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Cables To Go - 27992 - 12ft Value Series S-Video + Audio to 3 RCA Cable (Black)
List Price: $29.99

Our Price: $11.00

You Save: $18.99 (63%)


Product Description

The Hi-Resolution S-Video+Audio to 3 RCA Adapter Cable from Cables To Go allows you to connect your multimedia PC to your television with ease. This precision-engineered adapter cable connects the S-Video out of your computer to a TV, thus eliminating the need for several cables and/or adapters. This bi-directional cable converts S-Video to composite RCA or vice-versa without an expensive active converter. This quality 75ohm coax cable is double-shielded with 85% aluminum foil and braid to reduce unwanted noise and distortion. The Y/C signal separation circuitry provides a bright, crisp picture from your PC. In addition to fitting standard S-Video jacks, the cable fits both 7-pin and 4-pin jacks on desktops and notebooks with a TV out jack. Ordinary, "included in the box" S-video and composite RCA cables often low-quality materials with inferior shielding that can result in poor sound and picture quality.

  • Connectors: S-Video Male and 3.5mm plug to 3 RCA plug
  • Convert from composite S-Video to RCA or vice-versa
  • One piece solution, which eliminates couplers that cause signal loss
  • Gold terminals ensure long-lasting, corrosion-free connections
  • Fully molded connectors provide excellent strain relief

Customer Reviews:

  • Works for HP Pavilion DV 6000 series
    The cable does what it's meant to do, connect a laptop to a TV with RCA connections. The quality of the video is acceptable, but not as good as a dvd player. That's not the cable's fault, but due to the computer's output resolution. I connected my HP to my Philips HDTV LCD 37" TV, so the TV certainly can handle high resolution, but it's only as good as the signal it's fed. The speaker volume on the PC does need to be set on max and then adjust the TV volume to get the best results for sound.

    My main purpose was to have a cable that would allow me to connect my laptop to hotel TV's while on vacation, so I could play DVD's on my pc and get the video and sound on the TV. As long as the tv has RCA inputs, this cable will do the job. Just using this setup for 3 nights to watch my Netflix dvd rentals will cover the cost of the cable instead of paying for an in room movie and I get to pause, rewind, playback, etc.

    ...more info
  • Exactly what i needed
    It was an inexpensive item and is exactly what i needed to plug in my pc with a svideo out to my tv as a separate monitor. my computer doesnt sit to far from my tv so 12 ft. did it fine. Picture quality and sound were not reduced in anyway. ...more info
  • Worst quality product I have ever purchased
    I would better give zero to this product.I ourchased this from Amazon and the plug which we insert into laptop came out in one week.i did not expect sucha product from Amazon.

    I would not buy from/suggest this seller in the future....more info
  • Works Great
    Works Great to connect my laptop to my Standard Definition TV. A side note to anyone looking to connect to an HDTV: this is not the cable for you. S-Video is a lower resolution format than many other choices. You should look for a DVI to HDMI cable or use a VGA cable depending on the connectors available on your TV/Computer. (DVI will be better quality)...more info
  • Awesome on time everything
    Came today, works great on my girl friends Laptop(Toshiba Satellite). Text is very small, but I only want video from Hulu, Netflix, YouTube,
    Liveleak...You know fun places. Great price and SUPER FAST!! 5++...more info
  • Overally good
    I like this product since I can watch moveis on the TV rathaer than my laptop monitor. Audio quality is very good but Video is not that good....more info
  • It rocks, Now I can watch everything from Internet on TV
    This product is really good and kind of must have if you watch movies/shows from internet.

    Instead of watching it on my small screen laptop its always good to watch on TV. You can use the same to watch NetFlix online movies.

    Product quality is also good and 6ft is more than enough to connect....more info
  • Good product for a good price.
    I purchased these cables to hook my laptop up to my TV. When I went looking around to purchase these cables at other retailers, I was shocked to find them for thirty to forty dollars higher than what I found on Amazon. I was extremely happy to find these cables on Amazon at such a low price. They are plenty long, twelve feet can go a lot of places. They are super-easy to use, simply plug into the back (or front) of your TV and then set your laptop up and plug in the cables and you are on your on way! I highly recommend using these, and at the price you can beat!...more info
  • Cables to Go
    These cables are well worth the money. It enables us to watch episodes of our favorite TV programs we have missed from our computer to the television. You do have to have that capability on your television though....more info
  • Good cable
    This cable was exactly what I needed, and it works as described. It seems to be of good quality....more info
  • Love this thing!!!
    We no longer have to record things we want to see but aren't around for! We can play Hulu, YouTube, iTunes or anything we have on our laptops on the TV. This is especially good for our family since (due to finances)we have only what is called "Broadcast Basic Cable." Now we can watch anything that is on the network sites through the TV. We love this thing!...more info
  • Cable works great
    The S-Video + Audio to RCA cable works great. It allows me to watch NetFlix instant movies on my large-screen TV and to show slideshows of my photos stored on my PC to guests. Plus, the cost was reasonable.
    ...more info
  • Fast Delivery
    Turns out I can't use this cable on my TV but for the price and delivery, I'll definitely keep it. ...more info
  • great product
    This product is great if you need an S-video to composite. I use it to hook my computer up to my tv and it works great....more info
  • Good Quality
    Works as advertised; good video and audio quality.
    Exactly what I was looking for !!!...more info
  • Picture is not what I got.
    The item shows a heavily shielded video cable and the description said gold plated connectors. However, the item I received from ClearAV was not what was described. I would recommend if you want to buy it, get from someone other than ClearAV....more info
  • Great For Everyday Use
    The RCA component cable is perfect for watching videos and movies that are on your laptop. The quality of movies are just as good as the quality you see on your laptop. However, if you plan on using this cable to do everyday things like surf the internet or type up a paper, you will have to adjust the size of the words because they become quite blurry....more info