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Targus CVR217 Neoprene Slip Case for 17"" Notebooks (Black/Blue)"
List Price: $34.99

Our Price: $23.11

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Product Description

The Targus 17" Notebook Slip Case features a neoprene exterior, which provides protection for your notebook and soft comfortable carrying handles. This slip case accommodates notebooks with screens up to 17" and even though it has a slim design, it has ample space in the front and interior storage sections for business cards, pens, keys and files. Also featured is the unique shock-absorbing EqualizerStrap that evenly distributes weight over your shoulder for greater comfort. Black/Blue

  • Slip case fits notebooks with up to 17-inch screens
  • Front storage section includes business card holder, pen loops, and key clip
  • Targus-exclusive EqualizerStrap shoulder strap and neoprene handle ensure comfortable transport
  • Main compartment also includes extra slip pocket for files
  • Weighs just 1 pound

Customer Reviews:

  • Sturdy
    Very sturdy. Zippers are metal, not plastic, so they should last a long while. Fits my Asus X83vb (14.1" widescreen) fine, along with power adapter, mouse, and a couple of 1" binders. Smallest outer pocket has a spot for an MP3 player (fits an iPod Video perfectly) with a little velcro strap to keep it in place. There's a hole in the top of the pocket you can put your headphones wire through, also. Straps are very wide, and distribute the weight (if you've got a lot in the backpack) very well....more info
  • I love it
    I bought this bag for myself and I like that it is not bulky and it take less time for me to pack up and move out. It is simple and lightweight. I love it, and it is pretty....more info
  • Targus Notebook CVR200
    When you don't want to carry a full backpack and need just enough to carry the computer, power brick and a few CD's this is what you want. The bag provides good protection for my Powerbook and is very easy to cary and open for inspection if you travel with your computer....more info
  • Not much storage
    There is one zippered area for the laptop, but the other pocket only has a small velcro tab. I would be afraid my items would fall out. Hardly even big enough for the power supply and mouse. Other than that it is nice - very light and strong....more info
  • Good bargain
    I bought the bag at very low price and have been using it everyday for past 8 months. The bag is good and very useful.

    1. Many pockets to keep things.
    2. Laptop 15.3 inches fits perfectly.
    3. Strong build.

    1. Not water proof. Can sustain light rainfall.

    ...more info
  • Great Bag!!
    This bag is a perfect blend of protection and ease of use. It is thick enough to protect, but not heavy. It also has the advantage of a pocket for small accessories. Fits my 17" Toshiba Satellite 300 really well....more info
  • Great Qualitiy for a Great Price
    I'm not a "road warrior". That is, I have a 17" laptop I rarely take out of the house. But, sometimes I'll pack up and head to Panera and work from there having lunch, etc. For this type of travel, I wanted something simple to protect my machine. Originally, I purchased a neoprene slip case, but it had no strap. I quickly returned it after one trip of lugging my "brick" a few blocks to a friends house and set looking for something similar but with a strap.

    I found this to be the PERFECT solution for me! It is NOT a big heavy bag with lots of compartments and bells and whistles. It's not much larger than my original slip case but it has a sturdy strap and my machine fits well and carries nicely. And it is less expensive than the slip case I originally purchased.

    For me, when I take my machine, I don't take my AC power adapter (when my battery dies it's time to stop driking coffee and go home). I pack only my mouse in the side pocket. It would be bulky and buldgy if I put in the ac adpater, but would be ok if I needed and for the type of travel I explained.

