Hamilton Beach 40616 Stainless Steel 12-Cup Percolator, Silver
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Product Description

  • Quick-brewing electric percolator makes 12 cups of coffee in minutes
  • Housed in heavyweight stainless steel with attractive chrome mirror finish
  • Automatic "keep warm" temperature; ready-to-serve indicator light
  • Stainless-steel permanent filter basket; detachable cord; drip-free spout The Hamilton Beach 12 cup Stainless Steel percolator brews great tasting coffee. The ready to serve light indicates when it is ready to serve from the drip free spout.
  • Features:
    • Hot, flavorful coffee fast
    • Gentle keep warm
    • Drip-free spout
    • Cord-free serving
    • Detachable cord

    Customer Reviews:

    • Great Coffee
      I love this coffee maker... the pot takes up much less space on my counter top than the old drip coffee maker and I think that the coffee tastes much better. We have very hard mineral water and have gone through so many drip coffee makers, because of the mineral build up, they continually break... even though we ran vinegar and water through it. This pot will never have the problem that those coffee makers had, so we should be able to keep it going for a very long time. Try it, you'll like it!...more info
    • Bad Coffee Maker
      This is a well priced perculator that looks good but it quit working after 2 weeks. The guts were a little hard to line up and install after putting the coffee in but that is something I could live with. However, after 2 weeks use the pot started leaking --- big wet spot where the pot was sitting. Bottom Line --- this is JUNK do not waste your money on it....more info
    • Weak, Bland, Yucky!
      We bought this coffeepot when our other pot died suddenly after about 10 years of faithful service. We liked the looks of the Hamilton Beach and bought one before reading any reviews. What a lousy coffeepot! It made decent coffee a couple of times but very quickly began to produce the "weak tea" others here have described. Money down the drain ... but we did learn one thing. No more Hamilton Beach products! Don't buy this. Seriously, just keep looking. You will NOT be happy with this thing....more info
    • I'd give this ZERO stars if I could
      Less than a month and a half after receiving this percolator, it gave up the ghost. About two weeks ago, I noticed the coffee wasn't as hot as it should be. Two days ago, after brewing was completed, I poured myself a nice warm cup of light brown water. I tried making another pot, thinking I had goofed on measuring the coffee. But I hadn't. The percolater simply no longer worked. LESS THAN A MONTH AND A HALF AFTER I TOOK IT OUT OF THE BOX. This was the fourth electric percolator I'd had in about six years. I'm not that hard on them -- I don't fix coffee every day, and I never fix more than one pot a day when I do. But they each and every one -- and I've had all makes -- stopped working less than a year after I got them. This one, however, takes the cake. Not only was it a waste of money, the coffee it DID make was really not that good, and the pot itself is downright ugly, with a very thick, heavy handle (I have small hands), and an unnecessarily long spout that is impossible to clean out. Do yourself a favor. Don't buy this percolator. I'm now going to check out drip coffeemakers....more info
    • Hamilton Beach 40616 Perculator Doesn't Last
      My wife and I purchased the 40616 Hamilton Beach Perculator at K-Mart. After only 8 months of service the perculator would not keep the coffee hot--only luke warm.K-Mart refused to do anything about the problem because they only warranty the coffee pot for 90 days. This should give you an idea of what K-Mart thinks of the quality of the Hamilton Beach 40616 perculator.When I called Hamilton Beach customer no-service I was told to send in the cord from the coffee pot and a check for $9.95 and they would replace their defective equipment. The $9.95
      is 25% of the original price of the perculator so I will decline their offer. If their perculator only last for 8 months I don't even want to pay the $9.95 to get a new one. I feel that it should have been replaced for free! In their warranty booklet they tell you that the 40616 perculator has a limited 2-year warranty but that is only if you are willing to pay $9.95 to ship their defective equipment back to them. Because of this experience with the Hamilton Beach 40616 coffee perculator I will never purchase any Hamilton Beach equipment in the future.I will also not purchase anything else from K-Mart....more info
    • Great Coffee Maker
      This is the first time I have ever purchased an electric Percolator other than a Farberware. Since I only use the 12-cup for occasional company I didn't want to spend the price that they wanted for the 12 cup Farberware. I am extremely pleased with this model. Everything about it is great; the coffee is excellent and the pot makes coffee equally as fast as my old 12 cup Farberware and for a lot less money....more info
    • Good but dissapointing
      My experience matched many of the other reviews. The Hamilton Beach Electric Percolator made excellent coffee for about 40 times then it stopped brewing to completion. At home I brew on the stove in a Farberware Classic Yosemite Stainless Steel Percolator, but I need an electric percolator for work.
      This product is fine until it stops working. There isn't much else to say. I guess that you can evaluate it this way, you are going to pay about a dollar per pot to brew excellent coffee... and then - replace it....more info
    • Honeymoon is over
      After just 4 months of minimal use (Monday mornings only), our attractive Hamilton Beach 12 cup suddenly quit. I should have listened. It produces only weak, warm clear coffee as of yesterday.
      Irreconcilable differences. The required $9.95 shipping to return to the manufacturer is an insult. Good bye Hamilton Beach...more info
    • Wouldn't buy another and here's why ...
      I guess they don't make anything the way they used too -- especially coffee pots.

