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Myst Uru: Complete Chronicles
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Product Description

Myst Uru: Complete Chronicles is an incredible set of stunning, real-time 3D worlds you can explore. They hold incredible mysteries, mind-challenging puzzles, and an epic storyline waiting for you to unravel it. Journey through a variety of different ages, and discover the lost civilization of the D'ni people. This collection features Uru: Ages Beyond Myst and two expansions packs, To D'ni and The Path of the Shell. The new Uru Live online service lets you explore in a world that continually changes and expands -- updates keep the adventure fresh and new(NOTE - Subscription fee may be required)

  • Complete collection includes Uru: Ages Beyond Myst as well as expansion packs To D'ni and The Path of the Shell
  • Puzzle-solving adventure game
  • Explore the worlds of Myst in full 3-D
  • Create a realistic representation of yourself using an extensive choice of new customizable clothing options
  • For 1 player

Customer Reviews:

  • Glitches galore!
    If you want to buy Uru, do not buy this version. I have a brand new Dell computer with loads of memory but this game has problems everywhere. The worst part is that some of the problems could be fixed with the patch from Ubisoft for Ages of Myst but it won't download for Chronicles. There is nothing else on the website to help. They don't even seem to have any email tech help-only a 900 number. Don't buy this game unless you want a $40 headache! ...more info
  • Alot of gameplay here!
    Being a MYST fan, I almost didn't get this because of it going on-line as a type of MMORPG originally and I don't like those games.

    But when I saw the this with both expansion packs, I couldn't resist (also had heard by then that the on-line was canceled because of little support). And what a value. There are many hours of gameplay here. It is also pretty hard, so have some patience because some of this hard to figure out.

    The graphics are as always fantastic (especially the water. It looks awesome and I think they know it because there is water everywhere in this game). The scenery is more interactive than ever and there are alot of things moving here.

    The sounds of the game are very good to, especially with some good headphones. I spent some time looking around checking everything out and I wasn't dissapointed.

    You can also change your Avatar (this is a 1st or 3rd person game and you will need to use both) from clothes, to face, to sunglasses. And you will collect more items along the way which you can change in to.

    Some of the puzzles were wierd, and they reminded alot of playing Riven which is one of the things I didn't really like as you had to go back and forth alot between ages. But there are many puzzles to solve and this is seamless, so you never know when you are playing Ages Beyond MYST or one of the expansion packs. There are also alot of books to read here (and you have to read them all or you will miss vital clues and answers for some of the puzzles), more than any of the other MYST games (maybe even more than the other 3 put together).

    I had alot of fun, and if you are a MYST fan, this is an unbeatable deal....more info
  • Great addition to the Myst legacy
    I've been playing Myst games since the beginning. Just recently I finished playing URU, and words can't describe how much fun I had. The gameplay is LONG. If you play alittle everyday without walkthrough help, it can take a couple of weeks or more.

    In this saga you meet Atrus' daughter Yeesha (all grown up now)and she helps to guide you through your journey and discovery about her culture and heritage (D'ni).

    The Ages are beautiful! When you play, let your mind go and emerge yourself into this world. Imagine yourself really being there and you will see and experience all the things you can do. I did go through some fustrations with the puzzles but, it really pays off taking the time to figure them out. The end results are extremely rewarding.

    It was great taking pictures of the different Ages. There are so many beautiful spots for pics that can be saved. And having a journal to write in was so much fun! Adding pages to my own "personal age" was fantastic. I got to "build" my age into a beautiful place.

    I loved learning about the D'ni culture, for there's a bunch of information given. I mean A WHOLE BUNCH!! The stuff could fill up a library.

    I finished the game but, I'm still hungry for more. I wanted to see more of D'ni but, I guess I have to see if Myst IV and V will satisfy my cravings.

