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PetSafe 2-Meal Electronic Feeder
List Price: $34.99

Our Price: $22.60

You Save: $12.39 (35%)


Product Description

Feed your pet when you are not home:Up to two fresh meals per day.Eliminates overeating, each bowl holds 1.5 CTimer allows you to set each meal anytime up to 48 hours.Dishwasher safe.Requires (1) AA battery (not included).For indoor use only.

  • For dogs or cats
  • 2 feeder trays, each one holds 1.5 cups of wet or dry pet food.
  • Timer allows you to set each meal any time up to 48 hours away.
  • Feeder trays are dishwasher safe.
  • Uses 1 AA battery not included

Customer Reviews:

  • Two stars cuz it worked for two days.
    Ok, I would have given this one star if it one star if it weren't so funny watching the cats systematically tear this device a part. I would wake up in the morning olny to find no food and bent open. This did not work...more info
  • Not usable as is
    We bought this two feed two cats in the morning. They want to eat at 5:00
    am and I want to sleep at 5am. If there is food available, it will be eaten immediately.
    The feeder works like this:
    You fill up the food dishes and close the lids. There is a battery powered
    mechanical timer to let you set how long from now to open a lid for each
    dish. You can set the timer for up to 48 hours, at roughly 1 hour increments.
    This meal feeder has the following drawbacks:
    The precision of the timers is not adequate to be sure that they open together.
    The dishes that come with the feeder have a lip that sticks outside where
    a motivated cat can grab it and pull out the dish part way and get at
    some of the food.
    The feeder is light weight so that while the motivated cat is attempting to
    open the feeder, it can get turned upside down and fail to feed the cats.
    We made adjustments to this as follows:
    -replaced the dishes that came with the feeder with ones that fit inside
    (cheap margarine tub like things)
    -attached a round wooden table top from the hardware store to the
    bottom to keep it from being moved around and tipped over
    -planning to attach a small bar across the lids to ensure that both lids
    open at the same time...more info
  • Useless cat feeder
    Just bought this feeder to help get my cat to stop screaming at me at meal time. Its worthless though! I can't get it to open with any amount of predictability - and that's what I need most. Also, the lid doesn't close tightly as another reviewer mentioned making the temptation to break in that much greater.

    A waste of money. I should have read these reviews first. :-(...more info
  • total junk
    This doesn't work at all. From the first day it hasn't opened on time. After the very first opening of the compartment it hasn't closed flush so the cat can see and smell her food and forces it open. Don't waste your money!...more info
    This is the second one I have bought over the years. My last one lasted about 5 years and then the lid spring broke. It's great and I recommend it to all my cat owner friends and family.
    Great price, retail stores cost double the amount.

    Chicago, IL...more info