      Now keep in mind that this is the first day of use for me -- the cons so far are -- the basket holes are WAY to big, why did they change from the old small hole design that covered the whole basket? Grounds get all over the lid and in the coffee, that's a no-no.

      The stem in VERY hard to put in the right spot for perking - they didn't used to be like this years ago.

      There is no brewer selecter, again, years ago they always had them.
      Finally, the coffe comes out thick as mud and I'm sure freshly brewed mud would have a much better taste.

      Here's a note to manufacturers -- this isn't rocket science. Forty years ago every percolater you could buy was a good one. What's up? To many college grads trying to improve on perfection?...more info
    • Worth the price
      I bought our 12 cup electric percolator 12 months ago. I've been happy with it basically. There have been a few times I thought I'd get a golden brown cup of coffee after brewing, only to pour out a cup of hot water. Evidently I didn't have the stem solidly seated into the hole in the bottom. My bad!

      The black plastic dome on the lid cracked in half after one month. It's not bothering anything, just looks like heck.

      So (based on user stupidity) nine times out of ten it delivers rich, hot coffee. The basket is easy to clean, I clean out the vessel monthly with automatic dishwasher crystals (Electrosol). After soaking for one hour - then a little gentle scrubbing with a 3M pad, the interior (plus the basket) looks brand new.

      After reading bad reviews on Farberware percolators (which I thought were better) I have come to the conclusion that I have the best coffee pot for the money and it's still a workhorse, even with its cracked nob.

      Go for it!...more info
    • percolater
      After using this percolater I was really impressed on how brewing coffee the old way really enhances the flavor of coffee. This percolater is easy to use and clean. Also it has less of a tendency to clog up in hard water areas. I came across this percolator visiting an old friend on a cross country trip and really enjoyed drinking the coffee and decided to buy one....more info
    • Just all-around good coffee
      I stumbled across this percolator, decided to give a whirl and am so glad I did. It makes piping HOT coffee that tastes fabulous and it looks great in the kitchen, too! I will never go back to a drip. Why are drip coffee makers so popular anyway?

