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Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition UPGRADE with SP2
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Product Description

Windows XP Home Edition with Service Pack 2 ofers you greater flexibility and more options, when creating those great digital projects. The Service Pack is filled with updates that make XP even better!

With Windows XP Home Edition with Service Pack 2, you get safer browsing and communication, powerful security tools, and improved experiences. Packed with multimedia features, Windows XP Home Edition with Service Pack 2 aims to unlock the full potential of your personal computer. It also looks great, with rounded window corners, larger and more detailed icons, and a clean-look desktop.

The Security Center lets you check the status of your essential security settings.

The best thing about Windows XP is that, because it belongs to the Windows NT/2000 product family, it's designed from the ground up for reliability, security, and networking. XP Home users will soon see the benefits of this. The dreaded Windows crash-and-reboot cycle really is much less common with XP, and, provided the hardware is up to scratch, XP's performance is better, too. The downside is that using a different code base can make compatibility with old applications less assured. Business applications normally run fine, but older games, MIDI software, and system utilities may well cause problems.

Windows XP is more customizable than previous versions, including its visual themes that let you change the whole appearance of Windows in an instant. Fast User Switching is a neat feature for computers used by more than one person--it lets another user log on without killing the previous user's session, and when you switch back, running applications and open documents are as you left them. This is impressive, but what really counts is that XP understands how to deal with multiple users. Each user has their own special folders, such as My Documents, which cannot be seen by other users. And for those with more than one computer, the network setup wizard simplifies setting up a network.

Windows XP Home has many strong multimedia features. New Media Player lets you copy music from CD to hard disk, create your own playlist, and write your own music CDs if you have a CD writer. You can also play back DVD-Video (but only if a hardware or software DVD decoder is already installed) and play MP3 audio files and MPEG videos (but sadly not the popular RealMedia formats). Admittedly, Media Player does nothing that you cannot also do with free alternatives, but it is slick and nicely integrated. There is also Windows Movie Maker, a basic tool for capturing and editing videos that's fun to use, although too limited for serious work.

The Information Bar in Windows XP Home Edition with Service Pack 2 notifies you when it blocks ActiveX control or active content and then lets you decide what to do.

For Web browsing, XP Home comes with Internet Explorer 6.0 and MSN Explorer. The most significant new feature for Internet users is the built-in firewall. A firewall protects against one of the most disturbing security risks, in which other users unknown to you might connect to your computer while it is online, reading private files or causing other damage. XP's built-in firewall is a simple affair, but it does prevent most types of unauthorized connections.

Service Pack 2 allows users to instruct Internet Explorer how to handle downloads from a specific publisher

The XP user interface is not a radical departure from earlier versions of Windows, but there are a number of small changes that together add up to a significant improvement. For example, you can add and remove shortcuts from the Start menu by right-clicking on the icon and selecting Pin or Unpin from the pop-up menu. Windows online help is integrated into a Help and Support Center that works like an internal Web site, with searchable help, tutorials, and walkthroughs. Laptop or other flat-screen users can set Windows to use ClearType for screen fonts, for a more readable display.

There are, of course, some pitfalls. Windows XP Home is demanding on hardware, and it would be a mistake to install it on less than Microsoft's recommended minimum. Business users note: unlike Windows 98 or Me, XP Home Edition cannot join a Windows server domain, so the networking is peer-to-peer only--see Windows XP Professional Edition for this functionality. There is also no multiprocessor support, and a mildly annoying anti-piracy measure requires you to obtain a code from Microsoft for full installation and any future system changes. But don't let that put you off: this is Microsoft's best Windows yet.

Windows XP Service Pack 2 Features

Internet Explorer Pop-up Blocker Makes browsing the Internet more enjoyable by enabling you to reduce unwanted ads and content.
Internet Explorer download monitoring Warns you about potentially harmful downloads and gives you the option to block files that could be malicious.
Internet Explorer Information Bar Provides better information about events that are happening as you browse the Web, so it’s easier to know what’s going on and address potential security issues.
Windows Security Center Allows you to easily view your security status and manage key security settings in one convenient place.
Windows Firewall update Automatically turned on by default, this improved firewall helps protect Windows XP from viruses, worms, and other security threats that can spread over the Internet.
Improved wireless support Dramatically improves and simplifies the process of discovering and connecting to wireless networks.
Bluetooth technologies Enables you to easily connect to the latest Bluetooth-enabled hardware devices such as keyboards, cell phones, and PDAs.
Windows Media Player 9 Series Makes it easy to enjoy music, video, and broadband content with enhanced security.
  • Eligibility for upgrade consists of current users of Windows 98/Windows 98 SE and Windows ME only
  • Create and enjoy home movies with the built-in Video support
  • Share your video project with the easy E-mail attachment & mass-mailing features
  • Go Mobile with the ability to Communicate anytime, anywhere
  • Discover and Download online music, with the easy-to-use Internet features

