Lorex DVM-2100A Digital Video Security System
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Product Description

The Lorex DVM-2100A Digital Video Security System lets you easily turn your PC into an advanced video monitoring station. The DVM-2100A uses a single-port video-grabber that is compatible with existing analog observation systems to connect directly to your PC, and includes remote-monitoring software. With the DVM-2100A system, your PC can help you protect your home or business, record video evidence for security purposes, and more.

The DVM-2100A's video-grabber uses a standard RCA connector for video input, and a standard USB connector for output to PC. The remote-monitoring software allows digital recording of live video to your PC's HDD (hard disk drive), as well as remote viewing and configuring of live video streaming from over the Internet. Featuring a software-based, pixel motion detection capability, the DVM-2100A's monitoring software is Microsoft certified. This unit runs includes a 12-volt DC power supply and a 62-foot connecting cable that allows it to be installed virtually anywhere on your surveillance system.

Technical Features:

  • Video-grabber connection: RCA video input to USB output
  • Software application platform: Microsoft Windows
  • Minimum processor suggested: Pentium III or higher
  • Minimum suggested memory: 128 MB RAM and 40 MB HDD (for application)
Designed to upgrade your analog surveillance system, the Lorex DVM-2100A lets you view and record your camera-feed from a remote computer location so you can monitor and protect your business or home from across the hall or around the world. This system requires a PC or laptop and a camera (not included) in order to function. User's should note that to use the DVM-2100A application software and video-grabber it is suggested you have at least: a Pentium III with 128 MB RAM and 40 MB of HDD space (for application), as well as 800 x 600 VGA display or better, a broadband (high-speed, DSL or cable modem) Internet connection, and be running Windows 2000 or XP or higher. In order to broadcast video over the Internet, you require a dedicated IP address (usually more easily obtained via DSL than cable).

What's in the Box
Video grabber, 62-foot cable, power supply, software CD-ROM, owner's manual.

  • Instantly turns your PC or laptop into a remote-surveillance station
  • Compatible with existing analog surveillance cameras
  • Allows access to live video from any network-connected PC
  • Features software-based, pixel-motion detection capability
  • Includes RCA to USB video-grabber and remote-monitoring software