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philosophy - amazing grace - perfumed daily conditioner
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Product Description

philosophy:you need this product if...

  • your hair no longer looks healthy or shiny
  • you need an excellent detangler and conditioner
  • you want great smelling hair
  • your hair is over-processed
  • you use heat appliances on your hair daily
  • Customer Reviews:

    • Great for very dry hair
      This product makes my very dry hair very soft and tangle free. It is the only conditioner I have tried that works like the very concentrated conditioners the manufacturers put in the box with hair color for after hair color conditioning. ...more info
    • Good for my damaged hair but not great.
      I received a bottle of Amazing Grace Hair Conditioner for Christmas. I was eager to try different products from the philosophy line so I was thrilled to receive this not only because of its brand name, but also because I have damaged hair. Here's my results...

      First, a little background info on my hair. I have really long, thick hair. I also straighten it at least 5 times a week. So I guess you can say that my hair is really, really damaged. It got to the point where a good portion of my hair felt "crinkly" or, well, burned.

      After using this conditioner for roughly 2 weeks, I've started to notice a difference in the texture of my hair. The burned feeling is mostly gone. My hair is softer. The only problem is that I only noticed a difference when I started to *think* about whether or not the conditioner was working. The results aren't incredibly noticeable. My hair isn't shiny. My hair still feels a bit "wispy". The results aren't that incredible that I could say "Wow! My Amazing Grace conditioner actually works!"

      I can't say that this conditioner works any better than a drugstore brand. And with a drugstore brand, you could definitely smell the conditioner in my hair even after I straightened it. With the Amazing Grace conditioner, the scent disappears as soon as you wash it out. Because my results weren't incredible, I have to give this product 4 stars. Don't get me wrong, it's a good conditioner but I can't say that the results were good enough to make me want to pay $21 for another bottle if a cheap drugstore brand will produce the same results....more info
    • Love it as with all AMAZING GRACE products
      Heavenly smell and a great conditioner. I have colored hair and it doesn't fade or dull my hair....more info
    • Great Products!!
      I love these Amazing Grace products. Great way to keep my skin and hair conditioned and smelling wonderful....more info