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Jane Austen Collection (Sense & Sensibility / Emma / Persuasion / Mansfield Park / Pride & Prejudice / Northanger Abbey)
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Product Description

Includes: sense & sensibility emma persuasion mansfield park pride & prejudice and northanger abbey. Studio: Warner Home Video Release Date: 09/27/2005

The socially restricted lives of 18th-century women hardly seems like a subject that would inspire dozens of 20th (and 21st) century adaptations--but the brilliant novels of Jane Austen are flush with sparkling dialogue, razor-sharp wit, marvelously realized characters that range from adorably sympathetic to grotesquely comic, and--above all--ingeniously intricate plots, which arrive at a seemingly inevitable happy conclusion yet keep you seized with suspense every inch of the way. The Jane Austen Collection pulls together six BBC miniseries from 1971 through 1987, one for each of Austen's much-beloved books.

Unsurprisingly, the gems of the lot are also the best of the novels: Pride and Prejudice and Emma. Pride and Prejudice, expertly translated to the screen by novelist Fay Weldon, skillfully chronicles the ups and downs of the sensible but quick to judge Elizabeth Bennet (the adorable Elizabeth Garvie) and the snooty Mr. Darcy (played with an imperious scowl by David Rintoul). Any adaptation of Emma rests firmly on its central character, and Doran Godwin wonderfully captures Emma Woodhouse's resilience, determination, and exasperating self-satisfaction. Definitely the funniest of Austen's novels, Emma's satirical humor is perfectly balanced with romantic yearning, and this 1972 version succeeds delightfully.

Persuasion, though more melancholy in tone, has a wonderfully sympathetic heroine in Anne Elliot (played by the graceful Ann Fairbanks), who once turned away the man she loved but is given the chance, seven years later, to set things right. Sense and Sensibility suffers from comparison to the star firepower and cinematic sweep of the 1995 movie with Emma Thompson (a must-see for any Austen fan), but the dueling characters of gracious Elinore and headstrong Marianne, two sisters struggling with fallen fortunes, make for enjoyable viewing in this 1981 adaptation. Mansfield Park has perhaps the dullest hero and heroine of any Austen novel, yet the story zips along, powered by some of Austen's most outrageous supporting characters, here brought to deliciously comic life by Anna Massey and Angela Pleasence. Northanger Abbey satirizes gothic romances and the overheated imaginations that loved them; but though the tone is more broad and melodramatic than most of Austen, this 1987 adaptation suits the novel and rounds out this very satisfying boxed set. --Bret Fetzer

Customer Reviews:

