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Silent Hunter III (DVD-ROM)
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Product Description

The King of submarine simulations returns with an all-new 3D game engine, new crew command features and more realistic action than ever before. The game includes a career campaign, patrols that have both fictional and historical missions, a mission editor and multiplayer feature. Whether it is stalking convoys or dodging depth charges, players will experience their own personal war story. The spectacular graphics, multiplayer options, and suspenseful gameplay combine to create the most impressive submarine simulation ever.

  • Submarine warfare simulator
  • Command a sub crew on patrols and consider their morale and fatigue when making decisions
  • Historically accurate subs, ships, and aircraft
  • 3-D interface and simplified learning curve make the game more accessible to all skill levels
  • Online cooperative and competitive multiplayer modes

Customer Reviews:

  • This has come a long way since the old Gato sub game
    This is a very good sub game. Most games like this the problem is you have to do all the jobs in the sub, that is normally the same problem with tank games. In this one you are the Captain, you can do all the jobs if you want to, but you can simple order others to do them. As the game goes on you get renown points to spend to improve your sub, crew, or get a better sub. Also as time goes on new equipment becomes available. Also the crew earns experience and will get better with time. There are four problems with the game. First even when the crew man has enough experience to get better at his job, he can not until you promote him to a higher rank and you can only promote so many people at a time, say about three. Number two a lot of important information is left out of the instructions. For example like giving certain medals to crew members gives them more experience and the torpedo will not arm unless it has traveled at least 250 meters. Third when you use the old steam torpedo that leaves a trail of bubble the enemy still knows where you are if it is fired at night in pitch black condition and there was no way they could have seen it. The fourth and final problem is when the crew gets tired and their performance starts going down you have to switch them out your self. There is no warning that they are getting tired or command you can set up to automatically switch them out, so you have to always keep checking on them. Other than that is is a perfect historically accurate sub game. You can even adjust the historical problems that the German subs had so you do not have them. An example is the German to torpedo....more info
  • Great looking
    Great looking, but the action and game itself are not much improved over II...more info
  • best sub simulation ever...
    it gets a little boring every now and then, when even 1024x compression seems not enough as you are sent halfway across the world to patrol a grid. but that is the only black mark, as this is an excellent simulation. ...more info
  • Silent Hunter III on Windows Vista 32 bit
    I purchased Silent Hunter III on DVD several years ago. Lately, I downloaded the GWX-3 extension that are free on the web. All this will run* on Vista 32 bit.

    1. Review the GWX-3 pdf manual; SHIII must be removed and specific history files (see step 3).

    2. Download the Patches for SHIII; SH_3_DVD_1.1_us, SH_3_DVD_1.2_us, SH_3_1.3_us, and SH_3_DVD_1.4a_us into a directory C:\SHIII Patches.

    3. Download GWX3.Zip into a folder C:\GWX3 and expand the files.

    4. Anything run on Vista MUST be run as administrator (This is important! Right click the mouse button with the pointer on the icon, then select run as admin).

    5. Install SHIII (run as admin) into a directory C:\SilentHunterIII

    6. Install all 4 patches sequentially (run as admin).

    7. Go to C:\windows\system32\drivers and delete the installed StarForce driver from the SHIII installation DVD because this driver is for XP.

    I believe the driver name is stdrv01.sys. If you boot Vista with this driver installed, then you will get a message that states the driver open failed. The GWX3 manual has a link to download the StarForce drivers for Vista 32 and 63 bit. I have only installed the 32 bit version.

    8. Expand the StarForce driver into a directory. I used C:\StarForce.

    9. Copy the new StarForce drivers into the C:\Windows\system32\drivers directory, The file names are: sfdvr01.sys (56 KB), and sfdrv01a.sys (62 KB).

    10. Run SHIII (as admin) and it should come up in a full screen mode. Once this is successful, now we can install GWX3 so exit SHIII.

    11. Run GWX3.exe (as admin); this takes awhile to install but is well worth the results. GWX3 will place a new SHIII, JSGME, and GWX 3.0 manual icon on your desktop (be sure to delete the original SHIII icon).

    12. Double click on the JSGME icon and it will bring up an install list of 18 0ptions to activate in SHIII ( they can be deactivated as well). I activated GWX -Main movie -Das Boot, GWX -16km Atmosphere, and GWX - Enhanced Damage Effects. Then CLOSE the application.

    Now, you can run SHIII with GWX 3.0 (run as admin)....

    Don_...more info
  • Great, but....
    This game is a really great simulation, you get a very good feel for submarine warfare and logistics. I've been a fan of submarine simulations, going back to GATO and Silent Service in the '80s. I know submarine simulations and this one is extremely well done.

    However, Starforce copy protection does suck. It literally sucked the life out of my PC. When you install enough games with these hidden copy protection schemes, what you end up with is a bunch of drivers that slow your computer down and acutally cause CD/DVD reading problems with games unrelated to each other.

    I ended up having to reinstall Windows XP because after installing several games with various versions of Starforce and other copy protection drivers (which are hidden by the way). These drivers intercept calls to the CD and DVD and can interfere with each other. The other problem is that can leave your system open to vulnerabilities and they also slow your system down, particularlly when booting. Ever wonder why it takes longer and longer to boot, even though you get rid of start up programs, spyware, and non-essential services? Drivers! Everyone is creating drivers to make it more difficult for users to circumvent things. I predict a revolt against unnecessary drivers and announcements from Microsoft about changes to their OS to make driver installation and removal easier on the consumer in the next few years.

    Anyway, great game, but Starforce copy protection is for the birds!...more info
  • Will they ever release a Starforce free version?
    I would love to buy this game but I do not want to risk harm to my computer from the hidden Starforce copy protection. Google it...

    I'm sure all the people that wanted it already have it legal or not. I would like to buy a copy without the damaging Starforce.

    I've heard there are illegal versions available but I want to buy it Ubi Soft! There are many games I've bought and played that don't use this draconian method of copy protection....more info
  • wont work
    just got the game it wont work, I put it in my windows xp and before I bought the game i made sure I could run it by going to system requirements lab and it said i passed the recomended features but i put the game in my computer and nothing happens absolutley nothing no error message no install window[...]...more info