store so you'll be able to match the threads correctly. You should be able to find something like I did for around 4 or 5 bucks total that will allow you to adjust the stands to be nice and vertical. Overall, I'm very pleased and would recommend....more info
  • Wonderful speaker stands
    Very solid, sturdy, good looking stands.
    Multiple mounting adapters for almost any speaker.
    I did have to drill out the screw slots on the adapter for my Klipsch quintets to get them mounted....more info
  • well made and versatile
    These stands have a nice and clean finishing. It feel sturdy and weighty. The package also comes with a variety of brackets to ensure that the stands will work with your speakers....more info
  • Decent stands. Good for the price!
    I purchased two sets (4) of these stands for my surround sound system. Simple assembly with just a phillips head screwdriver. The stands have optional use spikes that stick into carpet and hold them securely. I have a 2 year old toddler that occasionally tries to pull them over, which is the only concern I have about recommending them to others. The base on this stand is pretty heavy, (about 6 lbs. I think), which is plenty to maintain them standing. But if you have a toddler like I do, I would recommend maybe adding to the weight on the bottoms of the stand bases or supporting them in another way. The stands have tension knob height adjustment knobs that work well. Kit comes with hardware for several speaker mounting options. All black, powder coating gives them a sleek, chic look which will complement the look of any system. I bought two sets (4 stands total) for about $130 (incl. shipping) which is a great deal for this item I feel....more info
  • Great product for the price! Sturdy!
    This is a great product that is relatively inexpensive. I bought 2 sets so that I could mount my front speakers and back speakers for my Samsung HTX-50. Very easy to put together. I really liked that you have 4 or 5 mounting options depending on your speaker setup. They also provide you with a lot of spare parts which is nice.

    A word of advice though......the manual tells you to mount the stand to the base and then thread the speaker wire through the pole......I highly recommend that you thread the speaker wire into the pole before mounting it to the base!!!! Much easier that way.
    ...more info
  • SANUS EF-SATB adjustable speaker stands
    Other reviewers described how these speaker stands worked well or not quite so well in various situations. These reviews helped me decide to try them - my surround speakers are flat bottomed about 6.5 inches wide and 8 inches long and weight 7.5 lbs. The largest top plate or speaker support plate included with the stands is 5 inches square. Sanus does include many different brackets, parts and screws with the stands. I wanted the speakers to just sit on top of a plate or "table". Off on a trip to Home Depo where I bought 2 pieces of 8 X 10 inch lexan (for 8 X 10 picture frames) for $3.00 each and a roll of double-sided tape for $5.00. I cut 4 inches off the 10 inch side with a small hand saw to make a 6 X 10 inch "table" and used four pieces of the double-sided tape to stick this to the 5 inch plate included with the stand - after first screwing the 5 inch plate to the speaker "pole" - it is not beyond me to afix the lexan to the 5 inch plate first - and then realize I can't screw the plate to the pole because I just covered the screw hole!!!LOL. I sanded smooth the sawed side and used four 1 inch felt feet on the speaker All this turned out ok. Also used 12 gauge speaker wire. This threaded through the bottom pole slot ok - tough getting it through the smaller top slot. Used straightened paper clips and needle-nosed pliers to make hooks on the paper clip ends - had to use two - to get the wire started through the pole top slot. Pushed wire through the bottom and wiggled it through the top slot to get about 10 inches - enough to connect to bannana connectors in speaker. It's been said that these stands won't do well with heavier speakers and I also don't think they would do well with any speaker over 10 lbs.. Good luck.....more info
  • Nice stands for the money.
    The price was right on these stands and they go very well with my black side and rear surrounds of my Onkyo SKS-HT540 speaker system. Sturdy, nice looking, and not too expensive.

    (P.S. They match the Sanus EF24B stands very nicely that I used to mount my front speakers.)...more info
  • Better than expected
    I received my four Sanus System speaker stands and was pleasantly surprised by their quality, and by how easy they were to assemble. They fit and hold my Klipsch Quintet speakers perfectly -- with the brackets specially designed for this model of speakers. The stands also come with several plates that fit a variety of speaker types.

    The stands are easy to adjust up and down, and are not top heavy with my speakers. While the black coating is very nice, it is loosely bonded to the metal. I dropped a screw on the floor plate and it nicked the paint to bare metal.

    By the way, I found the instructions easy to understand and follow, so perhaps they have been updated.

    Here's a tip during assembly, especially if you are using 14-ga lamp cord: insert the cord into the tubes before you screw the tube to the floor plate.

    Final comment: great stands at a great price. Highly recommended....more info
  • Fits JBL SCS300SAT / SCSSAT300
    I went through numerous "universal" stands, none of which fit the JBL satellites (SCS300)since they are oddly shaped speakers. The main mounting hole in the middle of the pole fits the odd pole mount that comes with the JBL speakers. Just screw the pole on the base and scre the speaker onto the pole. Piece of cake.

    Nice looking stands and sturdy.

    I have an old pair of Sanus stands that also had the appropriate hole so I'd assume any sanus stand should fit the JBLs but can't confirm....more info
  • Works great
    I did a lot of research before I got these speaker stands. As it turns out, I have Infinity Modulus surround speakers and I wanted something easily compatible with them. These stands, though they don't mention it, contain something called a Modulus stud that screws into the ball on the bottom of the Modulus speakers. They work really well, though the bases are a little larger than I would have liked to have had. They will definately support a large speaker. The Modulus speakers are about 6 pounds and there was no problems with the weight....more info