    Oh, I do recommend reading the Myst books (by Hyperion)--- there are alot of tie-ins with the storyline in the game and the books. ...more info
  • Great Game, moderate Service
    The Game itself is extremely enjoyable, though I have had problems witht he third party company, "Nothing But Software". Upon recieving my copy of the game, I discovered that Disc 2 was melted. So I called, left a message and they promptly sent me a replacement disc 2....only to my horror, the disc was in the same condition as the original. Buyer Beware, no guarantees your discs will be intact! (The customer service was great though!)...more info
  • Complete Chronicles completes the journey
    I had played URU before but never got to play the extensions. Not only have they added a dimension to the game, I think URU itself has been updated. Great fun!...more info
  • Myst
    It is so amazingly refreshing to see a computer game that doesn't involve violence and still has a great storyline propelling it forward. It's a little old, so the graphics aren't the greatest, but the puzzle solving will definitely keep you on the edge of your seat....more info
  • Great exploration into D'ni
    Unlike unlucky others, this game plays very well on my computer with an ATI Radeon 9800 Pro, using its highest resolution. I agree that UBI should mention the supported video cards on the package. On the other hand, I think one cannot judge a game that one was unable to play.
    Apart from a pretty clumsy avatar, this game is great. It differs from the other Myst games in many senses. I guess that's whay it doesn't have the name of Myst. The game is fun, one needs quite some imagination and inventiveness to solve problems on the way. In this game you visit more than a dozen (!) ages, including good old Myst. The graphics are absolutely stunning and the worlds great enough for weeks of exploration....more info
  • Awesome game!
    Please see my other review for Uru for more details, but this version of Uru is better in that it contains every expansion pack offered for Uru. It adds several new and fascinating Ages, and although it still doesn't contain some of the Ages (worlds) offered when Uru Live was online, it's still very worth checking out. For parents, if you have a teenager that will play this, you're lucky, because it takes a special kind of intellect to appreciate this game....more info
  • Absolutely Incredible
    This is an action/adventure gamers dream come true. You have the beauty, depth, engrossing story, challenging puzzles and overall top quality of a Myst series adventure game combined with an action style interface. Adventure gamers have been waiting a long time for something like Uru. I highly reccomend this game to any adventure/action game fan. The only tiny gripe I have is the lack of a sufficient save feature though the linking books do a good job none the less. But I still give this game all 5 stars and I have only just begun to play it and I am truly amazed at the quality and effort put into this excellent chapter of the Myst series. ...more info
    Don't they always say "download the latest drivers" "make sure you meet the minimum spec for the game".
    Well they are wrong here. I have the latest drivers for my ATI Radeon 850 and DirectX 9C and thats the problem. The game won't run with them.
    Play this on an out of date PC or forget it....more info
  • awesome Game!!!
    I loved this game!! I really liked playing in 3rd person. Graphics and details are awesome. I would highly recommend this game. ...more info
  • no Loss
    to MAC users everywhere - don't fret.
    This game was total pants!!
    (pants being a Scots term meaning it sucks!!!)
    Nothing at all like the previous Myst games.

    The graphics were mediocre at best -
    nothing to compare with Myst 3:Exile.
    the game play was a pedestrian search for pieces of cloth with symbols - none of the ingenious clue searching and then puzzle solving like the previous games.
    There is no sign of Artrus and Catherine.
    only their daughter - Yeesha - who sounds a bit like a tree-hugging hippy to me.

    I played it - in a matter of hours rather than the months the previous games took me.
    I didn't bother going online - and by the time I was curious enough to look at the online community - it had closed.
    The whole concept of an online Myst was doomed to failure anyway.
    Nonetheless - the game makers didn't have the online part right before they started - and it never worked successfully.

    ~You chaps didn't miss a thing....more info

  • Great Game with awesome visuals
    I've followed the Myst series from the begining. Although my system barely made the System Reqs, I had a great time with this game! The customizable character, keyboard controlled character, 1st & 3rd Point Of Views made this game one the best in ones in the set yet! Stunning visual and audio effects made this game realistic I can't wait to get Myst IV in so I can try that out as well!...more info
  • ts'ok, kinda goony
    Not bad, not good, but not bad. The gameplay is much like other myst except for the annoying Avatar alwasy tripping up on rope. you have to get into first person alot. The online part sux too, especially if you make yerself look like a fat guy, no one'll talk to you. URU, not that flashy guy with the muscles, you freak! As for the single play. It is simply myst with a little man on the screen. Kind of like those Star Wars action figures of the 70's replacing camera scenes. If you like dolls, go to Toys 'R US....more info
  • Still Good--Review by STK's 14 year old son
    I have to say that I don't agree with the other reviewers. Ok So I am a PC person, always have been. I didn't know until reading these reviews that Uru was PC only.
    I have yet to beat Uru. I find it challenging and not in the least boring. The graphics are slightly lower quality than the Exile ones, however, it is real time graphics meaning that you walk around freely. Some of the puzzles are easier than previous games, however others are much more challenging. Also I find the plot line much more involved.