Customer Reviews:

  • windows xp
    It was going to take hours to install and the warning said some programs would be corrupted. Microsoft confirmed these anomolies....more info
  • Great Product for Everyone who knows how to use a PC
    Windows XP in all varieties is great. Its clean and neat. It updates drivers almost by itself if they are needed during installation. It will detect most plug and play hardware such as External USB drives. (ie: scanners MP3 players, printers..and the like.)
    If you want it to work properly you need to install the Microsoft updates at least once a week. It is not necessarily Microsoft having flaws that you need to update that often. Its people with too much time on their hands creating hacks and trying to get what you got on your machine. Who would dream that people can be so malicious? Secondly as with any machine and Windows Xp you have to clean and defragment your hard drive or it will slow down and not run right. If you surf sites that have losts of video and the like when you view it, it gets stored on your hard drive whether you know it or not. This is why you run defrag and clean your machine by clicking on "my computer,"...when it shows you all the drives right click my computer, then go to properties and run disk clean up. It gets rid of all the downloaded stuff from the internet. (NOT ALL) but most of what will bog down the machine.
    I recommend this Windows XP For those users who are willing to take a few minutes to secure and maintain their computer. It is a great product

    Vista has tooo many bugs still...more info
  • This is my fourth license
    I don't think that Windows XP needs more recommendations but this is my fourth purchase of XP.

    I wanted all of my computers to have the same operating system so I opted out of Vista. I build my own computers and always buy the Retail version so I can change computers without having to buy a new OS....more info
  • Good for macs
    I bought this produst for mac's (because some programs does not run of Mac OS) and in my opinion runs just like what it should do as if it was a PC. I would give is near perfect, but the instalation takes a while to install, so anyone trying this might try installing either at night or any time during a long (1-2hrs) spare time. Aside from that, high marks....more info
  • XP upgrade now
    With Microsoft no longer supporting Windows 98 in any form, plus like me no interest to buy a new machine or increase memory to move to Vista, the XP home is the right answer!...more info
  • It still Windows...
    It is far superior to the Windows ME that I took out of a buddies PC but it is still Windows......more info
  • Upgrade XP Home Edition
    This performs exactly as we expected. Many days had been spent attempting to upgrade from Microsoft's site with no success and within a few hours we were up and running....more info
  • Not as User Unfriendly as I'd heard
    I'd read lots of stories about software glitches and the inability to customize this flavor of Windows. After picking up "Windows XP Registry Guide" by Honeycutt I was surprised at how easy it is to customize. It isn't even necessary to fiddle with the registry to effect some changes.

    Got a Firewall of your own, you can easily turn Microsoft's shipping firewall off. Using a browser other than IE? Not only can you really make it default, but you can even take steps to keep IE from hijacking things.