    I'm very please with this product - It fits my needs very well. If you are a "road warrior" and need to pack a lot of stuff (documents, books, gadgets and accessories, etc.) for your plane trip, this may not be the case for you. But, for light local travel, this is probably what you are looking for....more info
  • Very lightweight, easily fits my 16" laptop
    The neoprene bag is extremely lightweight, and provides ample room for my 16" widescreen laptop and a paper notebook (along with the power brick and mouse in the side pocket). The only two issues I have are that the strap connectors are not metal (they are plastic), and that there really is little protection for the laptop screen (no hard panel in there). I cut a piece of thin plywood and placed it in the bag for this purpose, and it works out fine. Would be nicer to have something already built in....more info
  • Nothing fancy, but works great.
    I am very happy with this purchase. Fits my 17" Dell Studio like a glove. Room for a few papers, the phone, keys, and cables. Nothing more. The blue web along the front was odd at first, but now looks good to me.
    Looks to be well made. Zipper pull is metal, but the teeth are plastic. So are the clips/rings for the shoulder strap, but not cheap in quality. Just not metal.
    ...more info
  • Elegantly designed and rugged
    I usually don't write reviews but feel compelled to provide one on this bag. I've been using this bag for the last 6 months and have nothing but great things to say. The things I look for in a bag are reliable zippers, durable stitching and quality fabric. As with most things in life, there are trade-offs, however, this bag manages to do well in all these areas while remaining relatively inexpensive. Without being too austere, it's still got some trendiness in it's design that suggests that Targus was hoping to appeal to the hip college kid and the mobile businessman who isn't bashful about using a backback instead of a briefcase.

    The fabric is remarkable and *almost* behaves like quality ballistic nylon. I've managed to spill coffee on it, scrubbed it, generally NOT babied it, and there hasn't been any noticeable fuzziness or pilling.

    The padding of laptop compartment is adequate for me and suspect it would be for the potential buyer who carries their laptop a little more carefully than an airport baggage handler. I've no issues with carrying my 12", 14.1", 15.4", or 16" laptops. The 16" is wider resulting in a longer profile in the bag making it a bit tight, but still workable.

    The bag also has lots of compartments that allow for organization for those who like to obsess and also enough room (ignoring the dividers, pockets) to satisfy the person who like to just "dump it in the bag" types.

    Kudos Tarus! You nailed it on this one....more info
  • After two months
    I bought this bag and thought that it was a good solution, small and light, yet big enough to slip in both my laptop and a book.
    Well, don't try putting that book in there. After just over two months of ownership I was walking along and the shoulder strap pulled out sending my computer plunging down to the concrete. The stitching that secured the shoulder straps had come out.
    Do not buy this bag, if it can barely last me for two months, it certainly cannot last the test of time....more info
  • Great case - price is right.
    Keeps my laptop from getting dinged up + has enough space for basic peripherals - very good deal!...more info
  • Good for the Price
    After reading all of the reviews I decided to order this case. I am pretty happy with it, but I do wish it had more space, when I put my power cord in the bag, it looks bulky. Overall I would recommend this bag for someone who is looking for a lightweight solution....more info
  • Great bag for the price.
    I bought this bag for my new 17" Laptop and I like it. It's roomy and it was very inexpensive compared to other brands. I bought it because it I needed a bag with handles, the shoulder strap was an extra benefit.Targus CVR217 Neoprene Slip Case for 17"" Notebooks (Black/Blue)"...more info
  • Excellent Backpack
    The Backpack TARGUS is great (relation between price and value). When my backpack is full capacity, it is not heavy....more info
  • Super Backpack!
    Purchased as a carryall for my computer and other electronics when travelling by plane. The quality of the nylon material is excellent. The zippers glide easily along the track using large nylon zipper pulls. The zippered openings are wide and I love the amount of pockets and compartments that this backpack houses. There are zippered pockets and separate compartments for your laptop, cords & adapters, mouse, hard drive, virtually everything you need to provide you with a mini office when on the road. There is even room enough for an extra change of clothes and a small toiletry kit. The bag easily opens up wide for inspections at the airport and so roomy that everything goes back in as easily as it came out. The padding in the bag that surrounds your laptop is sturdy and thick and provides you with a sense of security that your laptop is adequately protected. The straps are thickly padded for comfort and the bag is waterproofed to keep your computer safe from rain or spills. ...more info
  • Very Good
    The bag is great! It came fast and I got to use it quickly. It's very reliable, fits well on my shoulders and has the perfect pocket for my laptop....more info
  • Good And Spacious Backpack
    I now have this backpack for over a year. I have to say it is sturdy and roomy. I keep all things related to the laptop inside it, including headphones, power extension cable and a gamepad among others. The only thing that could have been better is padding, not that it is't good, but some laptop bags have better padding to protect the machine....more info
  • Case is just what I needed
    This Targus bag is perfect for my 17" HP notebook. It's not too thick and serves its purpose well. It's nice to have a strap - a lot of notebook sleeves just have a zipper. Plus, there is room for a file or two and the power cords/mouse. ...more info
  • It is great for trips
    It is great for trips, its cofortable and you can fit alot of stuff in it. One of the best qualities is you can put case on your lap as a lap cooler. The weardest thing I was worried that the case came first before the laptop came but UPS was interrupted by a snow storm so the cover came first. You guys are really fast at getting things out fast, very economical. Thank you Amazon for your fast response and you will have my buisness for the future needs. ...more info
  • notebook case
    Good case. Soft cover, very light and fits like a sleeve around my 17" laptop. Weight is almost nothing....more info
  • It's a workhorse
    I had this product for five years. It is a workhorse. This bag is definitely worth the money. ...more info
  • Fits a Dell Studio 17 !!!!
    WOW - I had my doubts about ordering this case!

