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Myst IV: Revelation (DVD-ROM)
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Product Description

Myst IV: Revelation will challenge you to unravel an intricate mystery, in a world where plants and machinery have combined. Make your way through a labryinthine plot as you save the D'Ni people. Travel through environments that pulse with life, as you unearth a treacherous scheme involving two of Myst's most sinister villains.

  • Puzzle-solving adventure game
  • Optional multi-layered help system is available when stuck with puzzles
  • Track your clues by taking pictures of evidence and writing notes in an in-game journal
  • Original music created by Peter Gabriel and Jack Wall
  • For 1 player

Customer Reviews:

  • not bad if.....
    I'm sensitive to motion on the screen. don't have any problem with motion sickness on boats, cars, whatever, but playing this game makes me feel sick to my head and stomach, I can only stand it for about 10 minutes and my head starts hurting. it comes with myst 3 which is cool, but myst 4 won't play right. it said i needed to update my graphics card software, I didn't bother, I'm going to give it away....more info
  • Difficulty Rating 12 on a scale of 10
    First, I love the Myst games - the concept and graphics, but this version is so difficult that even with a complete walkthrough I have not finished it yet (I gave up trying on my own rather quickly). I agree with a previous reviewer that even knowing the solution to a puzzle, actually performing it is needlessly difficult.

    Too bad, because the graphics still amaze and the story line is intriging, but it isn't fun anymore - it's tedious.

    Will I get Myst V-End of Ages ? - I'm sure I will... I'm still hooked....more info
  • Driver Problem
    All the Myst games, including Uru, Uru: to D'nai, & Path of the Shell have worked great on my computer. This game does not. I've ck'd for drivers online & it tells you to delete your current driver. I have been a little anxious about doing that so as of this moment, this game (that I've had for about 1 mo.) is unplayed. ...more info
  • Another great game to add to the Myst collection.
    The music, graphics, and story live up to that which we've come to expect from Myst games. I'd recomend reading the readme file before you play the game. I had difficulties at first with the game being glitchy and spontaniously terminating. The readme file suggested that disableing my antivirus monitor might help. It worked and I've had no problems since. I especialy appreciated the new feature of this game which lets you take pictures and notes inside the game for reference at any point. The plot itself has a bit of a surprise ending. I won't spoil it here, but you might pick up on it as you progress through the game....more info
  • Challenging with a Great Story
    Myst 4 has a great storyline if you're a Myst fan and even if your new to the series. Most importantly the puzzles are tons of fun and creative. One of which I particularly enjoyed involved reading D'ni!...more info
  • Baffling Hardware Requirements Make this Unplayable
    Hey, it is supposed to run on a Mac with OS X. Perfect! So, after installing 8 GB of data on the hard drive, I start Myst IV and absolutely NOTHING happens. Oh yeah, read the really, really tiny fine print and then you notice that "laptop versions of these video cards are not supported". Sheesh, now I have two coasters.

    Ubi refers you to its website for support. Surprise, they don't even pretend to offer product support for Mac.