      I've had the Hamilton Beach 40616 for a month now and I'm very satisfied with the quality and style. I absolutely recommend this percolator! ...more info
    • Better buy the extended warranty plan
      This made the best coffee...for about two and a half months. One morning my husband woke me up at 2 in the morning to tell me thanks alot for forgetting to put enough coffee in the basket as he waved his cup of beige, lukewarm beverage under my nose. He was mad, I was madder! I can't believe I paid $40.00 for this thing.
      Other pitfalls...I don't grind my own coffee, I just buy the cans. I found that they were a bit too fine and more than the usual amount of grounds ended up in the coffee. To correct the problem, I bought the paper filters which only made matters worse because the basket clogged completely. And the nut at the bottom of the pot pitted within a few weeks. I'm not sure why this happens, so maybe it is something that I did, but I can't imagine what.
      Very dissatisfied with this product. And to go a bit off topic and be honest I'm not thrilled with Amazon's return policy. 30 days?? Yes, I know it's stated clearly in their policy (and no, I never checked because I never thought I'd have to return this), but heck, even WalMart gives you 90 days. So not only will I not buy a Hamilton Beach product again, I am going to look elsewhere for replacing my vacuum because 30 days is just not long enough (I was actually on here searching for one when I remembered that I never left this review). I will stick to books and cd's from Amazon as I will know within 30 days if those are bad....more info
    • Perc coffee the best
      Coffee from a percolator has more flavor than paper filter makers, plus you don't have to buy filters. This model is easy to use and maintain. I really like the strong handle on the lid, very well made....more info
    • Coffee is good when the coffeepot works
      This coffee pot was good until about 9 months after I purchased it. It stopped working for a day or so, then was fine for another couple months. Less than a year old, and when I plugged it in, sparks flew. (the top black knob had cracked as well) So I called the Hamilton Beach warranty number......They are sending a return label....I should receive it in 7-10 days....Then when they receive my coffee pot back, they will send out a new one, which I should receive in a couple more weeks. So for the month I am without a coffepot, I now need to go buy another one to use until I receive the new one! I don't think it will be a Hamilton Beach!...more info
    • Great Coffee...Until it Stopped Working After About 25 Pots
      Before I purchased this coffee pot about a year ago, I read reviews by others who said 'good coffee but lasted only a few months.' I thought to myself...'oh, those people must have been the unlucky few who got bad units...or they emersed the pot and ruined it.' I should have listened to their 'don't buy' pleas, and hope others will listen to my message of warning.

      I loved this coffee pot. Rich, strong, hot coffee, and great classic looks. My only complaint was that compared to other percolators I've used, this one is noisy. It makes a loud popping sound while brewing. I never emersed the unit, and was always very careful to avoid letting any water get near the base of the unit when washing it.

      I bought this pot a year ago, and used it about twice a MONTH. Yesterday morning, I attempted to make coffee but got only the same 'beige water' that others have reported. Tried again today thinking maybe it was just a fluke, and got a second pot of luke warm 'beige water.'

      I suspect that others who posted initially positive feedback about this pot have had the same experience, but just haven't returned to update their reviews. In any case, I would strongly caution against the purchase of this pot. It's just not durable....more info
    • Superb coffee while it lasted
      Same experience as many others. Lasted a couple of months and now makes weak luke warm coffee. My wife and I both really liked the coffee and its small footprint, but it has let us down....more info
    • perk coffee
      This pot is the best. Not only does it perk fast but it also has a light to let you know it's done. Perk coffee is the best and this pot is great....more info
    • So Far, So Good
      For those of us who came of age drinking coffee pre-Mr. Coffee, most of us were weaned on percolator coffee. My parents were real GE diehards. I've owned percolators, dripolators, electric drippers, really everything but one of those vacuum units. I just keep drifting back to percolators.

      I've been using the 4-cup Farberware for the past few years, as it's perfect for just me and very fast. It died recently and after reading all the complaints at this site, I decided to look around. I have the smallest Farberware urn for larger (12-22 cup) needs. So few people seem to want percolators now that I found this Hamilton Beach but none of its competitors, locally. I might say I have already had the Cuisinart/Farberware percolator that detaches from the base with a timer. Trouble with that unit is that it cuts off after an hour, and I can't drink 12 cups in an hour. You go back to cold coffee.