    I have a Dell Studio 17 widescreen with the 9 cell battery.
    This case fits perfectly and I still have room for my charger, some papers and some other little things!

    I've looked and looked for reviews that mentioned a Studio 17 and could not find one. The only thing that I'm a bit disappointed in is that the shoulder strap and the rings it hooks to are plastic. At least it has carrying handles if the plastic breaks. But other than that it's wonderful!
    The price is an extra plus! I looked at a SwissGear 17 inch slip cover at a retail store while out of town it was nice (not a big as this one - it didn't have that much extra room) and it was $45! They've got to be kidding! It's hard to find an extra large slip cover but this was highway robbery!

    It's a shame that this product wasn't in any of the local retail stores like Staples, Best Buy or even Wal-Mart! But then again - Amazon usually has them all beat on their prices regardless of the item anyway!!...more info
  • Perfect for my 17" Laptop
    This is exactly what I was searching for in laptop storage protection.
    It has ample room for my 17' Wide Screen laptop and current papers for home storage. It keeps dirt and dust out of my computer while it is stored beside my chair between uses.
    It has a top center zippered opening for real easy access, no flap to unlatch and flip out of the way. I do not store my charger in it for convenience, but if I had to take everything with me on a trip there if plenty of room and a convenient detachable shoulder strap included.
    Well constructed - love it. ...more info
  • Poorly Made
    Unfortunately, this case looks much better online than in person. I have had Targus bags in the past, and the ones I have had were wonderful, which was why I bought this one. The problem is not with the amount of room featured inside the case, because there is more than enough room for notebooks and papers and folders as well as your computer. The problem was with the way it was made. The material used was something that would not have lasted long in itself had I kept it, and the seams at the top of the bag were loose, giving me the impression that it was not going to keep my computer safe. The hooks may be metal but they did not seem to be securely fastened to the bag itself. All in all, I was not comfortable carrying my belongings for school in it because it did not feel sturdy enough....more info
  • I use it every day
    Very roomy pack, smooth interior, lots of seperate compartments. I like the water bottle net on the side also. I use this pack every day, and I love it! Great price, too....more info
  • Great product, great price
    I shopped for weeks trying to find an affordable bag for my 17" laptop with no success. I thought that I would be resolved to pay nearly $100 for one, but after finding this bag and reading the reviews I decided to take the chance. The bag is better than I anticipated, well made and fits my laptop perfectly. Highly recommend....more info