  • jane austen collection
    I am confused, the description states the set has captions but several reviews claim it doesn't. Does it or doesn't it have captions? I don't understand why anyone would issue a DVD without captions. I am 70 and have problems understanding the dialogue in many of today's movies. My wife and I saw The DeVinci Code in a theater and I couldn't understand what the female lead was saying most of the time because of her mumbling. It wasn't until I got the DVD that I could understand what she was saying. I enjoy English TV shows like Midsomer Murders and have bought several sets but because I couldn't access the captions, I haven't watched them because of the accents. I generally have less trouble understanding the dialogue in older movies which don't have much background noise like traffic, etc....more info
  • Jane Austen Collection Movie Night
    The 6-DVD collection of Jane Austen's novels as produced by the BBC was the impetus for a Sunday night club: all women, rotates from house to house, hostess makes soup and salad, no dressing up, no cleaning your house, just a relaxed evening with Jane. The quality of the productions is excellent and, we feel, generally faithful to the novels. Watching with a small group makes it more fun and we have some spirited and thought-provoking talks about the heorines, the period, the mores of the times, etc. We are all very glad that I purchased this set. When we're finished, we plan to order other DVDs and continue our new Sunday night tradition....more info
  • Jane Austin Videos
    PBS had broadcast the Complete Jane Austin on Masterpiece Theater. Being a non profit group, they were asking a ridiculously exorbitant price as a donation of several hundred dollars. The BBC production, which is not the same as the one recently broadcast by Masterpiece Theater, was a mere $36.47. We have started with the two lesser known stories of Northanger Abbey and Mansfield Park. Northanger Abbey is a strange story of a teenage girl who is lost in her imagination of Gothic horror novels. Watching the video was like watching Alfred Hitchcock direct Jane Austin. Mansfield Park was a BBC series that lasted 6 episodes of 1 hour. The pacing is incredibly slow. My wife is bored to death. We are watching it to find out how it ends and to get our money's worth. We know the stories of the more famous books: Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility, and Emma. We don't know Persuasion, and will watch that next.
    Despite the renditions, the Jane Austin stories are rich in human behavior and worth intelligent viewing. I am glad we bought the BBC series because the price was right....more info
  • Jane Austet Collection(Sense&Sensibility/Emma/Persuasion/Mansfield Park/Pride & Prejudice/Northanger Abby)
    The books were wonderful and to see them put to film was great. The scenery and actors on a whole were fantastic. Although, it's far from todays reality, just the fact that you can escape for several hours is a blessing as Ms. Austen weaves her tales of love....more info
  • BBC Jane Austen collection
    This is the collection to have. While I would give the Persuasion movie with Amanda Root a slight edge over this version, and while this version of Sense and Sensibility seems a bit truncated, there is nothing in this collection that does not deserve watching. I can't say that about a lot of the other Jane Austen products out there. The Pride and Prejudice is marvelous, well-scripted(by Fay Weldon) and well acted, and the Persuasion is excellent, and second only to the Amanda Root movie. The rest can hold up their heads in any company, and all are entertaining and engaging....more info
  • ho hum a bit disappointed but im a rookie "Austenite"
    so what does a rookie "Austenite" know any way? well i do know that
    this is not the masterpeice theaters Jane Austen, the sound quality in this dvd set from bbc here is like tin and the rich lush film quality/sets/costumes that engage all of your senses is not here. a big difference in cinematography which has gone along way since this was first filmed, on screen the colors are flat and very 2 dimensional, i couldnt get past the first 5 minutes of S&S to see if the acting was the same....unlike the newest versions on masterpiece theater which are "PHHENOMENAL" however i will have to say this set is good as they are all together with a good deal if thats what you require. So im going after the masterpice theaters collection and i have to get rid of this collection, i bought it by mistake actually thinking these were the newest ones by bbc masterpice.
    and drat they do not carry all of them here...more info
  • Sheer Pleasure
    BBC versions of all your favorite Austen classics. Different actors and staging but the stories come shinning through - like old friends. Each production lasts between 90 min and 4 hours and each book is treated in depth. If you're an Austen fan, you'll want to view all of these....more info
  • Very poorly done!
    I am a big Jane Austen fan but I found the box set a HUGE disappointment. The acting was terrible, the casting was really bad (for the most part) and the sets were simply awful. Ther was no beauty or elegance in any of the movies, they were all drab and poorly executed. I agree with many of the coments made, rather buy the A&E version with Colin Firth ......more info
  • jane austen videos
    The order came a day early! Everything was in new condition. Very pleased with the whole exchange.Price was right and product was as presented....more info
  • Jane Austen is Awesome!!! A women clearly ahead of her time!
    i couldn't wait to get this collection of Jane Austen movies....they were definitely worth the wait! ...more info
  • Not what I was expecting
    So...I was all excited watching the PBS Masterpiece Theatre - Jane Austen Series. I went to the PBS website and checked out how to purchase the movies I was viewing on TV. Saw this lovely set- price range about 60. Went to Amazon and got it for 42! Psyched at first, but after I opened it, I realized that these are pretty low budget BBC productions of Jane Austen's novels. Nice to have, but not the quality movies that Masterpiece has been showing. Will probably sell these on ebay now....more info
  • jane
    i looked at some of these dvd cant not wait to look at the rest ...more info
  • Everything I thought
    These videos are everything I thought they would be. My wife and I have had hours of enjoyment....more info
  • Jane Austen
    I confess to being a Jane-ite and love Jane Austen in pure form, as it is in this collection....more info
  • Jane Austen Series
    This film series is horrible to say the least. Do not purchase this series from the bbc producers or spend your money on it. What a misleading set of dvds this turned out to be!...more info
  • Very British
    All of the movie DVD's are very well done. The scenery and costumes are authentic. I could not stop watching them until I had seen them all!...more info
  • Jane Austen DVD set
    Good quality BBC DVD adaptations of Jane Austen's six novels. However the best versions are newer films directed by Andrew Davies. Also excellent is the Sense and Sensibility with screenplay by Emma Thompson....more info
  • incomplete package
    when the package was finally opened after christmas there were 2 pride and prejudice movies and no sense and sensibility in the package. ...more info
  • Poor filming and acting
    My daughter and I watched the videos and laughed through most of them. This version of Jane Austin's films seem to be low budget. You could see shadows of the cameras in the background. All was not lost though. It made for good comic relief waiting for the next poor acting moment or cameraman goof....more info
  • Depends on Your Taste
    I'm not a huge fan of teh way it's filmed. It has that raw footage quality as opposed to the clean cut of a typical movie, but this was a gift for my mom and she loves having them all in one set. Easier to keep track of....more info
  • sucks
    i love the jane austen movies and odering this set was a great deal for me....but this isn't the set i haoped it would be. There was no desciption of the films in the set and the movie dates or actors. I was looking for different versons of these film and didn't know until i opened package that these weren't the ones i wanted. Now its late i have films that i wont really get use of or enjoy....more info
  • Great
    Got this for my daughter for Christmas -- she loved it. Jane Austen is excellent -- how nice to have a complete set available, and at such a good price! ...more info
  • Northanger Abbey
    The novel, Northanger Abbey is wonderful, but the DVD, BBC version chops it to pieces. Had I not read the novel, I wouldn't have known what was going on. The DVD was like a fast forward and eliminated the development of the characters. The one character, Isabella, was important, but she was portrayed as very cheesy and very briefly. She was the reason I bought the DVD. Not all of Jane Austen's maddening characters get their just due, but I was well satisfied with Isabella's.
    The actors were mediocre but even though the DVD left out huge chunks and chopped the rest, what was left to view was like the novel. Until someone can make a decent video based on the book, I recommend reading the novel.
    Mary B ...more info
  • A Jane Austen Fan Must Have This Collection
    This is a remarkably good collection. In Austen novels, nuance is the rule, what is unsaid or subtly implied is at least important as what is directly written. In the translation from Jane Austen novels to movies, many attempts have been made but most fall short and leave one feeling unsatisfied. The BBC obviously took great care and spent the money and time to do justice to the stories. I greatly enjoyed this series. Miss Austen's novels were written in a time of social upheaval, domestic strive, world war, foreign intrigues, and political turmoil as the feudal system breathed its last. The highly educated and well informed Miss Austen seldom alluded to these disruptive elements and chose for her subject, the soft feminine world of choreographed mating rituals of the drawing rooms. She had no need to place her novels in a historical context or explain the social rules to her readers. I am pleased that these BBC movies stayed true to the Austen stories and her sensibilities.