    You burned me once Ubi, never again.
    ...more info
  • Myst IV: Revelation
    Not an action game but was never intended to be one. This is a thinking and strategy game. Graphics technology is a little old but still good. ...more info
  • Best game ever
    This game is the best game i have ever played!!!!!!!!!!
    Everything is great, but are some curser probloms.
    Overall everything is GREAT!...more info
  • Myst 4
    I loved playing the first 3 Myst games back when I had a PC but have since changed to a Mac laptop I have searched for games I could play on it. I thought that because the game said mac for operating systems it would play but it did not work on my laptop so if you are a mac user and interested in this game check closely what operating system your's has and see which mac system this game will play on....more info
  • There we go again!
    I spent two evenings, and entire weekend straight, just to finish this game. I refuse to use hints/help/walk-throughs, so I got over 20 hours of gameplay here (although being an electrical engineer did help in Spire :-)... By the time I beat the game, I had a book of notes that looked almost like from Atrus' study... The graphics was stunning - I particulariy loved the way clouds were flowing by, occasionaly casting shadows, when they obstructed the sun - a small detail but made the entire environment so much more realistic... I absolutely loved the music - especially the choral pieces, and the little 'music video' in the middle... Again - like in any myst installment, I am sad to see that we have a lot of clueless people giving 1 star reviews, either because they're too dumb to figure out the puzzle, or too dumb to install the game. I have one advice for the dummies belonging to that group - stick to 'shoot'em ups' - no thinking required there......more info
  • Best in the series since Riven
    My husband and I, a gaming team since 1996, were very excited when another Myst came out. We were completely drawn in by the first two, although we never felt Exile really lived up to the series, and Uru we never even finished playing. We still had faith that the series could redeem itself, and indeed, it did. This is a great return to Myst roots, and actually more of a plot than many previous games had. It is very enjoyable, with great puzzles, and will suck you in just like the first one did....more info
  • Worthy successor in the Myst series
    Revelation is a continuation of the Myst story, with further developments in the lives of Atrus, Catherine, and Yeesha, who were introduced in Myst, Riven, and Uru. As always, the graphics and sound are stunning and immersive. The puzzles are challenging and require significant thought. There is some interaction with the other characters, but mostly you wander around by yourself in this strangely beautiful environment, reading journals, activating machines and uncovering clues to determine what has happened. There are some chilling, startling, even frightening moments during the game, which add to the experience of feeling as if you are actually there..

    The first three games in the series, Myst, Riven, and Exile, were all first-person games, in which you WERE the character playing in the game. The next game in the series, Uru, was a third-person game by default, in which you WATCHED your character in the game. (Uru did have the ability to change to first-person mode, but was not intended to be played that way). Revelation returns to the first-person style of the first three games.

    The Myst series has always pushed the envelope for computer requirements. The first game was released at a time when many computers did not even have CD-ROM drives, most games came on floppy discs. The popularity of the game led many people to install CD-ROM drives, just so they could play. As the series progressed, system requirements became greater with each new release, as new developments in graphic and audio technology were incorporated into each successive game, making the in-game experience increasingly more realistic and immersive. Having played every game in the series, as well as many, many other games, I have at times had to upgrade my computer in some ways to make certain games playable. To play Tomb Raider 2, I had to upgrade DirectX and install a better graphics card (which cost about $75 at the time). To play Uru, I had to upgrade my operating system from Win98 to Win98SE.

    Revelation actually has slightly reduced requirements from Uru, but some people may have a computer which does not meet the minimum requirements. My suggestion is: READ THE SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS BEFORE YOU BUY THE GAME. If your system does not meet minimum requirements in any way, be prepared to make those upgrades before expecting the game to work properly. Upgrades might take the form of a driver for your sound or graphics card, a newer version of DirectX (included on the game disc), or even a new piece of hardware such as a sound or graphics card, or perhaps a DVD-ROM drive (if yours is not compatible). As far as I know, there are no issues which can not be resolved, but some of them will require an additional expense beyond the purchase price of the game. The key seems to be having the right hardware, although not neccessarily the very latest hardware.

    My own computer plays the game well, and I offer the system specifications as a guideline example of one which works acceptably well, even though not the cutting edge of technology:

    900 Mhz Celeron processer on a Gigabyte GA-6VXC7-4X mainboard, with 768 MB of RAM. Purchased in 2001 when I built this computer.

    EVGA Nvidia 256 MB FX5500 graphics card, purchased in 2005 to replace an older 64 MB card (which worked well enough in Myst-Uru).

    Sony DDU-1621 DVD-ROM (not RW) optical drive, purchased in 2003.

    Sony CRX-0811 8x/4x/32x CD-RW optical drive, purchased in 2001 when I built this computer.

    Creative Vibra 16 ISA sound card, salvaged from another computer which was built in 1998.

    Operating system is Win98SE with DirectX9.0c, and the game plays fine.

    My processor is barely above the minimum requirement, but I compensate some by having a much better graphics card and much more memory than I really need.

    If you like thinking games rather than action games (did you enjoy the previous Myst games?) and if your computer meets the published minimum requirements, you will likely have an enjoyable experience with Revelation. If you are easily frustrated, or don't have much patience, you probably won't enjoy this game. Myst Revelation is like a great novel to be read at leisure and savored, and not like a newspaper to be read quickly and then discarded.

