Panavise 809 CCTV Camera Window Mount
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Product Description

Designed for cameras up to 3 lbsSecure installation onto flat, smooth or non-porous surfaces Use with mobile electronics with 1/4-20 stud or CCTV cameras for in-car video surveillance

The Panavise 809 CCTV Camera Window Mount allows you to mount virtually any device that weighs up to three pounds via T-slot, or 0.25-20 stud screw-style mounting. Perfect for anything from CCTV cameras where you can't employ a permanent installation, to MP3 players for your car, the Panavise 809 utilizes an easy-to-use suction pad system to mount on virtually any surface that is flat, smooth or non-porous. This unit has two hinge points that allow you to achieve almost any angle you require with your mobile electronic device, and measures 5.5 x 13 x 3 inches (W x D x H) in dimension.

  • Mount any mobile electronic device such as CCTV camera or MP3 player
  • Holds up to 3 pounds
  • Suction-pad mounts to virtually any flat, smooth or non-porous surface
  • 2 hinge points allow virtually any placement angle
  • Unit measures 5.5 x 13 x 3 inches (W x D x H)

Customer Reviews:

  • Theeee best windshield mount for the money!
    What a great mount. I use it inverted with the 3" extension that it came with. The mount is not advertised at all to have this mount but it sure came with one. Using my Canon Vixia HF100 it was a bit too bouncy. Even though that is a small light HD Camcorder it still weighs a few pounds.

    [...]It is a very small digital cam that can record reasonable quality 720p res video. A nice advantage too is a digital camera will give you a much wider field of view than a stock camcorder lens. I found the cam jostled around a lot less, and I think it was because it was so much lighter. It did however have this audio static when it was mounted for some reason.

    Anyway, the mount is well worth the money. I am not sure if you could use it on a race track. But I am using it to record driving around in my 2007 Yaris.
    ...more info
  • Great camera mount
    The 809 is great. I bought it for use with a Canon DC20 on long road trips and 4X4 trails. In preliminary testing, it just worked great. Actually far better than I assumed it would. Ron ...more info
  • Nifty
    This little gadget is quite nifty. I have a Canon HF-11 camcorder which is about as big as a can of soda. So it fit on the mount fine. Depending on the size of your camcorder and the angle of your windshield will determine how level your shots will be. You'll need to make the mount steadier since every bump in the road will cause the camera to jitter. I used a tiny bungee cord and attached that on the camera then to my rear-view mirror. Problem solved! Be aware that in many states, it is illegal to mount objects on your windshield. ...more info
  • Great mount
    This came with the extension arm. Which I am still up in the air about needing or not, but I like that I have that option.

    This is a well made mount, and comes highly recommended from several friends. I test it in the car today with a Canon SX200, which is a decently hefty P&S. The video was nice, clear, and not bouncy, although, that camera has IS, so the camera might have taken some of the bounce out.

    Plenty of adjustability. Great price here at amazon....more info
  • Great, sturdy mount
    I use this mount for a digital camera that weighs around 1.5lb. The mount is very sturdy and the mechanism allows me to position the lens exactly where I need it.

    If you need a sturdy mount for something with a little heft, go for this product. It works very well....more info
  • Great Camera window mount!!
    This little camera window mount works perfectly as described. We have tried tripods and other methods to mount our wireless X10Com camera to the back window of our fifth wheel to use as rear view cam while traveling and nothing held the cam steady until this. This item is easy to use and rock solid steady while traveling, plus the suction is incredible. It holds itself against the glass with a push of the button and flip of the lever. There are two adjustable arms to position the cam better also and they are tight and secure. Wish I had found this item years ago before I invested $90 in a good tripod. Highly recommend this item for lightweight camera mounting....more info
  • More solid than expected
    Watch Video Here: I was looking for a simple way to attach a camera to the windshield of my Scion xB to enable me to record on-the-go videos quickly and easily.

    When I got the Panavise 809 from Amazon, my first reaction to it was amazement at how heavily it was constructed, and how well all the individual parts did their job.

    Since getting it, I've made a number of videos using it, and one video showing it in use.

    It holds the camera very steadily, is very easy to set up, and is EASILY worth the price at Amazon.

    Recommended...more info