    This Mansfield Park is the best I've seen. The BBC versions of Sense and Sensibility, Emma and Persuasion are in the top two or three. While I don't think the Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle Pride and Prejudice can be equaled, the BBC version is close on its heels. This Northanger Abbey is a bit campy for my tastes, but it's fun and I am not going to say anything negative about it. Overall, these movies succeed because the directors don't try to rewrite Austen or include subject matter not in the originals.

    I feel I got real value for my money and have no doubts that any Austen fan will feel the same.
    [[ASIN:B000244FFU Jane Austen Collection (Sense & Sensibility / Emma / Persuasion / Mansfield Park / Pride & Prejudice / Northanger Abbey)...more info
  • Quick delivery
    DVD set arrived quickly and without any issues. My fiancee loved it too. Definitely future business with this vendor....more info
  • Jane Austen
    All movies were excellent. The story was presented extremely well, and the acting was superb/...more info
  • Good overall, but slightly dissapointed with two films
    I have enjoyed watching this set I received as a gift. The films seem to follow the books fairly closely with one glaring exception, the elimination of the character of Margaret Dashwood from Sense and Sensibility. Something else about Sense and Sensibility bothered me, but I can't quite put a finger on it. I just wasn't able to feel attached to the characters at all and didn't particularly care what was happening to them. I only ended up watching the first two episodes.

    The other film I didn't like was Persuasion because the technical sound was horrible. They seem to have misplaced the microphones when filming. Some of the characters were overly loud, almost shouting, while others, seeming barely to murmur, I could barely hear. The sound issue really spoiled the film for me, and I ended up only watching half of it because I didn't want to listen to overly loud voices just to catch what the soft spoken characters were saying. What a way to get a headache.

    I thought the rest of the films were well done. I especially loved the interpretation of Northanger Abby. I did get attached to those characters. I thought Mansfield Park was well done as well. While I like the Colin Firth version of Pride and Prejudice best of all that have been made, I did like this version, especially the artwork preceding each episode which depicted the upcoming events. Overall this is a wonderful collection and I am pleased with owning it.

    ...more info