    P.S. I have read the specifications for the upcoming Myst game, End of Ages, and learned that I will have to upgrade the operating system again in order to play. I am willing to do this, as I feel the payoff in terms of the game experience is more than worth the trouble of tinkering with the computer. As someone who has played the entire series up to now, I feel that the games have been THAT GOOD. In one sense, making yet another machine functional in order to play the game just adds one more puzzle to the game....more info
  • A wonderful revival of the original brilliance of Myst
    I was very impressed by and thoroughly enjoyed Myst IV: Revelation. After the uninspired Myst III and the unengaging URU, Myst IV brought hope that the Myst franchise might be revived and return to its former glory. Of all the Myst games, Riven and Myst IV are now my two favorites.

    The graphics are beautiful and often stunning, especially the wind effects (the sense of wind and blowing leaves is wonderful; you can almost feel the negative ions in the air) and the movements of animals, especially birds. The night effects are also breath-taking, with a beautiful changing moon, ambient moonlight illuminating your surroundings, and moonlight reflecting off of the water. Simply wandering through the game without playing it is a joy.

    The story is also one of the best and most approachable of the entire Myst series. The story was by Mary DeMarle, whose writing contributions include Myst III and Homeword 2. Her script for Myst III seemed little more than an excuse for the scenery, and her script for Homeworld 2 was so derivative of the original game that it was almost like being tricked into buying the same game twice. Her script for Myst IV, however, is original, fresh, involving, and works with the design to help create a full gaming experience.

    Of all the Myst games, this is the only one that approaches the visual and story-telling brilliance of Riven. I hope the developers will reassemble the extremely talented team that created this and, despite the silly and defeatist "End of Ages" title of Myst V, bring us more chapters in the Myst story.
    ...more info
  • Runs well on old Macs too!!
    I'm on a 2003 iBook G3 with 800mHz, which is relatively below the standards this game uses. After a memory leak or two, I decided it wouldn't work and considered selling, but then I downloaded the patch and BOOM! Couldn't have been more perfect! However, it goes without saying that high-performance machines with nice video cards will get much smoother and better-looking gameplay than my machine.

    The game was great! Music and sound and visual came together to make something I'm really going to remember. I loved it that much!

    While I still can't figure out just WHO is supposed to do these puzzles without a walkthrough or strategy guide, I found a handful of them pretty fun and actually meaningful.

    The plot evolves so well as you visit each world. You can decide in what order you do this, but you'll need the ending clues of both Haven and Spire before you can complete the puzzles in Serenia, so I suggest you work on those first.

    Characters aren't extremely deep, but at least their motivations are clear and present, and you can expect that the minor characters will always be very interesting(Peter Gabriel plays an awesome part as a spirit guide). Acting isn't top-notch either, but the characters all convey their emotions, again, clearly. Don't expect to sympathize with them though, unless you are just that sensitive.

    In a game where you're exploring various worlds that you know nothing about entering into them, you almost expect to die or be hurt somehow. That's what I love about Adventure games like these. They assure that you get to the end as long as you put forth the will and the determination to finish it.

    Speaking of endings, not the best finale, but certainly a cliffhanger for Sirrus and Yeesha.

    This was my first foray into a heralded Myst game. I was attracted at first to the three-dimensional element of it, and then by all the peripheral effects, and then the story just really took me in and I felt like such a part of it that I didn't want to leave Serenia ever. I'm glad I made this purchase, and for only $7 as the running used price, so is my wallet!...more info
  • awesome interaction with environment
    Loved this game! The interaction it allows you to have with your surroundings is really cool. I found myself touching everything just to see what type of noise it made or how things reacted. From touching water to poking animals, it was neat. Some of the puzzles were a little hard, but the zip feature was instrumental in getting around and it not taking forever to get what you needed. I like this format the best, and so far Myst 5 seems disappointing in comparison....more info
  • Best game I have ever played
    If I had to pick one game, it would be this one. A very well balanced package that is very immersive but in a positve way. The environments are so well done that even after I finished the game I went back to Spire and Haven just to look around.