    So I am rating this game 4/5 for the wonderful emersion, sound, and plot line. It loses a point for the mac incompatibility and the reduced graphics....more info
  • Excellent game.... and you'll need a jacket
    Stunning! I very much enjoyed Myst but was not as wild about Riven. Uru, sigh, wonderful. When I walked into the neon mushroom cavern where it was snowing I wanted to put a jacket on my personal avatar, and I did! It really takes YOU into the game. I am female and over 21 so I may be in the minority in my deep appreciation for Uru and Cyan games but they are the best.
    Make your avatar personal (my blond one with violet eyes looks like me and makes me feel really in the game) step in and adventure around. Some risk taking in the puzzles almost stopped me but "fear not the starry abyss", you will know what I mean when you get there. And by all means, get there!...more info
  • A real review, no spoilers, no biased complaints.
    First off, this game DOES run on Windows XP home, it does work with the newest version of Direct X, and it most certainly works on ATI Radeon cards, as I am playing it on a laptop, with a Mobility Radeon 9700. So all the complaints and gripes your reading about, are unwarrented. I honestly would have to suggest that some people, do spyware and virus scans before they blame a game. It also helps to KNOW YOUR HARDWARE!

    If the game doesn't meet at least the recommended specs, usually, your in for a rough time. Pentium 4, 2.8ghz, with the above videocard and 512ram. Game runs just fine. The specs say nothing about Mobility cards being supported, so even still, I didn't get lucky. This game was designed to run on a massive ammount of machines, from the low end, to the high end.

    Anyway, on to the actual game review.

    Uru, is more of an experience, then a game. Based mainly on using your brain to solve puzzles that range from easy...all the way to brain-seering insane, if you have a working mind, and you want to use it, instead of blowing crap up for hours, maybe a trip to Uru is what you could use.

    The game opens with you designing your avatar, which is your 3D counterpart in the game world. Not the most fleshed out or best character design tool of all time, but it works. You can tell however, that the developers were not trying to suck in the new generation, as the clothing choices and such, reflect a more modest and mature audience. No matrix style flapping trenchcoats, or insane anime models here. Simple, effective, and it works quite well.

    After your done creating you avatar, you wind up in a desert. From here on in, what you learn, and discover, is entirely up to you. Of course, many will instantly be stuck on what to do, and refer to a walkthrough. DO NOT USE A WALKTHROUGH. I did for a bit, and had I actually considered and thought for a bit, I could have gotten past some of the parts on my own. The parts I did do myself, were rewarding to no end.

    For example, not knowing what was going on, I managed to locate a spinning wall in a rock/cavern place, and I noted that, for a split second, I saw a room. I waited, and then walked through that wall. I was inside a small room, and again, I waited, and walked into a huge room, with gears and switches and all the great stuff to be found through-out the entire game. After 3 hours of messing around and tinkering, I got the "age" powered up.

    When I finally found what you could call an elevator, and rode it up...the sight I saw, made the purchase of this game instantly worth it. I will not ruin the surprise for anyone either. Words simply can't describe what you'll see in this game. Some of the most breathtaking and inventive worlds ever concived...though, I'd expect nothing less from a Myst title.

    On the topic of graphics, I'll say it now. Beautiful. Sometimes constricted as to where you can go, but ultimately a very surreal feel. If your anything like me, you'll study everything, and really take in the views. On viewing, this Myst game, is completely 3D. Which means, you can move in real time, thus making these insanely gorgeous visuals, really come to life.

    Gameplay wise, as I mentioned above, it's all about the puzzles. Some are bizzarely easy, while others, are very hard, and will take you hours to figure out. Well worth the time to figure it all out without a guide though, as the instant reward of solving an insanely hard puzzle, is like nothing else. There is however, some minor action bits here and there. For that puzzle I needed to solve, I had to run back and forth a few times. Still, nothing that tricky, and no where near the stuff you'd be asked to do in say, Prince of Persia. I have yet to explore "The Path of the Shell", but I heard it features some really annoying moments with platform gaming....and time based puzzles that make little sense. I can't say if this is true, but for now, Uru is very enjoyable.

    One other thing to mention is, the atmosphere. Yes, it's a computer game, but that didn't stop Cyan from really sucking you into these worlds. For one, you get to keep a journal in game, which is a very nice feature. I often write in it, and in a style like, it wasn't a game. After a while, I forgot about the journal, and when I re-discovered my notes, I thought I was reading somthing from a scene in the game. Basically, this game will surround you in a mysterious world, that might cue you to write like your there. I feel like I've really been there.

    You will also discover other writing throughout the game, journals written by other indivduals, and some of these, run for page after page. One journal, will take you close to an hour to read through, and then another 40 minutes, for the next volume of it...and it all reads like someone wrote it, aka, it's real.

    So what can I say? Uru is an awe inspiring experience...that apparently, was supposed to have an online part to it, but it seems that was abandoned. All in all, a must have, and if your a Myst fan, you have ZERO excuse not to own this game....more info