    Application installs and uninstalls are a lot cleaner. Hardware configuration is a lot more friendly. Overall I've experienced few "Blue Screens of Death" with this OS....more info
  • Software failed to load
    After many attempts I finally gave up. Spent $100 for nothing. If anyone does still have Win 98 you're better off getting the full install... maybe....more info
  • Upgrade from Win 98 to XP
    I loaded the upgrade with no problems but my RAM was not adequate to run the program and it corrupted my hard drive. I had to go thru the recovery process and lost all my files. I ended up buying a new computer with Vista and now none of the 98 programs work. I should have left my 98 windows alone....more info
  • I wish I had upgraded sooner
    Now that XP is obsolete I have finally upgraded to it and wish I had done it sooner. Everything runs better with it. (I was running Windows ME before) There were a few glitches but I got a notice from XP with the problems I might find after the upgrade and the how to's to fix them. All in all I am very happy with the product and info
  • Best Windows OS Ever!
    I have been using Windows since Windows 95, and have used every OS since. I have XP on my laptop and it is the best! I've been reading reviews saying that XP is bad, and I have NEVER encountered a problem. If you want an OS that will do everything you need, then get XP now before they get rid of it. Just so you know, I think Vista is trash. XP is better....more info
  • Great Upgrade
    Very easy to install and does what it says it will. One of the better Microsoft products....more info
  • Microsoft XP better than Vista
    After many years of using computers with Microsoft software, I found XP to be the best yet....more info
  • Windows XP Review
    This was not the product I needed. And within 30 days I asked to return it and the seller said no. This is an uprade and I needed the full version. Waste of money....more info
  • It Works Great!
    Installed this Windows XP SP2 Upgrade of Windows Millennium on a 10 year-old Gateway Professional, which worked with only a couple of hitches. After removing most of my files, the upgrade went fairly well with 128MB of RAM. After the upgraded operating system was working, I added RAM to 512MB and changed out the CDROM drive for a DVD/CD RW drive, with XP SP2 recognizing both changes immediately. After reading some reported experiences on the internet, I was a bit aprehensive; but the instructions on Microsoft's web site were very specific and better written than those in the package. Finding the ME product key proved elusive; but somehow the software found a key that permitted the installation of the upgrade. I like XP SP2 very much and have now downloaded SP3 to the computer. NO BLUE WINDOWS for several weeks now, so it was worth all the effort and aprehensiveness. ...more info
  • Upgrade from98se
    I waited until the last moment, but when I heard MS stopped shipping XP I knew I had to take the plunge.
    Time to toss the well worn copy of 98 and upgrade!
    I was worried about my old machine handling XPsp2, but it did. After disabling some of the advanced features my computer actually runs a bit quicker now.
    The upgrade process went without a hitch. Make sure to use the dynamic update option and it will automatically update your incompatible drivers.
    Fired right up after a very long installation and 86! updates from MS and blows away 98 when it comes to crashes. Used to be a daily routine, now i forgot what that blue screen even looks like. ...more info
  • Great way to upate
    And the price is reasonable
    And after the second addition
    know most of the kinks are worked out!
    George...more info
  • Dreadful
    This operating system was one of the most unsatisfactory I have ever used--including DOS, Win 3.1, Windows 95 and Windows 98.

    Aside from being incompatible with older hardware, XP Home Edition crashes frequently--particularly if you like to work with several windows open at once.

    Most important, the program is highly susceptible to viruses and hackers. Preventing these two problems requires expensive add-on software and hardware.

    True enough, the built-in firewall OUGHT to work. But in my case, hackers got in anyway. I had to hire an expensive data recovery guru--another story in itself.

    Even reinstalling the program did not solve the problem. My computer was completely compromised. I was eventually forced to junk the machine.

    Even installing service pack 2 did not help.

    After my dreadful experience with XP Home Edition, I have sworn off Windows forever. Mac and Linux are both far superior. ...more info
  • Crushed boxes are not a problem.
    So the box was crushed as noted but the product was fine. It was in the original manufacturer shrink wrap as advertised and I am quite satisfied....more info
  • Win 98 to Win XP sp 2 upgrade -- creates more problems than it solves
    Wife's computer did not have access to the internet, she complained, I puchased a USB wireless router for my PowerMac 4 and USB wireless adapter for her PC. The appeal of USB hookup being the hardware determining factor. Alas, the adapter would not work with Win 98 according to the manufacturer. I decided to upgrade her system to Win XP. Installation of XP went smoothly, the wireless network worked beautifully -- no files or data were lost; however, most every device attached to the WIN XP would not work because of driver incompatibilities. I had to contact NUANCE for scanner drivers ( and had to upgrade my Paperport software from Ver 6xx to version 7xx. My 2 printers required drivers from SONY and HP in order to work. My IOMEGA Zip required a new driver, my USB hub -- same. And WIN XP refuses to recognize my sound card so that I have lost sound capabilities. Microsoft has tried to solve my problem and their expert spent hours trying drivers from my original Win 98 CD -- no luck. They even tried to contact SONIC for a driver, this is still an open mattter awaiting solution. Bottomline: Win XP upgrade works fine, Microsoft support is very good, but upgrading created more problems than it solved. ...more info
  • easy
    I've been wanting to upgrade my Dell Dimension desktop running Windowsw ME for some time now. I cleaned up the hard drive, added some memory, and installed Windows XP upgrade. It was all so easy. Everything works like a charm! AND the old desktop boots up and runs even quicker than my newer laptop! We saved hundreds of dollars by upgrading, rather than buying a new system. We're very happy and we highly recommend this upgrade....more info