    It has a interesting story, excellent writing, and fantatic graphics. There is no shooting. Granted, there is no way for you to impact the storyline like in Neverwinter Nights or Planescape Torment and the game is basically linear with little or no replay value (except to look around more), but the environments, characters and puzzles are so well integrated that it holds you start to finish.

    Glenn Soltes ...more info
  • Myst IV: Great Game
    I love this game. I have played it twice and would play it again. The graphics were great, the story line was amazing. I hope others who play the game will feel the same....more info
  • Great game and gorgeous graphics
    I got Myst one a long time ago with my first computer and was fascinated about this game.Since the Myst-series is about to end, I got the other parts as well.The best graphics still has Part 4: Revelation. A smooth ride throughout the story.Even though I had to use my DVD-Burner for installation (my DVD-Drive wouldn't read the disk),everything worked out fine.
    This game takes a big piece of Harddrive (between 3.5 and 8 Gigs),which should not be a problem on present machines.My System is just a 2.0GHz CPU (Athlon 2400+) with 768Mb RAM and a Radeon9700pro.While Myst 1-3 usually run on 800x600 resolution, MystIV is able to run with 1024x768.
    I would recommended to get the Guide as well,so that you wont get stuck.
    I can't wait till Myst V will be released.........more info
  • Myst lives up to it's name
    If you are a fan of the Myst series this game is a MUST.
    It has graphics almost as good as Riven's (Myst 2).
    First of all, I saw none of the problems mentioned in the previous reviews.
    The game installed perfectly, and did not show the least sign of a bug or problem, although I was using a Power Mac G5, so I don't know about how it will respond for all you Window's users out there.
    You have been warned, however, this game is BIG!
    It took up 245 MB I think.
    Some people don't like the cursor, and say it looks like a disembodied hand.
    To me it just looked like a hand, and I don't find it a problem at all.
    You can also customize it (Non-Caucasians need not worry :-) by changing it's color and if it's left or right handed.
    It also has a section in the options menu that lets you see a hint guide with three levels (Level 1 says stuff like "Notice how..." whereas level 3 gives it away).
    This game is ultrarealistic, right down to the water rippling as you drag your cursor through it and animals bolting as you aproach them.
    This is also not a game for the impatient, as some of the puzzles take hours (Or days and saved games) to figure out.
    I have been a Myst fan ever since I played Riven, and after that, had not seen a game as good untill now.
    Well I have to link to Rhine to pick up a new electric system.
    Oh, and I'll have to stop by the Cleft for some tools.
    Keep an eye on Yeesha for me will you? LOL (Quote from Atrus).
    Actually I have to get to bed, so Bye!...more info
  • Great game
    I played this game with the help from my [...] son, he is good in mind games. Originally i was trying to download it on my older pc, win LE, wouldn't work, you have to have better video card for this game to run, now i have new lap top and it worked just fune. Game is not easy, i used help from the forum in the, great message board and people are friendly and ready to help. I recomend this game to all the players who love Myst, good story line, great ages and surprise ending, make sure you save often....more info
  • What happened?
    First off I have to say that the Myst series has been the best games I have ever played. I have played the first three games a couple of times over, and really enjoyed reading all three books. The first Myst is my favorite game of all, the sequel Riven is exceptionally good, and the third Exile was just as fun. But I have to say Myst Revelation was an extreme disappointment. The graphics were great, and the story quite compelling. But once I entered into one of the ages, it was a mess. There were way too many little details that you have to some how magically figure out. The clues were so well hidden that you would have to be a mind reader in order to figure out what the makers were thinking. I go to school and take hard classes, but believe me when I say this was excruciating, this to me was like doing a geological, mathematical, scientific quantum physic equation. When I play a game like Myst, I want to unwind and enjoy the game. Instead I end up with a headache and a busted keyboard while loosing my temper. This never happened with the other three games.

    I loved the first three Myst games, the challenge was just right. I don't know what happened; it really bummed me out how difficult this game was. I'm really disappointed with the manufactures of Myst 4. I would have liked to see how these stories would have ended after playing these sequels, but I guess I'll have to throw in the towel and call it quits and put the Myst games behind me.
    ...more info
  • Gorgeous Graphics, and it was great until...
    I had a joyous time wondering around in the environment of Serenia, Spire, Haven, and Tomanha. The graphics are absolutely amazing, and I wish I could spend a day in Serenia, but then I began to solve the actual puzzles.