      This H-B is made in China as it would appear half our goods are now. It is quite attractive in its stainless steel construction. A quick comparison with a vintage percolator from my little collection reveals that the s.s. in the new pot doesn't hold a candle to a 60's pot. It's thinner and lighter. Looking inside the pot, the difference in construction between my little Farberware and this one is noticeable--and my little Farberware was Chinese, too! The join between the sides and bottom of the pot has considerable room for grounds and rancid oil. It requires more washing than a completely smooth carafe. The stainless steel basket, lid and stem all seem of adequate quality. It is so much easier to keep the s.s. steel basket clean than the aluminum ones--even the vintage cheaper pots had aluminum.

      I've read somewhere around here that this is supposed to have a 'retro' look. That's a laugh! Go back 40 years and everyone was trying to make these look like spaceships! I've got an Oster from the mid sixties with a basket several inches wide and shallow because of the goofy shape of the pot. This narrow, deep basket is more efficient. I will say the handle on this pot is one of the most comfortable I've ever used. It's thick, unlike even the Farberwares, a real grip. One doesn't feel like it will tip sideways when serving from a whole pot. The advantage to the type of spout on this H-B is that it takes the perked coffee from down in the reservoir. Many, many pots over the years have either simply had a pouring lip formed into the top rim, or like the Farberwares, have a little spout very near the top of the pot. The problem with that type of spout is that if you don't take the basket out right after perking, then every time you pour coffee you're pouring through those grounds! Look at a Farberware and you will see what I mean.

      A prior reviewer complained and downgraded this machine because there is no strength adjuster. He/she actually said the vintage pots all had one. This isn't true; tests from the time showed that those strength selectors were more a marketing feature than anything else, designed for people who wanted to overperk their coffee to save a few cents on grounds. Just like with drip coffeemakers, if you want stronger coffee, put more in! The basket on this machine does have markings indicating how much coffee to put in, and it seems fairly consistent with most people's use. Incidentally, the markings for water level are quite easy to see on the inside of the reservoir when filling it. If anyone here is old enough to remember those silly GE/Presto pots with that tube on the handle to show the water level, and how quickly those discolored with coffee, they know that this method is preferred.

      There is a little orange-red light on the side of the machine to indicate when the coffee is ready. I suppose this may be for people who are deaf and can't hear when the coffee is made. On the other hand, my pot is across a large kitchen and the light can be handy for visual confirmation. Farberware has always advertised cup-a-minute perking and this pot perks in roughly the same amount. If that's too long to wait, get a Bunn drip; I've had 2 and currently have the one with the stainless carafe. Trouble with a Bunn unless one operates a coffee shop is that the water it uses has been in the pot since the last use. We all know what a glass of water tastes like after sitting 24 hours or so on the counter; that's the water the Bunn uses. With this percolator, the water is as fresh as when it is put in to brew.

      I won't get into the pros and cons of perked coffee. Coffee snobs turn up their noses on it, saying it burns the grounds. Never mind that traditional coffee, not to mention campground coffee, just dumps the grounds in with water and boils! Having been in hospital work 30 years I lived on those great big urns of perked coffee and this is a heck of a lot better than those! There is a fullness of flavor in perked coffee, with or without paper filters, that is unique to percolators.

      I didn't notice at the time I purchased this H-B, but of note is that the cord and connections are not standard coffeemaker. This pot uses a 3-prong plug and a 3-prong female connector on the pot end. I suppose this indicates the pot is not itself grounded. So, it is not easy to replace this cord with a standard should that become necessary.

      After reading all the negative reviews for this pot, I am expecting it to die long before wearing out the cord becomes an issue. I'd like to say how disappointing it is now that we don't have local repair places to take care of thermostats and such things. I haven't thrown my little Farberware away yet, as I hate throwing such a nice appliance in the trash for its thermostat. In the meantime, I'm happy to use this H-B....more info
    • Hamilton Beach 40616 Stainless-Steel 12-Cup Electric Percolator
      This coffee pot perks up the coffee quickly and it comes out piping hot and most importantly it tastes great! It is so easy to clean and the retro look of it is very attractive. I really appreciate the fact that I can easily take it with me from room to room or outside. Finally, I have a coffee pot that I like. Sometimes simpler is better I guess....more info