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Product Description

This is a black&white video camera with audio - ideal for monitoring or videotaping. It even has Infra-Red LEDs for night vision.The package includes a 60-ft. cable to allow flexible installation. You can wall-mount the camera or let it stand. Connect the camera to any TV/VCR and start viewing or taping immediately.

  • Black and white video camera with audio and IR LED for night vision
  • Easy installation, wall mount or standing, 60' cable included
  • Connect to TV/VCR with RCA connectors, AC adapter inlcuded
  • 3.6mm integrated lens
  • Resolution of 320 horizontal TV lines
Customer Reviews:
  • Great little camera
    The lens is adjustable instead of fixed... for sharper nearby images. It comes with a power supply, & 60' of cable to plug it into anything...vcr, burner, monitor, or video card. And you can't beat the price. Don't be fooled by the pic which makes one think that this is your typical wired & enclosed mini camera. This one's a lot smaller.

    The power supply, a small AC adapter, can either be plugged into an outlet near the camera or way at the other end of the 60' cable near your VCR or monitor.

    I give it 5 stars because although the camera's image isn't as good as some much more expensive much bigger cameras, it's a little better than typical cameras even 3 times this size & price. It's weather proof but not water proof. Which means it can take being splashed but will not take being drenched or submerged in water. Intall it on your covered porch or under the eaves of your roof.

    The outer casing is thick metal although it looks plastic. It's a solidly built & can take abuse. Pop in any cheap T-160 tape in a VCR set at the slow speed, & you have a continuous 8 hours of security recording time. I use an $18 5" Coby B&W TV from Amazon as a monitor, but at these prices I got 2 cameras & 2 TVs! These are the cheapest TVs around that actually have RCA video inputs in the back. For a basic B&W TV monitor & AM-FM radio, it ain't bad.

    Crime's on the rise, cops can't be everywhere, & taxpayers are going broke. A few of these in your area will clean up the hood. You'll know who's been around when you're at work, & with the low-light feature, you'll know who's around when you're sleeping... and get 'em on tape with any cheap vcr or 2....more info