    This is where I begin to be unhappy. In the beginning of the game the puzzles were fun (and lets keep in mind that that is the whole reason to play), but by the time I got to Serenia, I was completely frustrated. The solutions are so out there, and Dream was just the last straw. The glowing orbs? There is NO logic behind that. I had to look at the solution (I hate doing that, but when you haven't gotten anywhere in a week, folks...) and I still couldn't get it to work!!!

    Exile was, to me, the best Myst game. Puzzles should be challenging, but not ridiculous. Uru was also a triumph in getting the perfect combination of difficulty and ease. Of course I don't think any game should seem impossible, so maybe that's my problem. I want my games to be fun. Not mind-boggling. Also I've never wanted to chunk a game out into my yard before, if that gives an idea of the frustration involved in this game....more info
  • Out of the 4 I've played, the best one
    I have played all of the current Myst games except for the original Myst game. This was definately my favorite of them all. It did take the best computer in my house plus installing a new graphics driver but in the end I had no problems whatsoever. The puzzles were challanging but not impossible. The plot takes a great twist near the end with the familiar family of Catharine and Atrus'. There are four different ages that are accessable in the game and each is beautiful in its own way. My favorite out of the four-Tomanha, Spire, Haven, and Serinia-is probably tied between Haven and Serenia. The camera in the game give a great new gaming experience. Plus the camera also has a journal in it for keeping track of your adventures. This is truly an amazing game and will take days to complete but it is well worth it....more info
  • Myst IV
    Very challenging game. Attention to detail is most important. Also it takes a lot of time to figure out the puzzles. It's a game that requires a lot of patience....more info
  • Serious Gamers Only
    My father and I have been playing adventure games forever - literally since we got our first computer with a CD rom. Admittedly, I prefer games with inventory (a la Monkey Island) but my dad enjoys games like Myst and for the most part I haven't minded playing those games with him because they are often fun to watch and sometimes the puzzles can be enjoyable. But this game was just RIDICULOUS.

    Now, I will say that my dad and I have very different schedules and didn't often get time to sit down and play the game as often as we would have liked, so some of my problem with the game could be that we did not really get a chance to become immersed in the story, but for the most part I really don't think that was our problem. The major problem that I had with the game was that some of the puzzles were difficult to the point of being utterly frustrating.

    For example, one of the puzzles you have to minipulate levers in order to make four crystals simultaneously vibrate. Not only do you have to figure out the correct sequence of numbers to make each crystal vibrate (difficult in itself because the only clues you find in gameplay offer approximations of the correct numbers) but you have to do it quickly enough that you can get all of the crystals vibrating at the same time. This takes patience and some very fast mouse skills and to me is just pointless.

    As another example, towards the end of the game you have to bring an item to a god who is to be your "spirit guide". The items, first of all, are very fragile, so you have to be very careful while walking, and secondly, you never really know where the god is going to be. Further, when you FIND the god, he will disappear, so you basically have to wander around to all of the places where the god *might* be with a fragile item, hoping that the god will show up.

    I guess my point is that in this game merely solving the puzzle isn't enough - you have to do things in a way that lead to what to me is pointless difficulty. As I said, I would have called myself a veteran adventure game player, but I am sure there are people who are more serious gamers than I who would enjoy this game. As it is, I will say that it really is a pretty game to look at....more info
  • Another Winner!
    Myst IV is another great chapter in the ongoing saga. Clever and exasperating puzzles, intriguing storyline and fantastic graphics! I do wish it would play on my did until I upgraded to Quicktime 7.1.3. I contacted the developer and was informed that the chipset on my notebook (MAC G4, 1GHz) was not supported. Still, the game is GREAT!...more info
  • I wish there were more games like this.
    I so rarely write reviews. But I loved this game so much, I wanted to make sure others gave it a go! The graphics are amazing and the puzzels are so much fun. The characters and music also make the game worth playing. I understand that it has a lot of requirments, however they are worth it. Do whatever it takes to play this game!...more info